Descendants of power.

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Chapter 3: New life

I awoke the next morning to a hustle and bustle, unlike anything I have ever heard before.

I found myself looking up at a fabric roof from my large comfortable bed.

When was the last time I had slept so well? I took in my surroundings for the first time since I arrived.

They told me last night that this would be my room from now on, it had everything I would need. A cupboard, desk, bed, and mirror, even had electricity.

People were shouting and greeting one another. It was music to my new ears.

I got out of bed and walked over to the mirror on the opposite side of my new quarters. I felt awkward and uncomfortable in my skin and my muscles ached, they didn’t seem to move the way I remembered them moving.

I kept my eyes closed as I stood in front of the mirror. Jonathan had told me that I looked very different from when we met at the café, he said that he didn’t recognize me at first.

Some of the changes were positive ones, but a few were simply too drastic for my taste.

I could tell just by looking at my arms and lower body that I was more skin and bone than anything else. I looked as bad as my cellmates did when I first met them.

I thought again of Frank, who had lost his life during his transition. Tears fell silently. I remembered Adwin, who I had heard was now an enemy, I cried for him as well. I remembered the days we spent together, trying to survive.

I wish I knew what happened to them during their transition. How could Frank die? How could Adwin give in and become rogue? Did I ever really know him? I needed to speak to Andrew.

After a few moments, I dried my tears and regained my composure. I still hadn’t looked in the mirror, too terrified of what I would see. Was I a monster now?

I straightened my back and opened my eyes. Monster or not, this was the new me.

I had to hold my scream. The first thing I saw was electric blue eyes reflecting from within sunken sockets. My cheekbones rising like pale mountains over submerged cheeks. I looked like a skeleton covering in nothing but skin. I was revolted by what I saw, but my golden brown hair now held strands of almost every natural hair color there is.

Where they usually fell in the middle of my back, my hair now fell to below my waist. Lack of care has left this mass knotted and dull.

After I calmed down I smiled ruefully at the sight in front of me. I looked exactly how I felt.

“Do you need help?” a strong and smooth voice called from the entryway to my tent.

The voice had changed, but I could still recognize the undertone.

“Sam? Is that you?!” I rushed out to the entrance and looked right into blue reflective eyes and messy blonde hair.

Somehow he had already cleaned up, but he was as thin as I was. His gaze was stronger than ever, even emaciated he was inhumanly handsome. I gave him a tight hug.

“It is you!” I exclaimed happily. He returned the hug affectionately.

“You said I should focus on you, so I did.” his voice rumbled in his chest and warmed my heart.

“Now how about I help you become human again?” he said as he released me and held me by the shoulders.

I could only give him a small smile, knowing he probably understood how I felt. He turned me around and pushed me back into my tent.

“There should be clean clothes for you in the cupboard. I see they left you a decent brush as well and some scissors.” he said as he grabbed the brush and scissors that were left on my desk.

I took the brush but pushed the scissors away. He looked at me with an arched eyebrow.

“I don’t care how long it takes, or how much it may hurt, I’m not cutting my hair.” I told him with a stubborn tone.

“Why?” he asked quizzically.

“I went through a lot to get it this long.” I told him jokingly and his eyes grew large in surprise.

He burst out laughing and returned the scissors to the desk.

“Alright then, no cutting. Get changed first, then I’ll brush out your hair.” he told me as he opened the cupboard and stepped aside.

In the closet, I found a pair of shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. I turned to him, to see what he would do, but he made a grand show of turning his back to me. I stared at it in fascination.

It had grown so much wider than the last time I saw it. He had lost most of his body weight, but he was still strong.

“Why aren’t you waiting outside?” I found myself asking.

He cleared his throat and gave me a sideways glance. For a moment I thought I saw his cheeks flush a little.

“There’s actually something I want to see.” he almost whispered and his cheeks became bright red.

This made me fluster as my thoughts raced to keep up.

“What could you possibly want to see?” I asked, my voice rising an octave higher.

He lowered his gaze and turned back to me, his expression had taken on a sad and guilty look.

“I want to see your back.” he told me as he stopped in front of me.

I didn’t even notice he had started walking. “Why?” I asked dumbfounded.

I was sure there was nothing special to see, it wasn’t as if I had grown wings. His expression darkened further. “Please?” he pleaded with me.

Still confused, I nodded my head and turned around. I took off my shirt and covered my front with it. I kept looking ahead as his fingers traveled over my back.

Goosebumps followed his fingers as they trailed over my sensitive skin. His hand stopped over a spot in the middle of my back.

As his fingers stopped a memory flashed before my eyes. I saw my arms around Sam’s neck as electricity burned across my skin.

“I gave you these scars.” his voice brought me back to reality. It sounded sad and angry. All directed at himself.

“No you didn’t, I gave them to myself when I chose to help you. I am proud of them” I told him as I looked at his reflection in the mirror and our eyes met. He was shocked at my words.

He let out a pained sigh and wrapped his arms around me. “What kind of creature are you?” he asked in a hushed voice.

I could only giggle at him. After a moment he let me go and walked toward the entrance. He glanced back with a gentle smile.

“Get dressed, let me know when you’re done and I’ll help with your hair.” he said and then stepped out.

I was alone again, but I could hear Sam’s heart beating right outside. I found it extremely soothing to know he was nearby. I stood in front of the mirror for a minute longer, turning this way and that. Trying to see the scars on my back.

I gave up after a while and turned to the cupboard and a sudden thought popped into my head.

“You know Sam, you’re not nearly as much of an ass any more. I like you much better this way.” I told him as I got the clothes out of the cupboard and put them on my bed.

I heard him chuckle. “I’m glad you think so.” he said with an amused voice.

It took a little while to get my clothes on, my body felt extremely awkward. None of my muscles worked right and ached as I tried to get the plain grey cotton shirt over my head.

“How you doing in there? Having a hard time?” he asked after a while, I wondered if he heard me groan.

“I’m just about done, but my body feels really awkward and sore.” I told him just as I finally got my shirt over my head.

“It took me nearly twenty minutes to get dressed this morning. I’ve been like this for just over a week. I’m still not used to it myself.” he explained as he poked his head through the entrance, obviously aware that I was finished.

I realized that he must have been kept in isolation at the facility, even after he completed his transition.

His eyes scanned over my body from head to toe and gave me a nod of approval. “Almost perfect.” he said as he grabbed the hairbrush again.

Sam set me down on my bed and began brushing my hair. He began brushing my hair from the bottom up. I could tell he knew exactly what to do.

“You have experience.” I told him as I felt his gentle strokes.

I could feel him untangle knots, but to my surprise, it didn’t hurt. “ what makes you say that?” he asked conversationally.

I smiled at his tone. “Because you obviously know what you’re doing.” I replied happily, enjoying the sensation of the brush stroking my hair.

He chuckled softly. “I have a sister.” he explained.

I realized then that Sam was very mysterious. In the months we had spent together, this is the most we had ever spoken. I wondered why. When we first met he was distant, sometimes even harsh and rude. I wonder when it changed.

“Sam, may I ask a strange question?” I asked quietly, more than a little nervous.

“Go ahead.” he said gently, not oblivious to my nerves.

“When we first met, you were kind of a jerk. What changed?” I finally got the question out of my mouth.

His hands stop working on my hair and I turned to see if I asked the wrong question.

To my surprise, he was looking down at me with an affectionate smile. His eyes, however, seemed a little sad.

“I’m sorry I was a jerk to you. I honestly didn’t think you would survive, so I didn’t want to get close to you.” he answered honestly, but it still hurt.

I turned my face away to hide my expression. My poker face sucked. A warm hand on my shoulder turned my attention back to Sam.

“I was wrong about you. I realized you were different when you fought Sebastian, but your strength made me nervous. I didn’t know you very well.” his eyes had become serious and his smile had disappeared.

“You erased my nerves when you followed your heart instead of your head and charged forward. I could have killed you, I still don’t know why I didn’t.” he said quietly. Referring to the day his transition sent electricity down my back.

His confession made me smile and I leaned into him affectionately. In the last few months, we had become family. This was proven when a familiar voice joined us.

“I’m glad to see you two up and about. May I join?” it was Alexa.

We both turned to her with happiness. “Alexa!” I exclaimed and tried to get to her for a hug, but my body was uncooperative and I tumbled off the bed.

“Oof! Oh come on!” I cried out in frustration.

The ground underneath my hands began to freeze. I freaked out at the sight, but this only made things worse. Alexa and Sam seemed to feel the cooling air and looked toward my spreading ice.

“Miree! Calm down!” Sam rushed toward me and put his hand on my shoulder.

His attempt to calm me down freaked me out more and the ice began spreading faster. My heartfelt as if it would beat out of my chest as memories of the destruction at the facility ran through my mind.

I back paddled as far as the bed, trying to get away from my friends. The ice had begun climbing on the furniture and tent walls and spikes had begun to form. I watched in horror as Alexa began shivering, her lips turning blue.

A burst of hot air suddenly filled the room and my ice shards crumbled off of the wall. A tall and imposing figure stood at the entryway of my tent. He looked down at me with a stern gaze. His expression seemed angry and annoyed. The air grew warmer as his eyes narrowed.

“What the hell is going on here?” his voice boomed throughout the tent and my beating heart stopped dead. My stomach ran cold.

“If you don’t calm down, you will hurt your friends.” he said sternly, his eyes narrowed even more.

His tone was harsh and even a little cruel. I snapped and anger began boiling from within.

His tone of voice and his expression were meant to make me seem stupid and it ticked me off. My heart began thundering in my chest again and my vision began narrowing on him.

“Aaron, you’re an idiot. At least show some consideration.” a gentle voice broke through my anger, but it wasn’t until warmth surrounded me that it subsided.

My heart, however, wouldn’t stop beating out of my chest. I could still feel my power going out of control. The distinct sensation resonating from deep within my being.

“Take deep breaths, focus on my heartbeat.” he whispered in my ear.

“You can hear my heart, feel the rhythm and try to match it.” he continued whispering as he placed my hand on his chest.

Underneath my hand, I could feel the strong and slow rhythm of his heart. His chest rose and fell steadily as he breathed calmly. I instinctively drew closer to him. His strength comforting me. he tightened his arms around me and held me close, I felt him rest his head on top of mine. His presence seeped into my heart and it finally calmed down.


I sat behind my desk, going over the last several hours. I was covered in a thin layer of mostly melted ice.

Aaron handed me a towel.

We finally found the compound when the generator hiding it was shut down. We didn’t ask any questions and called in the local police to help round up suspects.

When we got there, however, we were in for one hell of a surprise. We were still staking out the building when an explosion suddenly rocked the area.

A presence roared throughout the compound as if rippling from the point of the explosion. It seemed somehow distorted. We used this to our advantage and begun breaking through the outer walls of the facility, it was taking too long, and decided to split up and go through the front door.

The first order of business was saving the victims. A few Oclai had already engaged nearby Rogue as we rushed in.

On the way we met a young man that yelled at us. “ this way!” he motioned us over and began running down a hall.

He led us to row after row of holding cells. He also had keys for each door. As he opened each cell the occupants who knew him gave him thanks.

One cell, in particular, caught my attention. It was one of the last ones, it was mostly empty, except for a human woman.

“ Where are the others Alexa?” he asked worriedly.

“Andrew! What’s going on? Adwin and Frank’s transition started a day or two ago. Frank died! I heard a rumour that Adwin became rogue. Sam and Miree are still in their cells!” she yelled as she ran from her cage. She was frantic.

Only one name caught my attention. “Hold up, you know Miree? Is she here?” I grabbed the guy named Andrew on the arm as he turned to leave.

He looked at us in surprise; as well as sadness and worry. “she’s not in this section any more, she used to be held in this cell; along with three men and Alexa. One guy’s transition began about a little over a week ago, Miree’s transition kicked in a little while later. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was the cause of that explosion.” he said worriedly.

A sick feeling began pooling in my stomach, it got worse when I noticed how emaciated this Alexa was.

“Why would that not surprise you?” I asked with suspicion. From what little I knew of Miree, she seemed too gentle for such a feat.

Andrew’s brows knitted together. “Her transition is different.” he replied.

I didn’t quite understand what he meant, but we were running out of time. I decided to focus on what was important.

“Was she alive the last time you saw her?” I asked hesitantly.

His face paled a little. “She was.” he looked away, further down the corridor.

“But she was awake. Sedatives stopped working when her transition began.” his voice was nearly a whisper and was suddenly drowned out by the sound of another explosion.

Cold air rushed throughout the hallway. Andrew’s posture suddenly changed. “we need to get these people out of here.” he said and began rushing everyone out of the compound.

On the way out, Andrew rushed down another hall and disappeared for a minute. He returned with a blond man draped over his shoulder.

“Who the hell is that?” I asked exasperated, but the woman named Alexa squealed happily.

“You found Sam!” she said as she draped his empty arm over her shoulder. I recognized the name. The woman mentioned it before.

With Andrew leading the way, we got everyone out within a matter of minutes. A few Oclai were still fighting off Rogue, but they were just about done by the time we reached the meeting point. We took a quick inventory of everyone present and Andrew told us that this was everyone, except Miree.

“Do you know where she is being kept?” I asked Andrew when he finally stopped in front of me.

“I do, but she wasn’t in there when I went to get Sam. The door to her cell had been blown off.” he answered with worry evident on his face.

“Where would she go?” I asked him urgently.

“I can’t say for sure, she would probably try to get out, but she would have to go through the lab.” he answered quickly.

“Stay here, I’ll go find her.” I said and ran back into the compound. I used my Oclai vision to find the lab, but what I found surprised me.

Most of the lab was covered in ice. I followed the path of destruction and came across a broken tank. It was completely covered in multiple layers of ice. The quality of this ice was astounding. It was completely clear and flawless, looking more like crystals than ice. It was also extremely cold, probably the reason why it hasn’t melted yet.

There was no doubt that this ice was created by someone who was fairly powerful.

As I was looking around I saw a door off the side of the lab. When I opened it I saw a small office. It was mostly empty, a few papers were scattered on the desk along with a computer and a file. There were no other files anywhere in the room. Not even a filing cabinet.

I found this strange. They must be keeping the subject files somewhere else. I thought to myself as I walked to the desk. There was a name on the file and I thought it must have been destiny. I was about to sit down and read Miree’s file when I realized the temperature had dropped drastically.

At the same moment, a distorted presence entered the lab with the crunch of ice underfoot. It was consumed with rage, yet somehow it seemed unnaturally pure and beautiful. I decided not to stick around any longer, but I made sure to take the file with me. I was just about to sneak out when I saw who had entered from the other end.

She had begun destroying the lab, ice invading every inch of the space. She had not yet noticed me and I took this opportunity to look at her. She was emaciated, her hair was waist length and tangled. She had turned her back to me, so I didn’t see her face, but the color of her hair caught my attention.

I’ve seen that unique hair color only once before. In my mind I placed an image of the young chef over the image of this woman, the hair color was the same. I remembered then that Andrew said the first explosion could have been her doing, meaning she must have completed her transition and has gone out of control. I tuned into her presence again, feeling the rage, the determination, and willpower. I dug deeper and deeper, trying to find some part of the girl I had met before.

What I found enchanted me in a way I couldn’t explain. Kindness, determination, stubbornness, a kind of compassion and love that I have never before seen in a human.

Instead of destroying those aspects of her personality, her transition reinforced and strengthened them. She was the purest Oclai I had ever seen in my life.

“ Miree, is that you?” I finally asked when a rumbling sound brought my attention back to reality.

She may have been amazing, but right now she was out of control. She turned around at the sound of my voice, when she did I let out a slight gasp. Her eyes were glowing white. It was both captivating and terrifying.

She looked at me and I could see the gears working behind her eyes, but her body was doing something else. Sharp shards of ice broke from their places along the wall next to me and made a beeline for my head. I realized at that moment that she wasn’t using her ice power, but was using telekinesis.

Just as I was about to become a frozen pin cushion a roar of fire rushed past my face and melted the shards, as well as most of the lab.

“What’s taking so long?” Aaron’s voice sounded behind me.

I nearly had a heart attack, but Instead of kicking his ass, I decided to let him know why.

“Aaron, I think that’s Miree.” I told him in a surprised voice.

I could feel his shock, even though he was standing behind me.

“What? You mean the chef that went missing? It’s been months.” he said with utter disbelief.

“I know, but look at her. She seems really similar.” I tried to keep my voice down, never taking my eyes off the woman.

Right then she reminded me of a temperamental snow queen. “ Either way, she is dangerous.” Aaron said and I felt his presence increase.

A sure sign that he was planning on attacking her. I understood his reasoning, but every instinct was shouting at me. She may have been the most terrifying female I have ever encountered in my life, but I could tell she was hurting.

Aaron had moved in front of me, keeping me out of his line of attack, but I stopped him by placing my hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t attack, she’s one of us.” I told him with my captain’s voice.

I remembered the file I had in my hand and used it to tap Aaron’s arm, bringing it to his attention. He looked at me with confusion and annoyance, but took the file and watched me inch toward her.

I lifted my hands in front of me, showing her I wasn’t armed and that I meant her no harm. I felt as if I were trying to talk down a raging dragon with a bomb strapped to its back. She confirmed it when she released her presence again, stopping me in my tracks. She was trying to intimidate me.

I have to say, it was working. I had no natural defense against her ice, I was not a fire wielder. I knew I was in a tight spot, but I couldn’t back down now. So I released my presence, letting her know I was not backing down.

I may not have a natural defense against her, but I could still hold my ground if I needed to. I had far more experience than she did. I made sure to keep it calm and steady, telling her I was not an enemy.

“What the hell are you doing?” Aaron hissed behind me, clearly nervous about my intentions.

“I’m trying to reason with her.” I told him with determination.

I made it clear that I would not be talked out of it. She had to be handled some way, I’d rather not resort to lethal measures if there wasn’t another way.

“Are you nuts? Even if she is Miree, she has gone out of control.” Aaron hissed back.

He wasn’t wrong, at that moment she was a very loose cannon. One that had a nuke in its barrel. I looked into her eyes again, this time closely. To my surprise, I saw her eyes reflecting blue underneath the white glow. Even though she was raging right now, she was still Oclai.

She’s probably freaking out. she doesn’t know what’s happening to her. Underneath the rage, I felt her fear. I felt compassion for her then. My heart ached for her when I remembered the happy woman who had served us. She was vibrant and filled with life, now there was almost no trace of that person left.

“look at her eyes. She is angry and overwhelmed, but underneath the glow her eyes are still reflecting blue. She is still one of us. It doesn’t matter who she is.” I replied to Aaron’s previous comment.

I realized something then. I doubled my focus on her to confirm my suspicion. There was very little darkness inside her. It was completely overshadowed by light.

“At least let me handle her then, you have no real defence against ice.” Aaron offered, he didn’t realize that I had already considered that.

“No, intimidation could set her off.” I told him warningly, I wanted him out of this. He could most likely have taken her on, but I was worried about her second ability, Oclai rarely had just one.

“My name is Jonathan. I’m here to help. I promise I won’t hurt you.” I told her kindly.

I spoke to her as I would speak to a terrified child, with reassurance and kindness.

“I believe we’ve met before, at the restaurant where you work.” I spoke to her with a familiar tone, gambling that it was indeed Miree.

If it wasn’t for her, the conversation would have become awkward real fast.

“You ordered tea.” she spoke for the first time.

My heart leaped out of my chest. I even heard Aaron gasp quietly behind me. Her voice reminded me of a winter landscape covered in glowing crystal flowers. It was almost the same as her human voice but had become far smoother and clear.

Exactly what you would expect an Oclai to sound like. Right now though, there was no joy in her voice and my heart clenched. The confirmation left me more sad than relieved. I never thought she would survive the transition.

“That’s right. It was incredible.” I replied with a compliment, trying to see if it would stir something up.

“It really is her.” Aaron said behind me, as shocked as I was.

I also heard the sadness he hid behind his surprise. Her eyes moved to him and I could see she recognized him as well. The intelligence in her eyes was unnerving. It was as if she could see through you.

“This is Aaron, he is a friend.” I introduced him to her to keep her attention on me.

I was worried that she might see him as a threat. I also used this opportunity to say what was on my mind.

“I am so sorry we couldn’t save you sooner, but I’m here now and I want to help.” as I spoke the words I moved to stand as close to her as I dared.

Her eyes widened a little and she intensified her presence. Standing so close to her I felt as though I was standing in the Arctic while wearing nothing but swim shorts. I felt Aaron ready himself for attack and knew that I was running out of time.

As if to confirm my fear it began snowing violently. Snowflakes danced around her in a protective flurry. The fact that she could change the weather inside a building was a testament to her strength and I couldn’t decide if I should be terrified or impressed. I chose to be both. I pushed on, knowing I was too close to my goal to stop.

“Don’t be afraid, you are safe now.” I told her as I kept moving toward her, through the snow.

I made sure to keep my hands where they were, desperate not to become an ice statue.

She moved a stepped back when I stopped in front of her. Her face was now full of confusion and fear. For a short moment, I thought I saw a spark of madness. It was something I knew well and had seen plenty of times. I even saw the look in the mirror more than once. Her presence began reflecting her fear and I knew this was my only chance.

I only had one idea. I threw my arms around her tiny body. I was overcome with anger and sorrow when I felt for myself just how thin she had become. I could feel every bone in her body through our clothes. What made it worse was that she was as cold as her surroundings. I couldn’t tell if it was because of the thin clothes she had on or it was her powers, but she didn’t seem to notice.

She began struggling a little, trying to push me away. She had considerable strength, but I was far stronger and only held on tighter. A silent gesture that I was not letting go of her. I whispered the first thing that came to mind into her ear, not caring how stupid I sounded.

“I’m your friend, let me help you get back to your family and friends. They miss you.” slowly she stopped squirming in my arms.

The silence was deafening and I worried if she could feel my thundering heartbeat. At this range, she could turn me into an ice cube without blinking. To my surprise and relief, her body began warming up and after a little while, she slumped into me.

She was still cold, but no longer frigid. Her heartbeat began slowing as she calmed down. The snowstorm also died and only silence remained. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding and scooped her into my arms, where she lay cradled close to me.

I felt a smile spread across my lips as I looked down at her. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. They were no longer glowing, only reflected brightly. The trust I saw in them warmed me down to my core. A sensation I had never experienced before.

“Let’s get you out of here, you have a friend outside that’s worried about you.” told her gently, but she didn’t smile back at me. She only nodded tiredly.

The evening sun was warm and brilliant, but it made Miree squint and place her hand in front of her face. Her new eyes weren’t used to sunlight. A moment later, however, she surprised me by deliberately looking up toward the sun, her expression finally relaxing.

I saw for the first time just how beautiful she had become, even though she was emaciated. She gave a slight smile as the sun warmed her face. I realized that I couldn’t keep her to myself any longer as we reached the entrance where the others were waiting.

A small crowd had gathered, many of them were prisoners and guards. Aaron had now walked on ahead after he followed us out of the hole in the lab’s wall that caved in. he reached the crowd first and they went into a frenzy. Miree didn’t seem to notice, she seemed nearly asleep.

“Did you find her?” Andrew asked Aaron anxiously.

“She’s here.” I announced the moment I was within earshot.

I looked down at Miree to see her confusion. “Your friend.” I told her as I motioned toward Andrew, who was now running toward us.

He didn’t even give her a chance to see him when he pulled her out of my arms and squished her to his chest. Anger and slight jealousy cropped up in my heart, though I had no idea why. At most I should have simply been annoyed, and I was.

“Are you ok?” Andrew asked as relief flooded his features.

I could tell he cared about her. “Andrew?” she asked tentatively, making sure it was him.

At the sound of his name, he hugged her closer. “I am so sorry I didn’t do this sooner.” he told her and I realized that was not a conversation I wanted to be a part of, so I moved a few steps away.

Aaron saw me move away from the crowd and joined me.

“What are we going to do with her now?” he always did like asking the hard questions.

I gave only a sigh, I had a feeling she was going to cause a great deal of trouble.

“We take her in, teach her what she needs to know and take it from there.” I told him as I looked at her from afar.

I wasn’t listening to their conversation, but the expression on her face bothered me. I was already on my way back when I heard her.

“Who didn’t make it?” she asked Andrew, sadness already filling her features.

“You can talk later.” I told them, but I made sure to keep my voice gentle.

I didn’t want to show how much their conversation was bothering me. This was not the time to tell her what she has lost. To my extreme surprise and immense annoyance, she glared at me. She glared at me, shooting daggers at me with her reflective eyes.

“No, I need to know now.” she told me with stubbornness in her voice.

I squinted at her. In the last few years that I have been Captain, no one has ever defied me. I arched my eyebrow at her, she continued staring. I looked toward Andrew for help, but he only gave a lopsided and emotionless smile. He had chosen his side and it wasn’t mine.

“Frank and Adwin’s transitions began shortly after yours did. Frank didn’t make it. Adwin has gone rogue.” he told her and I watched as her heart broke.

She placed her hands on her face and slightly curled in on herself. I could no longer stand still and took her from Andrew’s arms. She looked up at me then, her eyes a little red. I could see she was at her limit.

“Rest, you can talk later.” I told her, this time I used authority. Not inviting any discussion. She simply nodded slightly and rested her head on my chest.

Once home we placed her in an empty tent we set up only hours before. She was fast asleep and didn’t respond in any way when I placed her in the bed.

Many hours later, after her morning freak out. I returned to my tent and was numbly looking at her file as Aaron paced on the other side, he hadn’t stopped ranting since we came back from Miree’s tent.

After she calmed down We left her in the care of her friend Sam and returned to my office.

“That girl is dangerous. I have never seen someone with so little control!” Aaron said with indignation.

“Maybe if you didn’t treat her the way you did things wouldn’t have gotten so far out of hand.” I shot back at him.

I was furious at the way he acted toward her and made no effort to hide it.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” he glared at me.

“First you scared the living snow out of her, then you treated her as though she was stupid.” I reminded him bluntly.

“I treated her like a child, because she is one.” he retorted defensively. I finally looked up at him from the file.

“I said you acted as if she were stupid, not a child. I never realized how much you suck at handling women. And she is a woman, not a child. It’s a wonder that you are still popular among them.” I told him with a smile.

He leveled me with an “I’ll kill you.” look.

“What the hell are you reading anyway?” he changed the subject gracefully, but I could only sigh as I pushed the file toward him.

He picked it up and scanned through it. When he realized what it was, he looked at me with surprise.

“It was on the desk in the office where you found me. The head scientist must have been working on it when she broke out.” I explained as he read through it.

With every page that he read his eyebrows rose higher. His face turned pale as he read the last report. When he was done he sat on the chair across from me and tossed the file on the desk.

“bloody hell.” he whispered after a while.

“Indeed. Turns out she was far more unique than we first thought.” I replied sadly.

According to the scientists, Miree had been born with the mutation gene. When they activated it she became immune to all forms of drugs and sedatives they had.

“They had to physically knock her out when her transition first kicked in. they dosed her twice with elephant grade sedatives and it did nothing. It also means….” I trailed off, unable to voice the horrible truth.

Andrew had said she was awake during her transition, I didn’t fully understand what he meant until now.

“She really was conscious during her transition. She felt her own body destroy and rebuild itself. Over and over again.” he was whispering at the end of his sentence, guilt and worry shadowing his face.

“No wonder she’s so unstable.” he was talking more to himself than to me, but I was thinking the same thing.

“So what now?” Aaron asked after a while, his anger faded in the face of the report.

“We train her, teach her how to control her power. Sam needs training as well.” I told him with a suggestive look.

His expression became grave and gave a heavy sigh. “what do you suggest? Shall I train Miree?” he asked nervously, I shook my head.

“You should train Sam, you have more in common. I’ll take Miree.” I told him as I stood, suddenly reminded of her small frame in my arms.

She was cold again when I tried to calm her down. Her heart was beating like a hummingbird. I remembered the sensation of her cool hand on my chest.

I found myself instinctively placing my hand where hers was just a little while ago.

“What’s bothering you now?” Aaron broke through my train of thought.

“I was thinking of her heartbeat, did you hear how fast it was beating?” I asked him absent-mindedly.

“I heard, it was beating dangerously fast. It’s a little troubling.” he replied quietly. I agreed quietly as we walked out of my office.


After I had taken a moment to calm down completely Sam took me by the arm and gave me a once over.

“Is Alexa alright?” I asked nervously, feeling guilty about what I had done. I looked up to see his gentle smile.

“She will be alright, Captain Jonathan got her out in time.” I sighed with relief.

“Thank goodness.” I whispered to myself, he patted my back in reply.

“Why don’t we get breakfast?” he offered with a kind smile. I nodded and got up. Already thinking about my first decent meal in months.

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