The Valkyrie Chronicles: Dark Ties

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Chapter 9

Satan sat on his throne before the flat arena and smiled showing his yellow sharp teeth and red eyes, Satan, “So...shall we begin?”, then all of the sudden the minions attacked and the surrounded security teams fired both phaser rifles and pistols as Green Comet drew her samurai swords and started slicing them up while Arsenal howled and grabbed the minions and threw them around like toy dolls, Arsenal, “IRON DEFENDERS, ACTIVATE!”, in the hanger bays of each starship blue painted versions of Iron Man suits activated with blue eyes and they flew out to the shock of the engineers carrying rifles and bozzokas as they went. As the shields of the USS Antietam (Metaluna class) phased out the Iron Defenders tried to repel the tentacles from attacking it but to no avail as they grabbed the necks of the warp nacles and saucer section and ripped them off. The Iron Defenders then flew to the perimeters of each ship and alongside the mobile suits, Michael, “What...”, Gross, “Sir they are on automation and under computer control!”, Michael, “With who?!”, weapons, “Uh, me?”, everyone looked at him and Michael stepped over and saw the display of the Iron Defenders around the ship and are connected to weapons control, Michael, “Arsenal you son of a bitch!”, and he laughed as he slapped the weapons officer’s back, Michael, “Use them! Relay the same message to the other ships!”, comms, “Yes sir!”, the Iron Defenders then fired back at the beast’s tentacles but then the rest of the beast appeared showing its octopus like body but with razor sharp teeth in the front of its face, Michael, “Geez! Already that’s sending chills down my spine!”, the USS Columbia (Africa class) in an attempt to destroy the beast and save the rest of the fleet moved in position to ram the mouth and face of the beast. Comms, “Sir I’m receiving an order from the captain of the Columbia to abandon ship!”, Michael, “Open a channel to him!”, comms, “Channel is open captain!”, Michael, “Captain what are you doing? You know you won’t be able to kill that thing.”, captain (voice), “I know but maybe I could wound that thing bad enough so you can concentrate fire on that spot and kill it.”, silence, Michael, “Okay captain, good luck! We won’t forget your sacrifice.”, The Columbia moved at full impulse towards the beast with the nacles now on fire and it flew at full speed and slammed into the face of the beast causing a great explosion that caused the beast to reel and scream almost like a parrot.

The Iron Defenders analyzed the damage with their visual sensors and an order was received by the Challenger to attack that spot and the Iron Defenders looked at each other to confirm the order and they all flew towards it and they fired their weapons. On the surface the red shirts tried to find cover from some spears and sharp objects thrown at them but were unable due to the arena being all flat and open as some were injured or killed and they continued to fire their weapons at the minions. In the meantime Green Comet sliced, judo kicked and punched her way around slicing one of them clean in half across, slicing an arm of another and open palmed punched another in the nose killing it till she turned around and saw a fist punched her hard in the face sending her flying back. She got up wiping her bloody nose as she looked up and saw a large gargoyle like creature with a large bat and spikes on it in its hand, gargoyle, “Think you are strong enough to face me you pathetic little creature?”, Green Comet threw knife blades at it but they bounced off its rough hid and it came up and she kicked it between the legs but to no avail as it continued and backhanded her sending blood flying out of her mouth as she fell and grabs her, flips her over its head on the ground and dislocates her left shoulder as she screamed. The creature raised its bat but was then blitzed from the side by Arsenal and he grabbed the creature, raised it above his head and brought it down snapping its spine on his knee. She tried to relocate her shoulder but couldn’t bear the pain so Arsenal came up and relocated her shoulder (gritting her teeth as she grunted in pain) but before Sprite could thank him a larger gargoyle grabbed him, held him up and squeezed him creating metal crunching sounds as his body was being crushed. Arsenal is trying his best to break his grip but to no avail and Sprite fired a grappling hook that stuck through its side as it cried out in pain, flew up and around and over its left shoulder and threw a knife at its left eye. As it cried out in pain and put one of its hands to where its eye was Arsenal broke from its grip, engaged the mini guns on his right wrist and shoved it to the beast’s belly before firing causing the beast to jerk around till its upper back exploded outwards and fell dead. There was a stomping sound (like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park) and there was a lull in the fighting as they all looked around till they saw a large hand appearing on top of a lava spotted hill and what rose was a monstrous creature with four large arms and a head (like the Kraken in Clash of the Titans but is made out of burning lava) towering over them and the minions cried in delight and continued to fight them as the monster barred down upon Sprite, Arsenal and the others.

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