The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 6

The Challenger was now in orbit above Yaraka as Michael assumed command, comms, “Sir I have a message from Starfleet. They acknowledge Satan’s location but due to its close proximity to both the Romulans and Klingons they will not intervene but passed word to Zhargosia to send any available ships to assist you if you need.”, Michael, “Tell them we will need all the help we can get and have them rendezvous us at coordinates B4-12 in one day.”, comms, “Aye sir.”, Gross, “Sir I have a report from engineering that the Gundam is ready for your inspection.”, Michael, “Better late than never. I’ll go and take a look at this Gundam and have Arsenal, the design team and the pilot meet me in the observation deck to the hanger.”, Gross, “Yes sir.”, and Michael left his seat and entered the turbo lift. Michael entered an observation room overlooking the hanger bay and before him standing in its restraints is the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Ver. Ka as Michael looked impressed. Voice, “Impressive machine isn’t it?”, Michael looked back to see an older man in a doctor uniform with a cane and leg support restraints standing next to Arsenal. Michael looked around as if expecting to see someone else, Michael, “Where is the pilot, and who are you?”, professor, “You may call me Doctor J. I’m afraid the pilot can’t be here.”, Michael, “Why not?”, Arsenal, “Kid.”, Michael (astounded and upset), “A kid! Are you serious?!”, Doctor J, “No need to worry. He is back at my lab training and he is an orphan.”, Michael, “So you are breading him to become a human weapon.”, Doctor J, “He is not confined if you are wondering, he has the right to leave and go out as he wish but he desires not to, and I have taught him like any other normal kid is taught when they are little.”, Michael, “But who are his adoptive parents.”, Doctor J, “I am his legal guardian if that is what you mean.”, Michael (irritated), “Can I see him?”, Doctor J, “Unfortunately he’s not here on this ship.”, silence as Michael stared down at him, Michael, “What?”, Doctor J, “He’s in my lab at a space colony at Beta-Epsilon.”, Michael, “So you are saying we have no pilot for this Gundam is what you’re saying?”, Doctor J, “It is called a Wing Gundam and yes because he is still in training by himself.”, Michael, “HE IS ALL ALONE?”, Doctor J, “If you see him you will understand! He may look like a kid but now he has a mind of a teenager and is remarkably able to take care of himself! I also can’t bring him without risking his detection by some of the authorities because we are going through a state of unrest.”, Michael, “What do you mean?”, Doctor J, “The people that live on the planet are denying the colonies independence or self government but they have not encountered anyone outside their solar system.”, Michael then pressed the call button on the wall panel, Michael, “Bridge this is the captain set course to the Beta-Epsilon system maximum warp and keep our presence a secret from the planet’s inhabitants and colonies.”, Gross (voice), “Sir that system is unexplored.”, Michael looked at Doctor J, Doctor J, “Undisclosed travel.”, Michael, “You heard the orders commander.”, Gross (voice), “Yes sir.”, and this time Arsenal looked confused, Michael, “Get to engineering, I’ll talk to you later.”, and the Challenger moved out of orbit and went into warp.

The Challenger then appeared holding position behind a red planet as Michael, Doctor J, and three security personnel rematerialized in a large hanger with parts similar to the Wing Gundam Ver. Ka., Michael, “What is this may I ask?”, Doctor J, “I am developing another mobile suit like the Wing Gundam but with some modifications. You may follow me.”, they followed him up a ladder well and through a gangway till Doctor J stopped in front of a door and entered a passcode on a keypad before the door opened. The inside of the lab was dark except two monitors and a kid sat in front with electrodes stuck to his head as they came up behind and saw the kid was playing video games of mobile suits fighting in space on both screens. Michael put a hand on the kid’s shoulder but he did not waver, Doctor J, “His code name is Heero Yuy. He didn’t have a name when I found him so I named him after our martyred leader of the colonies.”, Michael’s communicator went off, Michael, “Go.”, comms (voice), “We were able to access the doctor’s computer and public records.”, Doctor J (surprised), “What?!”, comms (voice), “Heero Yuy was once a protege of an assassin Odin Lowe before he was killed. Before him there is no records of his biological parents.”, Michael, “What is the situation of Beta-Epsilon.”, comms (voice), “The United Epsilon Sphere Alliance holds a firm control of the space colonies and they are in a state of martial law while the colonies are trying to resist their oppression and there is a possibility that a civil war might breakout.”, Michael, “Is there any other professors like Doctor J building independent mobile suits?”, comms (voice), “There are four more and they appear to have contact with each other.”, silence, Michael, “Send a message to those professors about Doctor J and tell them this: They are to have their Gundam pilots fight in a joint effort to force the alliance to free the space colonies by destroying as much of their military facilities and mobile suits till they are unable or unwilling to fight. This will be called Operation Meteor but not in the form of destroying the planet. Got it?”, comms (voice), “Yes sir, relaying the message now.”, Michael, “Doctor J. You may be the new guardian of Heero Yuy but my wife and I will be his adoptive parents.”, security guard, “Oh oh.”, Michael (sarcastic), “Shut up. Since we are gone I expect you to take care of him and make sure nothing happens cause if something does you better start digging a hole for yourself. Are we clear?”, Doctor J (frightened by Michael’s overshadowing demeanor), “Yes quite clear.”, Gross (voice), “Sir I have a report of various ships from Zhargosia waiting to rendezvous with us.”, Michael, “Understood commander. Transporter room standby to beam four up.”, as he waited he looked at Heero still playing the simulation and he walked up and kneeled next to him, Michael, “I know you are busy and probably not aware of what’s going on, but I want to tell you that if you are in trouble and do not know who to turn to, trust those that care about you the most or love. I will be back for you. I promise.”, Michael stood as Heero still continued to play, Heero, “Yes sir.”, and Michael turned back and smiled as he waited and he and the away team dematerialized.

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