The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 3

The bridge crew just sat back astounded. Helm gasped,“Woah.” Comms, “Ma’m, Captain Valkyrie is hailing us! He orders the beam out of two people held hostage by Gendo and requests Arsenal to beam down his weapons.”, Gross, “Call Arsenal and relay the message to him.”, Michael waited as a shotgun, M16 type rifle and a M1 were beamed down along with ammo that Michael packed in his pockets of his jacket and pants as well as attached to ammo belts and loaded up both guns after he put on black sunglasses and proceeded forward till he saw a toll both like entrance with a picket line of soldiers standing in his way. The guards drew their guns, aimed at him and were about to fire till the Challenger fired the deflector dish and a blue beam of light struck the surface just in front of the pyramid complex causing an explosion that rocked the surface and the guards lost their aim and struggled to stay balance while Michael was perfectly still, pulled out his M16 like rifle and shotgun and fired the rifle. When he fired the bullets blasted through the glass boxes of the checkpoints and hit the guards/suited men either in the chest or face except a few as they took cover and fired at him. Michael wobbled from the hits and he fired his shotgun making the windows in the glass boxes explode and hit one of the suited men in the face but was only able to take out a couple. He then pulled out his M1, loaded a round, aimed and waited for the other guards to run before he fired blowing a hole through the checkpoint barrier before continuing. The ground continued to shake as the Challenger remained in position in front of the pyramid complex firing the deflector dish, Gross, “How far?”, helm, “A little over halfway through ma’am. It will take...”, acting science officer, “Ma’m I’m detecting two more EVA’s activating and about to be launched!”, Gross, “Get me the captain!”, more guards and suited men aimed their guns but at the main entrance into the complex and waited till all of a sudden the doors exploded knocking out a couple of them as the wrecked doors fell on them as the rest took cover and the smoke and debris obscured their vision till Michael walked through and fired his rifle riddling the welcoming committee’s positions and taking out a few of them either hitting their shoulders, chest or blew apart a couple of faces. A couple fired back making Michael wobble from the hits only for him to train his shotgun at them and fired hitting them in the midsection and blasted through their thinly armored barricade.

He reloaded his guns and continued onward only to see NERV personnel running about either to their stations or some running out through his direction trying to escape only to turn back and try to run away. Michael, “If you want to get out go!”, some listened and ran past him while the others didn’t and tried to hide. Gross (voice), “Captain do you hear me?”, he stopped and took cover around the corner and pulled out his communicator, Michael, “I read you.”, Gross (voice), “They are about to send two more EVA’s out. We cannot stop the drilling in time and transfer power back to weapons to fight them! We need you to get to their command center and stop the launch!”, then there was firing and bullets hit the corner Michael is hiding behind, Michael, “How much time?”, Gross (voice), “Five minutes till launch!”, Michael gritted in frustration, Michael, “I’ll get ’em! Hack into the PA system of the complex and tell those do not wish to be involved to get out!”, Gross (voice), “Yes sir!”, he put the communicator away and came around the corner and was repeatedly hit as he fired his rifle and shotgun at shooters behind corners or in the hallways and he moved forward in a robotic motion blasting those shooting around corners at point blank in the body or face with the shotgun as he walked through. He then found a power box labeled inside a wall and he tore out the wall panel as he punched through with his fist and tore out the wall panel (as he jerked still being hit by shooters) and tore out some cables making the main power go off and backup lights come on. In Central Dogma the intruder alarm was going off as Misato and NERV personnel worked on the controls to activate the EVA’s, Makoto, “We lost power in section 2 and 3!”, Misato, “Activate emergency backup systems! He is trying to hide his location! Get those EVA’s up now!”, Makoto, “Just two more minutes ma’m!”, Misato, WE DON’T HAVE TWO MINUTES!”, Maya, “Ma’m they are over halfway through towards Lilith!”, Misato, “Continue operations!”, Michael continued onward firing his rifle and occasionally his shotgun and found a fire alarm and pulled it. The sprinkler system activated and at that moment the comms voice from the Challenger echoed through the hallways relaying Michael’s message he told to Gross as red lights flashed in the hallway as Michael proceeded forward with lots of unarmed NERV personnel running past him and he put his guns down and took advantage of moving through the crowds of people running past making the shooters either give up or unable to aim. He heard the beeping of his communicator and ducted into a room, Michael (yelling through the alarms and camotion), “Go!”, Gross (voice), “Arsenal was able to access their main computer and found the locations of Rei Ayanami, this Mai and their commander Misato Katsuragi! He is sending you their locations now!”, in Michael’s robotic eyesight Arsenal sent him a 3D display of the complex and routes to their locations and he put his communicator away without replying and continued onward.

The red lights also flashed in Central Dogma and Michael’s message was being sent out through the PA system by the Challenger’s comms officer, Misato, “HOW ARE THEY ABLE TO HACK INTO OUR SYSTEMS?!”, Maya, “EVA units 01 and 02 almost powered up!”, Makoto, “I don’t know but he pulled the fire alarm system!”, Misato, “Can you stop their message and the fire alarm?!”, Makoto, “I’ll try ma’m! It’s connected with the fire department and they are the ones that are turns it off but I’ll get in the system and see if I will be able to stop and block further transmissions! So far the PA system is the only one that I detect that is hacked!”, at this point pieces of debris (the size of pebbles or small rocks fell around them, Shigeru, “They are one quarter away from the dead angel! It looks like they intend to destroy it! Let’s get out of here!”, he was about to leave till Misato cocked her sidearm and pointed it at him, Misato, “STOP OR I’LL SHOOT!”, he looked back and sees Misato pointing her gun at him and he looked terrified as the others looked shocked, Misato, “You will all stay at your post! If any of you leave I will...”, there was an explosion at the left entrance to Central Dogma and they all looked to see Michael appearing from the smoke with a 9MM drawn and fired shooting the gun out of Misato’s hand and fired his M1 at one of the central computer systems blasting apart half the machine, Ritsuko (fell on her knees), “NO!”, and the console in front of Maya turned off and a voice echoed, “EVA systems deactivated.”, Michael, “I don’t know what your attentions are but I am here to destroy Lilith and stop these angel attacks as well as arresting Gendo Ikari for starting all of this!”, they all still looked shocked and now a little puzzled as he made his way up still aiming his gun at Misato when he reached where they are. Misato, “What do you mean Mr. Ikari starting all of this?”, Michael, “He was the one that started the impact in the Antarctic continent by disengaging the safety protocols and is now trying to use Rei Ayanami to open a bridge with Lilith and bring his wife back from the dead with the expense of killing everyone on the planet except him, his wife and Shinji!”, Maya, “That’s impossible right Ritsuko?”,silence and they looked to see she is gone and Michael then put his sidearm down, Michael, “Allow my ship access to beam out Ayanami, she’s going to kill her!”, they looked at him like he was crazy. Michael rolled his eyes and pulled out his communicator, Michael, “Bridge this is Valkyrie, can you beam out Rei Ayanami? The lead scientist is on her way to kill her right now!”, Arsenal (voice), “Locked.”, Michael, “Do it and get Mai as well!”, and he put his communicator away. Maya, “Ma’m they reached the last barrier!”, Michael, “Lilith is the only reason why these angels keep attacking you! If you allow my ship to destroy it the angels will stop coming!”, Misato, “You can’t destroy it! All you be doing is causing another impact!”, Michael, “No it won’t. You also have no choice because that last angel was actually a drone sent by this SEELE that controls your planet’s police force to start this impact and if I’m correct they are sending in their land troops in now.”, his communicator beeped again and Michael pulled it out, Michael, “Go.”, Gross (voice), “Sir SEELE’s forces are here and we detect the EVA’s have been deactivated.”, Michael, “Keep reaching Lilith no matter what. Did you beam out Rei and Mai?”, Gross (voice), “Yes sir.”, Michael, “Good Valkyrie out.”, and put his communicator away. Michael, “Now will you help us?”, silence as Central Dogma continued to shake, Misato, “Maya, drop the last barrier.”, the others looked at her shocked, Maya, “But ma’am...”, Misato (turned towards her), “DO IT!”, the others looked confused and shocked but then Maya refused, Maya, “No I won’t do it!”, before Misato could reach her Michael stepped up, grabbed Maya’s back collar and shoved her back with ease even as she resisted and pressed various buttons and saw the display of the last barrier unlocked.

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