The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 8

The Challenger shuddered and jerked every which way evading attacks or taking damage and Michael and the others heard from communications muffled sounds of transmissions from other ships reporting damages or casualties. A klingon warbird then appeared right in front of them and they sat back shocked till an energy beam went right through the upper left side of the main body before the warbird exploded, comms, “Sir Yuy reports that we are clear!”, Michael, “Then keep moving helm!”, helm, “Aye sir!”, as the Challenger continued moving forward at full impulse the VerKa Gundam landed on the top of the saucer section and sat in the prone position and fired relentlessly taking aimed shots and blew apart either Romulan or Klingon warships. During the mad rush two RGM-89 type mobile suits exploded causing multiple warbirds to fly through the gap and the Metaluna was hit on the port side of the saucer section and before they could recover they were engulfed by torpedo hits that led to an instantaneous loss of shields and its destruction. The USS Hermes took a direct torpedo hit on the forward part of their left warp navel causing the torpedo to move through the navel and exit the back and forcing the ship to slow down to avoid further damage. Unfortunately it was too late and with the increased of torpedo attacks on the ship an electrical discharge from the shields caused a secondary explosion that ended up blowing the ship apart and the other blew away and slammed into the command sections of two klingon warbirds causing them to explode but the main body sections to drift. The USS Wasp was destroyed by a kamikaze hit by a Klingon warbird that hit their saucer section on the port side and the wreckage of their command section rolled over the bridge of the Wasp and engulfing it in flames. Even with the loss of their bridge and captain the ship kept moving and firing until they ran into a klingon warbird and Romulan Bird of Prey causing a total destruction of the section and fires spreading down the neck and towards the torpedo room. The crew then abandoned ship and used the shuttles to get out of the battle zone, comms, “Sir one of the captain’s request we go back and assist the Wasp!”, Michael, “Denied! We have to keep going! There is nothing we can do for them right now!”, the fleet was able to get out of the battle area and reached just the edge of the planet’s atmosphere but with considerable damage.

The fighting between the Klingons and Romulans then started to move back from the planet as the fighting started to thin out leaving tons of wreckage behind, comms, “Sir I have a report from the Truix that they detect wreckage and lifeboats from the Wasp.”, Michael, “What’s the status of the Truix?”, Gross, “Multiple scars and hull damage on the saucer section as well as the torpedo section took a direct hit and is out of commission.”, Michael, “Notify the Truix that they have permission to pick up survivors and they are to remind back from the battle.”, comms, “Aye sir.”, Crow (voice), “Captain Valkyrie you need to report to sickbay immediately!”, Michael, “What’s the problem?”, Crow (voice), “It’s Abby.”, Michael immediately got up, Michael, “Gross you take the con!”, and he made his way to the turbo lift before it closed. Before Michael could ask Crow as he entered sickbay he notices the lights are dimmed and Abby is in a glass secured bed with IV leads one for blood and another for water and Chloe and Kurt are here as well, Michael, “What’s going on, what’s wrong with my daughter?”, Crow, “For some reason I can’t explain Abby is turning into a vampire again. Every time we get closer to the planet her condition gets worse.”, Chloe, “If you think this is an excuse for me to stay you’re wrong! I’m going to give my father what he deserves. After all Kurt is here and he will keep her company.”, Michael looked at her surprised, Kurt, “It’s okay, I can manage.”, Crow, “We’ll keep you updated if there are any changes.”, Michael held Chloe in his arms as she shuddered and all of the sudden the ship shook like it was on a rough sea, Gross (voice), “Captain Valkyrie report to the bridge immediately!”, and Michael left trying to balance himself as the ship still moved crazily. When the turbo lift doors opened Michael almost fell forward but stopped as he hit the rail when the ship arched forward and he moved around the rail while holding it and finally grasped his chair and sat, Michael, “Rep...”, he watched on the main viewer as multiple tentacles emerged from the other side of the planet reaching out towards them, Michael, “What the hell is that?!”, Gross, “Unknown sir! It just appeared from the horizon!”, Michael, “Open all channels to the ships and mobile suits!”, comms, “Yes sir! Channels open captain!”, Michael, “This is Captain Valkyrie of the USS Challenger, all ships and mobile suits keep your distance from those tentacles and fire!”, in one instant space turned into a sea of phaser, torpedo and rifle blast fire from the mobile suits and ships as the tentacles started swinging at them trying to reach them.

During the intense battle the USS Pheonix (Metaluna class) was smashed by the beast when one of its tentacles came down and the USS Saratoga suffered the same fate when it was side swiped by one tentacle and the ship flew and smashed into the side of the Pheonix. The mobile suits and the VerKa Gundam fired back at the tentacles making them flinch back but then make aggressive swipes at them and the Challenger. The USS Craven (Metaluna class) took a direct hit from one of the tentacles and was obliterated as it smashed down on top of them. The USS Shu (Reliant class) had its right warp nacle knocked off by the beast and it moved off course at full speed and towards the horizon where it disappeared from the rest of the fleet and in their last moments the bridge crew saw the body of an octopus like monster with red and black eyes as it looked down angrily as the ship struck between them causing a large explosion that made the beast reel back temporarily. The fleet then advanced but as soon as they did the beast through around its tentacles wildly and the USS Langley (Africa class) loss its shields by a hard swipe from one of the tentacles and the beast attacked again smashing the saucer section, overhead, and the rest of the ship flipped forward and smashed into one of the tentacles engulfing it in flames. Michael and the rest of the bridge crew watch the events transpire, Michael, “Send a message to all ships! All security away teams beam to the surface fully armed immediately! And keep repeating the message!”, comms, “Aye sir!”, all of a sudden the attacks by the beast stopped, Michael, “Commander what’s...”, Satan (voice), “So you want to fight me? How about I make it easier for you.”, all of a sudden the view screen changed to the surface before a large palace made of columns and large groups of red shirts with phaser rifles and pistols appeared all looking confused, comms, “Sir we have reports from all of the ships that all of their security personnel are missing!”, Michael, “Thank You for stating the obvious.”, comms, “Sir your...”, Satan (voice), “Do you see anyone family captain?”, the screen then closed up on both Green Comet and Arsenal and Michael jumped up, Michael, “YOU SON OF A ...”, Satan made a high pitch laugh that made everyone on the bridge reeling, Satan (voice), “Now for my minions.”, on the surface they all heard screeching sounds and howls and they looked around on edge till golem like creatures appeared with axes, chains and various blunt or sharp objects with black bodies and red eyes with small horns looking like they want a fight.

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