A Celestial Journey

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When 12 year Fuchsia Solia finds a sword in her grandmother's attic, she never dreamed that her world would change forever. Suddenly, she finds out that she is a celestial, and is taken to another planet, where she meets friends Lila, Selice, Steven, and Mara. She feels like she finally belongs. But there are some things that are different about her, like the fact that her levitation is a lot stronger than all of her friends. Same with her ability to bring objects to her. Plus all of the other celestials have a special talent, like being able to see through walls, but she doesn’t have one yet. The deadline for getting one is 13, and Fuchsia is only a month away from her birthday. And the evil organization, the Shadowpoint is trying to take over, led by a boy named Keith, who looks strangely familiar… Will Fuchsia be able to take down the Shadowpoint and save the world? Or will they get to her first?

Scifi / Fantasy
Spring Rivers
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Author's note

Hi, this is Spring Rivers. I just wanted to tell you a few things before you start reading. If you aren't interested in this, you can skip right ahead to the first chapter, and begin reading.

Okay, so, to anyone who stuck around, thank you for doing so! There's just a few things I want to tell you about this story before you start.

First of all, updates. So, I'm coming here from Quotev, where I have about twelve chapters of this story out. So if you want a little sneak peak, you can check there. I hope to eventually get these at the same pace, so instead of putting out one chapter every Friday, like I used to, on Inkitt I will put out two until this is caught up, at which I will change this note.

Second of all, this is a whole story. It isn't an excerpt, and it isn't published. It's only available here, and on Quotev. The chapters are pretty long in the beginning, but they get shorter as the story goes on, because I found out that some people don't really enjoy reading longer chapters.

Third, I am a young writer, and I get the impression that most of the authors here are adults, or older teens. So this story won't be so great compared to some of the other ones out here.

Also, I started writing this in October, and I think that I've grown to be a much better author than I was when I first started writing this. Therefore, the chapters aren't all that great in the beginning, but they definitely get a lot better as the story goes on.

Just so you know, this story is a rough draft at the moment. I may do very minimal editing on it as I am writing the chapters, but nothing very big. Once I am finished with the novel, I will go back and edit the chapters.

And lastly. . . Trigger Warnings. Don't take this the wrong way, there are very little triggers in this book, and none so far. The first one is character death. There's only one person who dies in this book, but some characters get injured. Later on in the series, a lot more people die. And the second one is violence. There are some battle scenes, and a tiny bit of gore, but I don't really describe that (This is supposed to be a middle grade book after all!) So, all in all, there aren't really many triggers in this. . . but I added this just in case.

So, I'm sure you're all probably really tired of hearing me talk about this, so I'll end it here. If anything else comes up that I need to put on here, I'll update this chapter accordingly. I hope you enjoy the story!

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