The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 12

When they reached a safe distance they rendezvoused with the remaining five ships of the fleet where two Olympic class starships were holding position. Michael, “Casualty report.”, Gross, “Two dead, 52 wounded. Our ship is lucky sir.”, Michael, “The rest of the fleet?”, Gross, “Still accessing.”, comms, “Sir I’m receiving a transmission from Zhargosia Command.”, Michael, “Patch it through on visual.”, Grosh, “Captain Valkyrie this is Admiral Grosh speaking on behalf of the Zhargosia Command, Starfleet reports a small ship no bigger than a shuttle craft drifting through space in the Beta Quadrant and they want one of our ships to investigate.”, Michael, “Admiral there must be other ships.”, Grosh, “We do but unfortunately the crews have no experience with space travel yet and you are the only one with experience and a ship that is not severely damaged. The area in question of where the craft is sent to your science officer. Good luck captain, Admiral Grosh out.”, Michael, “Do you have the coordinates?”, Gross, “Yes sir. I recommend we proceed at warp 5 and we should be in the area in two and a half hours.”, Michael, “Affirmative, helm set course on the coordinates warp 5. Communications send my apologies to the rest of the fleet and we will meet them at home base.”, the Challenger veered right away from the fleet and went to warp. Heero Yuy appeared on the bridge and Michael turned his chair to him, Michael, “Heero! Why are you here and not...”, Heero, “I read the report that you didn’t have a pilot on the Gundam ready. I decided to render my services till one is ready.”, Michael, “That is thoughtful of you but you have a more important mission and right now the other pilots are already about to be sent to Beta-Epsilon while you are still here!”, Heero, “They can take care of themselves.”, Michael, “Yes they could but your Gundam is more powerful than theirs and no one can fill in your spot!”, silence as Heero looked down with frustration and disappointment, Michael, “Well, don’t worry Heero. Once we complete this short mission we will send you back when they would be on the planet a couple of days before you arrive. In the meantime I suggest you keep practicing on your maneuvers and targeting systems.”, Heero (stood at attention), “Yes sir.”, and he left while Michael stared back at him as the turbo lift doors closed. Once his watch was over with Michael entered his cabin and just removed his boots before flopping back on the bed with a look of exhaustion ignoring Chloe laying on her side facing him wearing just a blue robe. Chloe, “Long day?”, Michael, “You have no idea.”, he looked at her curiously, Michael, “Are you not upset that your father has escaped?”, Chloe, “I hacked into Starfleet Security’s database and added my father to the Most Wanted list.”, Michael sat up surprised but was forced down as Chloe sat on him, Michael, “Hacked?! You better hope they...”, Chloe, “Would find him based on the multiple violations against Starfleets rules and his relationship to Krome. They won’t care who hacked and added him to the system because he is more important at this point.”, she then leaned over and started undoing his uniform, Chloe, “Now let’s get this off so I can give you your reward.”, and he laughed as she smiled and undid his strap and opening his top to reveal his white undershirt.

There was a beep noise and Michael reached over to his right and pressed a button on top of an alarm clock like box, Michael, “Yes.”, Gross (voice), “Sir we are about to reach the area of the unknown craft.”, Michael (lying back in bed), “I’ll be right up.”, he turned over to his left to face Chloe who stirred but still laid on her right side trying to sleep, Michael, “Duty calls Chloe. Keep the bed warm for me.”, she moaned in agreement and he kissed the tip of her nose and she smiled with her eyes still closed. Michael appeared on the bridge and sat in his chair, Michael, “Report.”, Gross, “We have reached the area in question but so far I...”, there was a beep sound on the helm’s station, helm, “Sir sensors detect an emergency locator beacon!”, Michael, “Where?!”, helm, “Coordinates 225 mark 67.2.”, Michael, “Intercept.”, helm, “Aye sir.”, the Challenger moved at half impulse towards the coordinates where a round almost egg shaped pod floated in space and Michael and the bridge crew saw it on the main viewer, Michael, “Engage tractor beam and beam it in the hanger bay and have two security personnel standby with Crow and Arsenal till I arrive.”, comms, “Yes sir.”, Michael, “You have the bridge commander.”, and he got up and entered the turbo lift. The door opened in the hanger bay and Michael entered with the security personnel, Crow and Arsenal waiting. Michael then went to the comm panel and pressed a button, Michael, “Transporter room, beam the emergency escape pod in the hanger bay.”, voice, “Yes sir.”, the large pod materialized and Michael saw there is a small viewing window on the top as the pod laid back. Crow looked in and a surprise look appeared on his face, Crow, “Arsenal check the air status quick!”, Arsenal hunched over and looked at the pod curiously till he grabbed a panel and tore it off to reveal a small digital display and a few buttons and Arsenal pressed them a some numbers displayed, Michael (concerned), “Doctor what is it?”, Crow, “How much time left and oxygen levels?!”, Arsenal, “Level minimum, time two days.”, Michael, “Crow what’s going on?!”, Crow scanned the pod with a tricorder, Crow, “Okay Arsenal, open it.”, Michael, “Now just wait a minute! I’m the captain and my concern...”, the pod door open to reveal a late teenage boy lying back with a late teenage girl curled up by his left side and embracing him both sound asleep in blue jumpsuits.

The boy and girl were in sickbay still asleep on the beds while Michael watched at the foot of the beds, Michael, “So you are saying they have been in an emergency pod meant for one for a little over two years on minimal air support and induced coma?”, Crow, “Exactly. They are very lucky and no doubt desperate to live no matter what the risks. I also did a medical scan on both of them and I think for now some of their results should be kept between us.”, Michael turned and stood next to Crow’s desk, Michael, “Why?”, Crow, “Remember Khan the Enterprise and Kirk apprehended?”, Michael, “Of course. Who can forget that, especially when that maniac almost destroyed the Enterprise and killed Captain Kirk.”, Crow, “This teenager has those same abilities if not more than him.”, silence as Michael looked dumbfounded, Michael, “Excuse me would you repeat that again?”, Crow, “I’m saying this teenager is a younger if not a little powerful version of Khan. Whether he is as crazy we have to wait till he wakes up.”, Michael, “And what about the girl?”, Crow, “She is strong as well but not as much as the boy.”, Michael, “Define not as much.”, Crow, “Like she is a quarter short mentally while a third short physically.”, Michael, “Notify Starfleet Command about them but hold back on what you just told me till Starfleet tells us if they have any records of them.”, Crow, “Yes sir.”, Michael, “I’ll be on the bridge. Notify me when they wake up.”, Crow, “Yes sir.”, and Michael left.

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