Elysium Phomos (A2E#01)

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Setting up in 1458 Darian (Martian Year), in the middle of capital area of peaceful Martian society, "Hellas", once upon a time, lives a teenager named Zephytra Horraces. Born as an anti-social non-majik descent, she used to hate everything related to non-sense stuff that majik society created in their society. Becoming the youngest overachiever scientist across Martian society is her only life's objective, until she finally met Marzuka Grouvelm, the First and Only Daughter of Sabaca Chancellor - who is also running the Martian Prime Ministry next Election, and Hidagio Sevalas, son of Arlegio Sevalas, the most poweful 'majik' Isidis Slayer. Long story short, Zephytra, Marzuka, and Hidagio befriended each other, facing typical Martian teenagers conflict, not knowing that they secretly involve in the political conflicts of the adults... Until at some point, the tension suddenly feels real. No more peaceful, controlled society. Zephytra, Marzuka, and Hidagio may blame Phobos and Deimos - the Gods of Martian, but what will it take for them to fight their own fate?

Scifi / Fantasy
Naomi Chen
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Welcome to Martian life.

Setting up in 1,458 Darian (Martian Year), a fast-advanced civilisation is dominating the life in Mars, the fourth planet from the solar system. The martian society divided into several castes: lower caste creatures like what known as Wanes and Fizzles; and higher caste creatures like Huranus (huran for singular). The society has reached the advancement of building a better life for ‘huranity’ (yeah, you get it, ‘humanity’).

Huranus also divided into two significant categories per their raw ability: the ‘majik’ and ‘non-majik’. Rozua is the name of only pure race for majik huranus. At the same time, Ocheist is the pure race of non-majik huranus. Rozua and Ocheist are like the continuum. However, thorough the time, the whole society itself have assimilated. There also several huran races besides those two: the Serez , the Victori, and the Lexterian.

The whole planet is currently divided into several areas, which known as Zones. Some zones are dedicated for only pure majik huranus. But mostly, at the moment, the Zones already acculturated. In general, non-majik and majik huranus live together peacefully. Majik huranus helped Non-majik in building the technology and advancement for a better society. All Martian is united under the leadership of the Martian Prime Minister, who got elected every three to five Darian (Darian’s length is twice longer than Earth’s).

It is just like another sol (day) in Mars. Blue sun, orange sky, and a hustle-bustle, modern artificial society. Although Martian communities are smaller than Earth’s, the huranus live together and respect each other. The crime’s number is relatively small and soft cases. In brief, they live a happy life without resenting others.

That is, as they said, a balanced society. However, the question is: until when they can maintain it?

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