The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 13

The turbo lift door opened and Michael appeared on the bridge, comms, “Sir you have a message from a Doctor J and he says Heero needs to report back as soon as possible.”, Michael, “Notify Heero Yuy of the message and tell him to stand ready.”, comms (confused but acknowledges), “Yes sir.”, Michael (as he sat in his chair), “Helm second planetoid from Beta-Epsilon warp factor 6.”, helm, “Yes sir.”, and the Challenger turned about and went to warp. The Challenger orbited the same red planet as before till it moved out of orbit, Michael, “Did Heero Yuy arrived safely on the proper coordinates Ms. Tu?”, Tu, “Yes sir, and Doctor J says thank you for sending him back and hopes to see you in the near future when the rest of the people wish to welcome us with open arms.”, Michael, “Reply my thanks and I hope the same whenever Operation Meteor goes ahead and is not delayed any further.”, Tu, “Sir we are receiving a transmission from Starfleet Command priority one calling all Federation and allied starships to the south! A large fleet of warships has penetrated Federation space and so far has conquered one planet and is poised to invade another star system!”, Michael, “Do you have the coordinates and do we know who?”, comms (pressing a few buttons and holding the ear piece), “They are approaching the Talos star group and they are headed by...”, Michael, “Yes?”, comms, “Galactor and Gabriel Valkyrie.”, the Challenger flew across space at warp speed as Michael sat in the chair silently watching the main viewer while Gross and the others glanced at him concerned. Tu, “Sir Ryok is calling for you in the Physical Training Room.”, Michael, “Tell her I am busy.”, Tu, “She says it’s urgent sir.”, after a few moments Michael got up from his chair, Michael, “You have the bridge commander.”, and went to the turbolift.

The door opened in the training room and Michael saw Ryok wearing red and black padded gear with a padded spar, Ryok, “Have you heard of Anbo-Jitsu? I heard it is a pretty interesting sport.”, Michael, “Sport? More likely to kill yourself. I heard many players either were severely injured or killed playing.”, Ryok, “Lighten up brother! You need to relax and enjoy yourself!”, Michael, “Sis we are about to confront Galactor and Gabriel that...”, Ryok, “I know.”, she tossed him a set of blue and white padded gear and he caught them, Ryok, “Get dressed.”, Michael sighed and shook his head before putting the gear on. Once he was dressed he stepped up to the circle mat where Ryok is waiting with her helmet on, Ryok, “Are you ready?”, he put his helmet and face mask on, Michael, “This is ridiculous.”, they bowed and they began fighting. Michael tried to swing at Ryok but she manages to dodge his attacks and Michael was able to block her but with difficulty till Ryok got behind and kicked him in the rear making him flop face forward on the mat. He got up and pulled his face mask up, Michael, “What the hell! That’s dirty!”, Ryok, “So? When we fight against Galactor and Gabriel are they going to fight fair?”, Michael, “No they certainly won’t.”, Ryok, “Then quit bitching and fight! I’m getting bored. As of a matter of fact.”, she walked off the mat and pressed a button on the wall control panel and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor played and Michael looked at her as if she is kidding when she walked back up the mat, Ryok, “Well?”, Michael (laughed), “Okay, you win.”, and he pulled his mask down and they fought.

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