The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 17

Gabriel was able to reach the main atrium and see the fight between Satan, Michael, Ryok and his father. Carrie and the Mandarin repeatedly threw objects at each other or the Mandarin uses his other powers surprising Carrie and throwing her back only to block his next attack of a column of fire and as she was about to fire the fire back at him when a giezer of lava blew out and threw both of them back. Carrie ran around the debris to find him but saw he was gone and she decided to forget searching since she saw the planet was starting to cave in and she flew towards Arsenal (still firing his guns) and grabbed hold of him, Carrie (mentally), “Arsenal stop, please.”, and realizing it was Carrie he ceased firing and as he saw what was before him he looked confused, Carrie (mentally), “Arsenal, it is time to go.”, and they both dematerialized. Satan threw Michael against another wall and fell leaving some cracks before Satan lifted him up by the throat, Satan, “Does it hurt?”, Ryok, “Michael!”, she tried to reach him but Galactor blocked and swung at her but she blocked him and she swung her sword trying to make him move away but he kept her from reaching Michael while also trying to kill her. Satan forced Michael to look and held his head from moving, Satan, “Now watch as your own father kill the one you love most.”, and he started to chuckle as Michael struggled while watching Ryok swing her sword but Galactor was able to block all her moves or deflect her attacks with ease. Michael grew angry as Satan started laughing and Michael began to physically change into a gargolye/alien like creature with solid red eyes and bared four large fangs and razor sharp teeth as Michael snarled and Satan looked worried as he was unable to hold onto his head. Galactor knocked the sword out of Ryok’s hands and kicked her onto her back and pointed his sword at her face. Galactor, “Now I should have done this instead of banishing you to save all this grief long ago.”, Ryok then spat at his face and Galactor wiped it away and with calm raised his sword as Ryok looked in fright till there was a loud roar and they both looked to see Michael fully transformed in Satan’s grip and they both watched in fear.

Michael broke out of Satan’s grip, grabbed him and threw him through a stone wall into another room. Michael roared as he charged after him and tackled Satan to the ground and as Satan looked up he saw Michael open his jaws and snarled as he brought his teeth down as Satan screamed before Michael chewed and shredded apart his face with his hands and feet clamped down on his limbs to keep Satan from trying to escape as he clawed and grasped at him as blood and flesh flew around till Satan’s body went limp. a large crevice appeared along the middle of the building and grew large showing a red glow from below and Michael got up and threw Satan’s corpse that bounced off the rocky side of the crevice before falling into the abyss. He then turned his head quickly at Galactor and Ryok and with sudden speed charged after him and Galactor flew and bounced off the stone wall and Michael grabbed him and threw him again against some furnishing, thrown again and hit the side of the busted stone wall and when Michael charged at him again Galactor grabbed a large rock and smashed it up against Michael’s jaw throwing him back knocked out. Ryok immediately went by his side as Galactor struggled to stand, Galactor, “At least that thing is not my son.”, and Michael transformed back to his normal self still passed out as Ryok tried to comfort him, Galactor, “Now, it is time for both of my disappointments to die.”, then as he lifted his sword Michael cried out in anger and pulled out his sword and blocked Galactor’s downward swing and held him back with intense anger as Galactor grunted and Michael shoved his sword back. They both sword their swords at each other with Michael being ferocious surprising Galactor and Ryok and Gabriel watched in surprise as Galactor and Michael battled it out. Michael then tore down a large column that almost fell on Galactor but he dodged it as Michael leapt over and swung his sword at him with Galactor only able to just barely block it and Michael threw other objects as well including furniture as Galactor struggled to either dodge them or stop them with the swing of his sword. Galactor also threw objects as well but Michael (with his intense anger) was able to block or deflect them with ease and ferociously as he kept charging after Galactor till Ryok suddenly appeared behind him as she jumped and yelled and made a deep gash along Galactor’s back. He yelped in pain and fell on his knees as he blocked Michael’s swing but then Michael quickly turned his sword and cut off Galactor’s right hand and his sword flew away.

Galactor screamed in pain as he grabbed the stump and leaned forward in pain as the planet started breaking apart and caving in around them as he listened to the cries of his soldiers and people as they fell down the deep canyons towards the center of the planet. Michael, “Do you hear that Galactor? Those are the sounds of your empire dying.”, Galactor looked up with tears running down his cheeks from the pain, Galactor, “How could you? You exterminated most of our race. Millions of men, women and children all for the sake of one girl, why?”, Michael (furious), “HOW CAN YOU BE SO BLIND?! That is all you care about is conquer and bring all the innocents with you to quickly settle on a planet that is not yours so no one will try to force you out without hurting millions of innocent people and make them homeless! In the meantime you also seek perfection and kill those that you deem is not perfect! This is all on you!”, Galactor, “If you expect an apology or blame myself for my actions, you can forget it!”, Michael, “Even when you are condemning a genocide war and doing your dealings with the devil?!”, Galactor, “Yes! I would destroy any number of systems to get what I want even if it means your whoring sister and...”, Michael immediately pulled out a dagger from Galactor’s belt and stabbed him in the stomach as he cried out in anger while Galactor screamed in pain. He looked up with veins appearing on his face as Michael twisted the knife and the next moment there was a bright red flash from the crevice and Michael and Ryok flinched covering their eyes as Galactor was pulled away and Michael reached out and flopped on the ground trying to grab him, Michael, “NOOO!”, and Galactor vanished down the crevice as he screamed and there was a sound of laughter from Satan. Ryok helped Michael up and he put his hand on her right shoulder as he calmed down, Michael, “Are you okay?”, Ryok, “Yes, but I should be asking you that from what I have seen.”, he lightly laughed.

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