The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 16

The surrounding area was riddled with bullets and explosions (even blowing up buildings and causing some to collapse) like it was a war zone and the Green Comet fought against those that tried to approach Arsenal stabbing and slicing through their thick armor as Michael and Ryok dodged low to miss the firing from Arsenal, Michael, “GALACTOR!”, Galactor continued walking inside as Michael (wearing a dark purple uniform) and Ryok gave chase till they are both inside and Michael drew his sword while Ryok pulled out a smaller version and Michael looked at the side at her and the sword, Michael (sarcastically), “Really?”, Ryok, “Shut up.”, Galactor (smirked), “I guess I will have to get rid of both of you myself. This should not be hard.”, and he drew and flashed forward and engaged both of them in combat. In space the Challenger fired upon three Firestone type ships as Ender fired his beam rifle in the prone position and the ships blew apart but not until they unloaded their mobile suit forces and Ender and the Challenger fired at point blank range but they still kept coming and more appeared and Ender got up and pulled his beam saber but when they were almost on top of them the mobile suits were blown away from behind Ender, Gross, “What was that?!”, helm, “Ma’m 38 contacts approaching from behind!”, Tu, “Ma’m I have a King Vegeta on the line from one of those ships!”, Gross, “On viewer!”, the view screen showed Vegeta in his royal saiyan garb sitting on a dark command chair, Vegeta, “This is King Vegeta, leader of the Neo-Saiyans from Archanis. We are here to assist you from these vermins.”, Gross, “Thank you, we...”, Vegeta, “We will take care of these pests on the planet surface and keep their vessels away. Just let us be! King Vegeta out.”, outside Ender watched as 38 ships that looked like B’Rel class klingon bird of prey ships fly over them and people in saiyan uniforms flew out from the bottoms of the ships towards the planet wearing breathing masks just over their mouths and noses.

Vegeta in his Super Saiyan level 4 form jumped off the back ramp of his ship with five other saiyans and flew towards the planet not wearing a mask but had his scouter. He pressed a button on it and spoke, Vegeta, “All right you newbies, lets see if you have the blood of the saiyan race crawling through your veins!”, the saiyans then flew to the surface and fired energy balls to the groups of soldiers on the surface and they kicked and punched them but they flew away or smashed into other buildings either through the walls or windows due to the saiyans strength being three times stronger on the planet. In space the Iron Giant grabbed the Epyon’s arm as it tried to sliced him and flipped it over and kicked its back, the Epyon then threw its whip and struck the Iron Giant in the head so hard that it flew into deep space. The VerKa grabbed a medieval mobile suit’s arm and threw it into space, kicked another away, took his beam saber and sliced other suit’s apart till the Epyon blitzed him. Alarms went off as Ender jerked around in his seat as the VerKa took a direct hit, Petra (voice), “Ender are you alright?!”, Ender, “What was that?!”, voice, “I am your worst nightmare.”, the Epyon then threw its whip and struck the VerKa tearing apart part of its armor in the process, Petra (voice), “Ender you got to get away from him!”, the Epyon twisted the VerKa’s right arm and smashed its face to the deck of the saucer section and the Epyon put its knee down on the VerKa’s back and began crushing it. Ender tried to get it off but couldn’t and he watched as the cabin started to get crushed in and he fought hard on the controls, voice, “There’s nothing you can do to stop me amateur. I have been fighting mobile suits and gundams before you were an itch on my foot.”, Ender grew so frustrated especially as Petra kept calling and begging him to get out that he undid his safety straps and went behind his seat (just barely) and tore out a panel and some electrical cords and started pulling them apart. Voice, “Just give up. You are too weak to live, so accept your fate and die a warriors death.”, Ender, “Not today!”, he reconnected the cords to opposite ones and he pressed the button to engage the rockets on the VerKa’s back and there was a loud explosion and Ender and the Epyon were thrown back. The pilot in the Epyon tried to get up but his controls were not functioning and through the cracked screen he watched as the VerKa got up, grabbed the Epyon and smashed its body forward on the deck before taking the whip and tying it to both arms before pulling it and Ender screamed as he pulled with anger as the robotic arms creaked and crackled till they were torn off, voice, “NO!”, Ender, “GET OFF THIS SHIP!”, and Ender shoved the joystick and gave a strong punch to the face of the Epyon that half the face blew apart and the suit catapulted to the surface.

The suit hit the ground so hard it created a small crater and it started sparking and fires bursted out and the hatch popped out and Gabriel was able to jump out and stumbled quickly out of the carter before the suit exploded. Carrie (using all her power) is still fighting the Mandarin but is also tearing apart the planet as buildings, rocks and other debris was torn from the ground and thrown at him but was still able to dodge or deflect her attacks. In the process the ground started to break apart (like Krypton in Superman: The Movie) as rocks broke up from the ground and large crevices appeared from the ground and many soldiers fell towards the darkness and into the planet as the ground shook. The building Galactor, Michael and Ryok are fighting in shook and it started to fall apart and parts of the roof and around the building fell, Galactor, “Son, if that girl keeps fighting like that then the whole planet will be destroyed including most of our race! STOP THIS NOW!”, Michael, “Whatever it takes father! WHATEVER IT TAKES!”, and Michael tackled him. As they both got up and started to swing their swords the ground exploded to Michael’s right and they both covered their face. When the debris cleared they looked up and saw Satan floating with his arms stretched out open as he and screamed angrily before looking down at them with angry red and yellow eyes, Satan, “YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME?!”, and he threw his left hand out and Michael was thrown back and slammed into the stone wall creating multiple cracks before falling down. Satan then flew forward, grabbed Michael by the collar as he tried to get up and repeatedly slammed his back to the wall till the stone wall fell in and Satan backed away as Michael was buried beneath it. In space the Federation, Zhargosia and Saiyan starships are winning and the Challenger is able to survive the onslaught of attacks as Ender returned to his prone position and repeatedly and quickly fired his beam rifle supporting the starship by destroying or disabling the mobile suits the ship is unable to hit and Petra and Gross were keeping track and were shocked by the repeated, fast perfectly aimed shots as the VerKa fired, Gross, “Geez that guy can shoot!”, Petra (smirked), “He is the best of us all.”, and on the view screen they watched as two privateer type ships and one battle barge is blown apart, weapons, “Ma’m torpedo complement is almost out!”, Gross, “Keep firing!”, Yu (science officer), “Ma’m the planet’s core is unstable and will explode in a matter of time! We should leave now!”, Gross, “Not when the captain is still on the surface!”, she then tried to hail the captain but was unable to raise him and she ordered comms to raise the others on the surface to beam back and find the captain.

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