Money, Black Books, And The CIA

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Detailed Disclosure of the US Defense Science Board's secret post-World War II engagement program with real ET Aliens, including a hybrid children project. Amazing hybrid ET Alien-Human females. Names of academics, scientists, places involved. How micro-polyphony in modern EDM as used by certain DJ's is an ET Communications Tool. Covert economics.

Scifi / Mystery
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Introducing The Black Book From The Future

Introducing The Black Book From The Future.

[The music tracks referred to within the text that follows, are, in order:

JES Unleash The Beat Mixshow 436, from @ 1:05:45 - 1:11:25 ‘One Dominatrix At A Time’/‘Taxigirl Mashup’ version.

Credence Clearwater Revival - ‘Born On The Bayou.’

Imogen Heap DJ Tiesto - Hide Seek (Extended Rare Version).

Farius - Wait (Original Mix).]

...This is just a very brief ‘overview’ introduction to matters here. It is also more of a ‘text book,’ really, than a narrative account - and therefore it should be read that way, with a slightly different expectation than you might have say, if you were simply reading a story...

Soon, we will be providing some more details - particularly about the CIA’s involvement back in the immediate post-WW II period - that are so staggering in their import and veracity, that they will utterly spin your head.

But for now...

Where did we get this thing from? Well, originally – as in the actual first-time ever - we heard about its existence from my friend from Paris, Hugo, who gave it to us, and he said he got it from a lady who owned a small but still rather precious lieu-dit in a subregion of the great Burgundy wine-producing Région de Mercurey terroir. There are other separate versions of it around too, now, in different circles, but this first one, we got from Hugo.

That lady, the Burgundy region wine-producer who gave it to him, told him that as the consequence of a certain trust estate having fallen into the hands of her descendants – that is, at some time in the future (you’ll understand how that could be, later on as you keep reading here) – a particular item in that estate, having been held in a special high-end Caradonna French-made vault there for a hundred years, was traded with some extremely powerful and wealthy people who possessed extremely amazing and advanced technology, for a narrowly-circumscribed use of their time travel technology. (Run with this; you think ‘What?’ right now but you’ll soon see).

What was so valuable about the thing in the estate’s vault, in the first place, that these supremely powerful and advanced people wanted it so much and prized it so highly? Well that was simple to understand – it was a rare and luxurious set of bottles of extremely ancient prestige cognac, along with some movie film in large canisters.

The peculiarity of ‘time loops’ is that they are all exactly like Mobius strips, in that it is virtually impossible to say where ‘it’ started - which thing began first in the loop of events: did this lady’s family become wealthy and then acquire the little black book from the future – which itself ‘went back in time’ next and made them wealthy because of what was in it? Or was it the very fact that she had seen now what was in the black book from the future that made her wealthy first and then only later on, did her rich descendants trade for the little black book because they were so wealthy by then...?

Which caused what, or which allowed for what other thing to occur...?


Time loops. It’s what they are. All like that silly example.

The black book from the future held in it some notes, pertaining to the woman herself and to her affairs of life and of business. The limitation placed by the advanced people was that only they would determine which bits and pieces of the future they would extend to the woman to peer into. They declared that there were no ‘bad’ matters that required any special action to avert their occurring in the case of the woman and her family, since they were all good French Catholics with only the usual French misbehaviour of some sexual escapades quite regularly to colour their fates; nothing untoward was destined to befall any of them. Their future bode no ill to them and they had no cause in any case of some karmic wrath to fear.

This seemingly ridiculous ‘moral clause’ would appear to all of us today somewhat archaic of course, and especially anachronistic if apparently pertaining to attitudes and beliefs of societies and people of the future - but it needs to be related now how this matter arrives to us here:

At some moment in the next several years ahead of us now, extremely technologically advanced beings, very similar to us on the outside, come to our planet Earth overtly albeit they had been here in secret before. Although individually, each of them has a unique personality and quite a good deal of ‘free agency,’ yet because of the devastating military potential of their technology, as a whole society they all practice a kind of a ‘hive mind’ mentality which is implicitly one of a Cosmic, somewhat religious, outlook containing all sorts of truly wonderful benevolent precepts.

They simply insist upon any humans that they interact with, having more or less the same kind of outlook as well as the ‘accommodating’ of the certain ‘hive mind’ ritualistic practices of theirs not too distinctly different to a Catholic Communion.

So, we must make at least some allowances for this stance, since no doubt, their technology of weapons indeed is so violent in the extreme that any arguments between contesting sectarian interests within their own society could or perhaps almost certainly would, result in oblivion for each other of them, and even many surrounding or perhaps nearby other sentient species too.

But still, why does this lady then give the little black notebook to my friend Hugo?

Well, this you will soon see as to the detailed reasons why – because to be sure, her overall justifications include that giving the book, or access to it (since the people from the future also take it back from time to time) to Hugo also results in direct benefits to her and to the wealth of her family’s estate.

Allow me to immediately give you the first example of one of the notes contained in the book itself, and from which example you should readily be able to adduce why she gave it to Hugo.

You see, Hugo is a very well-connected person in the uppermost ranks of transatlantic society, and without question he is able to ‘find some pathway’ to, um, let’s just say -, well, to ‘access,’ as they say; some pathway of access to covert arms of government in America...

So now though, let me take you directly to the notes in the little black notebook from the future.

Entry: 7th October 2022

We observe that a multi-billionaire in the United States (as it was called then) of America, has bought up very considerable tracts of farming land, and has used his ownership of this to falsely claim that – although his own records do purport to show it – the rainfall has catastrophically declined making it vital that the government develop and install large-scale atmospheric water generating technology on all strategic food-producing farms and land, and place legal limits and other restrictions on the exploitation by farming (as he terms it) use of water everywhere that is not under the direct control and supervision of the American government and global institutions complying with such rational polices.

Mme So-and-So rendered critical information and was seen to be of immense service thereby to intelligence and national strategic organisations of the United States government, and in exchange for which she received privileged access to fog harvesting technology, and atmospheric water generating equipment of industrial scale, as well as special privileges over natural exploitation of water resources.

During the decades following 2022, there was a phase which has been termed (in the future) the blue gold-rush decades, caused by artificial scarcity.

...And then course, certain of the following brief notes must remain totally secret now and not reported here, as they are of, well, shall we just simply say, a complexion somewhat morbid in relating what became of individuals who would sue us for saying it all too openly and clearly today, despite they no longer being around to collect on any damages awarded beyond the certain date in question for reasons that we do not need to specify very clearly here.

I should add at once, too, that I am far from any person ‘connected to’ or in any way interfacing with any such ‘covert agencies’ as mentioned and so on; no, no – Hugo is just my friend, and that is all. Well at least put it this way, that’s all you should really know...

Nevertheless, a question could arise in your mind as to how things such as the American intelligence panoply really operates, seeing that some of the participants in there were avidly interested in this lady’s little book – and the answer to that unsaid question that you have is this: for you must understand, none of these groups genuinely answers to the public nor even to the elected officials and/or to the executives of highest office, but instead, they themselves represent special interests of their own, private interests, some large industry groups, not at all confined to just the North American Continent. Among the actual human individuals of these groups, are those with much time in academia, much time in private clubs of privilege... ...and may I say, French wines are not outside the top list of natural desires of such people.

The US Intelligence business is nothing, if not an highly political-involved one, with the personal interests of those highest members of ‘the elite,’ as they call them, governing what really constitutes matters of ‘strategic secret importance,’ and what, does not.

If a certain general or a leading academic teaching strategic policy wishes to enshrine the enduring future for a brand label of some particular premium producer of wine in France, then so it will be.

Note to Readers:

Please look in again here if you are able from time-to-time, as new items from the pages of the Black Book From The Future are sent in by participants in its circulation around the globe.

If you yourself would like to PARTICIPATE, in the Black Book circle - please see us at our FB Page (“Rave Festival Cookies”)

Or access our expanded details version of this text on Amazon/Kindle.

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