The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 2

Once what’s left of the cable car reached the ground more of Gendo’s men were waiting and Gendo jumped off before Michael could grab him as the car made it’s way down, Gendo (after landing on the grass), KILL THEM!”, Michael grabbed both Asuka and Shinji with his back bearing the brunt of the firing as they fired riddling the wrecked cab car with bullets and shattering the glass with metal ping noises as the bullets hit Michael’s back as Shinji screamed. Asuka, “Shut up Shinji!”, Michael (when the car reached the bottom with the door side facing Gendo’s men), “Stay down.”, he sat up and quickly fired his phaser set to kill using the door as cover and half a dozen of Gendo’s men vanished in rapid succession. Michael then pointed his phaser at Gendo but then Satan appeared, grabbed Gendo and smiled before they both vanished, Michael, “Shit!”, he opened the wrecked door and looked around, Michael, “It’s clear, let’s go!”, as they got up and started moving to one of the black trucks the one that was closest to them was instantly crushed by a giant foot of an EVA and they looked up in shock, Shinji, “REI!”, Michael, “I don’t think so!”, it looked down and was about to grab them as Shinji screamed and Asuka yelled for him to shut up till there was an explosion on the right side of the EVA’s face and it stood up facing the Challenger as it fired another torpedo but it hit the EVA’s shield, Gross, “Fire phasers!”, the EVA tried to grab the ship but encountered the shield and tried to push causing the ship to shake. In engineering as the ship shook violently Arsenal accessed the deflector dish and pressed various buttons to reroute all power to the dish including phasers, weapons, “Ma’m we lost all phaser power!”, Gross, “WHAT?”, helm, “Ma’m I’m detecting power being rerouted to the deflector dish including phasers!”, weapons, “Shields down to 50%!”, Gross, “Can we use it?!”, helm, “Message from engineering! Arsenal reports that we can use this to destroy the EVA and drill to Lilith!”, Gross, “Fire deflector dish now!”, weapons pressed various buttons and there was a power up noise and a bright blue flash as the deflector dish fired blowing straight through the EVA’s shield and bore a large hole through the center mass almost having the EVA’s arms fall off as EVA 00 collapsed.

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