We, who Survived

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I have watched the stars ever since I was born, tried to keep their beauty in my drawings to present to my proud father. He had once told me how we used to live on the planet just under our feet, how we made the land support an ever-growing population and thrived with the animals. The picture of Earth in my mind was that of man walking hand-in-hand with nature, working together to benefit both parties. The image changed when my father told me of the wars and how eventually we were driven to leave Earth. "Too many armies and not a sufficient amount of wars to satisfy," he had told me at the end, thinking I was old enough to digest his words and not have dreams shattered. We had been taken out of Earth's natural balance 36 years ago when Trident saved as many people as they could shelter in their space station, S.S.H.R. (Space Station Human Revival). Though now it has become a prison for some of us younger, rowdier generations. No more space to grow and think freely. No escape from the bullies wanting blood.

Scifi / Adventure
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June 10 2020

We had watched as our world tumbled into chaos. Saw exactly how greed and corruption embedded itself in every man, woman and child. How the mighty Human race fell to its knees in a matter of weeks. Our eyes had been clouded, preventing us from seeing the real picture: Earth was depleted of all its resources, unable to sustain life. Animals had become scarce, domestic animals dying of unpreventable diseases. We had killed our species as we prolonged our destructive activities, poisoning the rivers and cutting down our main source of oxygen.

However, through the dust, we were saved. The agency Trident began recruiting people at the top of their fields: doctors, scientists, engineers – the list goes on. Their eyes then turned to the middle class and the poor. Who had the will to lead, to take responsibility? That’s where I had come in.

Fifteen gang leaders were given the chance to prove themselves through the course Trident had created to weed out the weak and strong. Only five of us managed to get through, all of which had some sort of military background helping us keep discipline.

Trident, not being the big bad agency, allowed us to bring our loved ones with, yet there was a catch – only two could come. The choice was not hard. I brought my second-in-command and soon-to-be wife, both of which received basic training for survival upon the station S.S.H.R. (Space Station Human Revival).

Everything was unknown to us, frightening and out of our control. How would we cope with the change? Where was our standing in this oiled machine? The questions continued but never were answered until we were all settled a year later. We early recruits were to be the leaders of the next generation and after us, our children.

The first thing I knew what I wanted when the council was made, was to make sure the old world’s way of working would be left behind. This society would not show classicism, be sexist or racist. Our children would be free to express themselves without being scrutinized or judge. They could openly be who they are and not fear repercussions. Being up here meant a new future, why should we destroy it?

Joshua Field

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