The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 10

The bridge crew on the Challenger watched in shock as the monster approached till there was a beeping sound from Gross’s station, Gross, “Sir I’m detecting a large object closing in on the planet fast!”, Michael, “What is it and where is it heading?!”, the object burned through the atmosphere and Sprite and Arsenal watched as the monstrous beast rose its hand high in the sky but saw the object flying down from space and the creature looked in their direction right before a metal hand appeared from the flames and punched the creature hard in the face and knocked it down on a lava flow on the ground and cried out in pain. The object abruptly stopped before hitting the ground and a pair of metal feet appeared from boosters beneath its feet before it landed. It appeared out of the smoke revealing it to be the Iron Giant, Iron Giant (arms pulled back), “Superman!”, Sprite, Arsenal, and everyone else including the minions and Satan looked up puzzled, Satan, “Someone lost a few screws.”, the USS Exodus (Reliant class) proceeded towards the beast in orbit and fired all weapons where the Iron Defenders were firing but then the same beast fired flames the size of a volcanic eruption at the Exodus. As Michael saw the ship consumed by flames he sat up alerted, Michael, “Hail...”, comms, “Sir I’m receiving a transmission Captain Michaels of the Exodus and he says they are a’okay but they cannot control the fires and they are readying to abandon ship.”, Satan (voice), “Nice resistance Michael, but I have a trick card up my sleeve. Gendo, release your EVA’s!”, a dozen angel beasts (like the white ones in End of Evangelion) appeared bursting forth from a lava pool and proceed towards the fleet. Everyone on the bridge of the Challenger watched as they came towards them, Gross, “Sir we lost shields!”, helm, “Warp drive is inoperable!”, they all looked with helplessness as they came towards them, Satan (voice), “Is there anything you can do to save your people now Michael?”, and he laughed but Michael looked determined till all of a sudden the lead EVA was sliced in half as the VerKa Gundam appeared from overhead with its beam saber and flew right at the other EVA’s and sliced them apart as well firing its rifle at the same time. The Iron Giant then fired its feet boosters and hit the octopus like beast from below and began pushing it away from the planet when the other mobile suits joined in and assist the Iron Giant while what’s left of the fleet fired its weapons on the wounded spot causing the beast to weaken as the Iron Defenders also assisted the other mobile suits and the Iron Giant, Michael, “EVERYONE GET BACK!”, the anti-matter torpedo fired from the Challenger and all the suits and ships flew away as the torpedo went into the beast’s mouth and ended up swallowing it.

There was a large violent explosion as the beast was blown apart and everyone on the bridge covered their eyes from the bright light as chunks of burning debris flew by and down towards the planet and as Sprite, Arsenal and the others tried to find cover as the debris started falling towards them the Iron Giant flew down and covered them and the red shirts hid beneath as the pieces rained down like a shower of meteors and artillery explosions as the minions were hit and Satan ran into his temple for cover dodging the explosions. Once it ended the Iron Giant stood up and the others looked around to see the destruction and dead minions, security guard, “Looks like the worst is over.”, Satan (voice), “GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF THE FIRE AND GET THEM!”, more minions came out of the volcanic ground and lava flow with weapons in hand and surrounded them, guard to the other, “You had to say that out loud?”, as the minions howled and charged after them the red shirts energized their weapons and formed a circle with their weapons trained on the minions and looked with determination as Green Comet unsheathed her samurai swords and Arsenal pumped out his mini guns while the Iron Giant’s eyes turned red with anger and transformed into weapons mode. When the minions were close enough as they charged the red shirts fired as Green Comet sliced, kick and punched the others while Arsenal unleashed his gatling guns from his wrists and one on each shoulder and fired away as he roared and the Iron Giant activated its weapons systems and fired wiping out hoards of minions only for more to reappear from the lava and volcanic ground, Satan (appearing from inside his temple), “This entire planet can form my army! No matter what you do I still have an unlimited supply of soldiers!”, and he laughed. On the Challenger the bridge crew looked in shock as more minions and large creatures appeared from the volcanic ground, Gross, “Captain, what do we...”, all of the sudden the proximity alarm went off and a Reliant class starship flew right in front of them in flames on the viewer and most of the bridge crew and Michael ducked, Michael, “WOAH!”, and they all watched as the ship entered the atmosphere, Michael, “What was that?!”, Gross, “Sir, it’s the USS Exodus!”, and they all looked surprised.

On the ground Sprite and the others fought ferociously with Arsenal from time to time grabbing one or more minions and throwing them away like softballs or smashed them on the ground or at each other when they heard a sonic boom and they all looked up to see the Exodus bearing down towards Satan’s Palace with Hell’s Gate behind it in flames or smoking. Satan watched in horror as he saw and heard with his sensitive hearing Captain Michaels screaming with anger, Michaels, “DEATH TO SATAN!”, the Iron Giant then transformed back to normal and flew scooping up Sprite, Arsenal and the security teams out of the courtyard and to the side just in time as the ship crashed nose first into the courtyard cleaning a path from Satan’s minions. This wrath of destruction caused tremendous explosions as the warp nacules were crushed beneath the ship and created to large explosions on the sides making waves of flames and plasma that wiped out dozens of Satan’s minions as Satan watched in shock and anger till he saw the ship was closing in on him, Satan, “OH SHIT!”, and he tried running away as the wrath of destruction still continued that Satan’s Palace was smashed thru by the saucer section that the palace was just obliterated as the saucer section appeared out of the smoke and debris as it kept moving until it stopped just at the foot of Hell’s Gate. From the smoking wreckage a large column and some rocks fell away as someone grunted and Satan stepped out and brushed himself from debris, Satan, “That fool. He should know that he can’t kill me.”, he then looks around and sees the path of destruction and his dead minions and he grew with rage, Satan, “THAT SON OF A BITCH!”, he then looked over and sees the two pronged column Hell Gate is still intact and sighs and smiles with relief, Satan, “At least he was kind enough to be a little short and spare me my ultimate weapon.”, he walks up to it and laughs as a black hole with smoke surrounding it appeared and started to grow bigger creating a lightening storm overhead and some wind. Green Comet, Arsenal, and the others stood to watch but knew it was too late as they were too far, Satan (yelling over the lightening and wind), “It has come! The Age of the Apoclypse, and this galaxy will be mine!”, then a rock struck him in the back of the head and he cried out in pain causing the storm to subside but still left a black hole about his height, Satan, ’WHO DID THAT?!”, and as he looked back he sees Michael in his red uniform holding his phaser, Michael, “Only way to get attention through that thick head of yours.”, Satan laughed, Satan, “It is too late. You lost, I won and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”, Michael (crossed his arms), “Really?”, there was a dull mechanical thump sound and a anti-matter pod from beneath the Exodus’s rear fell through what was a viewing floor in Satan’s Palace and fell into the black abyss till there was a small flash and a distant explosion occurred before the planet began to shake. Satan (shocked), “What have you done?!”, Michael, “The planet’s core is now destabilizing thanks to your viewing floor in your palace.”, Satan (face grew redder with rage and eyes turned solid red), “I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!”, but before he could step forward Abby appeared from behind on his back and bite him in the neck.

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