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Found footage documentary about the missing "Iowa 5".

Scifi / Horror
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Chapter 1


Black screen with white lettering opens:

"The following footage was pieced together after a rescue team discovered the remains of the missing "Iowa Five", who had vanished in June 2012. The group had traveled from eastern Iowa to Des Moines then to Routt National Forest, in Colorado. Searches discovered their campsite, destroyed SUV, and the four cameras with nearly 200 hours of footage."

"The families of the victims have released this footage in the hopes that someone out there may have the answers as to what happened to their loved ones. If you, or anyone you may know has any information relating to the disappearance of the "Iowa 5"; Juan Cardenas, AJ Pritchett, Joe Roberts, Timmy Ross, and Peter Floyd, please contact Iowa Truth Seekers hotline at 1-800-555-1000."

Screen Fades to Black

Location: Routt National Forest (In white lettering)

Screen opens to faceless searchers as they arrive at different locations of interest surrounding the "Iowa 5's" campsite. Juan Cardenas's destroyed 1997 Toyota 4Runner is seen on its side. The windows are all busted out; glass blankets the grass around the vehicle. An enormous uprooted tree pierces the length of the vehicle. A small pool of blood is found, and documented around a "Go Pro" camera. A skinny Caucasian male is seen collecting a sample in sterile gloves, as someone bags the dead camera. Camping supplies, and empty water containers litter the immediate area. Searchers stand around the vehicle, confused by what they see. A conversation is caught on camera by a searcher, trying to reason the vehicles demise, before the camera cuts away.

Along a recent man made trail, different items are discovered and cataloged; a handheld camera, a lone shoe, and what looks to be the remains of a splint; all splattered in blood.

The campsite is utterly destroyed, with their littered remains. Three tents, and four sleeping bags, along with cooking utensils, shredded boxes of snacks and clothes cover the ground. In the distance, a searcher holds up another camera like a trophy, he looks down on the campsite from above. The searchers collect a file folder and laptop, placing them with the cameras in a plastic crate. The 7 searchers stand in a semi circle, holding a moment of silence for the "Iowa 5", they solemnly resume their search for remains.

A random shot of a 30 ft tree, uprooted and shoved into the ground upside down is filmed as the searchers walk. Someone from outside of the shot tells the cameraman to "not film that." The camera zooms out to get a full shot, as the cameraman stops walking. Panning up and down one full time to get a full shot of this mystery, the cameraman asks, "What the fuck?!"

Searchers come upon a tree with the shredded remains of a military parachute still caught in its branches. A heavy amount of blood has dried and turned a dark brown, covering the tree it and pools around its base. One by one, searchers follow the pool of blood as it starts midway up the tree, and flows into the grass, a full 20 feet away. One of the searchers comes forward with a find, soiled remains of a military jacket, around its neck a familiar brown stain. Its name tag reads: "Ross".

Screen fades to black. (Documentary begins.)

Day 1:
Date: Wednesday, June 13th
Time: 10:00 pm
Location: Iowa City, Iowa

The camera turns on and a Caucasian male, Joe Roberts, begins speaking directly to the lens.

"Joe, IF you're watching this in the future then...Timmy ACTUALLY paid you...(Joe half heartily looks around)...for...this. (Joe motions around then back to the camera) If ANYONE ELSE is watching this...I'm either in jail....or dead...and I'll just go ahead and lay it out there...its Tim Ross's fault..."

Joe pauses and smiles at the camera.

"...I’ll just go ahead and explain what I mean...Every year, our little group of friends go on a vacation together...THIS YEAR, Timothy set up our "man-cation"...This year we're being taken to somewhere in Routt National Forest...in Colorado...Tim claims to be PAYING me for documenting this year’s trip...I DONT KNOW why?!....but, I'll believe it when the check clears..."

Joe gets up and walks back to his desk, rifling through some papers, he returns with a map of Colorado. An area of Routt National Forest is circled with a marker mapping the route to Tim's special campsite.

Joe (Holding the location up for the camera)
"...THIS is Timmy's choice for our getaway this year....right in the middle of a National Forest....Pretty sure were going to get arrested...

Camera cuts, and comes back to Joe.

"...Tonight, our buddy Juan is coming down to Iowa City from Marion...Then we head to Des Moines in the morning...there, we'll meet up with AJ...No one knows IF "Mr. Big-Shot", "Mr. Hollywood", "Pistol-Pete", will grace us with his...presence...but whatever...it's not like any of us STILL like him...I mean how can you like someone SO self-obsessed?!...Peter, IF you're watching this....you are a delusional self centered duchebag...and you deserve to live out in L.A....NOT with us."

The camera cuts to it being picked up and walked to the front door, the door slowly opening to a wide eyed Hispanic male. Juan Cardenas. Uneasily eyeing the camera, he smiles broadly at Joe.

"Timmy is serious about the documentary huh?"

Joe (From behind the camera)
"He only called and left 3 messages about how serious he is."

Joe goes to shake Juan's hand; Juan looks at his hand as if it’s an insult.

"Aw no....you bring it in bitch."

Juan pulls Joe into an awkward hug. Joe angles the camera to catch the brotherly hug. Juan smells deep on Joe, making it as outlandish as he can.

"Mmm yeah...there it is. "Joey". Is that Old Spice "booh bear"?"

Joe (Laughing from behind the camera)
"Hah-hah...Yeah...yeah...You still got the good nose..."

"Yeah buddy...you KNOW I gotta get my Joey fix when I can...So WHEN are you getting that big payday from the film?"

The two part, and Joe goes back to filming Juan only.

Joe (Sighing)
"Ahhh...who knows...My agent has me going to North Carolina, and POSSIBLY to Cannes...we’ll see about that...but yeah, if it gets the attention I think it deserves, I COULD BE seeing a payday around August....I just gotta hold on till then..."

"That's awesome man!...You WILL...You're strong....You've always handled whatever life threw at you...Just keep the roof over your head till then...the credit cards can wait...."

There is a moment of awkward silence between the two friends.

"So...we'll leave tomorrow around 6....Looking forward to seeing anyone in particular?"

"Definitely NOT "Producer Pete...."

Juan and Joe share a laugh.

"...Can't wait to see Timmy...See what the Marines did to our little brother..."

"You seen his pics on Facebook?"

Juan (Hesitates at the mention of Facebook)
"Ahhh...err....I haven't been on Facebook since the split...Marie is on there, talking all sorts of nonsense...I just...have to get away from that trash..."

"Oh. Dude. I'm SO sorry...I didn't know..."

Juan (Waving it off)
"No man...no worries. I haven't said anything...to anyone really...it's..been embarrassing really..."

"I'm sorry I wasn't...I haven't been there for you man..."

"No! No! Man, don't think that!...You've had the film and the crazy success...and I just...I didn't want my "boys" knowing the hell she was putting me through.

"I'm here now...You want to grab a beer and talk?"

"Of course!...Just not with the camera on...Turn that shit off, and lets go do some mind altering drugs before I ruffie your drink and have my way with you..."

Juan eyes the camera with a devious smile. They both share a laugh as the camera pans to the side and shuts off.

Day 2:
Date: Thursday, June 14th
Time: 8:20 am
Location: Interstate 80 from Iowa City to Des Moines

The camera clicks on, and focuses on Juan driving, Joe is setting in the passenger seat filming.

"No dawg....you turn that off...it's too early for that all up in my face..."

"Sorry man, you know Timmy...you think he wouldn't want each and EVERY moment?...Just think of him risking his LIFE for OUR COUNTRY!...and ALL he wants is a film about him and his best friends...spending time together before he gets shipped off..."

Juan looks at the camera with reservation.

"Uh-huh...You just want to make sure Timmy pays you..."

"Gotta make sure he sees his money is going to as much something as possible..."

Juan (Looks back at the camera)
"THIS is something?..."

Joe (Laughing)
"No...hah-hah...No...This will get cut..."

"Aw good...Now I can say what I REALLY want..."

Joe (Laughing)
...And THAT is?..."

"...Pete has been cheating on his wife since BEFORE they moved to L.A....The last game AJ created I found to be pretty shitty....I'm SURE Timmy won't make it out of Afghanistan...AND I have NO interest in watching your documentary when it gets finished..."

"Ahhh...Anything we all didn't know already would be preferable..."

Juan eyes the camera with a sly smile, before they both break out laughing.

"Oh!...Ok....Well then...I've been having an online affair with Pete's wife since I informed her of his ways..."

Joe (Still laughing)
"Yeah...Yeah...Sounds right for you

"...I've actually NEVER played ANY of AJ's games...Never going to either..."

Joe (Still laughing)
"How could we expect you to...being poor growing up..."

"...I KNEW a week before everyone else about Timmy joining the Marines...and THAT'S why I bet on him for our dead pool..."

Joe (Laughing)
"...Anything I need to know about myself?"

"No...No...Well.....3...4...No...5...I have 5 fake online identities that are going to trash the film as soon as it comes out..."

"Brilliant. And we have our NEW villain...I guess you get to let Pete know he's not top billing..."

Juan laughs looking straight ahead driving along the interstate.

Camera cuts to passing Adventure Land. Passing an enormous Bass Pro shop.

Camera catches shots of passing the State capital building with its golden dome roof. Part of a conversation is caught;

"...So up under the gold, you place charges...set the timer and..."

"Quit being a silly dumb bitch!...IF the your going for the gold in a martial law scenario...WHO would WANT it?!...FOOD and WATER would be the ONLY currency!..."

Camera cuts to catching the exit off the interstate into Johnston Iowa.

"You remember where we are?..."

"Ahhhh....yeeeah...I don't remember all these gas stations but...we turn right at a...Walgreens?...Right?"

"Yep...GOOD memory!...How long has it been since you've been up to AJ's?"

"It's cause I DON'T smoke DOPE!...(Juan eyes Joe)...And not since the housewarming party...When was that...last year?"

Joe (Laughing)
"Try two years ago there buddy...You NEED to get out of Marion more often..."

"I know...I know...I WILL...now..."

"You better KNOW I'm holding you to that..."

Camera cuts to Juan pulling into a driveway and parking the vehicle. In the distance, the front door opens and a smiling AJ greets them before they're out of their seats.

"You made it!...Wow, Joe...You’re on time...for once!"


AJ (Acknowledging the camera)
"What is this?...I NEVER agreed to THIS SHIT!...NO, I'm kidding...Get over here and give me a hug!..."

AJ embraces Juan, hugging as if they were family.

AJ (Still hugging Juan)
"...It's been WAY to long!...Have you seen the house?..."

"Yeah bro...I was here at the housewarming....just not since then..."

"We'll you gotta check out my office!..."

"The old gamer here pimped out a spare bedroom with all his childhood toys...Wife wouldn't let him put any of that shit out where "guests" had to see....Apparently....APPARENTLY she doesn't want others to know she's married to a "man-baby"!..."

AJ eyes Joe comically as if they are somehow bitter enemies now.

"Hey...Do you STILL have all those "transformers"?!..."

AJ continues to eye Joe and the camera, with evil eyes.

AJ (Eyeing Joe with an air of confidence)
"Yes!....Yes I STILL have them!..."

"Sweet!....Lead the way!..."

AJ (Smiling at Joe in confident tone)
"Annnd...I got me some old school "GI Joes"....You remember that cartoon "M.A.S.K."?....My new addiction is hunting down THAT collection online..."

"Oh-God!...I CAN'T film two grown men playing with dolls for a documentary!"

Both Juan and AJ respond at the same time without hesitation:


AJ leads Juan and Joe inside, as Joe films AJ and Jenny's home. Everything is intact, nothing is out of place. Pictures of the couple adorn the walls; children are visibly missing in all the pictures from over the years. AJ's camping gear and bags are piled next to the garage door, a notepad lies on top.

Joe stays back and films the home as Juan and AJ are heard in another room.

Joe pans around the kitchen and catches a personal note to AJ from Jenny, dated this morning.

The note reads:

I hope I didn't wake you this morning, when I gave you a goodbye kiss. I had to go in early. I want you to forget about your stress, for ONE WEEK! You don't get to see them all the time and Tim made this happen. Make sure you’re not focused on the job search when you're with them! It's YOUR vacation! You DESERVE this! ENJOY it! I love you! I'll be here when you get back, and I already can't wait to hear all about it! SMILE! They are family! I love you!


Joe reads and reacts through the camera at the words "job search". The camera pans up towards Juan and AJ's voices then back to the note.


The camera cuts to Joe walking towards AJ and Juan in AJ's office. Both men are setting across from each other at AJ's desk, each with toys scattered amongst them.

"Yeah...Yeah...Timmy is totally getting his money's worth right here with this shot..."

AJ and Juan stop playing with the toys, and both wide eye the camera with suspicion. AJ gets up and comes towards the camera, grabbing the door as he gets close.

"You DIDN'T say the password! You don't GET to play!"

AJ shuts the door in Joe's face, and Joe bursts out laughing.

AJ opens the door back up with a childish smile and waves Joe to come into his inner sanctuary.

AJ's office has two walls covered with comic books hanging from floor to ceiling. In front of his desk, a display case is full of "transformers", GI Joes, M.A.S.K. and Justice League figures. All the toys being from the 80's, Joe makes note as he films the treasure under glass.

Every inch of the room is covered with toys or memorabilia from AJ's childhood, including pictures of their group of friends. Some date back to the early 90's and their early teenage years. Joe takes in the montage of their collective history in through the camera lens.

Joe (Zooming in on their group prom picture)
"Woooow. Prom....Remember how we thought we all going to get laid that night?..."

AJ (Not even looking up)

"Our senior prom....Timmy and Juan's junior prom..."

"Awww yeeeah....THAT night sucked!..."

"Wasn't Pete the only one who did?!..."

"Yeah....Didn't he get a threesome JUST BECAUSE he scored a hotel room!?..."

"NO!...I scored the room!...He LOCKED ME OUT!...And then he and those two skanks trash the room so bad I couldn't even use it after!..."

Joe and AJ laugh, remembering their fond version.

"...Wasn't funny fuckers!...I had to pay $500 because of it!..."

"Speaking of our resident asshole....Where is he?"

AJ (Sighing, raising his wrist and pretends to look at a watch that’s not there)
"Ahhhhh....His flight was supposed to be in...30 minutes ago....We were SUPPOSED to go get him...buuut...I just ran out of fucks to give when he took off to party in Florida instead of calling me on my birthday..."

Juan (Looks up from his toys)
"Oh hey, happy b-day man!"

AJ (Smirking half annoyed)
"Thanks guy! Only a week and a half late...but hey..."

Juan ( Barely looking up)
"...But I'm NOT the LAST..."

AJ (Looking back at Juan with amusement)
"Yeah...You got me there..."

"...Sooooo...What are we doing about "Hollywood"?..."

"We'll...I'm sure he's been blowing up my phone...but it's been silenced...I'm not his baby sitter when he comes back to Iowa each time...I'm not putting him up anymore since the last time he tried bringing some random here...Get this...Last time he was here, Jen and I take him out...He flirts with her all night...then the "changed-happily married man" eyes this brunet that reminded him of Brandi...next thing I know I'M the asshole for cock blocking him...I told him he could stay at the hotel...I wasn't going to be in ANY part of him cheating on Chrissie..."

Juan (Still focused on the transformer in his hand)
"Which one was Brandi again?..."

"Do you even care?"

Juan (Still focused on the toy)
"Hah-hah.....No, actually."

AJ (Smiling at Juan)
"Brandi was the chick he was serious with BEFORE Chrissie came into the picture..."

From downstairs a loud banging on the front door stops the conversation.

"Speak of the devil..."

All three groan and sigh as they get up and make their way to greet Peter.

Joe follows AJ and Juan through the house. The closer they get to the front door, the louder the bangs become. The camera catches a Caucasian male named "Peter Floyd" holding two bags over his shoulder; his attention is focused on the cell phone in his right hand.

Peter (From behind the front door)
"I KNOW you mother fuckers are IN THERE!...THANKS for picking me up!..."

AJ (Opening the door, with simmering annoyance)
"Hey asshole...Good to see you too.''

Peter bursts in the room carrying two bags over his shoulder. No camping equipment.

"Seriously, THANKS guys....Not ONE of you ungrateful pricks could PICK UP when I call?!?..."

"NONE of us KNEW you were EVEN coming since you're TOO-BIG to reply to emails, answer the phone when we call, or even RESPOND in ANY WAY!"

"Hey...I HAD to take a taxi over here!...NONE of you could PICK UP YOUR PHONES?!..."

"Asshole....our phones are in the truck...and when you don't say your coming...how can you expect us to plan OUR trip around YOU?!..."

"I TOLD Timmy I was coming!...He SHOULD HAVE told...ONE OF YOU!..."

"Do you SEE Timmy here?....No...Oh yeah, that's right...he's out DEFENDING OUR COUNTRY!....He doesn't get paid to be your assistant!..."

Peter sees everyone is against him at this moment, and changes direction.

Peter (Trying to come off as joking)
"I'm JOKING!...Did you guys SERIOUSLY THINK I was pissed?!...Hah-hah-hah!...I SHOULD HAVE went into acting instead of repping these flakey drama queens!...Seriously, I wanted to surprise you guys...I didn't think I could break away...but then I landed my boy "Marshall" a major feature that Paramount is spending boo-koo bucks on..."

The camera catches Juan and AJ's boredom with Peter's one sided conversations.

"He's gonna be LEAD...which means "daddy" is gonna have enough cheddar to buy EVERYONE here a pretty RIDE to remember to me by..."

Peter's phone rings to life, and his attention shifts to responding to it. Peter answers the call, holding up one finger to the group.

Peter (To the phone)
"Talk to me...No, actually Jane, I'm in IOWA...yeah...I MIGHT have a line on some work that COULD be fetching us some serious bank....I'll hit you up when we get out to the location..."

The trio looks at each other, being forced to be witness to Peter's business call.

"Well....the location is actually out in Colorado...Yeah...yeah...I had to come here to meet this new director...I guess he just made some documentary that's SUPPOSED to be taking Cannes"...

Peter shares a sheepish smile.

"I'm hearing this new flick is about two couples fighting over some magical house that brings the evil out in its inhabitants..."

With that, Peter looks directly at Joe through the camera lens with a salesman smile.

"Think "Paranormal Activity" meets....well I don't know...it's THAT different...I'm NOT lying!...I think I found the next big thing...I'm telling ya Jane, Derek is going to LOVE ME for this...ok?....ONE week...tops..."

Peter eyes the camera and turns away from the group and continues.

"Jane...Jane...it's NOT a vacation...I'm NOT!...I'm IN DES MOINES to meet this "second coming of Scorsese" and as per his contractual demands, I'm traveling with him to his "perfect location"...

Peter shoots a wink and a finger gun towards the camera.

"...His agent..."

Peter looks to AJ with a coy smile.

"...Aaaannd some Mexican, I think is their driver!"

Juan shakes his head, ignoring Peter's playful jab.

"Jane...I...I...I can't explain all the deets right now...Jane...Jane...we're needing to get on the road...I'll check in when we get to the location...Jane, TRUST ME...this film is WORTH a couple days...ok...alright...yep, as soon as we get there I'm checking in...Ok...ok...ok...alright, tomorrow...bye."

Peter hangs up, and comes back to his conversation.

"Awwwww GOD!....Fucking Jane, man!...This bitch wants me out SO bad...I'm telling you she is TRYING to get dirt on me...Luckily for me we have this documentary that's gonna SAVE ALL OF US, right?...hah-hah-hah..."

AJ looks at Peter, thrown by the last comment.


"...Where's Jen, AJ?..."

AJ looks to Peter untrusting.

"She's at work."

"Well, I'm not leaving Iowa till I see my favorite old lady!"

"Dude! We're packed. Ready to go!...We're NOT waiting till she gets off to head to Colorado!..."

Joe (Hands the camera off to AJ, before launching into Peter)
"Here...Yeah man, I'm not wasting a day, filming THESE TWO playing with dolls..."

Juan and AJ in sync

"...Just so you can flirt with AJ's wife! Now, get your shit, and let’s get moving!...This vacation isn't just about YOU!...SOME of us NEED to get away...and more than just one of us wants to see Timmy!"

Peter is taken back by Joe's verbal attack.

"You know, that's no way to speak to someone whose gonna be makin you rich after this little vacation..."

Joe (Growing impatient)
"Yeah...said the man who STILL wouldn't rep me till AFTER Cannes!...Now come on!"

"Speaking of that...has your agent set that up yet?"

Joe (Now annoyed)
"We're NOT talking business.."

Peter (Looking to Juan and AJ for reassurance)
"What?!...Why!?...Cause of the vacation?!"

Joe (Attempts to leave, but stops)
"Because I don't want you to represent me....EVER!"

Joe looks to Juan and back to the camera, before leaving the room without saying a word. Juan looks to Peter shaking his head, then to the camera.

"I gotta drop a deuce! Hah-hah! Aren't you glad your filming this? You guys have 5 minutes to get your shit ready and loaded! Then were off!...Mother fuckers, I CAN'T WAIT to see Timmy!...Pete, quit dragging your feet or I'LL be dragging you to Colorado!"

"You ain't gonna do shit!"

Juan (Leaving the room)
"Your right "pretty boy"...I'd probably mess you up so bad you'd sue me like the tough guy you are!"

AJ chuckles from behind the camera. Peter looks to the camera ready for a quick response.

Peter (With a salesman smile)
"Why would I sue someone who doesn't make HALF of what I make!?...Or even one-tenth as in his case!...Hah-hah!..."

"Hey...Where were you going with the "making us rich" because-of-the-vacation" comments?"

Peter (His posture changes)
"Didn't Timmy talk to you about it?"

AJ (Fishing for more information)
"Abouuuuut? What, the trip?..."

"Look, if TIMMY didn't talk to you about it man, then it's not MY PLACE to ruin his surprise..."

"Quit speaking in riddles and just SAY IT!...What are you talking about?!"

"Ask your little brother!...Jeez, it's not like you’re not going to see him tomorrow anyway!...Now help me find a way to lock Juan in the bathroom!...(Joe smiles like a kid)...Just like old times, right?"

Peter leaves the room. AJ sighs as the camera's focus goes to the floor before shutting off.

The camera cuts and comes alive in the vehicle.

The camera turns on, mounted in between the front seats of the 4Runner, on the windshield. Joe adjusts and makes sure it gets as much as possible before exiting the frame. AJ loads his gear into the backseat. From behind the vehicle Peter stops Juan; their conversation is barely audible in the camera. Their conversation is enhanced with subtitles.

"Did you get my stuff?"

"Yeah...Did you bring me my money?!"

"We'll have to stop at a couple of ATM's along the way. I can't pull out the full amount in one shot....it better be exactly the list I asked for..."

"Well buddy, you get me ALL my money...and you'll get you're fucking drugs...but NOT a gram till then!"

Juan turns and walks out of frame, as Peter is left shocked.

"C'MON MAN!...That's like 16 HOURS on the road!....What am I supposed to do till then?!"

Juan (Out of frame)
"Till what mother fucker?...Till the second gas fill-up?!...I don't know, catch up with your boys...maybe NOT be the dick nose for once..."

Juan gets in the driver seat, still talking to Joe, but looking forward.

"Oh wait...never mind...I forgot...you can’t!...It's $1,000 bucks!...Get HALF out in Kearny...and get the rest when we stop in Denver..."

Peter staggers angrily defeated to the passenger door, but is stopped by Juan.

"Na-ah mother fucker!...BACK SEAT!"

Peter (Pausing to take in the insult)
"Why?!...Cause I owe you money?!"

"YES MOTHER FUCKER!...Cause you owe me A-LOT of money!"

"Since WHEN is $1,000 measly bucks been "A-LOT" of money?!"

"Since I'M going through a messy divorce!...Thanks for asking by the way! End of fucking conversation by the way...you KNOW how AJ will be IF he hears there's $1000 worth of shit in here!"

Peter hesitates with a response.

"So...I'll just set in the back..."

Peter leaves the passenger door as AJ and Joe come back with the last of their stuff.

The camera cuts to:

Inside the 4Runner the mounted camera catches the four driving along the interstate. Juan drives, Joe is in the passenger seat, behind him sets Peter, and setting next to Peter in the back is AJ.

The camera cuts, near Kearney, Nebraska. Peter sets anxious in the backseat. AJ sketches something on a notepad. Joe plays with one of his cameras.

"When are we stopping for gas? I need to piss."

Juan doesn't respond, instead eying Peter in the rear view mirror. Joe looks over to Juan, expecting an answer.

"Yeah...we should stop...I gotta piss, and get some more paper..."

Joe (Still looking at his camera)
"WHEN are you going to stop using notebooks and just download an app?"

"When I stop making money creating games MY way."

Joe stops looking at his camera, his eyes move to AJ's direction. Joe hesitates saying anything, instead looks towards the camera momentarily, before resuming his attention on the camera in his lap.

"WHEN we get to Kearney....

The camera cuts.

Time: 3:00 pm
Location: Kearney, Nebraska

Camera cuts to Juan pulling up to a stop. Peter jumps out as soon as it’s in park and runs towards the gas station. The trio looks at each other.

"Guess we know whose NOT pumping gas...Don't worry...I'll get it..."

Juan is seen attending the gas as Joe and AJ heads towards the gas station. Peter is seen running back out.

Juan (Looking up and seeing Peter coming)
"Forget something?"

"Here's $300. It's all I could get from this ATM..."

"Ok. You STILL owe me $700."

"Can I get a couple lines, and a joint....or maybe just a of couple caps?"

"What the fuck is this?!...Some "flim-flam on the the zim-zam?"

"A COUPLE of lines and a couple of shroom caps will keep me nice and sedated... (Peter looks around nervously)...C'mon man...BEFORE they get back man...I gotta take a shit SO BAD!...AND I can down it all here!...Hurry bro!..."

Juan (Annoyed)
"$700 mother fucker! EVERY STOP till you've paid...THIS is all you get...Might want to pace yourself...junkie. Watch the gas."

Juan walks around to the back door, opening it he rifles through his gear until he finds the drugs. Juan comes around the side of the vehicle, and hands a brown paper sack to Peter; who immediately runs to the gas station and disappears inside.

Juan watches and shakes his head as he counts his money. The gas pump clicks off, and Juan puts the nozzle back, and then disappears out of view towards the gas station.

The camera cuts to the group driving again. In the back Peter is almost bouncing out of his seat. His eyes are wide as he checks is phone repeatedly.

As soon as the group are out of city limits Peter sparks a joint. AJ looks up surprised. Joe turns in his seat by the sound of the lighter sparking.

"Hey mother fucker!...NOT in my ride!..."

"C'mon man!...I'm not getting busted on my vacation!"

"Yeah! Yeah!....Now pass that shit up here!"

Peter laughs out smoke, as he passes the joint forward.

Joe takes a rip off the joint, and then looks to Juan. Juan looks from the joint to the road, then back to the joint.


Juan takes the joint and puffs on it, as he holds in the smoke.

"You TOO?!...Why don't we ALL just do mind altering drugs and FORGET about reality!?"

"WAY ahead of you bro..."

Peter unpacks his small amount of drugs.

"THIS....is all thanks to our GOOD buddy JUAN!"

Joe and AJ look from Peter to Juan.

"Really?...REALLY Juan?!..."

Juan (Holding his hit in as long as possible)
"Take this...C'mon take it...We WON'T get busted...I PROMISE!..."

AJ takes the joint reluctantly.

"Dude...your wife said this trip was about US...Now relax about the job thing...and HIT THAT!"

AJ stops and looks directly at Joe for outing him.

"...You read that?"

"What job thing?"

"Now you put it on film?!"

"Relax. No one is going to see..."

Peter (Looking at his phone)
"WHAT job thing?...You KNOW I could get you a job out in Silicon Valley...I've got GOOD connects out there..."

"Pete...I'm NOT moving to California...and don't worry about it Juan. Joe, WHAT are you thinking man?!...You just going to subvertly bring up our flaws for your bullshit film?!"

Joe (Looking forward)
"Rein it in hoss...We're ALL flawed...that's what makes us human..."

Peter (Typing into his phone)
"I'M not flawed."

Joe (Still looking forward)
"Pete...YES you are...you cheat on your gorgeous wife whenever she's out of sight...Juan is going through a messy divorce...I'm just about bankrupt from the film and AJ can't find a job...Worse yet...Timmy is looking at 6 months in Afghanistan....pretty much a death sentence for a Marine...Just take a step back and ENJOY today..."

Juan, AJ and Peter all look to Joe, without Joe even acknowledging. AJ takes a hit off the joint and passes it back to Peter. The four set in silence, all looking different directions.

Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Denver, Colorado

Camera cuts to Juan parking the vehicle at a gas pump. AJ and Joe wake up from their slumber. Peter jumps out of the vehicle, almost sprinting inside.

"Again...I'll pump the gas, but someone else has got to pay and take over for me..."

"I'll take over...Joe you wanna pay?"

"On it. You guys want anything?"

Juan (Groaning as he stretches)
"Get whatever you think a fat Mexican would want right after he drives for 12 straight hours."

Joe (Looking into his wallet)
"Right...I don't have enough money on my card for that bro..."

Joe disappears out of site towards the gas station. Juan slumps in the back seat, closing his eyes and sighs of exhaustion.

AJ (Manning the gas)
"You got to use the pisser, essay?"

Juan (Eyes still closed)
"I'll go in when you go...just give me a minute..."

The camera cuts to Peter and Joe returning, AJ wakes Juan, and they both disappear towards the gas station. Peter jumps in the front passenger seat ahead of Joe.

Peter locks the door as Joe reaches for it. Joe reaches through the back passenger door and begins choking Peter.

Peter (Choking as he speaks)
"No!....Nooooo!....Nooooooooo!...I'm riding up here!"

Joe only stops when Juan and AJ return in frame.

"Hey!...What the fuck is going on here?!"

"Dick here, got all pissy about setting in the back...Oh here's another $300!"

Joe and AJ look at the money then to Juan.

Juan (shuffling up the money and putting in his pocket)
"THANKS, prick!"

"What the fuck Juan?!...How much am I fucking driving around?!"

"It doesn't matter how much...Just KNOW IF we would get pulled over, I would come clean...and say it’s all...HIS!"

Juan and Joe burst out laughing. AJ is hesitant to re-enter the vehicle.

Peter (Setting impatient)
"Yeah...Yeah...FUNNY FUCKER! How about giving me some more?...You know...something to keep me awake for the night...We're GONNA NEED a wide awake co-pilot..."

AJ looks disgusted from Peter then to Juan.

"Just how MUCH fucking drugs are we talking here?!"

"Don't WORRY about it..."

"WHAT...and HOW MUCH am I transporting here Juan?!"

Peter (Mockingly)
"Enough for five, strong-healthy-young men to safely ingest on a week’s worth of mind altering drugs out in the wilderness!"

AJ is speechless, but gets in and buckles up. AJ eyes Juan in the rear view mirror not saying a word. Juan looks back unsure of what to say.

"Relax. I will take FULL responsibility IF we get pulled over."

"And the way back?..."

"Don't worry...Pete will more than likely do most of them in the first two days..."

"Yeah...about those drugs?..."

Juan (To AJ)
"Put it in drive...."

Juan (Looking to Peter)
"...I AIN'T gettin SHIT for you TILL you pay the full amount!...What dealer out in L-FUCKING-A just fronts you a GRANDS worth of shit?!"

AJ and Joe react at the same time.



"Now, fucking...everyone...CHILL OUT!...AJ, NOTHING is going to happen!...Pete, I swear to God, you ask ONE MORE FUCKING TIME and I'll toss em at the next stop!...Joe!....Turn that dam camera off!...But first, pull into that store, we need food and water...Alright, let’s get moving!"

AJ shifts the 4Runner gear and drives forward as Joe reaches up into the front seat towards the camera.

Peter (Looking into his phone)
"...You won't toss em..."

The camera clicks off.

The camera clicks back on, and Peter rests his arm on the rest. Peter looks directly into the camera, and then looks back to a sleeping Juan and Joe.

Peter and AJ are awake and driving in the night. AJ looks over at the camera, then to Peter.

"Some conversation you need to get on film?"

"....Nah....Just wanting to help Joe get some "traveling B roll"..."

AJ looks over at Peter slightly confused. AJ looks as if he wants to say something but stops himself.

The two travel in comfortable silence.

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time.

Location: Inside Routt National Forest
Time: 1:45 am

Driving along County Road 8, the group looks tired but wide awake, knowing their destination is just miles ahead. Joe is seen playing with one of his "Go Pro" cameras in the backseat. Juan smokes a cigarette while passively watching Joe. Peter looks haggard; his eyes slowly rise up and down as he tries not to fall asleep. AJ drives without speaking, instead taking in the nighttime scenery as they pass it.

-From Vehicle Mounted Camera-

"Somebody, get Timmy's map out. Find where he marked the parking spot."

Peter reaches in the glove box looking like a zombie. Peter looks at the notes and map with hesitation, then hands them back to Juan.

Peter (Handing everything back)
"Here...Too much...Too much..."

Juan takes the papers with a smile and begins studying them.

"What road we on?"

"County road 8?....I think..."

"Mile marker?"

"Ahh...we JUST passed...118?..."

"Oh shit!...We're coming up on it...ok...so...he marked a road...but it looks like it’s a secondary...look for the fork in the road....take the left..."

"Got it...."

AJ and Peter begin scanning the road ahead.

"That's funny...the road isn't even on the map!...It's only on Timmy's map...FUCKIN TIMMY!...He had BETTER be DAM SURE there's a fucking road there...hah-hah-hah!..."

Peter reacts first.

"Got it!...it's not marked...hell, it’s BARELY a road!..."

AJ sees it, and slows the vehicle as they approach. Peter and AJ look at each other in slight shock at actually seeing it. The road is barely visible, and AJ maneuvers the vehicle the vehicle past the overgrown brush blocking them.

Joe puts the "Go Pro" camera on and adjusts it to his head, till it fits snug.

"Juan...turn me on."

Juan looks up from the notes momentarily confused. Joe motions to the camera. Juan reaches over, looking it over, he turns it on.

-From "Go Pro" Camera 1- (Joe)

The camera turns on, facing Juan while he looks into its lens.

"Nice!...You got any extra of those?"

"Oh yeah...I only have two..."


"Be CAREFUL with it...EXPENSIVE little toy..."

AJ looks at Juan in the rear view mirror. Peter looks sleep deprived and isn't listening.

-From Vehicle Mounted Camera-

Juan searches Joe's equipment bag for the second "Go Pro". Finding it, Juan pulls it out in and roughly fashions it to his head.

"CAREFUL there, beast...that camera alone cost me $1500."

Juan's eyes shoot open and his jaw drops. Juan stops touching it, almost scared of damaging it.

"You do it...I got "sausage fingers" and I don't want to break it on the first day were up here!..."

Joe reaches over and adjusts it to fit.

AJ looks in the rear view and back ahead as they begin bouncing on the rough road.

"Ok...now what?"

Juan (Studying the map)
"It says to keep on this...for about a mile...then, we should be seeing a hill coming up..."

"Maybe you mean a mountain....like THAT one?"

The group all eye what lies ahead through the windshield.

"Then what?"

"Looks like there's another road, we'll go around the mountain on the trail road..."

"WHO would use these?!"

Peter (Staring ahead, eyes barely open)
"Weather service probably has a radar out here...Then you got the park service, they probably have some endangered species habitat...Could have been used by some mining operation from 100 years ago...WHO knows..."

"Ok...So around the mountain...Then what?...How far?...What am I looking for?"

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Juan is deep in the notes, and uses his fingers to keep a line and trace their path as they bounce inside the vehicle.

"Hah-hah-hah!...Fucking TIMMY!...Get THIS, we've got like a 5 mile hike to the campsite!...Hah-hah-hah!"

-From Vehicle Mounted Camera-

The news hits Peter and his eyes roll as his head drops down.


Juan, AJ and Joe all silently smile at Peter's pain.

"What are you complaining about Pete?...You brought like NOTHING...Did you even bring a tent?"

"No...WHERE am I going to get a tent in L.A.?!"

The trio all look at Peter.

"What about a sleeping bag mother fucker?"

No!...Seriously, don't you faggots set here and tell me you DIDNT bring anything extra for ME!...You assholes KNOW I'm fucking busy!...And even IF I DID have time, you SAW my bags!...NONE of you SAID A WORD while we were at AJ's!...THIS is on ALL of you!"

"Asshole, you have a secretary, who schedules your time. An assistant, who follows your every barking order, and probably blows you on the side..."

Peter (In monotone voice)
"Blow jobs aren't cheating..."

A nanny, for your two kids. A wife, who doesn't work!...HOW MANY trips have we been on?!....What's our motto?...Pack for yourself!"

"What are you saying?!...NONE of you have anything extra to help me out?!"

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

"NO DUDE!....We DIDNT EVEN KNOW you we're coming!...We're not responsible for you!...You're a "big boy"...You can't claim ignorance here...THIS is YOUR mistake, NOT OURS!"

Peter (Looking straight ahead)
"This is BULLSHIT!...I make more than ALL of you COMBINED!...I am NOT suffering from this!"

"Sorry hoss, but my tent is one person."

"Mine too."

Peter looks back to Juan in desperation. Joe looks over to Juan. Juan looks out his window and shakes his head.

Joe looks back to Peter, and Peter celebrates it as a "yes".

Peter (Celebrating fist pump)

"We'll see."

Peter (Reacting instantly)
"What do you MEAN we'll see?!"

"We'll see...BECAUSE you STILL owe me $100 mother fucker!"

"MOTHER FUCKER! You KNOW I'm going to pay you!..."

Juan (Interrupting)

Peter stops, then continues.

"...It's not like I'm going to GO ANYWHERE!...NEXT gas station-"

Juan (Interrupting)

"Whatever dude...WHEN I pay you...it will be the LAST TME I EVER ask YOU for a favor!"

Juan (Laughing sarcastically)
"Hah-hah!...DON'T be doin me any favors there BUDDY!...And thanks for helping me make a decision on the tent situation!"

-From Vehicle Mounted Camera-

Peter (Shaking his head aggravated)
"Whatever dude."

AJ maneuvers the vehicle over rough terrain, and the group bounces with the road.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)


"It's not me...it's this...dam road...IF you can call it that!..I'm not even sure if this qualifies as a road anymore...Juan, are you SURE this is the way?..."

"Yeah...This is it...Go past the tree line here...which is on Timmy's notes..."keep on a trail...then up a hill"...which is THAT up there...Go around it and park..."

AJ (Pointing ahead)
"THAT is a hill?!...THAT is NOT a hill...THAT Juan, is a mountain..."

-From Vehicle Mounted Camera-

AJ maneuvers the vehicle around and parks.

With the ignition finally off, the group let out a collective sigh. Then begin gathering their gear.

"So...just take what you need for one to two days worth of gear, food and water...We'll send teams back every couple of days for more, as we need it..."

Peter (Looking into his phone)
"What. The. Fuck?!"

The trio stops, and look to Peter.


Joe (sarcastically)
"I KNOW booh bear...Routt NATIONAL FOREST doesn't have Wi-Fi yet!....BUM-MER!"

"I have NOTHING!...NO Internet!...NO phone!...WHAT am I going to do about business!...Guys, I CAN'T be without reception, FOR A WEEK!"

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe (Looking from Peter to Juan)
"And by business...he means porn."

Juan responds by feigning surprise.

Peter (Hearing Joe)
"Of COURSE I...also mean porn!...but guys, seriously can't be without a line to the office..."

Joe looks to Juan.

"Next this mother fucker will try and get us to cut it short..."

-From Vehicle Mounted Camera-

AJ (Veiled sarcasm)
"Pete...Don't worry...I got this...Tomorrow, FIRST THING, I'm calling Vera Media...I'll drop my name...I'm SURE they'll have their BEST GUYS out here by no later than noon, buddy!"

Joe and Juan break into laughter.

"Now, buck the fuck up, realize WHERE you are...WHO you’re with...and ENJOY life for once...Do you really think we we'd even entertain the thought of leaving early?...for you?!..."

AJ waits a moment before Peter can respond.

"...Rhetorical question Floyd!...Except you, we are ALL thinking "fuck no!"...We're here to see Tim...Enjoy the scenery, and HOPEFULLY Joe here, will make a great movie about our time together...Now get your shit and let’s start the hike!"

AJ gets out and stretches before exiting the shot. Joe and Juan don't wait another second before they exit the vehicle and leave Peter alone.

Peter (Looking from his phone to the rear of the vehicle)

-From "Go Pro" Camera #1- (Joe)
Joe helps Juan turn on his camera and light.

-From "Go Pro" Camera #2- (Juan)
Juan unloads everyone's bags, while noticing Peter still setting in the passenger seat.

"Pete!...Get OFF YA ASS and GRAB YO SHIT!"

"Back off!...Guys!...GUYS!..."

Juan closes the trunk up, leaving two large bags for each of them to carry. Joe heads around and turns off the vehicle mounted camera, placing it his waterproof equipment case.

-From "Go Pro" Camera #1- (Joe)

"Guys!...JOE...Dude, NO JOKE!...I CAN'T be without a connection to the outside world!"

"Sorry guy...WE got a 5 miles ahead of us before we reach Timmy's campsite...YOU have a decision to make..."

Joe tosses the 4Runner's keys into Peter's lap, then closes the door without waiting for a response.

Joe pans the camera around, catching the light from Juan's camera, and AJ's head mounted light. From behind Peter calls after them.

"Wait up!....Daddy's coming!"

-From "Go Pro" Camera #2- (Juan)

Juan (To Joe)
"You better get another one of those lights...for the wet blanket..."

"Already ahead of you... (Joe holds up another head light)...You think that lazy shit was really going anywhere?..."

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time.

-From "Go Pro" Camera #1- (Joe)

AJ leads, followed by Juan, then Joe and lastly Peter. Joe catches a lake they pass, another small mountain, and two separate valleys. Joe occasionally looks back to see Peter falling further and further behind.

"Come on, slowpoke....Still smoking aren't you?..."

Peter (Slightly out of breath)
"The hills aren't that bad..."

"It's not the hills buddy...it's the elevation...We keep going up, and you keep lagging behind..."

"I'm fine..."

"Yeah you’re not...Pick up the pace "boo-boo"...I would like to see the sunrise from camp..."

Peter (Slightly gasping)
"What...What exactly did Timmy SAY about this...."vacation-documentary-thing"?"

Joe (Looking back to Peter)
"WHERE'S this interest coming from?"

"...I gotta...I gotta know what I'm going to be shilling...What's the angle?...What's the direction?..."

Joe (Slightly laughing)
"Excuse me?....What's this now?"

"I see the screws you're turning...Bringing up our secrets...(gasping)...That shit about me BETTER get fucking cut!..."

"Oh yeah?..."

"...I have a REAL LIFE...I’m not losing ANYTHING cause of this film!...And don't think I haven't noticed you trying to be the narrator and not a part of it..."

"Pete...Does threatening people EVER work for you?...Does it work on people out in California?...Cause it's NEVER worked on us...it’s not going to work with me...I'm going to do the job Timmy promised me payment for...That's it..."

"And that is?..."

"Five friends. Going somewhere completely off the grid. Staying there a week. And calling it a vacation. That's it...I don't know what you’re in search of here...Or WHAT you THINK..."

"That's it?!...He never mentioned ANYTHING ELSE?!..."

Joe stops, and looks back at Peter. Waiting for him to catch up, Joe waits for Peter to get closer before he answers.

"WHAT are you getting at!?...QUIT wasting my time and just SAY what it is that you’re obviously privy to..."

"Well dude, this trip ISN'T about a vacation...It's about makin us RICH!..."

Joe looks towards AJ and Juan, waiting for them to get further away before continuing.

"Ok...I'll bite...How is this year’s trip going to make us rich?"

"Ahh...well...it's NOT the trip per say...it's what YOU’RE going to capture..."

"...And what exactly am I supposed to be catching?"

Peter (Smiling like a kid with secret)
"I can't just spoil the fun now..."

Peter walks past Joe.

"You don't WANT to know...Trust me...We've got a week...I KNOW you'll get something out here..."

Joe captures Peter walking away, and sighs out of frustration behind the camera.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan follows AJ, as they enter a third valley. AJ stops to catch his breath.

"Dude...WHERE is his campsite?"

Juan (Looking at the notes)
"On the ridge, past the third valley..."

AJ (Getting his second wind)
"Good...For a second there I was about to call it good right here."

Juan and AJ wait for Joe and Peter to catch up. Juan films the area surrounding them. Two enormous rows of tree surround them on either side. The forest is completely silent.

Juan (Sniffing)
"Dude...You smell that?"

AJ (Smiling)
"DUDE...You KNOW I can't smell anything...I was raised on a pig farm."

Juan (Still sniffing the air)
"Fucking smells like...shit. Like death."

"We're probably close to some dead deer..."

Juan (Looking around)
"I'm not seeing anything...matter of fact, I'm not hearing anything either..."

AJ looks at Juan momentarily.

"COME ON ASSHOLES!...Juan's gettin scared of the dark!"

Juan (Laughing)
"Shut the fuck up mother fucker!...I don't want to be a bear's midnight snack, ok?"

AJ realizes Juan could be right, and looks around. Joe and Peter are seen coming up over the ridge. Joe and Peter catch up and the four take a momentary breather together.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Juan (Pointing ahead)
"Map says up over the next hill...Over this valley, there's a large pond. We'll camp up over there."

Joe pans around catching both enormous rows of trees surrounding them. Joe catches Juan and AJ looking in wonder, but Peter looks on edge.

Joe (Panning back and forth)
"Anyone else noticing these tree formations?...It's almost like it’s made that way..."

"Freakin beautiful..."


"What...like nature MADE an open-direct path to the perfect campsite for..."

Peter stops himself. The group waits for him to finish.

"Foooor what?"

"Nah- nothing. Never mind."

"Naw man...perfect campsite for WHAT mother fucker?!...You WERE going to say something, so just say it!"

Peter looks around to everyone, unsure of what to say.

"No...Nothing...I'm freakin tired and out of it...I was gonna say..."the perfect campsite to get murdered at"...hah-hah-hah...We NEED to get to this site AS-AP!....You paranoid mother fuckers...thinking I'm "in" on something!..."

Peter gets up, and takes lead, heading down the ridge, which makes everyone immediately notice.

"Petey...WHY do YOU want to lead all of a sudden?

Peter (Continues walking ahead)
"What do you mean?"

"Cause in all the years I've known you....the only time you have EVER taken the lead was in search of pussy...or out of fear....I'm not seeing any females..."

"I'm TIRED...ANY TIME in my history have I NOT been self centered that you can remember?..."

AJ (shaking his head, turning back to Joe)
"That's NOT it.

Joe (Walking ahead of AJ, catching up to Peter)
"Hey...He's right...what's the deal?..."

Joe stops dead in his tracks, with his back turned he doesn't respond.

Joe catches up to Peter and turns to face him. Peter's face is in shock, with eyes wide and mouth slightly trembling.

"Pete!...WHAT is your deal?!...Hey!...What the hell is WRONG with you?!"

Peter's mouth moves, but no words come out. Joe pans back to AJ and Juan catching up, then back to Peter.


Peter (Hesitating to form words)
"I've NEVER...been scared...of the woods...but...what...the fuck...could do THAT!"

Peter points ahead and to the right less than 20 feet. Joe pans over and sees it, reacting he almost jolts back. In the middle of a wooded forest, a massive tree is uprooted, and shoved into the ground upside down.

The four stand in silent wonder, as Juan moves forward to get a better view.

"I'm checking it out...I mean maybe it’s some kind of UFO thing...And THAT'S what Timmy thought we'd capture..."

Joe looks to Peter, who swallows and looks away from it.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

AJ (From out of view)
"I'm coming with...Joe give me one of the other cameras...I gotta get this on film!..."

Juan walks up the uprooted tree, slowly panning up he captures the massive roots blocking out the moon.

"Wooooow....like branches in winter....amazing..."

AJ catches up, and his camera lights up in the foreground.

AJ (Calling back to Joe)
Is there some kind of BETTER night vision feature I should know about?..."

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe (Looking directly at Peter)
"That's not it, is it Petey Pooh?..."

Peter continues to look away. Joe pans back to the uprooted tree.

Joe (Calling back to AJ)
"It's set right...Just turn ON the light!"

Joe pans back to see Peter walking away in the direction of their campsite.

Joe (Caught off guard)
"PETE!...HEY!...WHERE are you going!..."

"I'm NOT stickin around!...I'm going to the campsite...FUCK THAT TREE!"

Joe (Calling back to Juan and AJ)
"Hey, guys!...Pete's bailing on us!..."

Juan and AJ respond questioning out of range, as Joe tries to catch up to Peter who is now walking fast.

"PETE!...Hey ASSHOLE!...Wait up!"

Peter refuses to slow down, and Joe jogs to keep his pace.

"Hey dickhead, you have NO camping gear!...What are you going to do about sleep till Juan gets there?!"

Peter realizes and slows down, allowing Joe to catch him. Joe jogs past Peter and turns to face him, with AJ and Juan heard coming closer, their lights are seen in the background.

"Ok...Now’s your chance...WHAT do you KNOW about this place?...WHY did Timmy choose this place...WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO CATCH out here?!...ANSWER me dammit!..."

Peter closes his mouth and looks around, not knowing how to answer.

Joe (Pressing in a hushed voice)
"Look,...come clean...right here, right now...and I won't blow it for them!...Just TELL ME the secret!..."

Peter hesitates, looking as if he's deciding on whether he should tell him what he knows. The voices of AJ and Juan are heard getting closer, and closer.

Joe (Whispering)

Peter closes his eyes and slowly shakes his head.

Peter (Speaking so only Joe can hear)
"You guys were right...I'm NOT a leader...but Timmy IS...and he's in charge on this one...IF he didn't tell you...it's for a reason...You'll know...when HE wants you to..."

Before Joe can get a word in edge wide, AJ and Juan catch up and want to question Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)


"Guys, I'm trying to get some fucking SLEEP here!...You assholes KNOW I'm fucking tired!...Campsite is like, another half mile...film that shit TOMORROW!..."

-From Handheld Camera- (AJ)

"You were just going to LEAVE us then, and magically FIND the campsite WITHOUT the map?!"

Peter shakes his head unconvincingly, as the group all film Peter from different angles.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

"What's going on Pete?..."

"NOTHING is going on...I'm...I'm fucking tired!"

Juan (Interrupting)
"BULLSHIT!...Out with it gringo!...What the fuck is it about an uprooted tree that made you want to about shit yourself and now it’s making you want to leave the ONLY THREE guys that can keep your ass safe out here?!...Naw asshole, SOMETHIN BE UP!"

Peter looks around the group, lingering a second longer on Joe.

"I TOLD YOU!...IM!...FUCKING!...TIRED!...LET'S KEEP MOVING! I thought SOMEONE wanted to be at campsite by sunrise..."

"Naw...that's not it...Peter, tell em the truth...tell THEM what we're REALLY here for!"

Peter looks to a Joe with surprised disappointment. Juan and AJ look to Peter confused.

"Tell THEM what you just told me!..."

"Pete...WHAT DID you just tell him?"

Peter hesitates looking from Joe then to AJ then to Juan.

Peter (Sighing speaking reluctantly)
"I TOLD him that this trip...is TIMMY's trip...HE is in charge!...NOT me!"

"WHAT the hell is it I'm SUPPOSED to capture on film that you and Timmy know about?!"

Peter waits to answer as the group grows visibly impatient.

From out of camera range what sounds like trees snapping cuts the silence. The sound echoes and makes the group jump. The group all reacts and spin towards the sound.

"Dude!...What the fuck was that?!"

-From Handheld Camera- (AJ)

AJ (Zooming in on the trees)
"Whatever it was...it was WAY TOO CLOSE!"

Joe (From out of camera view)
"PETER!...What the fuck was that!?..."

AJ spins the camera towards Joe and Peter.

Peter (Looking nervously around)
"What we're out here for..."

"...THAT is what we're out here for?!...Peter?!..."

Juan (Still looking in the direction of the sound)
"What?...We're out here to capture some "super bear"..."

"NO bear can uproot a tree and stick it back in the ground!...Pete?!..."


Everyone turns towards Peter.

Peter (Waiting as long as he can)
"Yeah...alright...Don't kill the fucking messenger...REMEMBER, this was TIMMY'S plan...but yeah...THAT'S what we're here for..."

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan (Looking at Peter)
"Pete...WHAT is it?!"

"I'm not...sure..."

"So we're out here to get what..."Bigfoot" on film?!"

Everyone still looking at Peter.

"...I'm not sure it's Bigfoot..."

From out of view of camera, a loud thump resonates and shakes the earth.

Everyone spins towards the sound in shock.

"I don't know WHAT it is...but we should get to camp...NOW!"

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

"So, you two get me out here to capture WHATEVER THAT is...and I COULD BE getting it...but you want to run to camp?!"

"We're out here blind...We don't even have the campsite set up yet...And we STILL have a week...Come on...whatever it is...it doesn't sound too welcoming..."

Peter doesn't wait for their argument and begins to walk away. Juan looks at Joe then to AJ confused.

"Pete!...Pete, your just WALKIN AWAY?!"

Joe looks to Peter.

Peter (Still walking away)
"Yes!...THAT is EXACTLY what I'm doing!...IF you guys were smart you would DO THE SAME!"

Joe looks back to Juan and AJ. AJ looks back to the direction of the sound then follows after Peter. Juan looks nervous and follows without hesitating. Joe waits, looking back one more time before reluctantly following.

The camera cut and jumps ahead in time.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

"Alright boys...the map says THIS is it..."

Joe (Still looking back)
"Anyone ELSE think we're still WAY TOO CLOSE to...whatever that was, to camp HERE?"

"Peter...for the last time...IF you know WHAT is out here with us...TELL US NOW!"

Peter drops his bags, and turns to AJ.

Peter (Responding exhausted)
"I DON'T KNOW!...ALL I know is that Timmy said he would be dropping in via parachute sometime...tonight or tomorrow...That NOISE we heard was PROBABLY Timmy dropping into the trees..."

"IF that was Timmy, then WHY we're you so scared?...You practically ran from that tree..."

"Yeah!...From the upside down tree...Cause I didn't want to be around when whatever it was that did that, came back...I'm PRETTY SURE Timmy DIDNT do that..."

"No fucking way Timmy dropping in makes BOTH those noises!..."

"No...Your right...Trees breaking could have been Timmy...The "thump" was probably...just...a rock falling close..."

Juan (Laughs sarcastically)
"Hah-hah-hah!...Yeah!...A ROCK!"

Joe (Looking around)
"I'm putting a camera up there...looking down on camp...IF anything comes into camp...I'll get it..."

Joe walks out of view, and Juan looks to AJ.

"You believin this shit?...Timmy parachuting in...A ROCK falling close..."

AJ (Stops unpacking his gear)
"You KNOW Timmy would try and pull some shit like that...Tryin to scare us...More than likely he's been here since LAST night...Remember, he plays in the wilderness for a living..."

"Are YOU kidding me?!...What was that little earthquake we felt, AND the fucking tree!"

AJ (Goes back to setting up his tent)
"I don't know...I'm tired man...In the morning we'll get answers...We should get a fire going...Let me get my tent set and you and I will get wood..."

"I'M not going back out THERE!...Pete...Go get us firewood...and I'll let you bunk in my tent..."

Peter looks reluctantly around before looking back to Juan.

"What?...Didn't think you had any reason to be scared with "Timmy" out there stalking us..."


Peter disappears out of view.

"You REALLY sending him out there by himself?"

"Who BETTER to sacrifice first?!...YOU want to be the death that gets the rest of us to run back to civilization?"

AJ (Goes back to setting up his tent)
"Good point."

-From Mounted Camera above Campsite- (In Night Vision)

The camera turns on and Joe adjusts it before returning to camp in frame.

Joe ( Barely audible, subtitles added)
"Security camera is set up...Who's gettin firewood?..."

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

"...We'll need to get rocks for a fire pit as well..."

AJ (Finishing his tent)
"I'll help out Pete...I might feel bad if Pete gets killed and loses Joe's light..."

AJ disappears after Peter out of camera view.

Joe catches Juan staring off into the forest.

"You need help?..."

Juan looks back to Joe.


"...With your tent..."

Juan looks around, then back to Joe


"You going on sentry duty tonight or something?"

Juan (Not looking at Joe)
"I might..."

"Whatever it was probably won’t like fire...I'm sure when we get it going...nothing is going to want to come over here..."

"Dude...that fire will light up the whole valley...We'll be seen for miles in each direction...I'm not sleeping till the sun comes up."

The camera cut and jumps ahead in time.

-From Mounted Camera above Campsite- (In Night Vision)

The fire is lit, AJ, Peter and Joe all are returning sporadically with arm loads of wood and depositing them next to the fire. Juan stands on the edge of the fire's light overlooking the previous valley.

Juan (To AJ)
"I think we have enough for now it's only a couple of hours till sunrise..."

AJ (Dropping his load next to the fire)
"Good!...I'm beat anyway...Hearing anything else out there?"

"Possibly...but it's all a mile back at least...it's not getting closer if that's what you're wondering..."

AJ (Nodding without answering)
"...I brought us alittle-somethin-somethin..."

Juan stops looking and joins AJ around his gear bag.

"And what's that?"

AJ produces a mason jar with clear liquid inside.

Juan (Without letting AJ respond)
"Hey, hey...moonshine!.. Where'd you get that?!"

"Moonshine?!...You can get it anywhere nowadays...THIS...is from Hy-Vee if you can believe it..."

Juan takes the mason jar, opening it without hesitation, he takes a swig.

Juan (Reacting to the bitter taste)
"Ohhhh-weeeee!....That's fucking fire right there!..."

Joe comes back into camera view, dropping his arm load of fire wood, he joins AJ and Juan.

Joe (Out of breath )
"Water?...Give me a drink..."

Juan and AJ silently look at each other as Joe takes the mason jar.

Joe grabs the mason jar and pours it back, before AJ can say anything.

"That's NOT water..."

Before he can finish, Joe's face is puckered with surprise.

Joe (Still fighting it down)
"Cough-cough...yeah...yeah buddy, you assholes could have said somethin..."

Juan and AJ laugh at Joe's reaction. Joe stops coughing and scans the campsite.

Joe (Looking around)
"Where's Pete?...."

Joe sees Pete and disappears out camera range. AJ and Juan watch, then react with laughter at something off of camera.

The camera jumps ahead in time. The campsite is set up with 3 tents in a circle, with a large gap big enough for a forth. The campfire is blazing and a pile of wood sets next to it. AJ and Juan set in camping chairs, Joe sets on the ground with his legs crossed. Peter is stumbling around the fire, holding a joint.

Peter (Looking around their campsite)
"Not...cough-cough...not too bad for an hours’ worth of work..."

Juan takes the joint carefully and takes a hit before passing it to AJ. AJ in turn, passes the moonshine back to Juan.

"Drugs...Yeeeah!...(To Joe)...THIS better get cut....I'm not getting divorced cause Jen saw me toke the devils weed!..."

Joe looks up, and shakes his head passively. Juan leans back and takes in the stars.

Juan (To Joe)
"You know...you could make a documentary about how freaking beautiful it is out here..."

Peter takes the joint, hitting it quickly, he walks it over to Joe, and hands it over.

"Cough-cough...Ain't nobody gonna wanna watch some nature documentary..."

Juan looks to Peter, slightly annoyed. Peter grabs the moonshine and downs a swig.

"Oh yeah...why don't you tell us what people want to see...since you and Timmy can drag us out here to capture...whatever THAT was..."

AJ and Joe look at Peter awaiting his response.

"Look...Tim just said there was some paranormal shit going on out here....right HERE exactly...someone saw it on some drone flying over...Then Timmy hears through the grapevine...He saw the potential...and contacted me...I saw the potential to make MILLIONS off of some REAL "new-age Paranormal Activity" and thought WHY NOT US?!...I mean c'mon...You guys are all down and out, right now...IF we DO get something, AWESOME....IF we DON'T...oh well...I got to get out of "Cali" for a minute and be with my boys..."

"That's it?...He didn't say WHAT was seen?...UFO?...Bigfoot?...Military testing?"

Peter (Staggering back after downing another shot of moonshine)
"What?...No...I mean....No, he didn't say WHAT exactly...other than trees upside down...some Ranger was out here, looking for Cartel grow spots...and saw something rip down a tree...Week or two later, someone at the NSA had seen an ENORMOUS objects moving in the night..."

"HOW did this NSA agent SEE large objects moving in the night?!"

-From "Go Pro" Camera (Joe)

"He saw their shadows moving over a time lapse..."

"How many?"

"This get reported?!"

Peter (Looking at Joe with sympathy)
"NO!...Are you KIDDING ME?...Come on, Joey-bear...you THINK some lowly 3rd shift tube watcher is going to tell his bosses he saw three large objects moving in the middle of a forest?!...He would have been LAUGHED at and sent home!...Probably not before a piss test!"

"Did he go back at least?...Get more footage?...Get SOMETHING?!..."

"I don't know...I DO know that Timmy saw a couple of images, I guess...Said they got measured...The objects were ten to twelve feet tall...weighing somewhere in the range of 300-500 pounds!.. THREE of them!...Well, one was smaller...but THREE!"

"One was smaller?...Like..."

"Like one was a child?!"

Pete smiles, then gives Juan a "finger gun salute" before taking another shot.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite- (In Night Vision)

The trio set back and all look in different directions. Juan begins nod off in his chair. Peter staggers around with the mason jar in hand, looking for something and unable to find it.

Joe (Looking up to the sky)
"Fucking Timmy..."

"Pete...What are you lookin for?"

Pete (Continues looking)
"A CHAIR....Don't we...HAVE ANY chairs?!..."

"Did you BRING ANY?"

Peter stops looking, then looks to AJ.

Peter (Begins to hiccup)
"No....hiccup!...No...I don't...think so...I...I thought I saw one around here...hiccup!"

"Je-sus buddy!...That shine got-up-under YOU! Back to the story..."

Peter (Continues to look thru their gear bags)
"No...I know...but I THOUGHT I saw an extra...an extra chair no one's using...it was just right here..."

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

"Pete...Pete...Focus!...You sayin that story you just told is REAL?!...No camp fire tales to keep us guessing?"

Peter (Looks at Joe confused)
"What...story I told?...Oh yeah...No, that's real....Wait...Who did I hear that from?...No, it's real....yeah...I think..."

Joe (Sighing)
"It's REAL, or you THINK it's real?...Which is it?"

Joe catches Juan's chin dropping forward as he falls asleep, still holding his beer firmly.

"Your not going to get anything out of him...Look at him...He's "three sheets" now!..."

Peter staggers forward towards the camp fire, and AJ and Joe instinctively ready themselves.

"I'm...I'm fine...boys...it's just been a minute since...hiccup!...I had some of that "shine"...Let me...Let me enjoy the fire without...without you guys bein-all motherly on me!"

"Told ya...Speaking of my shine, how’s bout you pass some of that MY WAY?"

Peter looks to AJ, then to the mason jar.

"Hiccup!...Here...Take your "devil-water"!...I'm about to go take Juan's tent anyway!"

Peter passes AJ the mason jar, then stands staring into the fire. AJ puts the mason jar out of sight, still watching Peter.

"Pete...you SHOULD do that...right away!...Before you fall into the fire...go get some sleep buddy..."

Peter (Swaying and nodding)

AJ (Looking at Joe)
"You should too...It's late...(Looking into his phone)...Jesus, it's 4:30!...RIGHT NOW, Jenny is getting up for work!...Hah-hah!...GREAT START!"

AJ gets up, stretches and walks over to Juan. AJ shakes him awake, then heads for his tent. Juan wakes up, only to fall back asleep in his chair before AJ is inside.

"C'mon Pete...wake up...There's MORE to that story...You KNOW more...DON'T YOU?"

Peter looks at Joe, confused.

"What...what story?...The hiccup!...the bullshit one I just made up to get...to get Joe all scared?!...Yeah...yeah man...it's all real man..."

Joe (Now impatient)
"Pete...What do you MEAN you JUST MADE UP?!...Was it REAL or NOT?!..."

Juan (From out of camera range)
"Forget him man..."

Joe looks over to Juan quickly.

Joe (Surprised)
"You're awake?!..."

Juan (blinking slowly, and cleaning his closed moth with his tongue)
"Barely...I heard enough...faggot isn't a reliable source right now...He's out of it..and the more I think about it...it was probably Timmy dropping in the trees...Just watch...we wake up, and he'll be here, tent set up, coffee brewin, big fat smile on his face...Tellin us how he GOT US!..."

"C'mon man!...You SAW that tree upside down!"

"I know, I know...I can't explain it...not tonight anyway...We'll go back in the morning...probably find some machinery too..."

"Dude!...NO-WAY some human did THAT!...Where was the machine tracks?!...WHY would ANY-ONE come out to the middle-of-nowhere and turn a tree UPSIDE DOWN?!"

Juan (Taking a deep breath)
"Don't know buddy...and right now, I really don't care. I'm beat....I'm headed in for the night...see you in the morning..."

Juan gets up, leaving Joe with Peter; who is still standing next to the fire, staring into the flames.

Juan (To Peter)
"Come on asshole...You can bunk with me..."

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite- (In Night Vision)

Peter doesn't respond, continuing to stare at the fire. Joe begins taking his "Go Pro" camera off, and tucking away his cameras in the waterproof case.

"You seriously make that shit up?"

Peter doesn't respond, continuing to stare into the fire.

"God dammit Pete!...Don't be wasting my time on some bullshit stories!...Fucking asshole!"

Joe shakes his head, then walks to his tent with his waterproof case.

Joe (Calling out from his tent)
"Pete!...Go sleep in Juan's tent!...Don't fall into that fucking fire!...No one here is going to rescue you!"

AJ (From his tent)
"Night boys!"

Joe (From his tent)

Juan (From his tent, half asleep)

Peter stands by himself for a minute straight before finally speaking.

Peter (To himself, still staring into the fire, subtitles added)
"I DID'NT make it up..."

Peter stops staring into the fire, looking around confused he staggers back. Turning to his side, he staggers forward; taking two steps then falls directly to the ground and passes out.

From there the camera records uninterrupted for five hours and fifteen minutes. Peter barely moves. The campfire goes out at 5:15 am. In the far off distance something large moves across the lower valley, and out of range at 5:23 am.

The sun rises, and moves across the sky. Peter instinctively reaches around and pulls his bag close, shoving it under his head at 9:15 am. The camera runs for another 45 minutes, then powers down with a dead battery, it last images catches a wet stain forming at Peter's crotch.

Day 3:
Date: Friday, June 15th
Time: 11:09 am
Location: Routt National Forest, Camp Site

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

The camera turns on overlooking the campsite and Joe is seen pocketing the film from the night before as he walks back to camp. AJ is seen coming out of his tent, and stretches looking around, stopping at the site of Pete passed out on the ground.

AJ motions to Pete as Joe comes back. The two stand over Pete for a moment, before Joe heads off of camera. AJ looks towards the previous valley, then to the open spot.

Joe comes back into frame with two fishing poles and a tackle box. The two begin walking towards the large pond over the next ridge. Peter hardly moves as the camera speeds up and shoots the same shot for another 2 hours and 6 minutes.

At 1:15 pm, Juan staggers and stretches coming out of his tent. Juan looks around and sees Pete, Juan looks to laugh but cannot be heard. Juan walks over, grabbing a bottle of water from the cooler, he walks back to Pete. Juan opens the bottle of water, and takes a sip before pouring some on Peter's head.

Peter jumps up, shaking his head back and forth and Juan jumps back laughing. Peter takes a blind swing at Juan's legs and Juan reacts by jumping backwards and begins dancing away from Peter's attempts to hit him.

Their conversation is blanketed by the wind, but Juan comes back over to Peter, offering him the water, with a smile on his face. Peter reluctantly takes the water and drinks a sip before tossing some back on Juan. Juan continues to laugh, as Peter looks around with early morning hangover face.

Juan tosses Peter his clothes bag, and walks out of the camera's view. Peter strips down, naked, and changes. Noticing his accident, he tosses the soiled pants towards Juan's tent. Juan comes back into frame with two backpacks, handing one to Peter, Juan grabs one of the "Go Pro" cameras from his bag, and puts it on.

Peter finishes getting dressed, and the two walk together away from the large pond. The camera continues to film the empty campsite.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

The camera clicks on and Juan and Peter are already in a conversation.

Juan (Leading in front)
"...Naw...I don't HAVE to explain why I'M wearing the camera...You're STILL hung-over mother fucker!..."

"So WHAT?!...It's not like I'm SO DRUNK I can't even walk back to the 4Runner!..."

"Cause dumb-ass, YOUR the accident prone one of the two of us...I have the map...You think Joe wants to see your head bobbin-and-weavin all over the place?...I got this!"

The two continue to walk on what looks like barely a trail, it forms a line straight over the next valley and up over its ridge.

"What exactly are we getting?...We were JUST THERE last night!"

"We need to get tonight's meal and tomorrow's meals...more water...Nobody grabbed a frying pan...what are we cooking the fish they catch on, Pete?"

"Who says they WILL either?"

"Exactly...we grab extra food, just in case, then if we don't need it we have it for tomorrow's lunch..."

"Anything else?"


"What?!...For WHAT?!"

Juan turns around and sees Peter has stopped walking 5 feet back.

"For PROTECTION...just in case..."

"What the fuck do YOU GOT that could stop..."

Juan (Interrupting)
"Whatever that was last night?!...You'll see....You think I go ANYWHERE without something to even the odds?!...You've been in the city TOO LONG gringo..."

Juan continues to walk toward the vehicle, in the background Peter is heard following.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe films as he and AJ fish the nearby pond. Joe pans the camera around getting the entire view of their isolated camp and its surrounding area.

"Freakin beautiful...too bad no one else will ever see this place..."

AJ (Casting his line out)
"IF you catch something...I'm SURE people will WANT to come here..."

"Honestly man...IF last night wasn't Timmy fucking with us...man, I don't what more I WANT to capture...I never felt...so defenseless...even at the "Worrell House"...and THAT PLACE is supposed to house 4 spirits..."

"It's safe to say this is getting cut right?...Ok...Man, I HOPE TO GOD...ALLAH...BUDDAH...BABY JESUS that Timmy is just fucking with us...You don't even know how hard it was to fall asleep last night..."

Joe (Reeling his line back in)
"Awww...dude!...I tossed and turned for at least an hour last night...then this morning...I did NOT want to get up..."

"I REALLY thought I was going to wake up and see Timmy's tent set up next to mine..."

Joe (Motioning to AJ's line)
"You got something..."

AJ (Confused)

Joe points towards his fishing line.

AJ (Surprised)
"Oh-Oh!...I got it!...I got it!..."

Joe (Watching AJ with amusement)
"Get it!...Get it girl!...GET IT GIRL!!"

The camera cuts and jumps back to the campsite.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

The campsite sets empty in the sunny afternoon sun. A steady breeze blows and moves tees in the distance, and litter across the camp ground. In the far off distance two small figures are seen at the pond.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time. Juan is leading Peter, the 4Runner is in sight.

"There it is!...TOLD YOU we were close..."

Peter (Slightly gasping)
"Heh-heh-heh...Ya...you ALSO said it was over the last hill...This trek is NOT smart...We should drive it closer...Make it easier for us next time..."

"It's not THAT bad...Just 10 miles back and forth!...You act like this is out of the way or somethin!"

"I'm not built to be doing this...This is it...I'm not coming back here this week...unless it’s to leave!...Get somebody ELSE to be your hiking buddy!"

Juan reaches the 4Runner, and starts feeling his pockets.


"You got...You got the keys?!"

Juan faces Peter.


Juan stops moving and Peter looks wide eyed at the camera.

Juan (Breaking into laughter)

"NOT funny fucker!...I was about to bust out a window..."

Juan (Still laughing)
"Hah-hah-hah!...You STUPID-BITCH!...You should have seen your STU-PID face!...Here..."

Juan fishes his keys out and opens the vehicle's back passenger door before heading around to the back.

Peter (Reaching into the vehicle)
"You're NOT funny...WHERE are these weapons you're packin?"

Juan (From the trunk)
"Don't worry about them...I wouldn't trust you with anything but a contract and a pen..."

"So...what am I supposed to grab then?"

"Snacks. Water. Grab the cooler and pack it as full as you can carry..."


Juan (Stops searching, and looks up through the vehicle)
"Really?...You WATCHED me and AJ strap it up top!"

Peter (Hesitating)
"It took TWO of you to put it up there!...And you want ME to get it down BY MYSELF?!"

Juan (Stops searching and looks to Peter)

"Fuck you!...Getting that down, I would probably KILL MYSELF!"

Juan (Still looking at Peter)

Peter looks at Juan with resentment.

"Uh-ah. YOU better be helping there, "tons of fun"!..."

Juan (Laughing)
"Yeah...yeah, I'll help...give me..Erggghh!...a minute..."

Juan pulls something out from under other bags and shoves it in his backpack. Peter is seen cramming snacks in his bag.

"Seriously though...you have something for me?... A weapon?...ANY-thing?!"

"Calm down...I have one for everybody..."

Peter (Excited)
"REALLY?!...Fucking SWEET!...You brought guns for everyone?!"

Juan (Interrupting)
"Noooo!...I didn't SAY I brought GUNS for everyone!...WEAPONS!...WEAPONS for everyone!"

"Well, what the fuck, man?!...What DID you bring?!"

Juan closes the trunk and comes around the side of the 4Runner.

"Help me grab the cooler first..."

Peter (Coming out of the back passenger seat)

"Yeah REALLY mother fucker!...Chop-chop!...Let’s go!"

Juan and Peter climb the 4Runner and un-strap the cooler, and maneuver it to the ground.

Peter (Standing impatiently)
"Done...Now let me see what you fuckin HAVE man!"

Juan opens the cooler, inside is water, meat, buns, ketchup, mustard, vegetables, syrup, pancake mix, eggs and bacon.

Juan (Still checking the cooler over)
"Alright...I got ONE gun...Which is MINE, mother fucker!..."

Juan gets into his bag and produces a 9mm handgun for Peter, before putting it back.

Juan (Reaching back into the backpack)
"A FLARE gun...With three flares..."

Peter (Reaching for the flare gun)
"I'LL take THAT!"

Juan (Pulling the flare gun away from Peter's reach)
"Nope!...I don't trust you with ANYTHING that fires!..."

"What DO YOU trust me with then?!"

Juan (Looking into his backpack)
"Good question....I DON'T trust you with ANY of them...but I'm NOT leaving anyone unarmed...Here, you choose..."

Juan sets the backpack down and pulls out a machete and an axe. Holding both up for Him, Peter is mildly impressed with his choices.

Peter (Looking both over)
"Nice!...I'm taking the machete...Bigger cutting surface...Lighter in weight...Easier to swing..."

"Whatever man...I don't need the commentary..."

The camera cuts and jumps back to Joe and AJ.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe and AJ are reeling in a catch together.

Joe (Holding the line)
"Get the bucket ready!...Je-sus!...At this rate we'll be eating fish ALL WEEK!"

AJ (Holding the bucket as the fish comes close)
"Got it!...We should call it good here!...We have enough for one day...IF you...can...get it in!"

AJ grabs the fish, and unhooks it before he dumps it into their floating net. Joe reels in his line, and walks over to AJ's fishing pole. Joe turns to AJ, who has the net over his shoulder.

"Three hours and six fish?!...That's GOT to be a new record! What we got...another hour till we get back to camp?

"Juan isn't going to want to clean fish ever again..."

AJ leads and Joe follows as they begin heading back to camp. A couple of fish flop helplessly in the net as the two make their way through the tall grass.

The camera cuts and jumps back to camp.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

The day turns to afternoon, the fire pit smolders in the wind. Shadows of the terrain fall over the camp, and in the distance the two far off figures at the pond begin moving back towards camp. At the bottom of the camera shot, an enormous shadow covering Joe's tent, moves by itself and out of frame.

The camera cuts and jumps to Juan and Peter. Peter is wearing a full backpack while leading, as the two work in tandem to carry the large cooler back to camp.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Peter (Walking, not looking back)
"So...WHO'S getting the flare gun?..."

"Don't know...don't care as long as it’s NOT YOU..."

Peter (Beginning to tire)
"Heh-heh-heh...hey...remind me WHY I came out here with you?!"

"Because if ANYONE was going to suffer carrying the heavy shit with me...I was making dam sure it was going to be YOU!...Now, just think of it like a "workout"...focus on your breathing...think cardio..."

"Heh-heh-heh...I think...I think you're crazy...WHY would you weigh it down with SO MUCH?!...This is like a hundred pounds!"

"Well, we got twenty-five pounds of dry ice in there...that should last us four...five days if we're lucky...Then you gotta think breakfast and dinner for five guys...six days...PLUS water...we'll be LUCKY if we don't need anything extra..."

"There's THAT much food in there?!..."

"You'd be surprised what I got to fit in there buddy!"

Peter (Turning his head back)
"Is THAT where my shits at?!"

Juan doesn't respond, and Peter stops completely. Peter drops his end of the cooler and begins trying to find his stash of drugs inside the cooler, as Juan tries to protest.

Juan (Setting his end of the cooler down)
"Hey!...Hey mother fucker!...I DIDNT say yes!"

Peter (Searching, not looking up)
"You didn't say it wasn't either!"

Juan stands back, watching as Peter rifles through the cooler.

Juan (Speaking to the camera, in Australian accent)
"Crikey!...Watch as the indigenous Iowan species known as a "junkie" go reckless with WILD ABANDON for his precious drug-stash!..."

Peter stops searching and sees Juan is filming him.

Peter (Pointing directly into the camera)
"Joe!..This BETTER GET CUT!...You think this is FUNNY?!...I've PAID you all but one hundred-freakin-dollars asshole!...WHERE'S the REST of my shit?!"

Juan just laughs at seeing him so upset, Peter then turns his attention back to the cooler.

"WHEN would I have had time to put your shit up on top the vehicle after Denver?...Dumb ass..."

Peter looks back to Juan, shaking his head in frustration.

"DICK-MOVE!...You COULD HAVE said something ya know!"

Juan doesn't respond, instead looks away and around the surrounding area. Peter begins picking the food out of the grass.

"It's awfully quiet out here...I mean LOOK at all the trees...NO birds?!..."

Peter (Still cleaning up the mess)
"Are you going to help?!..."

Juan (Still looking around)
"You...you smell that?!..."

Peter stops cleaning up and looks to Juan.

Peter (Unsure)
"Smell what?...I don't smell anything!...Fucking HELP me here!..."

Juan (Sniffing the air)
"Dude..sniff-sniff...it's that same..."shit-death-smell" from last night..."

"Dude! We're in the middle of a forest!...There's going to be dead-rotting carcasses everywhere!"

Juan (Begins looking around faster)
"Sniff-sniff....dude...dude it's getting STRONGER!..."

"You CAN'T fucking know that! You're not some-"

Peter is cut short in mid sentence as a loud "thump" cuts him off. Peter stops speaking and looks to Juan wide eyed. Juan continues scanning around them.

Peter (Whispering)
"What the FUCK WAS THAT?!"

Juan (Whispering)
"I DON'T fucking know!...Focus on getting the fucking food!...I'll keep looking!"

Peter squats over the cooler and begins shoving as much food as he can back in the cooler as Juan looks from left to right.

Peter's rushed attempts to fill the cooler resonate in the quiet forest. Juan quietly reaches into his bag, and produces his 9mm.

Juan (Whispering)
"HURRY the fuck up!"

Another loud "thump" is heard, only closer.

The noise drives Peter to slightly panic, shoving in clumps of grass and dirt as he rushes. Juan doesn't notice as the camera pans back and forth faster, both Juan and Peter are heard breathing hard.

Another loud "thump" is heard, even closer this time.

The proximity this time forces Juan's decision.

Juan (Grabbing his end of the cooler)

Peter (Still scrambling to get the food)

Juan (Rushing Peter)

Peter grabs his end of the cooler and begins attempting to run, as Juan is seen almost pushing them away from the noise.

Behind them, the sound of a tree snapping, followed by another loud "thump" that shakes the ground hard enough to vibrate the "Go Pro" camera as Juan flees.

Juan (Filming Peter running with both hands holding the cooler)

The camera films the two running through the forest, panting and panicking as they run. The "Go Pro" camera shakes uncontrollably, and is hard to follow as they flee.

The camera cuts and jumps back to the campsite camera.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

AJ and Joe are both seen coming up over the ridge, returning to camp.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

"Are they even here?"

"Doesn't look like it...Think they went back to the 4Runner?"

"Don't know what for..."

"Probably food...Juan IS fat after all..."

Joe laughs out loud.

"...make sure THAT gets cut!"

Joe (Still laughing)
"Of course...hah-hah-hah...Of course...You want to go grab some wood?...I'll start the fire..."

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

AJ (Looking around)
"Sure...ehh...Timmy STILL isn't here...weird!"

Joe and AJ stand over the fire pit, looking around the campsite. AJ then moves out of camera range, as Joe grabs a couple of logs.

The camera cuts and jumps back to Juan and Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan and Peter are still running as fast as they can together, they both work in tandem to carry the large cooler. The camera shakes as Juan runs, both are breathing hard and rushing awkwardly.

From behind, a screeching roar booms and echoes all around them.

The sound of the roar makes Juan rush faster, as fear takes over.

Juan (Breathing hard, running)

Juan catches Peter awkwardly running, not looking back, as the camera bounces in the hysteria.

The camera cuts and jumps back to the campsite.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

The roar is faintly heard back at the campsite, Joe stops messing with the fire and looks around concerned. Joe gets up and walks over to the edge of their campsite, looking in the direction of the sound, he looks back around for AJ.

The camera cuts and jumps back to Juan and Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan (Still running, out of breath)
"It's up....It's up there!...Heh-heh-heh!...KEEP RUNNING!...We're almost...heh-heh...we're ALMOST THERE!"

Peter (Exhausted)
"Heh-heh-heh!...I can't...I can't...my legs are jelly!...heh-heh-heh..."

Juan (Still running, out of breath)
"Almost...heh-heh-heh..almost there!...KEEP MOVING!"

Juan films as the two run together. The sounds of them panicked, out of breath, and disoriented are heard as the camera loses focus.

The camera cuts and jumps to AJ and Joe at the campsite.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

Joe is seen still standing at the edge of their campsite, looking out of frame. AJ is seen coming into the picture, he walks over to Joe.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe (Turning back to AJ as he approaches)
"You HEAR that?!...No joke...that sounded like fucking "Godzilla"!"

"I heard SOMETHING!...I don't know exactly if it was "Godzilla"...but I THINK I heard it over there..."

AJ points to the area of the sound.

"WAY too fucking close!...WHERE are Juan and Pete?!...Is THAT the direction the 4Runner?!"

AJ doesn't respond as the two look to each other. Joe looks around, scanning the horizon for movement.

Joe (Scanning)
"What the fuck?!...WHERE the fuck are they?!"

AJ (Reacting, and pointing)

Joe (Looking, unable to see)
"BOTH of them?!..."

"Yeah...I see Pete...and Juan...They're...they're running with the cooler!"

Joe (Catching Juan and Peter in the distance)
"What the fuck?!...Do we even NEED anything from the cooler?"

The camera cuts and jumps back to Juan and Peter, as they approach the campsite.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan (Completely out of breath)
"Heh-heh-heh....Heh-heh-heh....THERE!...WE'RE...WE'RE OK!...WE'RE OK!...Heh-heh-heh...WE'RE OK!..."

Peter sees the campsite and collapses, dropping the cooler as he falls.

Peter (Breathing hard, lying on the ground)
"Heh-heh-heh....FUCK.....Heh-heh-heh...FUCK THAT SHIT!...Heh-heh-heh..."

Juan looks from Peter then up to AJ and Joe as they approach, concerned and wide eyed.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe (Looking from Peter to Juan)
"What the fuck was THAT...scream?!"

Juan (Dropping to one knee)
"Heh-heh-heh...I don't...I don't fucking know!...Heh-heh-heh!...I'm NOT going back there unless we're fucking leaving!"

Peter (Still lying on the ground, out of breath)
"Heh-heh-heh...I'm DONE!...I'm FUCKING DONE!...Get Timmy...Heh-heh-heh...And we're OUT OF HERE!"

"Dude...Timmy still isn't here."

Peter (Taken back)
"What?!...I'm sorry AJ...but we have GOT to get OUT OF HERE!"

Joe captures Juan looking to up to AJ.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

"That shit was WAY TOO FUCKING CLOSE!"

AJ (Looking to Juan with reservation)
"We're not going ANY-WHERE till Timmy gets here."

Juan looks over to Joe then to Peter before looking back to AJ.

"I'm sorry guys...He's my brother...I'm not entertaining any thoughts of leaving him out here...completely alone..."

Peter (Moving to his knees, looking up to AJ)
"Are you KIDDING ME?!...Heh-heh-heh...WHATEVER the FUCK that was...was FUCKING CHASING US, MAN!"

"Are you SURE it wasn't Timmy?"

Peter (Looking away)

Juan (Still out of breath)
"Heh-heh-heh...THAT wasn't Timmy man!...I will PUT MY LIFE ON IT!..."

AJ looks to Joe.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

AJ (To Joe)
"What do you think?"

"If it was ANYONE else...I would say bail...but I cant...I CAN'T leave HIM!"

AJ and Joe look to Juan. Juan in agony, but looking back at both of them his face tells a reluctant answer.

Juan (Looking down)

Peter (Interrupting)

Juan (Cutting Peter off)
"Mother fucker, shut up!...Strength in numbers!...I'm not leaving ANY of you!...ESPECIALLY Timmy!...(Looking to Joe and AJ)...You guys wanna carry this the rest of the way?...I'm fucking beat but, I brought presents...We're NOT defenseless anymore..."

Joe moves towards the cooler, catching Peter unhappily getting up.

"ONE MORE night!...I'm giving Timmy ONE MORE night before I'm leaving!"

"Pete...We're five miles from the car...from the car to the county road is ANOTHER five miles...THEN you got what...fifteen miles...twenty miles...to the next town?...NONE of us are leaving without Timmy...You trust yourself to WALK thirty miles back to reality?!...By YOURSELF?!"

Peter walks away, towards camp without responding.

Joe (To AJ)

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

The group is settled at camp, the fire burns, and fish is being cooked over the fire by Joe. Peter sets by himself in a chair next to the fire, looking into his phone. AJ is passing beers around to everyone. Juan drops his backpack in the seat of the other chair and stands behind it.

Juan (Subtitles added)
Ok...So you MAY think I'm crazy...but I ALWAYS have a gun...With that being said..."

AJ (Interrupting, subtitles added)
"How many bullets?"

Juan (Subtitles added)
"Total?...twenty-four....I ALSO got a flare gun...THAT has three flares...Pete's got dibs on the machete...so that leaves the axe..."

Joe (Still cooking, subtitles added)
"Who gets what?"

Juan (Subtitles added)
"I'm claiming the gun...so that leaves the flare gun and axe for you or AJ..."

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe (Looking to AJ)
"I'll let YOU choose...it doesn't matter to me man..."

AJ reaches over and grabs the flare gun from Juan. Juan reaches in the backpack and fishes the flares out, then hands them to AJ. Juan walks over to Joe and drops the axe close.

"Does ANYONE REALLY think ANY of these weapons are going to HELP US?!..."

Juan (To Peter)
"Simmer down "Sally"...I got something to make EVEN YOU smile..."

Juan reaches in his bag and produces a brown paper bag.

Juan (Tossing the bag in Peter's lap)
"Here!...Remember!...NO MORE favors from you!...hah-hah-hah!"

Peter (Surprised)
"Aw...SWEET!...THANKS MAN!..."

AJ (To Juan)
"What changed your mind?"

Juan (Sipping his beer)
"Well buddy...you have a near death experience with a fella..."

Peter (Ignoring everyone)
"It's ALL here!..."

Peter searches the bag for its contents as Joe catches AJ, and Juan watching in disbelief.

Joe (Still watching Peter)
"Funny, doesn't even look like he was IN a near death experience..."

Peter pulls out a pre-rolled joint.

Peter (Holding the joint up)
"You ROLLED them for me?!...Aww fuckin Juan...I LOVE YOU!"

Peter begins searching himself for a lighter, before sparking it and taking a drag.

Peter (Holding his hit in)
"THAT hit the spot..."

AJ (To Peter)
"Great...WE'RE being stalked by some animal..."

Joe (Interrupting)
"...OR one mentally disturbed Marine..."

AJ (Looking at Joe annoyed)
"...AND you need your fix..."

Peter (Exhaling as he speaks)
"I NEEDED my medicine!"

Joe catches AJ shaking his head in frustration, in the background Peter hits the joint again. Peter offers the joint to Juan, who shakes his head barely noticing.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan (Looking to AJ)
"What now, fearless leader?"

AJ (Looking away, scanning the horizon)
"ONE NIGHT...We give him one more night...He was SUPPOSED to be here LAST NIGHT...right?..."

Juan catches Joe nodding in silent agreement behind AJ.

AJ (Sighing)
"...IF he's not here by NOON tomorrow...we go...Agreed?"

"He's YOUR BRO...You sure?!"

"No...but I can't risk keeping us here...if WE'RE the ones in danger..."

The camera cuts and jumps to the Mounted camera.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

The camera speeds thru the group's night as they eat, setting together around the fire. Peter passes joints around, and everyone smokes their own as they laugh and share stories. At different times, sets of two disappear out of camera range. Peter pinches and passes out an unknown handful from his bag. Each person eats the unknown material and continues their conversations. Juan walks to the edge of the campsite as the sun goes down, scanning the horizon out of the camera's view. Peter staggers around, laughing as he drinks from a mason jar. AJ gets up and takes the mason jar from Peter. Afternoon turns to night, as the light disappears from the sky, the camera switches over to night vision.

As the night wears on, different members of the group refuel their camp fire. Juan keeps his back to the fire, never taking his eyes off of the surrounding horizon. Joe and AJ set in the camping chairs exchanging stories as Peter staggers between them ingesting handfuls from his brown paper bag.

AJ is the first to get up, taking his chair to Juan then retiring to his tent. Joe and Peter set next to Juan for a period of time, before Joe gets up and heads to his tent. Peter jumps in Joe's chair and scans the horizon with Juan, they pass three joints between them until Peter's head slumps. Juan gets up, and searches Peter's pockets, till he finds a small package. Juan dips his finger in the package and rubs his teeth as he paces around the campsite.

For the next couple of hours, with his back to the fire, Juan chain smokes cigarettes, downs beers, and rubs the substance on his gums. As the fire begins to fade, Juan goes back to his chair. In the dark Juan's head begins to dip, then falls to his chin. Ten feet from the fire, Peter and Juan set in their chairs sleeping, as it dies in the darkness.

Time: 2:57 am

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

The camera begins recording in a tent lit in bright green. Joe faces the camera, not saying a word, he waits. Joe slowly pans the camera around his tent. A green glow stick hangs illuminating his small sleeping space. Right next to him, is the axe. Joe waits over a minute before finally speaking.

Joe (Whispering)
"It's like...three in the morning...I was asleep...but...something hit the tent...which hit ME in the face...and woke me up...I thought it was the shrooms...but then, two more rocks hit my tent...I grabbed...the camera and...."

From outside the tent a small "thump" shakes the tent.

Joe (Shocked, still whispering)

Joe's hand shakes as he tries to film. Joe holds in silence, before attempting to narrate.

Joe (Still whispering)
"Ok...I don't know if it’s close...or if it left but..."

Joe is cut short as a medium sized rock crashes into his tent, causing it to almost collapse.

Joe (Yelling)

The tent stays together, but the green glow now comes from the ground. Joe holds off speaking, instead pans the camera around to his face, where he holds it close to his mouth.

Joe (Whispering into the microphone)
"Ok...I officially shit myself...Joe...cut that...I gotta get OUT of this tent...I gotta get THIS...but I HAVE TO be EXTRA quiet..."

Joe slowly puts the "Go Pro" camera on his head, then makes his way over to the zipper door. Joe slowly unzips the door enough to get out without making any noise. Coming out of the tent the camera pans over to AJ's tent, AJ is seen wide eyed looking at the camera.

AJ (Subtitles added)
"Did you hear that?"

The camera pans up and down as Joe responds to AJ's silent question. AJ creeps out of his tent, flare gun in hand, then squats looking around, motioning for Joe to come out.

Joe creeps out of his tent, the light on the camera lights up the vicinity, Joe holds the axe with both hands. AJ looks around before Joe pans around, filming their surroundings.

Joe zooms in on the trees, filming around, jumping from tree to tree.

The camera cuts to the mounted camera.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite- (In Night Vision)

AJ is seen carefully making his way over to Juan and Peter. AJ jogs over checking on Juan and then Peter. A couple of seconds pass and Joe makes his way over the rest of the group. Joe squats next to AJ and Juan.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe (To Juan)
"You ok?...You two awake?"

Juan (Still setting, looking forward)
"I am...He's out...."

Joe looks over to Peter who is slumped snoring, then back to Juan.

"Juan, are YOU SURE you STILL see one?!..."

Juan (Still watching the same direction)
"Yeah...It's right over that hill...in the little group of trees..."

Juan points in the direction, never taking his eyes off of its location.

"I thought you said you were asleep?...Are you SURE-"

Juan (Interrupting)
"WHEN the ROCKS started landing everywhere...I got pegged!...My eyes caught it...moving...I WATCHED IT move over from there....to where its STILL-AT, RIGHT NOW!...You WANT EVIDENCE?!...THERE IT IS!....GO OVER THERE WITH THOSE CAMERAS!..."

"Alright!...Alright!...Calm down!"

"Ok...so you're SURE you see one over there...It SOUNDED like there was one close to our tents just a minute ago..."

"That makes TWO?!..."

"We THINK!...That's what his story claims...We don't even KNOW FOR SURE...that its true..."

"I'm LOOKING at SOMETHING large in the next field...So I KNOW there's at LEAST ONE mother-fucking thing that's true!"

"Ok...there's ONE we know for sure...You got that gun on you...right?"

"Of course...It ain't leavin my side till I'm back in Iowa!"

"Ok...Let’s set back to back...to back...till morning...We'll sleep when the sun comes up..."

"Let’s just sleep in teams instead...

Juan (Interrupting, still looking ahead)
"Guys...BOTH of you get some sleep...It's your vacation too...I'M NOT gettin ANY sleep now.."

Joe looks to AJ, then back to Juan.

Juan (Not even looking in their direction)
"I GOT it."

Juan looks directly at Joe with a convincing look, then resumes staring off into the distance.

Joe looks back to AJ, who shrugs reluctantly.

"Juan...you want my camera?...You know...if you can capture anything..."

Juan (Still looking ahead)
"Leave it...IF I see anything...I'll turn it on..."

"I'll throw a couple logs on the fire..."

Juan (Interrupting, without looking back)
"Don't!...I don't want them to see me."

Joe pauses then turns towards AJ, who is already headed towards his tent. As Joe walks, he reaches up and clicks the camera off.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite- (In Night Vision)

Juan sets by himself in the dark, barely moving, he watches off of camera. The camera speeds up and films the campsite for another thirty-seven minutes.

3:49 am

Juan sets alone in the dark campsite, not moving. Then his right arm rises, and waves back and forth three times before going back to the arm rest.

The sun rises and Juan sets staring off of camera before the mounted camera shuts down.

Day 4:
Date: Saturday, June 16th, 2012
Time: 10:10 am
Location: Routt National Forest, Campsite

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Inside the tent, the camera turns on and Joe comes out. The first image his camera focuses on is Juan setting with his back to the camera.

Joe makes his way over to Juan.

Joe (Walking up to Juan)
"You awake booh?"

Juan (Not looking back)
"It's still out there."

"AJ awake?"

"He was awake at first light...Went fishin at the pond..."

"With Pete?!"

"No...Pete woke up an hour or two after you guys...I told him to sleep in my tent..."

Joe (Panning from the pond to Juan)
"You thought it was OK TO LET HIM GO ALONE?!"

Juan (Turning around)
"I gave him my gun...He's ok..."

Joe looks from the pond back to Juan.

"It's HIS thing...besides IF it IS our last day here...Let him get a couple of hours in..."

Joe looks back to the pond then to Juan.

"You better get some sleep."

Juan (Sighing)
"Yeah...you're right..."

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

Juan gets up and stretches, then heads to his tent.

Joe ignites the camp fire, changes out the battery from the mounted camp site
camera, and begins working on breakfast.

Peter comes out of the tent groggy, making his way to one of the chairs he plops down covering his eyes from the sun.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)


Joe (Passing Peter a coffee mug)
"You missed it..."

Peter (Looking into his phone)
"That's not the ONLY thing I'm missing..."

"We were visited last night..."

Peter looks around the camp, then back to Joe.

"No Timmy yet?"

"No...not yet..."

Peter reacting in frustration, shaking his head.

"Where's AJ?"

"Fishin at the pond..."

"So...WHEN are we going home?"

"Dude!...We'll decide that when AJ gets back and Juan wakes up."

Peter fishes his brown paper sack out of his jacket.

Joe (Noticing as he cooks bacon over the fire)
"Starting already?..."

Peter (Continues focusing on his bag of drugs)
"Never stopped there good buddy..."

Peter sparks a joint, while pulling out and checking his phone.

Peter (Reacts looking at his phone)

Joe (Looking over to Peter)
"What's up?"

Peter (Looking into his phone)
"I had a bar!...It's fucking gone now!...WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Joe (Looking back to the bacon)
"Well...that's a dick tease..."

Peter (From out of camera view)
"Fucking BITCH!...FUCK YOU!..."

Joe (Looking back to Peter)

Peter (Typing into his phone)
"Fucking JANE!!...Get this....this bitch has sent me...twenty-six...no, twenty-SEVEN messages!...All since...an HOUR after I talked to her!...Jesus!..."

Joe (Looking back to the bacon)
"And...what did you DO to get in her crosshairs?"

"WHY do you think I did something?!"

Joe (Looking back to Peter)
"Because I KNOW you."

Peter hesitates responding, instead looking to Joe, then back to his phone. Joe separates the cooked bacon into a Tupperware bowl, pouring the grease onto the grass. Joe walks over with the bowl, offering some to Peter.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

Peter takes a couple of pieces, resuming his focus on getting his message out. Joe carries the bowl with him back to his tent, reaching into the tent blind, Joe returns carrying the waterproof case.

Joe returns to the open chair, setting down he unloads the cameras, laptop and connecting wires. Eating as he powers up his laptop, Joe connects the camera to its wires. Joe begins watching some of the recorded tapes, as Peter struggles with his phone.

The camera cuts and jumps to the "Go Pro" camera.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ (Voice heard)
"Ok...Joe I commandeered the "Go Pro"...hope you don't mind...I'm not fishing by the way...I'm going up one of these "hills" as Juan refers to them (AJ is seen using quotation fingers in frame)...I want to try and get a better line of sight...I'm hoping to MAYBE see Timmy's parachute...or where he might have crashed...If I'm not saying much...it's cause I'm more worried about my brother...So...suck some fat balls JOE!...Go for radio silence..."

AJ begins climbing a steep hill attached to a small mountain side.

The camera cuts back to Joe and Peter at the campsite.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

Joe sets watching some of the footage filmed from yesterday. Peter gets up out of his seat and heads over to the coffee thermos. Peter looks to Joe, then sneaks something from his pocket into the coffee thermos without being noticed.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Peter (From off of camera)
"You want any more coffee man?"

Joe (Looking into his laptop)
"Yeah...put it back over the fire...I'll grab a cup in a minute..."

Peter (From off of camera)
"I'll grab you a cup after I rock a piss..."

Joe (Still looking at camera, then to Peter's back)
"Ok....WAIT!...Use hand sanitizer!"

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

Peter sets the thermos over the fire, then disappears from the camera's view, he returns and pours a cup of coffee and goes back over to Joe.

"Here man...Let me know if it’s cold...or stale..."

Peter hands the cup over and Joe doesn't even look up.

Peter watches as Joe takes a sip, and continues watching his laptop. Peter lights another joint and walks backs to his chair.

The camera cuts and jumps to AJ.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ reaches the first of three levels he can climb without gear. Scanning the area, he is twenty feet higher, and his view is obscured by the trees. AJ looks back to the hill and the levels he can reach.

"Ok...So...I'm going up...to the next level... (AJ pointing on camera)...HOPEFULLY I can see better...it's what...11:15...ok...Another 15-20 minutes...I'll start heading back...I gotta know FOR SURE he's not here..."

AJ continues his way up the mountain side.

The camera cuts and jumps back to the group campsite.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe finishes his cup of coffee, still watching his laptop. Peter sets in his chair finishing the last of his joint, he is jolted by Joe's sudden reaction.

Joe (Suddenly reacting)

Peter (Putting his hand over his heart)
"What?!...Fuck man!...Warn a brother NEXT TIME you freak out!"

Joe (Rewinding his footage)

Peter (Coming over with his chair to see)

Joe sets the footage up, as Peter comes close. Joe hits play, and the footage plays from the previous day, filmed at the campsite while no one was there. The clip plays, and Peter doesn't react.

"There!...Did you SEE IT?!"

Peter (Still looking at the screen)
"No...No man...I don't see anything!"

"HERE!...I'm rewinding!...Watch the lower corner!"

"What am I looking for?!"

Joe (Pointing on the screen)
"Look RIGHT HERE!.. You WILL see!"

Joe replays the footage, and waits for Peter's reaction. The moment the shadow moves across the screen, Peter jumps back in fear. Peter looks wide eyed at Joe then back to the screen.

Peter (Laughing hysterically)
"Hah-hah-hah!...We DID IT!...Hah-hah-hah!...I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

Joe (Looking to Peter)
"What do you mean?!"

Peter (Still laughing)
"We GOT EVIDENCE!...It's not a ton...but it justifies having ANOTHER group of people come out here and film!...We'll take producer credits of course... (Peter begins playing with his phone)...but we'll just have to raise money to get another crew to come out here-"

Joe (Interrupting)
"What?!...We're HERE NOW!...WHY would we PAY someone-ELSE to COME BACK HERE?!"

"BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO DIE OUT HERE!...We will get SOME OTHER NAMELESS SCHMUCKS TO DO THE DYING and tell them they're filming the ACTUAL Bigfoot!...Trust me...it WON'T cost us that much...They'll be dead before they cash the checks..."

Peter grabs Joe's coffee mug and heads back over to the campfire.

Peter (Refueling Joe's coffee mug)
"WE are going to be RICH buddy boy!"

"And you're just NOW getting that?!"

Peter (Returning with Joe's coffee mug)
"You HAVE something PARANORMAL on FILM!...We've only been here two days!...Just THINK of what a crew could get with two weeks’ worth of gear and film!..."

"What happened to you?...WHERE are you...right now?...We don't know where Timmy is...We've had our camp "visited" by something large...TWICE NOW!...And our defenses aren't going to help us!...I wouldn't be surprised if we get attacked before we can get out of here!"

Peter (Laughing)
"Oh I'm HERE guy!...I'm surprised you're not seeing it yet!...it's CLEAR to me...WE have THEE place...WE are in THEIR home!..."

"Yeah!...You think?!"

Peter (Continuing unfazed)
"...Dude!...Put the clips of me and Juan...together with THAT!..AND we throw YOUR NAME on it and YOU, my friend, will be the hottest name GOING INTO CANNES...Hah-hah-hah!...FUCK YOU JANE!"

Joe (Shakes his head is disapproval)
"You...have lost your god dam mind."

The camera cuts and jumps back to AJ.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ reaches the second summit, looking over the valleys he is somewhere around 50 feet above the campsite. He can see their campsite in the distance, smoke rising in patches and a single line cutting the fields going away from it. Panning around, nothing looks out of the normal, a beautiful view of the mountainside, endless trees, and a couple of other ponds.

AJ (Still scanning the horizon)
"Come on Timmy...Fuck...it's 12:15 now...I'm sorry...I'm sorry bro...but we need to go...I hope to God you see this in the future and you're safe..."

AJ begins descending down the mountain, still looking around, never focusing any direction for longer than a couple of seconds.

The camera cuts and jumps back to the "Go Pro" camera.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

"How's that coffee?"

Joe (Looking into his laptop, then up to Peter)
"Why do you want to know about my coffee?...What did you put in there?"

Joe looks into his coffee mug, then back to Peter. Peter slyly smiles back.

"Nothing you didn't take last night..."

"Did you seriously put shrooms in my coffee?!"

"I figured...you just needed a little "inspiration"..."

Joe just shakes his head in disapproval.

"...WHAT?!...COME ON MAN!...It's not like we're going anywhere..."

"We're LEAVING TODAY!...As soon as AJ gets back and-"

Peter (Interrupting)
"WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!...You THINK AJ would REALLY leave Timmy?!...The SOLIDER?!...Come ON!...You said it yourself, YOU wouldn't leave him!"

Joe hesitates responding, and Peter sets back in his chair.

"Now, let the shroom-coffee do its magic, baby...and enjoy."

The camera cuts and jumps to the mounted camera.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

Time is sped up as Joe and Peter are seen setting around the campfire. Both are seen pantomiming different camera angles all over the campsite. At 2:35 pm, AJ is seen coming into the picture at camp. Joe and Peter celebrate, and rush to hug AJ. Juan comes storming out of his tent, flare gun in hand; only to react in relief at seeing AJ.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe (To AJ)
"So...if you didn't catch any fish...what DID you do?!"

AJ looks at Joe, then looks up to the surrounding mountain.

"You did NOT climb that!"

"I didn't say I did either...I climbed to THAT point...

AJ (Pointing to the area he reached)
"I got up there before I realized I was just wasting energy..."

"Did you see anything?...No sign of Timmy?"

AJ (Sighing)

The group set in collective silence before Peter speaks.

"We should stay...another night...at least...see what we get..."

Everyone looks at Peter.

Peter (Looking around)
"I mean with Timmy!...You KNOW I meant Timmy!..."

Juan is seen on camera shaking his head behind Peter. Joe looks over to AJ.

"Another night?"

AJ (Looking down)
"Only if its unanimous..."

Joe looks around from Peter then to Juan.

Juan (Sighing as he looks away)


Peter raises his hand to "high five" but without any reciprocation. The shot jumps to the mounted camera.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

The night is sped up as the four set around the camp fire cooking burgers. Juan continues setting with his back to the fire. Joe shows AJ his laptop, and AJ reacts to what he sees. Peter is the only one enjoying his narcotics as he chain smokes joints and openly drinks from AJ's mason jar.

Everyone but Peter begins to set with their backs to the fire, as he bounces between them openly binging as the night wears on. Juan Is the first to head to his tent at 9:10 pm. At 9:27 pm AJ heads to his tent. For the next three hours, Joe and Peter set together eating, drinking and passing animated stories.

At 12:03 am and 12:07 am AJ and Juan emerge from their tents respectively, and rejoin the group around the campfire. At 12:17 am Joe staggers to his tent. Peter disappears into Juan's tent at 12:27 am. For the next twenty-one minutes Juan and AJ set together in calm silence.

12:48 am

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

AJ and Juan set together at the campfire, telling stories.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

"So...decided on a trial separation...but I found out she was seeing someone on the side, the entire last three months-"

The sound of a man screaming out in agony breaks the conversation in the serene night. AJ and Juan jump out of their seats, looking around in confusion.

Juan pans around, looking in every direction. The scream pierces the night again, this time the sound seems to resonate, and come across as an amplified echo.


AJ (Calling out from off of camera)

Juan (Looking to AJ)

"WHO ELSE would be out here?!...Who ELSE knows about this location?!"

A third blood curdling scream stops AJ dead in his tracks. This scream is cut short by what sounds of gurgling echoing all around them.

AJ (Calling out without hesitating)

AJ grabs the flare gun, and holds it ready to fire straight up.

Juan (Trying to stop AJ)

AJ fires the flare gun in to air, and Juan watches the flare shoot into the sky.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

From inside his tent, Joe comes running out of his tent, his camera focuses on AJ reloading the flare gun first, in a red light illuminating the night.

Joe (Running over to AJ and Juan)
"What's happening?!"

"We heard...screams...AJ fired the flare gun...I couldn't stop him!"

"WHY would you want to fucking STOP ME?!"

"Cause WHATEVER DID THAT...Now knows EXACTLY where we are!"

All three look into the sky as the red hue from the flare lights up their campsite. AJ looks at Juan with a disgusted look. Juan looks around the campsite in confusion.

AJ (Calling out)

"He's not responding man...We're not going to get answers setting here..."

AJ doesn't respond, but starts to walk away from Juan and Joe.

"Hey!...Where are you going?!"

AJ (Responding over his shoulder)
"You said it...We're not getting answers here!"

Joe looks to Juan, who has a confused look upon his face, then looks back to AJ.

AJ (From over his shoulder)
"I'm going to FIND HIM!"

"You're going out...THERE?!...with WHAT?!...A FLARE GUN!?..."

AJ (From over his shoulder)
"Don't think you guys are staying here!"

Joe looks to Juan, then follows AJ reluctantly.

Juan (Off of camera)
"WAIT!...Let me grab my gun!"

AJ (Ignoring Juan, continuing to call out)

Joe follows AJ as Juan disappears out of frame.

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time. AJ leads as Juan and Joe follow into the wilderness.

"I STILL think we should have awoken Pete..."

"Why?!...He's worthless to us out here!...TIMMY!"

"He's TOO drunk...We would have been worrying about losing him instead of finding Timmy..."

"ANY set of extra eyes would help!"

"His eyes are only going to deceive us....TIMMY!"

"So we're just LEAVING HIM passed out?!...Completely defenseless?!..."

"You gave him a weapon right?...He'll be fine..."

"Yeah...he'll be fine until one of those things decides to walk into our camp!"

"Juan...we can't worry about that...I SWEAR that's Timmy!...I'm NOT leaving here till we find him!...TIMMY!"

The camera cuts and jumps from "Go Pro" cameras on Juan and Joe, throughout their journey. The three take turns calling out for Timmy all while walking in single file. The lights from the camera illuminate their surrounding and cause shadows to dance all around them.

The camera cuts to the mounted camera above the campsite. The fire illuminates the tents as nothing moves.

The camera cuts and jumps to the "Go Pro" camera.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan follows AJ and Joe as they make their way towards the mountain side.

"Are we...are we heading up?!"

"I gotta...we gotta get a better view...from up there...we can see for miles in every direction..."

Juan stops a second and catches the enormous mountain they are headed towards. Breathing hard, he follows them.

The camera jumps to back at the campsite.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

Peter is seen standing outside of his tent, looking around confused. Peter begins playing with his cell phone, from behind the camera a large "thump" is heard close to the campsite. Peter reacts, looking up and around, a second "thump" is heard even closer. Peter freezes, standing on edge, he slowly creeps over to Joe's tent and jumps in. Every couple of seconds his face is seen through the netting.

From inside the tent the camera begins recording and shakes violently as a third "thump" is heard close to the camera. In the light wind what sounds like deep long breaths are heard off of camera.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

The camera cuts back to AJ, Joe, and Juan hiking into the night. Two lights from the "Go Pro" cameras light up the dark forest. Juan looks around, as AJ is heard calling for Timmy. Juan looks back to Joe, who has stopped behind them, fiddling with his camera.

Juan (To Joe)
"You wanting to get left or something?!"

Joe (Looking at his camera)
"No...I'm losing battery fast...I'm turning off the camera...and keeping the light..."

AJ (From off of camera)

Juan (To Joe)
"Better hurry up...He's on a mission..."

Joe (Catching up to Juan)
"Record as long as you can...IF you get under 20%...turn off the camera...but you can keep the light...it SHOULD last to camp..."


Joe (Walking past)
"Depends on how long we're out here..."

The camera jumps back to the campsite.

-From handheld camera- (Peter) (Night vision)

Inside Joe's tent, the camera lights up the small space in a black and green hue. Peter is heard berthing hard, but still trying to stay quiet. From the top of the tent he films threw the netting, only the campfire is seen in the dark.

Peter (Whispering to the camera)
"Heh-heh-heh...I was sleeping...then I think a ROCK hit me...I thought it was Juan...but then I heard a couple of other rocks landing all over...NO ONE is here!...THANKS ASSHOLES!...I went outside to check...heh-heh-heh...and I HEARD something coming...I fucking FELT the ground shake...I THINK...heh-heh-heh...I FUCKIN think it's by the hard cam..."

Peter zooms in on the mounted camera, as it's seen flickering in the dim light. Peter slowly zooms out slightly, then pans around. Hearing something close to the campsite, Peter pans around close, getting AJ and Juan's tents in frame.

Peter holds the tents in his shot. The fire flickers but catches a small rock pelting Juan's tent. Peter gasps, trying to stay quiet in the small tent.

The rock hits and falls to the ground, Peter zooms in, seeing it is the size of a baseball. Peter sets in the tent, waiting, he films around the campsite, as a couple of seconds tick by. Then from off of camera, AJ's tent is hit by a larger rock. Peter spins the camera to catch the tent almost collapse from the force. A rock the size of a softball rolls near the fire.

Peter (Whispering as he zooms in on the rock)
"Jes-sus FUCK!...heh-heh-heh...fuck..."

Peter pans the camera around the campsite in the eerie silence, and follows along the crest of the valley then up to the mounted camera. As Peter stops to focus on the mounted camera, something large moves in the shadows behind. Peter gasps, then tries to zoom in, but the darkness robs him of any shot.

Peter adjusts, and tries again to focus a shot of the movement in the shadows, when something large flies past the zoomed in shot. A second later, Joe's tent explodes as something comes crashing thru the zipper door. Peter falls to his back, as the tent collapses around him.

Peter lies on his back, barely breathing as the camera continues to film.

Peter (whispering into the camera)
"Aw...fuck...WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS?!..."

The camera cuts and jumps to the "Go Pro" camera filming Juan, AJ, and Joe.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan follows Joe and AJ, as AJ continues to call out to Timmy. They reach to the second level, as AJ continues walking up. Juan stops to catch his breath.

Juan (Bending over)
"Heh-heh-heh...AJ!...Give me a second!..."

AJ (Not looking back)
"We can't stop here....TIMMY!..."

"Heh...heh...heh...I'm not askin you to stop...I NEED to catch my breath..."

Joe (To AJ)
"We can shoot the flare gun here...Maybe get a good view of the valley..."

AJ (Interrupting)
"We're not high enough...We need to get up there!..."

Juan looks to where AJ is pointing, and then over to Joe. Joe looks back over to Juan.

"You ready "tons of fun"?"

Juan (Laughing out of breath)
"Hah-hah...fuck you...yeah, let's get movin..."

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time, staying with AJ, Joe and Juan.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan follows AJ and Joe, starting to fall behind. Breathing hard off of camera, he follows them up the last twenty feet to the top of the next level. Finally reaching the summit, both AJ and Joe are bent over breathing hard.

Joe (Bent over, gasping)
"Ain't no hills like that back home..."


Juan (Gasping)
"This is it Anthony...heh-heh...THIS is our best shot...heh-heh...Take the shot..."

Joe looks around as AJ readies the flare gun. AJ looks around then raises the gun above his head. The shot echoes across the land, as the land lights up in red. Juan scans over the valley as it lights up. Juan jumps the second Joe screams out.

Joe (Screaming from off of camera)

Juan spins around looking from Joe, to what Joe is staring at. Juan catches Joe turning on his "Go Pro" in the foreground before panning up to a massive tree. In its branches a military parachute is caught, and fluttering in the breezes. Around eight feet off of the ground a massive pool of blood stains the trunk and runs down the tree into more blood collecting at its base, then across the ground into the grass.

Juan films as the three stare at the tree in silence. Joe is seen walking along the bloody trail into darkness. His light illuminates his presence as he walks further and further away. Juan looks to AJ, as he stares at the tree.

Juan looks around, unsure to what to look at first. The parachutes tethers are covered in red, and torn around its harness. Juan looks over to Joe who is venturing further and further away.

Juan (Calling out to Joe)

Joe's light is seen looking back towards Juan, then back to the ground and further away. Juan pans back to the tree, then to the ground twenty feet away, something catches his attention.

Juan (To himself)
"What the..."

Juan begins walking over to the object. As he gets close, the objects becomes clear. A military duffle bag.

Juan freezes, as AJ calls out.

AJ (Holding back tears from off of camera)
"What is it?...Juan?...What the fuck is it?!"

Juan slowly walks up to bag. In the white light of the camera, Juan scans the bag. On the outside, Tim's last name "Ross" is spotted in blood. Juan gasps and stops moving, holding the camera on the bloody monogram.

"It's HIS...ISNT IT?!"

Juan (Sighing)

AJ breaks into sobs from off of camera, as Juan just films the bloody bag in silence.

Juan (Looking up)
"Where's Joe?...JOE!!"

Juan pans the camera around, in the distance Joe's light is seen flickering and then fading into nothing.


Juan looks back to AJ, who openly sobs using the tree to keep him up, then back to Joe's direction.

Juan (Calling into the darkness)

Juan films the darkness, from out of sight, twigs and branches snap, coming closer.

"JOE!...That BETTER BE YOU coming this way!...I got the GUN READY!"

Joe (From off of camera)
"Calm down!...It’s me!...Put that shit away!"

In the darkness some more twigs snap as Joe emerges from the shadows.

Juan (In a hushed voice)
"What the fuck were you thinking?!...THAT is Timmy's shit, and you're WALKING INTO DARKNESS without us?!"

"I'm here...I'm here..."

Juan (Smacking the back of Joe's head as he walks by)
"QUIT being STUPID!...MOTHER FUCKER, has LOST his BROTHER!...And you’re wondering off?!...Really?!...REALLY?!"

Joe walks up to AJ, his back turned towards from Juan's upcoming light.

"What...did you see?"

"Before my light went out...nothing but blood...it continues further...but my light went out...not even sure I was recording..."

"We keep going?"

AJ doesn't respond, looking at Timmy's bag with tears in his eyes. Joe grabs Tim's bags, and pulls AJ up by the arm.

Joe (Pulling AJ up)
"Come on...We got to get back to camp...Pete's there...ALONE!...IF that IS Timmy's blood...we'll come back during the day...get more evidence..."

AJ (Fighting away from Joe)
"And what about NOW?!...We LET HIM DIE?!..."

"Because IF THAT IS Timmy's blood...Anthony, I'm sorry...there's too much..."

"So...you JUST KNOW he's dead?!...YOU got any REAL proof?!"

"Anthony...the blood!...ALL of this blood...there's TOO MUCH!...ESPECIALLY around the tree! Now, guys...we have a friend...ALONE...We HAVE to make sure HE'S STILL ALIVE!"

Juan watches as Joe starts to walk into the darkness, then to AJ. AJ looks blankly to Juan, tears staining his face.

Juan (Solemnly to AJ)
"Come on...I'll come with you tomorrow to search..."

AJ doesn't respond, walking away.

The camera cuts and jumps back to the campsite.

-From the Handheld Camera- (Peter)

Peter films from his back inside the collapsed tent. His breaths are short and hushed. The camera amplifies their sounds in the closed space. In the silence he tries to speak but is cut short by a violent ground shaking thump. Peter lets out an uncontrolled gasp.

Another ground shaking thump, Peter holds his breath. Waiting, he whispers into the camera.

Peter (Whispering)
"It's...it's RIGHT OUTSIDE!....Aww shit, shit, shit..."

Another earth vibrating thump shakes the camera, and makes Peter's hand tremble as he films.

Peter (Whispering to the camera)
"Guys, guys, guys!...Where the FUCK ARE YOU?!"

Peter stops short as an enormous shadow falls over the collapsed tent. Peter gasps, his breathing becomes harder and harder, them muffled; as his right hand moves from his side to cover his mouth.

The shadow stops, standing less than ten feet from the tent. Pete shakes uncontrollably as he begins silently hyperventilating. Outside of the tent, deep un-human breathing is heard, smelling close. Peter shakes so hard trying to remain silent, the camera films only blurs.

Without warning, a large thump shakes the ground as the large shadow passes over the top of the crumpled tent. A split second a brown blurred object is seen passing through the netting. Peter holds himself from making any noise, as the thumps are move further away until it's completely silent at the camp.

Peter stays on his back in the tent until he hears the voices of Juan and Joe coming near.

The camera cuts to "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

"How much battery do you have left?"

The camera jerks and pans to the side, as Juan checks.

Juan (Coming close to the tent)
"4%...JOE!...Your tent!"

Joe (Running to the camp)
"Where's Pete?!"

Juan pans around, the camera shakes. The crumpled tent explodes to life, as Peter tries unraveling himself. Juan and Joe freeze, watching the spectacle. AJ moves past Juan, walking to his tent he says nothing.

Peter gets up; unwrapped from the tent, he walks over to Juan and Joe. Unable to speak, he hands the camera to Joe. Peter points to the camera, shaking he searches himself for a lighter to light the flat cigarette in his mouth.

"It was here, wasn't it?"

Peter doesn't respond, as he tries to light his cigarette. Shaking so hard, the lighter won't stay lit. Joe comes over, taking his lighter, he lights it for him.

"Breath, Pete...take a couple breaths ...we have time..."

"Ahh...no we don't-"

The "Go Pro" camera powers down, and Joe turns the handheld camera back on.

-From Handheld Camera- (Joe)

"Ok...Take two...From the beginning man..."

Peter (Looks around the campsite)
"It's on the camera...all of it...it was here...I took a rock to the head...another rock destroyed your tent...I'm sorry...I'm sorry man..."

AJ (From off of camera)
"You're APOLOGIZING to HIM for his TENT BENIG DESTROYED?!...What about APOLOGIZING FOR SLEEPING while WE searched for TIMMY?!"

Joe pans the camera around to catch AJ setting in his chair, mason jar in hand. AJ stares at the rest of the group, awaiting an answer.

"I didn't know...What happened?...Why are you carrying...is that Timmy's bag?...Why...is there blood?"

AJ, Juan and Joe hesitate responding.

"Guys?...What the fuck happened out there?!"

"We found his parachute...in a tree..."

Juan stops, unwilling to continue.

"And his bag....Why is it...why is there blood?!"

"The tree...was covered in it..."

Peter (Shaking his head not accepting)
"No!...What the fuck?!...What the fuck?!"

"We DONT KNOW if he's dead!...I'M NOT leaving till I find what happened to MY BROTHER!...So get that "we're leaving first light" shit out of your fucking heads!...I KNOW you're ALL thinking it!"

"HEY!...I TOLD YOU...First light...you and me...we're FINDING HIM...TOGETHER!"

AJ waves his hand towards Juan, as he looks away. AJ takes a swig from the mason jar, and mutters something to himself.

"Joe...you and Pete are going back to the 4Runner, first thing...I want you guys to bring it back here...or as close as you can get without getting it stuck...We find Timmy, he's going to need to get to a hospital ASAP!...We'll NEED to be ready to go...AS SOON AS WE GET BACK!"

Joe films Juan looking around to everyone for acceptance. Peter looks reluctant. AJ shakes his head looking away from camp.

"We agreed?...Either we leave with Timmy...or we don't leave at all."

The camera shuts off, and comes back on as Joe walks around the parameter of the camp.

Joe (To himself)
"What the.?..."

Joe pans around, filming the exact spot to where the mounted camera is supposed to be.

Joe (Yelling out)
"Guys!...Our mounted camera!...It's GONE!"

Joe pans the camera around in search of the camera. Juan comes over as Joe looks back to the campfire. Peter is seen trying to fix Joe's tent, as AJ sets by himself; staring into the fire.

Juan (From off of camera)
"Here it is!..."

Joe pans the camera over and catches Juan fifteen feet away, holding it up. Juan comes walking over as Joe stands in confusion, filming. The camera is muddy, and cracked, but still operational.


Joe looks back to the camp.

Joe (Yelling to Peter)
"PETE!...Did you see ANYTHING?!..Did it come INTO camp?!"

Peter looks over to Joe and Juan, putting his hands up without an answer.

The camera cuts and jumps to Joe being filmed, changing out batteries for the cameras.

Joe (Looking to the camera)
"How much battery does that have?"

Juan (From off of camera)

"What time is it?"

"Almost five...Sun is going to rise soon."

Peter walks up, holding a rock the size of a football with both arms. Joe and Juan are speechless, as Peter drops it to the ground.

"Know anything out here...that can...I don't know...throw a 50 pound rock?!...Didn't think so...Tomorrow, remind me to get a shot of the three rocks from tonight..."

Juan films Joe setting the mounted camera up to his laptop. Peter and Juan huddle close and watch the footage. They all watch the final minute of the camera as it films.

The handheld captures the mounted camera vibrating, as a shadow falls over its shot. Without warning, the camera flies from its mount and crashes to the ground before shutting off.

The three jumps back shocked, they huddle around not saying a word as they re-watch the clip, pausing it, and staring at it.

Joe doesn't say a word, as he disconnects the camera from the laptop. Juan sets next to Pete as they watch Joe taking the mounted camera back to its perch. Juan slowly pans over to AJ; who sets by himself, holding the mason jar and staring into the fire.

The camera cuts and jumps to the mounted camera.

-From Mounted Camera Above Campsite-

Joe's face is seen as he looks into the lens.

Joe (To the camera)
"It's 5:30 am...I'm heading in to get...maybe two or three hours of sleep...Today is the LAST DAY I'm staying here...This is it...one day..."

The camera films the camp as Joe disappears into his tent, followed by Juan. AJ and Peter set staring into the fire. Peter looks over to Timmy's bag, and begins searching it. AJ reacts and stops Peter, their conversation is inaudible. Minutes later, AJ gets up and leaves Peter alone around the fire.

As light begins to rise from the east, Peter is alone. He grabs a joint, and moves to light it but stops still looking at Timmy's bag.

Day 5:
Date: Sunday, June 17th, 2012
Time: 8:53 am
Location: Routt National Forest

-From Mounted Camera-

AJ is the first to emerge from his tent, he walks directly over to Juan's tent. Juan emerges and grabs something from Joe's tent. AJ packs his bag with food, as Juan checks his gun. Shortly thereafter they both disappear off of camera.

The camera rolls for another twenty-seven minutes, until Joe emerges from his tent. Joe walks over to Juan's tent and Peter comes out. Peter carries both of their weapons as Joe fashions the "Go Pro" camera to his head. The two have a short conversation not audible then Joe turns on the camera, as Peter lines up the three rocks. Joe stands looking directly at the three.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

The camera begins to record as it focuses from a blur to an image of three rocks in progressive sizes in front of AJ's tent.

"You rolling?"


"Ok...so HERE are the rocks that came flying into the campsite from last night...As you can see, they progressively got bigger...that football sized one, took out the tent I was hiding in...Joe's tent..."

Joe (Focusing in on the large rock)
"Weird...These don't even look like any rocks around here..."

Peter (Looking to the camera)
"What do you think that means?"

Joe doesn't respond, just shakes his head uncertain. Peter looks from the rocks then towards the mountain.

Joe (Still looking at the rocks)
"We better get moving...I don't want to see what ELSE gets thrown into our camp...And I don't want to be around here if it...they come back."

-From Mounted Camera-

Joe and Peter gather their bags as they both head out of view. The mounted camera continues to film the empty camp.

The camera jumps to AJ and Juan.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

The two move together towards the side of the mountain without speaking. AJ leads Juan, and rarely looks back. Only Juan's breaths are heard outside of the breeze.

The two walk together up the side of the mountain, moving to the first plateau.

Juan (Breathing hard)
"We headed for the tree?"

AJ (Not looking back)

"We followin the trail...of blood?"

AJ doesn't respond or look back.

Juan (Sighing, to himself)

The camera cuts to Joe and Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Peter (Looking over his shoulder)
"You might hate me for this...but last night...I went through Timmy's shit..."

"WHAT?!...What the fuck were you THINKING?!"

"I FOUND what I was LOOKING for!...And I was thinking Timmy KNEW more than he told me!"


"There are more than just three here..."

Joe stops, as Peter continues walking. Peter notices and turns.

Peter (Backing away from Joe)
"Yeah...it's worth not having your respect knowing we are OUTNUMBERED out here..."

Peter turns and starts to walk without Joe.

"Come on!...I'm NOT staying here a second longer than I have to be!"

Joe (Following)
"You got that proof on you?"

"It's back at camp...TRUST ME...You'll want to see it...I'm going on no sleep...it kept me up all night..."

"You want to give me any details for the documentary?!"

"FUCK the documentary!...After reading all that shit...I just want to GET THE FUCK HOME!"

Joe (Runs up to face Peter)

Peter (Stops to look directly at Joe)
"Be fucking happy if we make it out of here ALIVE!"

The camera jumps back to AJ and Juan.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

AJ leads Juan past the second level, without pause they continue upwards. Juan is heard breathing hard, and beginning to fall behind.

AJ sprints up the last portion as Juan stops to catch his breath. Juan bends over, breathing hard, he looks back up; catching AJ as he disappears over the top crest.

AJ (From off of camera)

Juan (Breathing hard)
"I...I...heh-heh-heh...oh fuck it..."

Juan struggles up the last part of the hill, then reaches the top to be greeted by the bloody tree. Juan stops, taking in the still fresh blood. Flies cloud the area surrounding as Juan takes in the scene.

Juan looks over to see AJ already following the blood trail, and almost out of sight.

Juan (Calling out)

AJ barely even acknowledges, keeping his attention towards the ground.

Juan (To himself)
"No, no...DONT wait for the guy with the gun..."

Juan follows as AJ disappears from the frame. Juan tries to hurry after AJ while recording the trail of blood into the brush.

The camera jumps back to Joe and Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Peter leads, using his machete to cut the tall grass as he walks their trail.

"So...how many?"

"According to the notes...as many as twenty-to-thirty...They live like us...but just small communities..."

"TWENTY-TO-THIRTY?!...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!...WHOSE notes did you read?!...TIMMY'S?!"

"It WASN'T Timmy's...I...dude, I read shit I KNOW I'm NOT SUPPOSED TO!...No shit, back at camp, there are copies of GOVERNMENT CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS ACKNOWLEDGING their existence...and for the NSA to disregard the information collected by that agent I told you about,...it basically says in all the documents, that our government knows they are out here...we leave them alone...and they stay out of sight..."


"I'm claiming I READ classified documents stating that all forests are out of the NSA's jurisdiction!"

"Twenty-to-thirty?!...IF there ARE so many of them, WHY haven't MORE PEOPLE seen these things and came forward?!..."

"They HAVE!...They just get ridiculed into silence..."

"I...I just don't believe it man...How can they travel ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES!...ALL OVER CANADA!...All over the WORLD, and only get seen by a FRACTION of the population?!"

Peter (Stopping and turning to Joe)
"By the caves."

The camera jumps back to AJ and Juan.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

AJ is out of sight, as Juan is staggering through the thick brush.

Juan (Calling out)
"AJ!...AJ!...WHERE the fuck are you?!"

AJ (From off of camera)

Juan (To himself)
"Fucking dick...WHO do you THINK you're out here with?!"

Juan follows over the fresh trail, seeing spots of blood under the overgrown brush along the way.

AJ (From off of camera)

"I'm coming!...I'm coming!..."

Juan comes over the edge of the trail and looks down on AJ, and an enormous hole in the side of a hill. AJ is squatting over it, looking into the dark.

"What the fuck?!...Is that-"

AJ (Interrupting)
"A cave!...Yeah...Get that light over here..."

Juan walks over to the cave, and clicks on the cameras light. The cave opens up, and expands as it descends past sight.

Juan looks back to AJ, who is staring intently into the darkness.

AJ (Annoyed)
"TURN BACK AROUND!...We NEED to see how far this goes!"

"WHY?! Timmy ISN'T going to be hiding in no cave!...And HERE!...I grabbed one of Joe's headlights...You can QUIT ordering me around!"

Juan hands over his backpack, then digs in, and finds the headlamp. AJ is seen putting it on, and looking around with the light.

AJ (Scanning the walls)

AJ points to something on the wall a couple of feet away. As Juan attempts to focus, the camera blurs in the dusty cave. As he gets close, the image comes clear. A bright red handprint, almost five feet off of the ground.

Juan zooms in, holding the light firmly on the handprint.

AJ (From off of camera)

The scream bounces off of the caves walls and echoes loudly in the enclosed space.

Juan (Grabbing AJ)
"HEY!...TACT mother fucker!...IF a bear drug him over here...it MIGHT STILL be in here!...THINK!"

"That handprint is five feet OFF THE GROUND!...He IS alive!"

AJ eyes Juan annoyed, then continues down into the cave.

Juan (Whispering)
"AJ!..HEY!...STUPID-mother-awww god..."

Juan reluctantly follows AJ into the descending cave. Juan follows AJ through the cave as it expands and seems to keep going past further than eyes can see. Juan stops to film each new area they enter. AJ says nothing, as he leads them further and further into the massive cave.

The two walk in silence further and further downwards. Juan follows without offering conversation, at times shaking his head in frustration. AJ looks around confidently and determined as they pass into different chambers. Heading down a massive tunnel the two stop at a fork. Both paths extend beyond what the camera can see. AJ stops and turns to Juan.

"Right or left?"

The camera jumps back to Joe and Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Peter continues to lead Joe down the fresh trail. The two are silent as Peter cuts the foliage as he walks. Coming over the second ridge Peter freezes, seeing something out of camera range. Joe notices and runs to catch up.

Joe gets a glimpse of Peter in frame before panning over to capture a fresh uprooted tree, upside down in the ground, twenty feet away. Joe films the tree, and moves to get closer.

Peter (Grabbing Joe)
"Don't...we're on a mission to get OUT OF HERE!..."

Joe (Looking back to the tree)
"I gotta get AS MUCH AS I CAN, man!"

Joe looks the tree up and down, before continuing after Peter.

Joe (Walking, still filming the tree)
"Are you SURE that's NOT the same tree we saw the other night?"

Peter continues walking without responding. The two continue along their trail, until Peter points ahead.

Peter (Still pointing)
"Maybe it is...but THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!"

Joe pans ahead and captures another tree upside down in the ground. Peter barely acknowledges it as he passes. Joe can barely stop long enough to capture the tree, as Peter continues towards the 4Runner.

"You can't stop for a SECOND?!"

Peter pauses; waiting with his back turned impatiently, he shakes his head.

Peter (From off of camera)
"LIFE or DEATH SITUATION HERE!...So let's pause to film the clues to our impending doom!"

Joe ignores him, continuing to get the tree. Twenty plus feet into the air the roots stretch. Joe pans around the ground, then back to Peter.

"Are you HAPPY?!...Get enough clues "Scoob"?!...Now can we SERIOUSLY, get to the truck, and get moving?!...I have a WIFE and CHILD to get home to!"

Joe looks back to the tree, getting another shot.

Joe (To himself)
"Ahh...Scared shitless, THEN you care about family..."

Joe watches as Peter disappears over the crest of the valley. Joe pans around the forest, as the wind gently blows the trees. Joe continues with the camera.

Joe (To himself)
"WHERE are the birds?..."

Joe pauses, then jogs to keep up with Peter.

The camera jumps back to AJ and Juan.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

AJ stumbles in the cave as Juan follows close.

"I'm just sayin...I don't think he's down here...We haven't seen any blood..any clues this way in over an hour...we should head back-"

AJ (Interrupting)
"Head back to WHERE?!...the camp!?"

Juan (Pausing)
"NO!...Dick!...Head back to the FORK...Head the OTHER direction...See if we can find something that way!"

AJ looks around, then back to Juan.

AJ (Sighing)
"Fine...You lead...I want to double check everything we've passed."

Juan (Turning and walking back)

Leading the way, the camera catches shadows from AJ's headlight. Juan takes them both back the way they entered. Cavern after cavern, Juan leads the two sets of lights.

The camera jumps back to Joe and Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Peter leads Joe, who is heard out of breath.

Joe (Breathing hard)
"Are you sure this is the way?"

Peter ((Turning to speak)
"We're close dude...Just over this crest..."

Peter stares past Joe.

Joe (Noticing)
"What?...You see something?"

Joe spins around looking in the valley behind them.

Peter (From off of camera)
"You see it?"

" No...What am I looking for?"

"You SERIOUSLY don't see it?!..."

Joe (Looking left to right)
"WHERE am I supposed to be looking?!"

Peter (Pointing on camera)
"Over past that tree!...Look!...It looks like...a little..."

Joe looks in the direction, and the camera catches what looks to be a small structure made of branches.

"What...the...fuck?!...HOW did you SEE THAT?!"

Joe begins to walk towards the structure.


"Dude!...The FILM!"

"SERIOUSLY?!...Do NOT go over there!...VEHICLE!...NOW!"

Joe stops walking and looks back towards Peter.

"I'm NOT JOKING!...Film that ON THE WAY BACK...Seriously!...Seriously-seriously-fucking-seriously!..."

Joe looks back at the structure, then starts walking towards Peter.

Peter (Turning away from Joe, and shaking his head)

Joe watches Peter walk towards the car, then looks back at the structure. Joe is heard sighing, then turns and catches up with Peter.

The camera jumps in time, staying with Joe and Peter.

Peter still leads with his back to the camera. Joe pans around at any noise close. The two head over the third valley, and come around the hill.

Half way around the hill Peter freezes in shock. Joe captures Peter's reaction and looks towards the 4Runner. Both stare silently in awe.

Joe films the 4Runner lying on its side, destroyed. A twenty foot tree looks to impale the windshield, and runs all the way through the vehicle. Glass is everywhere, making the grass glitter in the morning sun.

The remains of the snacks are everywhere, their bag blow in the breeze. Both stare silently, Joe begins to shake his head.

Joe (Head shaking nervously)
"No no no no no no no no NO NO NO NO! FUCK! SHIT! FUCK!"

Peter (Shaking his head in disbelief)
"What...what...what the fuck do we do?!...What...WHERE are we going to GO?!"


Joe looks around the surrounding forest, never focusing on one object.

Joe (Screaming out)

Peter falls to his knees, staring at the destroyed vehicle. His mouth trying to form words, his head shakes.

Peter (Looking to Joe in shock)
"Joe?!...WHERE can we GO?!"

Joe (Walking in a circle)

As Joe paces the camera catches a giant hole in the ground. Joe stops, looking directly at the fresh dirt. The hole stretches ten feet across, and as Joe comes closer, it dives deeper into the ground. The hole has collapsed on itself, but as he comes closer it looks deeper; catching Joe off guard.

Joe (Gasping)

Joe looks back, catching as Peter squats looking into the remains of the vehicle.

Joe (!Yelling to Peter)
"AJ and JUAN!...We HAVE to GET THEM!...NOW!"

The camera cuts and jumps back to AJ and Juan.

-From the "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan leads as the light from the camera bounces from the walls to the ceiling, casting shadows for the camera.

Juan (Breathing hard)
"Heh-heh...Man, we've been down here for...three hours now...We've seen NOTHING...NO BLOOD...NO CLOTHES...NO BODY!...We should head back to the light...Maybe...heh-heh-heh...maybe grab a bite to eat...Check for anything we missed..."

AJ (From off of camera)
"You want to LEAVE?!"

"NO!...I DIDNT SAY leave!...I'm starving!...I'm tired...I want-NEED to see the light again...make SURE we're headed the right way...I need to get my bearings man..."

AJ (From off of camera)
"...Yeah...alright...I hear ya..."

"So...we headed BACK to the entrance then?"

AJ (From off of camera)
"...heh-heh...Lead the way..."

Juan stops and looks around inside a massive cavern, which stretches past sight. Tunnels stretch in every direction.

Juan (Breathing hard, looking around)

AJ (coming into view)
"We lost?"

"Yep...Fuc-kin GREAT!"

AJ (Pointing on camera)
"I'm sure it's THAT one...Remember...heh-heh...we had to come down...That one is the only going back up..."

"You should probably lead then...I'm fucking lost..."

As AJ enters the frame, a loud growl echoes throughout the caves. AJ stops, eyes wide, he looks back to Juan. Juan is frozen, only their breaths are heard.

Juan (Waiting a second, then whispers)
"We NEED to get out of here!...NOW!"

AJ looks around, unfazed; he pulls out the flare gun, and cocks it.

Juan (Whispering)
"Do NOT think that is going to work...We NEED to get out of here!...We NEED to get back to the light..."

AJ looks off of camera, then back to Juan.

AJ (Whispering)
"You got yours...right?"

Juan (Whispering loudly)
"Yeah, I got it!...I'm NOT shooting ANYTHING down here!...If I miss...WE have to worry about bullets hitting us!...It's NOT fucking worth it!...Come on!...Whatever THAT is...it does NOT want us down here!"

AJ looks back to the darkness, then back to Juan.

Juan (Whispering)
"I'm not fucking kidding!...IF I HAVE TO...I WILL drag you out of here!"

Another growl cuts the silence, this time it resonates and is amplified. The "Go Pro" camera vibrates from the echo.

Juan (Grabbing AJ)
"Come ON!...We're getting the fuck out of here!...NOW, ANTHONY!"

AJ is pushed ahead of Juan.


Another loud growl is heard even closer. Echoing throughout the caves, it sounds right on top of them.

This growl makes AJ change, now moving fast, he leads Juan back up in the darkness. Juan looks back, his light casting disfigured shadows on the walls.

AJ leads up rock formations, stumbling as he hurries. Juan follows right behind, out of breath. Juan looks back into the darkness, illuminating the cave, never capturing movement behind them.

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time.

Light is seen off of camera, as the two make their way back towards the entrance. Both are breathing hard, and moving as fast as they can in the darkness.

AJ leads Juan towards the light, which begins to illuminate their surroundings. Both take a second to catch their breath.

"You think that was bear?...What else lives in caves out here?!"

Juan (Looks back into the darkness)
"Don't know...Don't want to fucking know...I just want out of here man..."

AJ walks up the rocks, towards the light until the dark is removed; and the cave is an illuminated tunnel to a bluish hue.

AJ offers Juan a hand, as he comes over the last ledge. Pulling him up, AJ makes sure Juan is stable before heading over to the bloody handprint. Juan takes a knee, breathing hard; he films AJ as he walks over to the handprint.

AJ puts his hand up to it, mimicking his position to see how it was made. Turning his body accordingly, AJ looks around with his hand still in place. AJ faces the entrance of the cave.

It's fingers point towards the exit.

AJ (Wide eyed)
"He's NOT here!...LOOK!...He used the wall to hold himself up!"

Juan (Shaking his head)
"Man...I'm not seeing that way..."

Juan gets up and walks over to the print. AJ stands back, allowing Juan access.

Juan faces AJ, holding his hand up to the print. Then motions backwards, dragging his hand on the wall.

AJ (Shaking his head, disagreeing)
"NO!...He's OUT THERE!...(Calling out of the cave)...TIMMY!...TIMMY!"

"Hey...Hey!...Keep it down!...That BEAR...or whatever is STILL BEHIND US!"

AJ (Moves to the entrance, calling out of the cave)

AJ waits momentarily for any response. In the silence, another noise from deep within the cave freezes them.

A roar bounces from the cavern behind them, and echoes around them. Juan and AJ look to each other wide eyed.


Juan moves fast, following AJ out of the cave and into the light. Coming out of the tunnel, the sun's light blinds the camera, and as Juan and AJ run away from the cave. The trees and ground are blurs of brown and green.

Moving fast through the forest, the camera cannot focus outside of Juan's breaths. Only when the two stop to catch their breath, can the camera focus and the ground is filmed in detail.

Juan (Looking down, drops to one knee, gasping)

AJ (Heard off of camera gasping)
"Heh-heh-heh...WHAT THE FUCK?!...heh-heh-heh!...FUCK!"

Juan (Gasping)
"Heh-heh-heh...It was...it was...coming AFTER US!"

AJ (Gasping)
"WE...heh-heh...We just...fucking RAN!"

Juan (Gasping)
"Heh-heh-heh...WHAT were we SUPPOSED TO DO?!"

AJ (Pacing)
"I THOUGHT you said either we leave WITH TIMMY...or we DONT LEAVE AT ALL!...YOU have a GUN!...FUCKING USE IT!"

"Heh-heh-heh...And SHOOT WHAT EXACTLY?!...You want me to have one of us accidentally get SHOT?!..."

AJ (Coming towards Juan)
"Give it to me!...I'M not leaving without him!"

"No!...Mother fucker, I WILL knock your ass out...carry you back to camp IF it means saving the rest of us!"

"Oh!...So just FUCK TIMMY then?!...Give ME THE GUN!...Go back to camp!"

"I WILL give you a black eye, you ask again!...I'm NOT leaving you!"

AJ (Walks back towards the cave)
"Oh yeah?!"

Juan watches AJ walk towards the cave, pulling out the flare gun, before disappearing behind a tree.

Juan (Shaking his head)
"Heh-heh...UN-believable!...Wait the fuck up!"

Juan looks at the gun in his hand before running to catch up with AJ. AJ leads, storming ahead of Juan, with flare gun in hand.

They both arrive outside of the cave entrance. AJ stops near the entrance.

"HEY!...LET ME HEAR YOU AGAIN...You piece of shit!"

AJ waits for any kind of response from the cave. From within a low growl resonates from deep within. AJ reacts immediately, raising the flare gun up towards the darkness.

"WAIT!...That's your LAST FLARE!...We MIGHT-"

AJ fires the flare gun into the cave, momentarily lighting the darkness with a bright phosphorescent red glow before the red disappears.

The two stand in silence as the cave resumes its silence after the flare is heard burning out.

AJ (Turning to Juan)
"Now what?"

The cave explodes with a roar that makes Juan react by unloading his entire clip into the cave. Twelve shots ring out in the forest. After the explosions stop, Juan continues pulling the trigger.

AJ (Looking back to Juan)
"You...can stop...it's empty..."

Juan looks over to AJ. Juan’s hand shakes, his finger still pulling the trigger.

"Did...did I...Do you think I hit-"

Another roar makes them both run away from the cave. The camera shakes violently as Juan and AJ flee. Both their panicked breaths are heard as they run through the forest.

The camera cuts and jumps back to Joe and Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe walks along their trail, slightly out of breath.

Peter (From off of camera)
"What do we do when we get back?!...What do we tell them?!"

Joe (Looking back to Peter)
"The TRUTH...We get back...we pack our shit...and we WALK THE FUCK BACK HOME!"

Peter (From off of camera)
"That's...twenty-plus miles!...How the fuck-"

Joe (Interrupting)
"I DONT KNOW!...We HAVE to get OUT OF HERE!...No more talking...no more waiting for Timmy...We have to save ourselves..."

Joe looks over to the structure as they pass by, not stopping, he looks ahead then back.

Joe (To himself)
"...or we'll be the characters in our own snuff film..."

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time.

Joe begins walking up the last valley, their campsite becomes clear in the background.

Joe (Calling back)
"I'm heating up some coffee...we're all going to need it...Get those files..."

-From Mounted Camera-

Joe enters the campsite and pauses to look around. Peter enters Juan's tent and returns with a folder. The two make their way over to the fire pit. Peter hands off the folder, and begins restarting the fire.

Joe begins reading as he makes his way over to his chair. Peter finds a joint and lights it.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Joe reads over the files. The camera focuses multiple maps, with dotted lines indicating movement. High resolution images, taken from satellite, the images zoom in on the three objects till they almost look humanoid. Joe looks from the images then to Peter.

Peter (Looking at Joe)
"Yeah!...I know...Keep reading..."

Joe looks back down to the files. He stops at a paper with a red confidential stamp across its greeting. Before his eyes Joe silently reads the file.

In its subject line Joe reads "Sighting of Unknown-Humanoid Objects".

Joe scans over the document, sentences jump out at him,

"Director Ulin"

"...the objects located in Routt National Forest lie under the jurisdiction of the United States Forest Service’s..."

"...all enquiries regarding their findings on this matter must be made through their offices..."

"...this matter has been pursued previously...with all information on the subject to be withheld from the public..."

Joe looks up to Peter who smiles seeing Joe's reaction.

"They KNOW!...WHY would they withhold information?!"

"Because then it PROVES the existence of a race of beings...already here...that blow holes in their little theory of evolution...and makes religions look uninformed...Revealing it NOW would lead to anarchy-"

Joe (Interrupting)
"The masses WON'T want to REVOLT against the government because of this!"

"Right....NOT the masses...but ENOUGH will...the fringe...the disenfranchised...the ones who believe their government is hiding aliens...hiding secret cover ups...THIS will be just ANOTHER LIE our government HIDES from us...but once this film, OUR film is out...EVERYONE will see!"

Joe hesitates responding.

"We survive this...We're going to be as big as...big as Julian Assange...Edward Snowden...I'm tellin you...you WILL be needing my services hoss!"

Peter hands over a steaming coffee mug with a smile. As he turns away, Joe notices Peter's card in his hand underneath the mug.

Joe laughs to himself looking at Peter's card.

"THIS is the first time you have EVER given me your card...in all the years you watched me struggle without success...Why now?!...Why here?!...Why do you think THIS IS IT?!"

Peter (Smiling broadly)
"Cause sometimes...you just know..."

The camera cuts and jumps to AJ and Juan.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan follows AJ down the mountainside, neither speak. The sun descends in the sky, and falls painting the valley with an orange tint.

"How much longer?"

AJ (Calling back)
"Another hour...maybe two..."

"Fuck...we're not getting back till dark..."

"Be happy you GET to go back..."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

AJ (Turning around)
"It MEANS-YOU-GET-TO-GO-HOME!...TIMMY...Timmy doesn't GET that luxury...does he?!"

"And HOW is that MY FAULT?!...You DONT THINK I feel like shit?!..."

"How the fuck am I going to explain this...to our family?! HOW am I going to tell them he DIED on OUR watch?!"

"We'll tell them...together...ALL of us...Do you think they would rather lose two sons...instead of one?!...Get us back to camp...We can phone the police from Yampa..."

AJ (Interrupting)


"You three will go back to Yampa...I'm taking the gun...and the machete-"

"No!...Fuck that!"

"Juan...you can stay if you want...but I'm NOT-GOING-ANYWHERE till I find him...alive...or dead."

AJ reacts to hearing himself say it out loud, looking at the ground then back to Juan.

Juan (Solemnly)
"...Come on man...We got to get back to the others...before it gets dark...I got a bad feeling about tonight."

Juan walks towards AJ, patting him on the shoulder as he comes close.

The camera cuts and jumps back to Joe and Peter.

-From Mounted Camera-

The sun falls over the campsite as Joe and Peter set around the fire. Joe is seen setting in the chair reading over the files. Peter walks around the campsite smoking a joint, looking off camera.

As the sun disappears as AJ and Juan enter the campsite. Joe and Peter rush to them and the group embrace. AJ and Juan make their way to the chairs. Joe stands in front of them, showing them the folder as Peter begins making food over the fire. Juan reads over the files intently as AJ sets forward in his seat, always looking towards the mountain.

The mounted camera powers down and turns off.

The mounted camera powers back up with Joe in the frame. He pockets the film, adjusting the shot.

Joe (Into the camera)
"Ok...It's ...11:23 on Sunday...Tomorrow we're heading out at first light...We have thirty miles ahead of us...God...this whole thing sucks...I'm so...beat...we STILL don't know where Timmy is...AJ and Juan have decided to stay...Pete and I are walking back to Yampa...we'll get the police and a rescue team out here...but honestly...I think it's too late...no sign...no contact...just blood, and gear...I'm sure something got him...we...we just don't know what..."

Joe looks back to camp, then back to the camera.

Joe (Rubbing his eyes)
"...this whole trip...has been...fucked...I honestly don't even know where to begin...I just can't stop thinking...SEEING Timmy's body out here...it's like my mind keeps making me see the worst...his body being ate by wolves...bears...fuck!...I just want...I just want to find him...and go back home...Our lives...are going to be so...messed up...I don't even want to think about...our future..."

Joe looks back to camp, watching the others, before turning back to the camera.

"...I better go...I'm going to TRY and get some sort of sleep tonight...If I can get three...four hours I'll be ok for the walk...Our trek back to civilization should take us...between nine or ten hours...Yampa is the closest town...Hopefully we'll get there around six or seven...So this battery should last through tomorrow night...we'll be back to get the rest of our shit...AJ and Juan...and HOPEFULLY...Timmy...Alright...I'm turning in...Maybe I'll get something on my last night here..."

Joe gets up and walks back to camp in frame, then retires to his tent. AJ, Juan and Peter set around the campfire. AJ is the next to head into his tent, as Juan and Peter set together watching off camera.

Peter gets up, patting Juan on the shoulder, he walks over to his tent and disappears. Juan sets by himself as the fire blazes behind him.

The camera cuts and jumps ahead in time.

Time: 3:13 am

-From Mounted Camera-

Juan sets in his chair with his back to the fire, occasionally sipping from a coffee mug. The night sky is clear, and the wind gently blows the trees in the foreground. In between the wind gusts, a shrill screech breaks the calm silence.

The screech echoes all around the camp, Juan jumps out of his chair looking around.

The camera jumps to the "Go Pro" camera.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Joe)

Inside the tent, the door unzips quickly, and the camera catches the campfire and Juan standing with his gun in hand.

Joe (Calling out)
"What the fuck?!...You see anything?!"

Juan (Over his shoulder)
"No!...Fucking made me shit my fucking pants though!"

Joe pans the camera around, catching AJ and Peter coming out of their tents, both with weapons in hand. Peter holds the axe, while AJ holds a long wooden branch.

Joe walks over to the fire, looking away from the flames, the camera focuses on the trees surrounding the camp.

Joe (Calling over to Juan)
"Which way did it come from?!"

Juan (Pointing in the direction)
"Over there!..."

Joe pans the camera in the direction and the camera slowly focuses on the dimly lit forest.

AJ (From off of camera)
"Was it just me...or was that just outside of camp?!"

Juan (From off of camera)
"It wasn't just you...it was FUCKING CLOSE!"

Joe walks towards the edge of camp, getting closer to the tree line.

Juan (From off of camera)

Joe pans the camera back towards the fire, Juan is marching towards the camera.

Juan (Looking into the camera)

Juan comes close to Joe, grabbing his arm at the elbow.

"Come on!...We're staying TOGETHER...I have a bad fe-"

Juan is interrupting by another loud screech just outside of view on the other side of camp.

The group freeze looking in its direction. Juan pulls Joe towards the campfire In a hurry. Juan steps on a branch, snapping it loudly.

From directly behind them, another loud screech causes Joe and Juan to run back to the fire in panicked breaths.

Another screech from behind Peter makes him react and run fast towards the fire.

Peter (Jumping and running towards the fire)

Another screech directly behind AJ makes him turn defensively towards the sound, branch in hands.

AJ (Screaming towards the sound)

Another scream follows, with another until the forest is blanketed by high pitched screams.

Joe pans the camera around, never stopping as the screams continue to flood the forest. Gun shots ring out, as Joe pans the camera towards Juan.

Juan is seen firing towards different directions of screams closest to him.

AJ (Off of camera)

Joe slowly backs towards the fire, still filming Juan looking for direction to fire.

The screams slowly fade to nothing, and the forest is silent. Joe looks around from AJ, to Peter, then to Juan. They all look to Joe, then back in different directions wide eyed.

No one says anything, waiting a couple of seconds.

"Is it-"

A deafening roar blasts the group, and is followed another deafening roar from the opposite direction.

Joe pans the trembling camera around camp in different directions.

Juan (From off of camera)

Joe spins towards Peter, catching him running off into the darkness.

AJ (From off of camera)

Juan (From off of camera)

From across camp, Joe catches AJ and Juan running after Peter into the darkness, and follows behind.

Joe runs in the darkness and his breaths are heard as he runs to follow the group. In the darkness, he clicks the light on, and the forest is lit up.

From off of camera screams for Peter are heard further and further away. Joe sprints harder trying to keep up.

Joe (Screaming)

More screams for Peter are heard further away. Joe slows down to a jog. His breaths are heard, as he pans around looking in the directions of their voices. Across the valley the cries for "Pete" are heard.

Joe (Stopping, out of breath)
"Heh-heh-heh....FUCK!...Heh-heh-heh...GUYS!...WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!"

Joe pans the camera around filming the trees and forest, getting no response.

Joe (Breathing hard)

A branch snapping behind him makes him turn quickly. Joe films the silent forest between his breaths.

Joe pans around in different directions, lighting up his surroundings. The forest gets completely silent, and Joe tries to quiet his breathing.

Joe hears another sound behind him and turns the light towards it.

Joe doesn't make any noise, as the camera begins to shake. In the silence, Joe is heard lightly sniffing the air.

Joe (Quietly)
"Oh sh-"

Joe is stopped when something large and brown comes flying towards the camera. Too fast to be seen, it strikes him hard.

Joe films flying backwards, his feet enter the view as he lands hitting the ground. The jolt sends the camera off of his head, landing away from his body.

The camera lands, and films Joe's torso in the grass. Not moving, the camera continues to film as a pool of red blood trickles across the ground in front of his body.

Two gentle thumps are heard near the camera, and Joe's body jerks twice before being drug out of frame.

The camera continues to film the grass, as the blood slowly moves across the bottom of frame.

The camera cuts and jumps back to the mounted camera.

-From Mounted Camera-

The camp is filmed with silence, as the fire keeps it lit. From left of frame AJ, Juan and Peter enter camp. Juan is seen screaming at Peter, but audio is drown out by wind.

The trio pace the camp, and are randomly heard calling out for Joe.

Time is sped up as the three stands around the fire calling out for over an hour.

The camera cuts to the "Go Pro" camera.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

The camera and light turn on, as Juan adjusts it on his head.

"No!...I don't fucking care!...I'M going out there!...Pete, YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME...since IT IS YOUR FAULT!...You wanna run like a fucking coward...what did you THINK would happen?!...STUPID mother fucker!"

Peter (Looking down)
"I'm...I'm sorry guys...I...I didn't...think..."

"NO!...Asshole, you NEVER THINK!...You just...ACT OUT!...YOU NEVER THINK ABOUT US!"

Peter (Still looking down)
"...I'm so...so sorry..."


"We should stick together!"


"Dude...I hate to say it...but...I don't think we should go out there...not right now...not till first light at least..."


"NO!...JUAN, IM NOT!... We won't be able to see shit!...The sun will be up in an hour or two...I say wait...I'm not going out till I can see what else is out there with me!"

Juan looks to the forest, then back to AJ.

"I'm NOT saying we won't go...I'm just saying wait...till we can see at least..."

Juan shakes his head, looking back to the forest.

AJ (From off of camera)
"We don't even know WHICH DIRECTION he went...We'll be running blind out there..."

Juan looks over to Peter, who is crying silently squatting close to the fire.

Juan runs his hands through his hair, growling.

AJ (From off of camera)
"You need to try and get some sleep...When's the last time you slept?!"

Juan (Looking to AJ)
"You THINK I'm going to SLEEP?!...NOW?!"

"I'm saying you NEED to TRY and rest!...Having you hallucinate while we search for Joe WONT HELP US!"

Juan looks around, shaking his head.

"I WILL stay up...Make sure HE isn't running off...(AJ motions towards Peter)...I'm serious here man, you NEED SOME SLEEP!"


"TRY and rest!...We...I NEED you strong...otherwise...we won't make it..."

AJ looks over to Peter, then back to Juan.

"Please...for me...get some sleep...Let me hold the gun...How many bullets do we have left?"

Juan (Handing over the gun)
"I don't know...eight...maybe nine...DUDE...this is FUCKED!"

AJ (Taking the gun)
"I know..."

"It wasn't supposed to BE like THIS!"

AJ doesn't respond, just nods.

" Here take the camera..."

The "Go Pro" camera turns off, and the view switches to the mounted camera.

-From Mounted Camera-

Juan hands over the "Go Pro" camera and headset to AJ before walking over to Peter. Juan faces Peter and Peter acknowledges by standing to face him reluctantly. Juan pulls Peter into a hug, patting him on the back while saying something off of audio.

Juan let's go of Peter, then heads into his tent. AJ walks over to Peter with both chairs. AJ drops the chairs close to the fire, and both set close to the fire in silence for the next two hours and twenty-seven minutes.

Day 6:
Date: Monday, June 18th, 2012
Time: 6:30 am
Location: Routt National Forest

-From Mounted Camera-

The sun rises and comes over the mountain. AJ gets up and heads over to their cooler. He fishes food out and begins prepping breakfast over the fire. AJ says something to Peter not audible, and Peter's head shoots up in the chair.

Peter gets up, wiping his eyes he comes over to the fire. Juan emerges from his tent, and looks around, heading over to Joe's tent, he looks in.

Peter calls him over and the three silently eat breakfast standing around the fire. The group begin packing their bags, as Juan grabs a "Go Pro" camera from Joe's tent. Juan begins fiddling with the camera before handing it over to Peter as AJ grabs the axe. Juan grabs a headlamp, and handheld camera throwing them in his backpack. Peter grabs the machete as AJ hands the 9mm to Juan.

Juan checks the clip, and the trio make their way off of camera together.

-From "Go Pro" Camera (Peter)

Peter clicks the camera to record and adjusts it on his head, following AJ and Juan as they head towards the side of the mountain.

AJ (Calling back)
"We'll go up to the second level...if we can't see...we'll go up to the third level and use the handheld to zoom in...see if we can see anything..."

"How long are we...going to look?"

AJ and Juan stop, both turning with looks of anger.

"What you tryin to say PETE?!"

"As LONG as we HAVE-TOO!"

Peter (Hands go up defensively)
"Whoa-whoa...I'm just askin cause...the trip back to society WILL take us ten hours...at least!...Anthony...Look man, I get it...you WON'T leave...but Juan...YOU'RE stayin?!...I mean...do you guys SERIOUSLY THINK I CAN MAKE IT BACK...ALONE?!"

AJ and Juan look at each other, and back to Peter.

"Do you guys TRUST ME to get back...BY MYSELF?!...Honestly?!...THIRTY-MILES?!"

Juan looks from Peter then to AJ.

"Your gonna HAVE TO buddy...I'm TOO FAT to WALK thirty miles...I would only slow you down...besides...I keep my promises..."

Juan turns and keeps walking up the hillside. AJ watches Juan then looks back to Peter.

AJ (To Peter)
"Pete...I DO believe in you...we're going to search...send you off around noon...who knows...you may see someone on the road or pass some random hippies house..."

"REALLY MAN?!...You're going to send me off...BY MYSELF...to SAVE YOU AND JUAN?!..."

"Pete...you don't need to worry about it...it's not even 7:00 am yet...We've got another five hours ahead of us...let's focus on finding Joe first...Now, come on..."

"You...you didn't say anything about...finding Timmy...Are you...giving up on him?"

AJ (Looking down)
"I'm not...giving up...I'm just...I just lost hope...and I can't go back home...unless...I find him..."

AJ turns and heads up the hillside behind Juan. Peter waits a second, then follows after them.

The camera jumps in time with Peter still following behind AJ and Juan. The three walk up the first level and onto the next overlook. Peter reaches the second summit, catching AJ and Juan already looking over the valley with the handheld camera.

"Heh-heh...You guys seein anything?"

Juan (Not looking over)
"Can't see shit from here..."

"Nothing...We're going up..."

Peter sighs and continues walking past them.

The camera cuts to the trio arriving on the third level. Peter drops to one knee out of breath. Juan walks to the ledge overlooking the valley, and takes the handheld out of his backpack. AJ walks over to the ledge and looks with Juan over the valley.

Peter looks around, and catches the bloody tree. Barely noticing, the camera stops and goes back to it.

Peter (Walking towards the tree)
"This is it?"

Peter doesn't get a response, but continues to film the tree, slowly walking around filming it.

Juan (From off of camera)

Peter looks back to AJ and Juan, and begins to walk towards the ledge.


Not responding, Juan continues looking at the screen, slowly rotating the camera over the valley. AJ squints, hand blocking the sun.

AJ (To Juan)
"You KNOW where we need to look."

"Where do we need to look?"

Juan continues scanning the horizon with the handheld camera.

AJ (To Juan)
"...You KNOW I'm right."

Peter (Walking up to AJ and Juan)
"What are you right about?"

AJ looks towards the cave and nods. AJ looks back at Juan, then starts to walk away.

Juan (Not looking up from the camera)
"Don't go over there...NOT without me..."

AJ stops and looks towards Juan.

Peter (To AJ)
"Go WHERE?!"

AJ (Still looking at Juan)
"There's a cave...over there...We went in it yesterday..."


AJ (Looking to Peter)
"Found a bloody handprint...got chased out by something."

"WHOA!...GOT CHASED?!...A BLODDY handprint?!...You think its Timmy's?!"

AJ doesn't respond, instead looks to Juan. Juan clicks the screen closed on the handheld camera and comes over to AJ and Peter.

"Yeah Pete...it probably was..."

Peter (Looking to Juan then AJ)
"Do you think he's IN THERE?!"

AJ and Juan respond at the same time, with different answers.



Peter looks at both of them, shaking his head.

"We're OBVIOUSLY headed that way...Might as well go now...while we still have a full day."

Juan (Looking to AJ, shaking his head)
"Lead the way!...Just wasting our time!"

AJ (To Peter)
"Give me the machete...I need it..."

AJ takes the machete, looking to Juan, he begins walking towards the brush. Peter looks over to Juan, then promptly follows AJ, who is seen hacking the thick foliage. While looking back at Juan, Peter notices the gun in his hand.

"You need to have that out?"

Juan (Looks to Peter)
"What part of "we got chased out by something" did you NOT understand?"

Peter (Turns back around)
"I'm just saying...we can't afford to have one of us get accidentally shot..."

Ain't no one gettin shot!...YOU worry about keeping your eyes and ears open!...DON'T be doin no stupid shit...like runnin off on us...AGAIN!"

Peter turns and follows AJ without response.

AJ disappears over a ridge, and Peter comes to a stop. Looking over an enormous hole in the side of a hill. Peter looks towards the hole.

"I'll go in first..."

Juan pulls two headlights out of his bag, handing one to AJ, he fashions the other to his head. Juan pulls his gun back out of its holster, and walks to the cave entrance.

"Don't I get a light?!"

AJ and Juan stop and turn towards Peter.

"Dumbass...you HAVE a light on the camera!"

Juan (Looking in to the cave)
"Get ready boys...Keep your voices down...just cause you can't see, doesn't mean whatever is in there can't hear us..."

AJ clicks on the light and follows Juan into the dark hole. Peter sighs, then follows them.

The camera loses focus, only picking up two beams of light bouncing around the inside of the cave.

Peter (Looking around)
"So where's the handprint?"

A blurry AJ points in the direction, and Peter walks over to the wall.

Peter (Clicking the light on)

The wall lights up, and the red handprint is still clearly visible. Peter gets close, holding the light on it.

Peter looks back, and notices AJ and Juan drifting away, searching the tunnel.

"Thought we were supposed to...STAY TOGETHER?!"

AJ looks over to Peter quickly, holding one finger to his mouth.

Juan (Back turned to AJ and Peter)
"GUYS!...Over here!...Awww fuck..."

Peter (Walking over to Juan)
"Thought we were supposed to quiet too..."

Juan turns around as AJ and Peter come close, holding it up so they can both see, is the remains of a bloody shirt.

"...Is THAT...is that Joe's shirt?!"

AJ closes his eyes, sighing as he rubs them.

Juan looks from AJ to Peter, his face expressionless.

"Guys?!...Is that fucking Joe's shirt?!...Somebody FUCKING ANSWER ME!!"

AJ and Juan look to Peter without responding.

"No!...No fucking way!...No fucking way that’s Joe's!..."

Juan (rolling it up into a ball)
"Dude...it...it wasn't here yesterday..."

"No fucking way Joe's up here!...

AJ (To Peter)
"We looked through this cave for nearly four hours yesterday...we checked this spot...TWICE...We have to assume-"

Peter (Interrupting)
"Assume WHAT?!...Joe's DEAD?!...They're BOTH DEAD?!...So what?!...You're just GIVING UP?!"

"Pete...They're not communicating back...we haven't heard, or seen them...I am not leaving until I see the bodies...We're surrounded by unknown creatures...thirty miles from society...there's a lot of blood...we need to assume the worst...We're out in the middle of nowhere, with NO communication to the outside world..."

Peter (Shaking his head)
"I don't...I don't fucking GET YOU GUYS!...You faggots drag me away from my job...my LIFE!...EVERY-YEAR!...Every-year...and THIS YEAR, you drag me out here!...To THIS HELL!..."

"Reign it in."

"NO!...FUCK THAT!...Timmy and Joe come up missing, you guys find blood and WE ALL KNOW they're dead! What the FUCK are we STILL DOING HERE?!"

"No one’s holding you back!...Man up, and walk the fuck back to town!...I'M not giving up!...YOU might not feel obligated to...you know...MAKE UP for RUNNING OFF LIKE A COWARD-"

AJ (Interrupting)
"JUAN!...Peter, we JUST FOUND Joe's shirt!...What do you EXPECT us to do?!"

"I don't know...Take it as a sign that they're GONE!...And if we don't get out of here TONIGHT!...NOW, even!...WE'RE gonna be NEXT!

"Pete...You can go ANY-TIME...I'M not going...Finding that shirt, believe it or not...is a good thing...it means...whatever took Timmy...took Joe up here...IF we find...Joe...it means...we found what happened to Timmy..."

Peter hesitates responding, looking over to Juan.

Juan (Getting up close to Peter)
"Do NOT look at ME!...We SHOULD BE searching for YOU out here!...NOT JOE!"

AJ moves to separate the two.

AJ (Separating Juan from Peter)
"Guys!...Guys!...Juan!...You!...We NEED you to be the calm-cool-collected outdoorsman that can keep us alive!...Pete!...We NEED you...to just...shut the fuck up...Juan's right. You SHOULD be the one we're searching for...Running off like that, you need to realize...you are out of your element...let US do the thinking..."

"I'm NOT fucking worthless!"

"I didn't say that...but out here, yes, yes you are..."

Juan walks out of frame shaking his head, deeper into the cave.


Juan (From out of frame)
"Not going far!"

AJ (To Peter)
"Finding that shirt changed everything for me Pete...I didn't want to...accept Timmy being dead...but...look...I CAN'T go back to Iowa...to his mom...and NOT be able to tell her what happened to her only son..."

"Ok...What do you want me to tell YOUR mom when I'm the ONLY SURVIVOR?!"

Juan (From off of camera)
"Fuck you Pete!...I GUARANTEE you WON'T be surviving this if WE don't!...I'll fucking make sure of it!"

Peter (Calling out to Juan)
"You fucking threatening me, puta?!"

Juan (From off of camera)
"I'll fucking SHOW YOU "pussy"!"

"GUYS!...GET-IT-TOGETHER!...We NEED EACH OTHER!...Look, we're just going to go to the fork...go in each tunnel fifty feet...if we see nothing in either...we'll head back..."

"Head back?...Head back to town...or just leave the cave?"

AJ just nods his head, walking past Peter.

"Lead the way Juan."

Peter follows AJ and Juan as they descend further into the cave. Peter pans around quickly, his breaths are heard the further they go.

AJ (Calling back to Peter)
"You ok back there?...Sound a little wheezy..."

"I'm fine...heh-heh...I just don't do tight spaces..."

Peter films further into the cave, and catches the fork up ahead. Juan is the first to the fork and follows the path to the left. AJ follows, and then Peter.

Peter enters a cavern and is awe, looking around the enormous opening. AJ and Juan continue looking around the ground, as Peter takes in the cave.

Peter (To himself)
"This...is amazing..."

Peter looks to AJ and Juan who are seen scanning the ground slowly.

"Are we done in here or what?"

Juan is heard growling but continues looking towards the ground.

AJ (Looking down)
"Pete...stick to what I said...you know...about shutting the fuck up...You know what, scout ahead in the next cavern...but-"

Peter (Interrupting)
"Yeah-yeah, stay close..."

Peter walks past AJ and Juan, and up towards the next cavern.

As he comes to its entrance, it steals the light from the camera, and Peter stares into complete darkness.

"Whoa!...Guys...this light is doing NOTHING here!"

Juan (From off of camera)
"What do you expect?...Your under-ground!"

"No, I mean...unless I'm shining the light off the walls...it's a complete black out...I almost...I almost don't want to go in..."

Juan (From off of camera)
"Then don't."

Peter maneuvers into the cavern and looks around, using the walls to navigate the cavern. Peter walks around, with the cavern becoming clear, Peter ventures towards the center, then pans around the ground. The light captures a fork hidden in the cavern. Peter walks closer to it, and looks down into both tunnels.

Peter (Calling out)
"You guys went down these tunnels?"

Two lights come into the cavern, illuminating the massive space. Peter continues exploring the area.

"Tunnels?...What tunnels?"

Peter (Panning around to illuminate a tunnel)
"Over here...Look...this goes up and over...see?"

AJ and Juan come over and shine their lights down the tunnel.

AJ (Looking to Juan)
"You see this?"

Juan (Climbing into the tunnel)
"No...but it's worth checking out..."

Juan walks down the unexplored tunnel. Peter looks to AJ, then follows Juan up the ledge, and into the darkened space.

Juan follows the tunnel deep into the cave, barely looking back. Peter looks around, taking in the unexplored area. Juan stops, looking to the ground, then panning up, he points to a small waterfall.


Juan (Still studying the water)
"Look...there's...there's a little red tint to this water..."

Juan looks to Peter, shaking his head confused.

AJ (Moving ahead of Peter)
"Wait...what did you say?!...Let me see!"

AJ walks up to the waterfall, looking up he watches for a couple of seconds.

AJ (Looking back to Peter)
"We NEED to get up there!"


AJ (Looking back up)
"Because...I think the red tint...is blood. We need to make sure...Juan let's see if there's a way up..."

AJ and Juan beam their lights around, looking up.

Juan (Looking up)
"Got it...over here...Start here...(Beaming the light in the direction up)...climb here...and then jump over...should be able to land next to the fall."

"JUMP?!...Did you say JUMP?!"

AJ (Ignoring Peter, looking up the wall)
"Ok...I'll go first..."

AJ starts to maneuver up the wall, as Juan and Peter watch.

"Be careful man."

AJ (Climbing the wall)

AJ climbs the wall, then gets to the ledge. AJ positions himself, then jumps across, and lands successfully.

"It's not bad...be careful on that jump...it's wet."

Juan (Looks to Peter)
"You're next..."

"I'm NOT going up there!"

"We STICK-TOGETHER!...Besides, I have the gun...and IF I say get up there...you get the fuck up there!"

"Another threat?!"

"Hah-hah-hah...no buddy...I would NEVER threaten YOU!...(Juan turns serious)...Get the fuck up there, before I put hands on you!"

AJ (From off of camera)
"C'mon Pete...You got this..."

Peter looks up to the ledge then back to Juan.

Peter (Walking to the wall)
"Whatever...WHEN we get back, you and I are throwin down!"

Juan (Laughing from off of camera)
"Hah'-hah...Don't be threatening me with a good time!"

Peter begins climbing the wall, and slowly makes it to the ledge. Peter waits to catch his breath, before jumping and land inning hard across to the fall. Peter looks down on Juan from almost ten feet from above.

Peter (To Juan)
"You want some light?"

Juan (Unsure)

Peter doesn't wait, instead turning away from Juan and catching AJ looking at a small pool.

Juan (From off of camera)
"Thanks, dick!"

AJ squats over the pool, which looks stained red. AJ looks over to Peter, then gets up walking further into the tunnel.

Peter (Looking into the water)
"This IS blood!...JE-SUS-FUCK!"

Juan is heard landing off of camera. Peter pans around, taking in the new space surrounding him.

Juan walks up to Peter, shoving him into the water without saying anything. Peter is thrown into the water, and flops around in the small pool.

Peter (Reacting surprised)

Juan (Walking past without stopping)
"Well now you have blood on your hands...literally..."

Peter stands out of the water, kicking some towards Juan.

"Stupid mother fucker!"

"Watch where you're splashing...We have to get down the same way we got up!"

"Then don't throw me in the fucking water!"

Peter kicks more water towards Juan.

AJ (From off of camera)
"Guys!...Stay close...I think I see something up here..."

"WHERE the fuck are you?!"

AJ (From off of camera)
"Take a left!"

Pete follows Juan to the left and into another huge cavern. Twenty feet away, AJ squats, then looks back.

"Check it out..."

AJ holds us a handful of electronics all taken apart, remnants of cell phones, an iPod, a watch, and a flash drive.

"We're taking it with us...who's got room?"

"Why are we taking that junk?"

"Cause we might be able to pull a serial number...confirm if its Joe's...or Timmy's...open your bag..."

Peter opens his bag, and AJ dumps the broken pieces into the bag.

Juan (To AJ)
"Did you find them in a pole?...or..."

"Yeah...they were piled up right there...my light hit it from back there...(AJ points towards the entrance)...was the only thing I could see in here... (AJ looks around)...let's spend some time in here..."

"Dude!...Some time in here could be HOURS!..."

AJ (Ignoring Peter)
"Alright...let's go back to back...slowly spread out...keep your eyes open for any signs...any evidence...blood, bone, hair...clothes..."

"Are you serious?...Come on man...we need to-"

AJ (Interrupting Peter)
"Peter!...I KNOW you want to leave!...Seriously, we BOTH KNOW you want to leave!...You can go now...by yourself...or WAIT for us to check this room, and we can leave TOGETHER!...ONE HOUR...can you wait ONE HOUR?!...I MAY have just found my dead step brother's and quite possibly my best friends phones...can you just...be ONE OF US...and give a shit about something besides yourself for ONE MORE HOUR?!"

Peter looks from AJ then away without response. Peter begins searching the area in front of him. Peter looks from the ground then up the walls, which extend high above and are barely visible.

Lights from AJ and Juan bounce off the walls, and time speeds up as the trio search the massive cavern. Further and further away their light stretch from each other, as they make their way to the cavern's edges.

Peter notices a light flickering and turns to see AJ tapping his light before it goes out.

AJ (From the darkness)

Juan (Coming towards AJ)
"Take the handheld camera...you can have a light..."

Juan hands over the handheld camera and AJ comes into the light to take it. A third light comes back on as AJ pans the camera around, his face is illuminated behind its screen. It's light shine brighter than the others.

Peter (Looking to AJ)
"You wanna switch cameras?...You won't have to hold anything..."

Juan (Looking to Peter)
"Awww...is someone scared of the dark?"

"It's not the dark...it's being INSIDE these walls...I have a fear of enclosed spaces...having a better light...might make me feel...I don't know...better..."

AJ (Looking to Juan, then shaking his head)
"Whatever man...IF I do this...I DON'T want to hear ANOTHER FUCKING WORD about leaving!...You got me?!"

Peter (Taking the "Go Pro" camera off)

Peter hands over the "Go Pro" and AJ puts it on. AJ catches Peter taking the handheld and looking around the cavern.

"MUCH better...thanks man..."

AJ watches Peter walk away, then turns, catching Juan smiling towards AJ. Juan rolls his eyes, then goes back to searching the ground. The trio go back to searching in the darkness.

AJ heads back to the location the electronics were spotted. Squatting next to it, AJ looks around the walls, then gets up looking upwards as he walks.

The camera cuts and jumps to the handheld camera.

-From Handheld Camera- (Peter)

Peter (To himself)
"Oh...oh well, keep it on...I got full battery..."

Peter pans around filming upwards, slowly zooming in, Peter catches a second level above him.

Peter (Slowly following the level above him)
"Ho-ly-shit... (Calling back)...HEY GUYS!...CHECK THIS OUT!"

Peter pans the camera around, he catches Juan storming over.

Juan (Smacking Peter)
"What did I say about being stupid?!...Quit fucking yelling!"

Peter (Jerking back)
"Ahh!...Fucking DICK!...There's a second level to this place!"

Juan (Shaking his head, frustrated)
"I DON'T CARE!...QUIT talking so loud!...Is there any clues up there?!...ANY WAY to get up there?!...NO?!?...Didn't think so...keep your eyes to the ground!"

Juan turns and walks away, shaking his head.

Peter is heard rubbing his head, then from behind movement is heard from up above. Peter stops making any noise, his breaths are heard shallow and rushed.

Peter slowly turns around looking up, the second level is illuminated and nothing is seen.

Peter (Whispering)

Peter pans over, and catches Juan in the distance.

Peter (Whispering)

Peter pans back up towards the second level, just as a couple of small rocks fall off the ledge, landing a couple of feet away.

Peter (Voice going up)

Peter slowly backs away from the wall, holding the camera on the upper level, looking around from side to side. Peter breathes quickly, and turns, running away from the area towards Juan's light.

The camera jumps to the "Go Pro" camera.

-From "Go. Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ walks down a tall corridor, far off Juan is heard admonishing Peter. AJ pans around, his light falls upon something white in the distance. AJ comes closer, until the object becomes clear. Meat wrapping paper.

AJ (Squatting close to the paper)
"What the..."

AJ flips the paper over and looks to the receipt.

AJ gasps, seeing the label. "Hy-Vee"

AJ looks back, then runs back towards the sounds.

The camera jumps back to the handheld camera.

-From Handheld Camera- (Peter)

Peter (Facing Juan)
"I'm TELLIN YOU, come BACK to that spot!...I need your gun!...I DON'T THINK WE ARE ALONE!"

Juan (Finally looking to Peter)
"You AINT GETTIN MY GUN!...I'm sure I would smell it...we're in an enclosed space...that smell would be EVERYWHERE down here..."

Peter (Pulling on Juan)
"Then fucking come get my back!"

"Why?!...So you can use me to get a head start?!"

AJ's light startles Peter, and he looks over quickly, catching AJ as he runs up.

-FROM "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ (Running up, out of breath)
"We...heh-heh...we got to get out of here!...NOW!"

AJ holds out the wrapper, pointing to the "Hy-Vee" logo.

AJ (Breathing hard)
"That's OURS!...From CAMP!"

Peter (Looking at the wrapper with a frown)
"That's probably the steaks from the other day!...When Juan and I got chased..."

AJ shines the light on the receipt, and the word "Tenderloin" is seen by the trio.


"So...it went into OUR camp sometime...and took this WITHOUT BEING SEEN!...Possibly even this morning!"

AJ looks from Juan then to Peter.

"We need to go...I think I've seen enough..."

"What?!...WHY?!...Because of the tenderloins?!...FOOD?!"

"Because...I KNOW I saw those in the cooler this morning before we left...I was the ONLY one who got loins...I have a bad feeling we NEED TO get back to camp...or whatever's left of it..."

Peter is seen looking upwards around them.

"Dude...are you SURE you saw it THIS morning?...Or lack of sleep messing with your mind, maybe?"

"No, no, no...There was FIVE of them...I was saving them for our last meal...I SWEAR TO YOU JUAN!... I'm NOT mistaken!..."

Juan sighs, looking away in frustration.

AJ (Looking from Juan to the darkness)
"...Where's Pete?"

The camera jumps to the handheld.

-From Handheld Camera- (Peter)

Peter inches his way towards the wall, looking up to the next level. His breaths are short and quick as he gets closer. Holding his breath, he films the next level in complete silence.

Peter (Whispering to himself)
"Going to try night vision..."

The handheld switches over, turning everything to black and green hues.

Peter slowly pans the camera around, getting a clear shot of the cavern. From off of camera, something is heard moving above.

Peter quickly pans the camera over to the sound, and waits. Holding the shot, he fights to keep his breaths quiet.

From behind AJ and Juan call for Peter. Peter turns looking towards the two oncoming lights, as AJ and Juan come close.

"Pete...we've been calling for you...What the fuck are you doing over here?!"

"Sssshhhh!...Up there... (Peter points in the direction)...Something is moving..."

"WE need to be moving!..We decided...we're leaving...now!"

"About fucking time!...Lead the way already!"

AJ and Juan start making their way towards the entrance to the cavern. Peter waits for Juan to get in front of him, when a small rock flies in front of the camera.

Peter pans back around looking into darkness above. Slowly stepping backwards, Peter holds the camera looking at one spot.

Peter steps back into a rock wall, jarring the camera. The bump causes pebbles to fall behind him. Peter looks back to the wall behind him then pans back towards the second level.

In the darkness, two glowing green eyes stare back down towards Peter. Peter freezes the shot on the eyes.

Peter (Whispering to himself)
"What the..."

The eyes blink, then tilt to the side.

Peter reacts quickly, turning and running towards the entrance of the cavern.

Peter (Running in the dark)
"GO!...GO!...GO!...ITS HERE!..."

The camera shakes and is blurred by the running. Peter runs and is heard breathing hard, as the camera cannot focus in the darkness.

Peter runs past the sounds of AJ and Juan.


Peter reaches the small waterfall, and pans the camera around towards the ledge, and then jumps.

Peter is heard landing, then the camera spins, and Peter is heard falling. The camera stays in Peter's hand as he lands hard, and screams out in pain.

Lying on the ground, Peter is heard screaming in pain, the camera gets ejected from his hand, as AJ and Juan are heard calling for Peter.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ runs to the ledge, and calls out for Peter.


Peter (From off of camera)

AJ peers over the ledge, and catches Peter lying on the ground. A bloody white bone protrudes from his shin.

AJ gasps uncontrollably.

Peter looks up to AJ, then back to his leg and catches the bone sticking out of his leg, his eyes roll back as he passes out.

Juan (Moving past AJ)
"Fuck!...Keep the light ahead of me!"

AJ holds the light on Peter, as Juan quickly makes his way down to him. Juan lands next to Peter, and looks up to AJ.

"We NEED to set it while he's out!...I'll hold the light for you..."

Juan holds his light in front of AJ as he makes his way across and down the wall towards the others. Juan is at Peter's feet, holding his ankles.


AJ makes his way around to Peter's upper body, then squats over him. Juan jerks down hard on Peter's ankles, a snapping sound pops off the walls of the cavern and Peter snaps awake, screaming.

Peter (Lunging upwards)

Peter grabs at Juan, continuing to fight as AJ restrains him back. Juan reaches in to his backpack, and pulls out a shirt. Juan quickly wraps the shirt around Peter's broken leg, then fishes his belt off of waist, then tying it tight around his broken leg.

Juan (Hand out)

With one hand, AJ unfastens his belt and hands it to Juan. Juan wraps it around Peter's leg, and ties it off.

"We got to move!...Now!"

Peter (Writhing in pain)
"I CAN'T!...I CAN'T!...Just...just..."

Juan moves around to Peter's upper body.

"We're gonna have to carry him back!...AJ get under his arm...We'll work together to get him back!...AJ!...AJ!...Snap out of it!...Pick him the fuck up!...We gotta go!...NOW!"

AJ looks from Juan to Peter, then grabs under his arms.


AJ and Juan lift together, pulling Peter to his feet. Juan positions himself under Peter's right arm.

"Get his things...I can carry him back to the entrance..."

From up above a thump is heard in the darkness.

AJ looks from the sound, back to Juan. Juan looks back to AJ, fishing his gun out as he holds Peter up.

Juan (Handing AJ the gun)
"YOU, cover my back!...Don't take the shot unless you see it in your sights!...We gotta go!"

Peter screams out in pain as Juan starts to move. Peter covers his own mouth as AJ scrambles picking up Peter's bag and the "Go Pro" camera.

Juan and Peter move towards the entrance, as AJ backs out behind them, gun in hand. Juan leads them out into the main corridor, as another thump is head behind them.


AJ looks back towards Juan and Peter, then back to the darkness. The light from the entrance illuminates their way out, as the trio rush towards the light. Peter's groans are heard from off of camera as they move.

From deep within the cave a low growl begins, and echoes around them. AJ looks from behind, to Juan and Peter; moving right behind them.

As the trio make their way closer to the entrance the growl dies off, then jumps into an ear piercing scream. All three move to cover their ears, as the light gets brighter and brighter.

Juan carries Peter closer and closer towards the light, as AJ is seen pushing Juan with his right hand. Their breaths are heard as one, as the camera shakes without a steady focus.

Another loud thump, following with quicker repeated thumps are heard from behind as they reach the entrance. As Juan pulls Peter into the blinding light, a deafening roar sounds right behind; AJ sprints and dives into the light.

The camera loses focus as AJ lands in a sea of green. Rolling to his back, he wheels the pistol towards the cave. His breaths are heard as both hands hold the gun, and waits.

Juan (From off of camera)
"AJ!...COME ON!"

AJ stays on his back, holding the gun towards the cave. Twitching by his short breaths, his fingers rests on the trigger.

AJ (Calling out)

Juan (From off of camera)

AJ (Interrupting)

Juan is heard carrying Peter, as he moans from off of camera. Their steps crack branches and brush in the distance. AJ lies on the ground waiting for any noise inside the cave. Outside the cave entrance, the wind gently blows, birds chirp off of camera, and AJ's breathing shortens.

AJ (Between breaths, whispering to himself)

AJ gets up, and sprints over to Peter's bag; grabbing it before turning and running. AJ runs through the forest, his panicked breaths are heard, as trees and brush pass him.

AJ runs under branches, up a hill and past more low hanging branches. From off camera Juan and Peter are heard ahead. AJ continues to run, until they appear in the distance.

AJ catches up to Juan, who is carrying a now passed out Peter. Juan sees AJ and collapses to the ground with Peter. Peter lands and jumps awake in pain.

Juan (Out of breath)
"Heh-heh-heh...We got to get to camp...heh-heh-heh...I got a first aid kit...heh-heh-heh..."

AJ (Reaching for Peter)
"Take the gun, and his bag...I'll carry him!..."

AJ grabs Peter, picking him up, as he struggles in pain.

Juan (From off of camera)
"Heh-heh-heh...IS IT...heh-heh-heh...FOLLOWING US?!"

AJ (Continuing to carry a moaning Peter)
"I don't know...I don't think so!...We have to get him...as far away as possible!"

AJ carries Peter, and his weight drags the camera to the left. From behind, Juan is heard breaking branches and stepping loudly though the forest.

AJ reaches the top level's descent and stops. Gently laying Peter on the ground he begins eyeing their exit strategy.

Juan (From off of camera)
"Why are we stopping?!"

AJ (Continuing to look downwards)
"We have to make sure we can get him down this way before we go any further!"

Peter (From the ground)
"Just leave me...just leave me..."

"We HAVE to get him down this way...if we go around it will take us the opposite way we need to go AND it will double our time!"

AJ looks back to Juan, not responding.

"I'm serious here...leave me with the gun...leave me the gun...and you two go!...GO WITHOUT ME!"

"No one's leaving you...Anthony...you grab his legs, I'll grab his shoulders...we'll carry him down!"

Peter (Moaning)

"No...I'll carry him the way I was...you keep watching our backs with the gun...it will take longer...but it's our best bet..."

"But if we do that we won't get back to camp till sundown!"

"If we get attacked YOU will have the gun ready...we won't have to WAIT for one of us to drop him...and IF we can get him back with the least amount of risk, THAT is what we should be shooting for!...WE'RE not dead yet!...We just have to keep moving with the only protection we have...Come on Pete...we're gonna have to take this descent slow..."

AJ picks Peter back up and begins carrying him down the descent. AJ continues carrying Peter down the mountain side, with Juan right behind. Only their breathing is heard aside from Peter's groans.

The trio slowly make their way down the mountainside, as the day flies by in front of them. The camera is sped up as they descend the mountainside, finally reaching its base four hours after they start.

They slowly make their way along the newly formed trail, Peter groans with each step. As they continue to walk, they pass a small tree upside down in the ground. AJ and Juan barely notice it, neither say a word as they continue towards camp.

Juan (From behind)
"Tag out...You're tired...slowing down...Let me take him..."

AJ stops, and passes a pale-sweaty, barely conscious Peter to Juan. Peter's eyes flutter, as Juan takes him over his shoulder. AJ takes the gun and bag over his shoulder.

AJ follows Juan and Peter closer and closer to the camp as the sun begins to fade over the mountain.

"C'mon Pete...we got to get you back to camp...Stay awake...we'll get you...some pain killers or somethin..."

"My...bag...get me...my bag..."

In the distance they see their campsite, even in the distance they can see their camp looks destroyed.

"What the...what the FUCK?!"

The camera catches the destroyed campsite as they come closer. The tents collapsed. The food scattered across the ground. Their possessions mixed in the debris.

Juan continues to carry Peter to the fire pit, all while looking at their destroyed campsite. AJ nervously shakes his head as he looks around their littered remains.


"Look for his pills...his drug bag was in my tent..."

Juan slowly sets Peter in the chair, as AJ runs towards the remains of Juan's tent. AJ searches frantically through the scattered debris. AJ finds the torn bag underneath part of a broken cooler. AJ grabs in the bag and pulls out a plastic pill container.

AJ turns and sees Peter setting with his feet up, using both chairs. Juan drapes a sweatshirt, and towel over Peter, as AJ runs back over to them.


"Feed him three of those...He could go into shock...If he's not already...we have to keep him warm..."

Juan starts a fire, then disappears looking into the debris. AJ shoves the pills into Peter's mouth.

"Swallow Pete!...Swallow...good!...Here's another...Pete!...Swallow...Last one..."

Peter fights the pills down, and opens his mouth for more.

Juan (From off of camera)

AJ looks around the mess.

"Where's all of our meat?!"

Juan storms around the campsite, kicking up items as he searches.


Peter (Rambling to himself)
"Just let me...just let me sleep..."

AJ (Yelling into Peter's face)

AJ looks up to Juan, who is throwing stuff behind him wildly.

"NO!...NO!...NO!...GOD-DAMMIT!...It's NOT HERE!...It's back at the fucking 4Runner!..."

"What do we need it for?!"

"It has wrapping, anesthetic, bandages...everything we need to make sure that wound doesn't get infected on our hike back!"

"Let's just get our shit and make our way to the truck?!"

Peter moans in agony. AJ and Juan look to him, then back to each other.

"It took us all day to get him back here!...It will be faster if I ran back and got the shit...You see if you can find a couple of branches that we can fashion a splint..."

"Juan!...It's ON THE WAY!-"

Juan (Interrupting)
"I...WE don't have time!...He will only slow us down...There's NO WAY he can make that hike right now!..I can get there and back in an hour...I'll get back, we can set it, make a walking cast and then head out in the morning...We're not getting anything more out of him tonight...Look at him!"

AJ looks to Peter's slumped head in the chair. His moans barely keeping him awake.

"Keep the gun...You'll need it to keep him protected...I'll be back as soon as I can!...Keep him awake!"

Juan grabs his headlight, and runs across camp; disappearing off into the forest. AJ looks around the camp, with the gun in hand. Peter moans occasionally off of camera causing AJ to turn and look to him.

The camera jumps to the "Go Pro" camera.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

The camera turns on as Juan looks it over, then putting it on his head, he continues to the vehicle.

Juan (To himself)
"I just found Joe's camera...maybe he went to the 4Runner...and dropped this on the way...It was laying right here...

Juan points the camera in the direction, then begins looking around the vicinity.

Juan (To himself)
"...I can't look long...but Joe was here...I mean...this is where he dropped the camera...might be something else we missed..."

Juan pans the camera around the darkening forest, and stops on a tree with something hanging high off its side. Juan walks around, till the image comes clear; the axe is stuck blade first, in the tree; seven feet off the ground.

Juan gasps at the sight, holding the shot on the axe, before looking around quickly. Juan approaches the axe, and grips it with both hands. Juan begins yanking on the axe, even bracing himself against the tree.

Nothing moves the axe, and Juan takes a moment to look around, out of breath.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ walks around camp, picking up bottles of water, and sticks from the fire pile. In the background Peter moans, then is silent in the chair as AJ looks over to him.

AJ heads over to the remains of Joe's tent. Finding his waterproof case, it lays smashed on one side. Opening it, he discovers it full of Joe's tapes, batteries, equipment, and Timmy's file folder.

AJ walks back over to the fire, and Peter. Setting down, he opens the case and looks back down at the file folder.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan looks up from bending over at the axe in the tree. Out of breath, he shakes his head and continues towards the 4Runner.

Juan reaches up and clicks on both lights on his head, as the sun disappears in the sky, and is replaced by a darkening blue. His heavy breaths are heard as he jogs through the thick forest.

His surroundings get darker and darker, as Juan tries to run faster.

Juan (Breathing hard, to himself)

Juan runs through trees, and over tall grass; making his way over the second valley, as the last of the light disappears in front of him.

Juan stops, bending over to take a breather. His heavy breaths are heard as he pans around the valley in front of him.

Suddenly the valley gets quiet, the wind stops moving, and all natural noises seem to stop. Juan holds his breath, still looking around. Juan takes a knee, looking around quickly.

A tree branch snaps from off of camera and Juan wheels around to face the noise. Only darkened trees are seen swaying in the distance, as Juan holds the shot towards the tree line.

From "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ walks around the campsite with the gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Slowly scanning their destroyed belongings he sifts through the debris. Looking around, he stops in the direction of the mounted camera.

AJ starts walking towards its location, and finds the rock wall where it was yesterday. AJ looks around the rocks, and finally sees it lying on the ground, destroyed in pieces.

AJ (Picking up the mounted camera)

It falls to pieces in his hands, and he drops it hearing Peter call out from off of camera.


AJ turns and jogs back to Peter.

AJ (To Peter)
"Another pill?"

"Juan...Where's Juan?"

"Went back to the truck...The first aid kit is there..."

Peter's head bobs and looks up to AJ, as he begins to shake his head.

"No...No...We have to get him...We can't separate..."

"Calm down...You NEED the first aid kit...We're not going anywhere with you in this condition..."

Peter (Starting to stir in his seat)
"No...No...We can't let him go...by himself...we can't...we can't separate..."

AJ (Moving towards Peter)
"Hey...hey...he's already left...He'll be ok...He's running there and back...We're...we're gonna be ok...we just have to wait for him..."

Peter (Losing conscience)
"We can't...we can't let him go...They'll get him...They'll get him..."

Peter's head drops to his chin and begins drift off.

AJ (Quietly)
"Get some sleep buddy...You're going to need it..."

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan films the tree line, holding his breaths as he squats. Juan slowly pans around his surroundings.

Another branch breaks off of camera and Juan's turns to face its direction. Juan slows his breathing, and begins sniffing the air.

Juan (Sniffing the air quietly)

From directly behind him, a loud roar blankets the valley and Juan is up and running before it's silent. His panicked breaths are heard as the camera shakes violently. Juan runs at a dead sprint past trees on the ridge, passing one of the upside down trees, he runs without stopping.

The valley passes by in a flash, as Juan sprints up the other side. Juan trips over himself, falling to his face; he jumps up and continues running in fear. In the distance behind him, what sounds like a large tree snapping and breaking behind him. Juan panics, and is heard breathing as the landscape changes in front of him.

Another loud roar explodes behind him, as Juan is heard panicking as he sprints. Only his arms are seen swinging in camera frame, as he runs down the third valley.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ sets on the ground next to a sleeping Peter. He moans with every breath, but his eyes remain closed.

AJ looks around the silent camp. Only his breathing is heard, as AJ notices his surroundings going quiet.

AJ (Panning the camera around)
"It just...got DEAD silent...no wind...no birds...shit, even the-"

AJ is stopped by a loud roar off in the distance. It echoes off of the campsite, and surrounds him with noise.

AJ pops up, looking in the direction of the vehicle.

AJ (To himself)
"Juan?...JUAN!!...JUAN RUN!!"

AJ pans around the surrounding valley, trying to locate movement.

"Shit!...Shit!...Come on Juan!...Get back here!"

As the roar stops, AJ walks to the edge of camp, looking out towards the valley, then back towards Peter in his chair.

"SHIT!...SHIT!...Oh FUCK!"

Another roar blankets the valley in the distance, and AJ looks around quickly.

Three gunshots ring out as AJ continues looking around.

"JUAN!...JUAN!... (AJ fires three more shots)...Come on you mother-fucker!...Come towards me!"

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (Juan)

Juan runs over the third valley, the camera shakes and bounces, losing focus. Only his loud breathing is distinguishable.

Juan reaches the destroyed vehicle, and slows down. Panning around quickly, he runs over to the 4Runner. Looking around, he wonders around in the debris, kicking belongings out of his way.

Juan looks inside the vehicle, bumping his head on the door frame, the camera falls off to the ground.

The camera settles filming Juan's legs as he frantically searches inside the 4Runner. Juan bangs around inside the vehicle, in his search. The camera vibrates as a thump is heard and felt off of camera.

Juan continues searching the vehicle, as another thump is felt by the camera, this time louder.

Another thump stops Juan completely, as Juan slowly turns and faces out of camera on his knees.

Juan (Kneeling through the passenger window)

Suddenly the vehicle is overtaken by something off of camera, jolting it with a loud crash. A loud roar explodes around the camera, and Juan is pulled out of frame violently.

The camera films the ground as the 4Runner lunges one direction then falls back to the ground, resting on its side. The vehicles metal screeches, and the movement produces a loud crashing noise. The vehicles car alarm goes off momentarily, then dies off.

The 4Runner lunges then rests, and the surrounding forest is quiet again. The wind blows the trees in the background as repeated thumps are heard moving away from the camera. It continues to film the destroyed 4Runner, and the quiet peaceful forest.

-From "Go Pro" Camera- (AJ)

AJ jumps up at the sound of the car alarm. Looking around, no movement is detected outside of the trees swaying in the distance.

AJ (Screaming out)

Peter (Interrupting)
"He's gone!...He's gone..."

AJ looks over to Peter, his head still rests on his chin, eyes closed.


AJ looks around for anything, shaking his head.

AJ (Continuing to look around their surroundings)

Peter begins to move off of camera, and AJ looks back to him.

"STAY right there, Pete!...Do NOT MOVE!"

AJ (Moving to the edge of camp, calling out)

Peter (From off of camera)
"You know this...this is all Timmy's fault..."

AJ (Not looking back)
"SHUT-UP Pete!...JUAN!!...JUAN!!"

Peter (From off of camera)
"They got him....He's gone man..."

AJ spins towards Peter, and storms towards him.


Peter (Shifting painfully in his chair)
"I know MORE THAN you do...about what's out here..."

Peter catches his breath, as AJ looks on to Peter.


Peter (Breathing hard)
"I know...those files say...this is a quarantined area...NO ONE is supposed to be here...They have areas...all over...that are set aside..."

"Shut the fuck up!"

Peter (Continuing)
"...Our government set aside land all over the U.S....as habitats for sasquatches..."

AJ (Looking away)

Peter (From off of camera)
"...It's in there...it's all in there...give me the files...I'll show you..."

AJ looks back to Peter, then continues to call out.


Peter (From off of camera)
"You're wasting your breath...We have to...we have to get out of here..."

AJ (Ignoring Peter)

Peter (From off of camera)
"Give me the files...I'll show you..."

AJ looks back to Peter, then towards their path. AJ moves towards Peter, grabbing the file folder on his way.

AJ (Throwing the files in Peter's lap)
"HERE!...You read...I gotta make you a splint!...We're getting out of here, TONIGHT!"

AJ walks away from Peter, and begins rummaging around their wood pile.

AJ pulls out two long-thick branches, and drops them next to Peter. He continues to search their remains, pulling out a roll of duct tape from Juan's belongings; and returns to Peter. Squatting next to him, he begins attaching the tape and branches to Peter's leg.

Peter barely notices as he scans the files, and pulls another pill from the bottle, chewing on it, continuing to read.

AJ begins fastening the splint to Peter's leg, as he reads and passively throws papers into the fire.

"Hey!...Don't fucking do that!..."

Peter doesn't look up, continuing to read. AJ finishes the splint, and tapes Peter's leg with the remaining duct tape.

AJ (Tearing off the tape)
"There...You should be able to make it back to town with this..."

Peter (Shouting from off of camera)
"THERE!...Right HERE!"

AJ looks up to Peter, who sets forward pointing to a file.

Peter (Reading directly from the file)
"Read it!...It SAYS "families are prone to aggression when confronted by two or more humans...Rangers are prohibited from working in groups of three or more..."

"What is that, Timmy's personal notes?!"

Peter holds up a classified document, then continues.

"...Zones designated at protected areas of the national forests will be monitored by satellite and made to look inaccessible to the public!...Do I NEED to read more?!"

AJ (Looking up)
"Monitored by satellite?...You think SOMEONE knows we're here?!..."

AJ gets up looking to the skies, and catches a steady light moving over head.

"You think THAT is a drone?!...Think we can get their attention?!"

Peter (Continues to read aloud)
"Zones will be...aww shit...zones will have indicating markers around the family habitat with any of the following, scat piles, distinct smells, and...uprooted trees ...sticking...in...the...ground..."

Peter's face turns pale as he looks to AJ.

AJ (Getting up)
"That's it...we're out of here...NOW!...See if you can stand..."

Peter shakes his head, dropping the papers to the ground, he slowly rises. Peter falls back into his seat, grimacing in pain.

"No...no...see if there's anything I can use as a crutch..."

AJ gets up, as Peter pops another pill out of its container, and begins chewing it.

AJ sifts through the fire pile, and grabs a long branch, turning around he catches Peter standing, tossing the files into the fire.


Peter looks back to AJ as the last of the files disappear into the flames.

"Doing us a favor...We get caught with this shit we'd get locked up for stealing classified documents..."

AJ (Running over to the fire)
"That's our EVIDENCE!...We NEED that!"

"For what?...You think we're going to make it out of here?!...ALIVE?!...We're THIRTY MILES from the next town...You're stuck with a gimp...and we have little or no resources!..."

"Pete...I fucking know where we're at!...I'M making it home!...IF I HAVE TO DRAG YOU THERE MYSELF!...Now, come on!"

AJ moves closer as Peter tries to back away

Peter (Limping backwards)
"Go without me!...Dude, I'm only going to slow you down!"

AJ grabs Peter, as he protests.

"No fucking way...I'm NOT leaving you..Come on, come on..."

AJ puts his backpack on, and grabs Peter's. AJ pulls him to his feet, throwing Peter's arm over his shoulder.

"Take this..."

AJ hands the thick wooden branch to Peter, and fishes his arm through the strap on his backpack.

"We're out of here!..."

"Dude...this ISN'T going to work!..."

"SHUT UP!...One foot in front of the other!...COME ON!"

"We should...wait...till morning at least!"

"We're getting OUT of their habitat area...We're getting to the county road...and we'll start a fire road side...We'll be safer out of here...Now, baby steps...we take enough of them...we won't have to worry about being attacked..."

AJ and Peter stumble away from the fire, moving slowly through the campsite.

"Ow, ow, ow....this CAN'T work!...NO WAY am I making it thirty miles..."

"Shut up and walk!...Focus on being found before town..."

The camera speeds up as the two slowly hobble out of camp, and into the first valley. Peter's weight drags AJ to the right as they continue down the hill, AJ begins to stumble, and both fall hard to the ground.

"ARGGGG!...FUCK THIS!...FUCK THIS!...Dude, I'm fading..."

"Shut up Pete!"

"NO!...I mean...I took too many...I'm not going to make it to the 4Runner...We have to turn around...we have to!"

AJ looks down at Peter, who fights to keep his eyes open. AJ looks down at Peter's broken leg. From under the duct tape, a bulge sticks out around the break.

AJ (Looking away)
"Fuck!...(AJ is heard breathing hard as he looks around)...Fuck!...Ok...ok...we're going back to camp...We're going to stay next to the fire tonight...maybe it will keep them away..."

AJ looks down to Peter, his face is blank and not moving.

AJ gets close to his face, and barely catches his faint breathing. AJ takes a couple of deep breaths, then gets up and picks Peter's dead weight up. AJ struggles to get him back to standing, as they slowly turn around and hobble back to camp.

AJ slowly makes his way back to the fire, still illuminating the entire valley. Each step closer takes more and more energy. AJ looks to Peter, who looks completely pale and is covered in sweat. His eyes bounce with each step, and incoherent moans comes from his mouth.

AJ finally reaches the campsite, carrying Peter over to the fire; he drops him to the ground, and falls to his knees.

AJ gets his breath back, then refuels the fire. AJ grabs a sleeping bag and pillow, returning to Peter, he sets out a sleeping spot; and rolls Peter into it.

AJ squats down around Peter's feet, waiting momentarily, he yanks hard on Peter's ankles. Peter stirs, but remains in his coma-like sleep as a small pop is heard as the bulge in Peter's shin disappears.

AJ slowly gets up and drops in the chair. Watching Peter sleep, AJ's chest rises and falls in silence. Lifting himself out of the chair, AJ uses his foot to hook the sleeping bag, and cover Peter.

Setting back in his chair, he looks around the camp. In the distance, trees are heard blowing in the wind, a frog calls out. AJ looks up to the bright moon, then gets up turning the chair away from the fire.

AJ sets in the chair for the next six hours in silence, occasionally tossing logs onto the fire. AJ's head drops in the chair as the sun slowly rises over above the mountain.

The "Go Pro" camera turns off twenty-seven minutes after AJ falls asleep in the chair.

Day 7
Date: Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
Time: 12:15 pm
Location: Routt National Forest

The "Go Pro" camera turns back on as AJ drops the old battery into the waterproof case.

AJ (Sighing)
"Last one...I don't even know why...why this is on...or WHY I'm talking to myself..."

AJ looks back over to Peter, still asleep in the sleeping bag. Walking over, he opens the sleeping bag and checks his leg. AJ walks around camp, picking up more branches, and tent poles piling them next to Peter.

AJ squats and uses them to make a stronger splint out of the pieces. Peter doesn't move, as AJ wraps his leg.

AJ gets up and checks the debris, picking up random bags of food, bottles of water, and handheld weapons; piling them around the fire. AJ begins filling two backpacks with as much as they can hold, occasionally looking up to Peter, who sleeps with his mouth hanging open.

AJ gets up and walks around camp, looking to the surrounding forest. Birds chirp out of sight as the sun shines bright on a clear day.

AJ (Looking to the sky)
"Fucking perfect day..."

AJ looks to the lake, then to his smashed fishing poles, and back to Peter. Walking up to Peter, AJ squats close. Peter's breaths are short and barely audible.

AJ (Shaking Peter)
"Pete...wake up...wake up!...Pete!...WAKE UP!...DAMMIT PETER!...WAKE UP!"

Peter doesn't wake, but snorts and continues sleeping with his mouth hanging open.

AJ gets up, and storms around the camp, looking through the debris. Cursing, AJ returns to Peter, tossing the two backpacks in and zips the sleeping bag up. AJ grabs around Peter's head, and begins to drag the sleeping bag over his shoulder.

Taking slow long-slow steps AJ slowly makes his way across the camp, and into the first valley.

Peter (From off of camera)
"What the FUCK?!"

AJ stops, and lets the sleeping bag go and unravel. Peter emerges from the crumpled heap, with a confused look on his face.

AJ (Breathing hard)
"Oh...you're awake...good..."

Peter tries to get up, but trips in the sleeping bag and falls awkwardly to the ground.

Peter (Grabbing his leg)
"ARGGGG!...My leg!...You grab my pills?!"

AJ grabs in the tangled sleeping bag, and fishes out one of the sleeping bags.

Peter (Looking around)
"THIS is all the further you got me?!"

AJ grabs the pills and tosses them at Peter.

"Tried waking you up an hour ago."

Peter (Popping two pills)
"You ONLY LEFT AN HOUR AGO?!...What time is it?!"

AJ (Looking to his phone)
"Going on 1:30..."

Peter (Looking through his backpack)
"How much sleep you get?"

"Enough...Are we just going to jibber jabber until we get killed or are we trying to get home?!"

Peter (Swallowing a mouthful of water)
"Chill!...CAN I GET a pill and a drink before you rush the guy with a BROKEN-FUCKING-LEG to his feet?!...Seriously dude, I don't know if I CAN even get to my feet man...I mean...I might just have you drag me..."

AJ (Spins looking the opposite direction)
"What was that?!...DID you HEAR THAT?!"

AJ turns back around and Peter is standing, leaning on his crutch, machete in hand.

"That works too..."

AJ wraps the sleeping bag up, and attaches it his backpack; then walks over, throwing Peter's arm over his shoulder they begin slowly walking across the valley.

"Are we ready to go home yet?"

Peter (Grimacing)
"Lead the way...I CAN'T WAIT to get this fixed...I'll have enough pills to last me a year back home..."

AJ (Laughing)
"Well...now...gotta have SOME THINGS to look forward to..."

Time is sped up as the two slowly make their way across the next two valleys, briefly stopping for water and pain killer breaks.

Peter (Out of breath)
"Dude...How much fucking longer till we reach the 4Runner man?!"

AJ looks over to Peter, who is sweating profusely.

"Do you need another minute?"

Peter (Eyes fluttering)
"No...no man...we got to get out of here...keep moving...no matter what..."

AJ continues carrying Peter for a couple of steps, before Peter becomes dead weight and the two fall to the ground.

Peter (Lying on his back, eyes barely open)
"Just keep moving...keep moving..."

AJ sets in the grass, watching Peter fall asleep.

AJ (To himself)
"We'll take a short break...Just a couple of minutes..."

AJ looks around the valley, panning around to the near side of the forest, something hangs in a tree. Too far away to see AJ gets up, and looks back to Peter.

AJ (Sighing)
"I'll be right back buddy...you stay here..."

AJ begins walking towards the tree line, keeping an eye sight on the object ahead. AJ makes his way over to the tee line and can see the object is Timmy's military jacket, covered in blood.

AJ stops, then looks around the empty forest. Slowly, he makes his way closer to the jacket. As he gets close he can see more clothes, all lying around the ground. In the center of the mass of clothes is a huge deep purple stain on the grass.

AJ looks around the eerie scene and what looks to be three sets of clothes, all stained in blood.

AJ looks back to Peter's direction and begins sprinting towards him. AJ runs the entire distance back to Peter, who hasn't moved.

AJ (Shaking Peter awake)
"Wake UP!...We NEED to move!..."

Peter (Waking up, wide eyed and confused)
"Whaaa?...Dude!...WHERE are we?!... (Looking around)...Are you SURE we're going the right direction?!...I don't remember ANY OF THIS!"

AJ looks around with Peter, then groans.

"How much sleep have you had in the last couple of days?!...I think you took us in the WRONG DIRECTION!...DUDE!!...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"

AJ and Peter react separately in frustration.

"How FAR did you TAKE US?!"

AJ (Sighing to himself)
"An hour...maybe two..."

Peter (Shaking his head and looking away)
"You didn't NOTICE?!...DUDE!...IF I DIE cause of you NOT SLEEPING and making shitty decisions...I'm fucking haunting you and Jen!..."

AJ (Grabbing Peter's arm)
"We NEED to walk!...NOT TALK!...C'MON!"

AJ and Peter work together back across the valley as the sun moves against them, and is at their backs when camp is within eye sight. Walking towards the camp is slow across the valley, and camp stays AJ's focal point.

"Should we...start a fire?"

"Keep moving...don't even look..."

As the two walk past, AJ manages to steal a look towards their destroyed campsite. The fire pit still smoldering. Their belongings lay scattered, and moving in the wind.

AJ looks back ahead, the sun beginning to set behind; casting their shadows further ahead of them as they walk.

Peter (From off of camera)
"So much for making it out of here today..."

"Shut up Pete...Have another pill..."

Time is sped up as the two continue hobbling through the valleys towards their destroyed vehicle. AJ stops at the crest of the second valley, just to see to sun disappear over the mountains.

Peter (From off of camera)
"We supposed to be enjoying this or what?"

AJ (Watching the sun disappear)
"Take that pill yet?"

The two make their way over the third valley, and eventually come around the hill to their destroyed 4Runner.

AJ (Letting go of Peter)
"Take a breather..."

AJ gets into his backpack and grabs the head light, and a bottle of water.

AJ (Tossing the head light to Peter)
"...I'm taking a look around..."

AJ walks around the 4Runner, looking towards the ground. The mess of destroyed goods litter the area. Coming around the driver’s side, AJ notices blood on the white vehicle; then the "Go Pro" camera.

AJ (Squatting down to pick it up)
"Over here..."

AJ holds the "Go Pro" up for Peter to see, then continues looking around the 4Runner.

Peter (From off of camera)
"Is it dead?"

AJ (Continuing to look around the ground)
"Don't know...does it matter?"

Peter (From off of camera)
"We could hook it up to Joe's laptop and-"

AJ (Interrupting)
"We don't need to...it will only slow us down..."

Peter (From off of camera)
"The film?"

AJ (Looking to Peter)
"Serious?!...WORRY about SURVIVING!...And how we're going to explain all of this..."

The forest quiets and AJ looks around.

"We need to move..."

Peter (Grimacing)
"Aww...come on!...We BARELY looked the vehicle over...there could be bullets or more flares-"

From off camera a tree snaps and echoes around them.

AJ looks towards the sound and back to Peter.

"Ready now?"

AJ moves towards Peter as he tries to get up.

Another tree snaps and falls from off of camera.

AJ quickly grabs Peter and the two hurry away from the 4Runner. Each step makes Peter gasp out in pain. AJ takes longer strides as Peter can't hold in the pain.

Peter (Gasping with each step)
"Heh!...You still have the gun?!...Heh!...IF they get any closer...Heh!...Fire a shot...or two..."

"Don't think we have enough bullets...One foot in front of the other..."

From off of camera another tree comes crashing down from behind them.

AJ and Peter let out panicked reactions, trying to move faster; their breathing gets more rushed as they rush along the path made by the 4Runner.

Coming around the hill, they enter a brightly lit valley by the moon above. In front of them the valley is a mixture of purples above and greens around them.

From behind them a deep roar overtakes them as they both freeze.

Peter (Stuttering)
"Do...do...do...we...we...we...turn around?"

AJ (Clicking noise off of camera)
"Gun is ready..."

AJ turns around without Peter, and points the gun around in different directions. Nothing is seen other than trees swaying in this distance.

Peter (From off of camera)

"Keep moving!"

AJ and Peter take two steps together before the valley is blanketed by screams coming from all around them. AJ spins around slowly with Peter and gun in hand. Their lights bounce from the trees in front of them. The screams hold, coming from every direction.

One by one the screams die off and silence returns to the valley.

AJ and Peter breath hard, AJ spins completely around with gun raised.

AJ (Shouting out)

AJ looks around the silent forest, waiting for a response.

"May...maybe...THAT scared them?"

A tree snaps to the right and AJ unloads three shots towards the sound. His finger continues pulling the trigger, making it click in the silent night. Their shallow breaths are heard as AJ looks around quickly.

From the darkness, massive thundering roars blanket all around them.

AJ (Screaming)

Their lights illuminates the tall grass as their panicked breaths, and rushed strides hurry them further and further along the trail.

From behind, multiple thumps are heard coming towards them.

AJ (Panicked)

Peter (From off of camera)
"Just...Heh-heh-heh...just leave me!"


Thumps are heard coming towards them from multiple directions, their vibrations shaking the "Go Pro" camera.

AJ and Peter struggle up a slow rising ridge; gasping together they slowly make it up the hill.

Thumps come closer and closer, the camera shakes violently as AJ pulls at Peter.


The thumps overtake them. Without warning , Peter is gone, and AJ falls to the ground with force.

AJ (Looking around quickly)

AJ looks around in the dark forest without seeing any movement. AJ's begins shaking, and hyper ventilating. The camera's light catches something shiny nearby, AJ moves to see it without hesitation.

In front of him, the machete.

AJ grabs it, and spins around looking for response.

AJ (Calling out)

AJ gets no immediate response, continuing to look around.

AJ (Screaming out)

AJ stops in mid sentence, looking up as something large and covered in brown fur comes crashing down in top of him.

The sound of bones crunching, is followed the camera filming AJ's limp right arm. AJ's body twitches, as something is heard breathing outside of the shot.

The camera inexplicably is knocked off AJ's head, the shot resting on his legs. Thumps are heard coming from off of camera, then stopping close. More sounds of breathing are heard off of camera. AJ's body twists and jerks out of the camera's view, as it films the tall grass.

Seconds go by, then an enormous foot is seen taking a step in the camera's view; then disappears.

The "Go Pro" camera continues recording for two hours-twenty seven minutes before powering down without capturing any other noises.

Day 24:
Date: Thursday, July 5th
Time: 1:15 pm
Location: Routt National Forest

Voice over is detailed, Jeff Roberts, brother of Joe Roberts is heard:

"I know what you've just seen may seem bizarre...paranormal...even to some...a hoax..."

Picture stills of remains found by search party, starting with a "Go Pro" camera, and two backpacks. Pictures of uprooted trees, and the destroyed vehicle.

"...I assure you...my brother went to Colorado and NEVER came home...To those of you who want to claim this is some fake Hollywood horror film...Come say it to MY FACE....my family is still grieving...coping with our loss...ALL of our families losses...We didn't just lose one..."

Photo stills are taken by the search party holding up different items from each character. Then searchers finding cameras in different locations.

"...we're Iowan's...we lost a FAMILY of best friends..."

Stills of the search party finding the group's campsite, littered in debris.

"...We lost a family of brothers..."

The final picture is of a smiling AJ, Joe, Juan, Peter and Timmy during their teenage years.

The camera fades to black.
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