Heavy Lies The Crown(Book 3 of QOA)

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It has been 6 months since Tatiana dreamt of her dead mate, six months of her continuing to dream of him. Six months of more and more problems without solutions make themselves known.

Scifi / Thriller
Erin Nicole
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Chapter 1

It had been several months since I had that dream, six to be exact. Six months of dealing with a wound that refused to heal fully despite the regenerative ability that werewolves have. Currently I am sitting in a doctors office as he once again sutures the holes close. I have dreamt of that man every night since then, and every night the wound once again rips open. I can feel a slight tug on my soul, feel the other that waited at the end of the bond that should have been severed along side the head of my dead mate.
"Well." The doctor sighed, "That's as good as I am going to get it. You should really go see a different expert." I growled at him, unhappy with the wound and even unhappier about the implications. Nicolaus and I were still bound, but every night it becomes more and more strained, as if the other mark were stealing its strength from our bond.
"Thanks doc." I said with a flippant sigh. I knew that there was jack shit he could do for such a wound. Things have become a bit unstable since the dreams started, a large pack of rouges began to form. It disrupted a lot of the trade routes that we had set up with all of the packs in North America. And better yet, they had managed to drive the witches into hiding, so the 'professional' that I needed to see practically didn't exist. Nicolaus theorized that something was about to go down and the witches wanted nothing to do with it.
And the motherfucking cherry on this heaping pile of shit cake was the hunters, without the resources of trade and the access to a witch for hire the hunters have been emboldened to wipe out entire packs. Something that hasn't happened since Nicolaus's mother and father had taken care of the three major families. His mother was a hunter born wolf, who held strong powers, powers that we expect to manifest in our youngest child Kade when he turns 21.
"Hello?" the doctor said, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Yes, thank you doctor. I understand who I need to see, but I do not possess the knowledge of where to find said person." So many problems and no fucking clue where to start. The bonds which held my soul twisted painfully, Nicolaus was invading that other as he sometimes did. Roaring his fury at it like he were a rabid beast, I supposed that was fair. The bond was killing me, I knew it and so did everyone else. I hadn't been able to eat much, and I often cough up blood.
Our next move was to talk to an elder about it, one of the ancients of our kind. Perhaps we would be able to get something of use from Asmos, a wolf nearly 190 years old. We aren't immortal, and we don't often get the gift of lasting youth. Asmos was a rare case, though he was pushing into his second century of life he still looked as though he were in his mid twenties. Asmos travelled the world and claims only ends up where the goddess needs him, he showed up at our door two nights ago. Though he has been reluctant to share his information with us, I suspect it isn't particularly happy news.
"Ready dove?" Nicolaus's soothing voice slid into my ear, a gentle hand on my back to steady me. I had been so dazed that I hadn't realized that we had left the infirmary and made our way to the old ones room. I nodded briskly, panic surging from me as Nicolaus put his hand to the door and poised himself to knock. He rapped twice on the door, his hand going up a second time when the door suddenly flew open.
"Come in, come in!" Asmos said, the wild look on his face caused my spine to straighten. His body might have been sound but his mind was showing it's age, the oddity in his movements screamed that he was far more predator than human.
We made our way passed the door, taking a seat on the couch of his suite. "How are you finding your stay?" Nicolaus said, being far more gracious and patient than the last, or even first, time we had tried to convince the wily wolf to open up to us.
"It is perfect, thank you for your hospitality." Asmos said with a bow. "Would you like some tea?" He asked bouncing on the balls of his feet.
"That will not be necessary, but we appreciate the offer." I said with a smile, hot pain shot through my shoulder, causing me to yip in pain.
"It seems like it's time to tell you why I am here." Asmos said, his voice soft and eyebrows creased with concern. "My predecessor lived for nearly two thousand years before he had been slaughtered by hunters. He left a well kept record on all sorts of things, one of these things was a particular encounter he had with a hunter... One that involved his mate bond. He wrote of a family with witch blood, who were able to weaponize the bonds of the dead."
I sat up straight, my eyes focusing on his every word. Someone was able to manipulate bonds? I growled lowly in my chest as he continued talking.
"They killed his mate and then tethered themselves to him, he eventually succumbed to the poisoning of the bond, but before he died he wrote how to stop it." This time Nicolaus sat up, fists clenched as he waited, he knew that if he interrupted the old one and offended him he might withdraw he cooperation. "You have to kill the one who tethered himself to you through your bond or you and your new mate will die" He said, as he finally sat down.
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