De Novo: The Hourglass & Eyepiece

By Glen Yumang Manese All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance


Time is a constituent breadth. Prosper puts on his eyepiece. Turns the hour glass upside down again and closes his eyes. Where he wants to go is all in his imagination. Only as creative as he would like the experience come to life. Existence does not play into make-believe. How exactly, did he find this ancient device is quite a mystery? Secrecy is not a secret, if anyone else had found out of his whereabouts. Seclusion from the outside world. In the safe haven deeply guarded by his nanotechnology security mechanisms. He’s found the elixir to out-live aging. Effects of cancer and illnesses no longer apply. An immortal living among mortals. Now, a question arises to unfold before him. Does he share his knowledge to better all God's creatures? One hour at a time, the grains of powder pour in the other ampoule. What does he choose to do with deific prodigy? Life is about to awaken him and his family, after a long hiatus.


From the water’s edge, before the cascades, on the cliffs, and waves crashing on the rocks below overlooking the entire ocean in view of the eyes to see such scenery within distant horizon of hues sky’s blue arrays. Lighthouse above, a picture so moving, a time to daydream, and a radiant scene in focus to each blink of the eyelids within corner’s eye to the windmills spinning in unison, but a whirlwind breeze could not for a moment falter in her abundance. In looking at the gardens of sequence, afar and structures of flowers would give picture a scenic understanding of the detail in plain sight with so many ways to express words, emotions, and feelings, but these will create her in every aspect, to beauty, yes, to a longing beauty. In uncovering the secrets, which lie in this place and immersed by the sea. Tower beholds clues, answers, and truth to the past in bringing back to life and gives the forgotten memories to the world.

There lived a man and a woman also on this very soil. A marriage remained untouched and unbound by their presence. They built this eternal place, but a bond taken from him and would finish alone with each stone recreating her image for she is the undying figure in the end. In his hands carving each line, curve, blemish, and down to the very follicle of her hair. This was about undying love, but a gift of his heart, soul, and mind undisclosed in her immortal memory. Never some days go by, rain, snow, sleet, or hail would halter his determination in progress. Storm after storm, he would not give to rest and slowly the artist within was showing through his work, but a masterpiece was unfolding; before him. Purpose was coming to life and transforming the abilities, which will make his life a work of art becomes artist at the end.

In searching the ocean floor to give her brilliance for pearl, coral, seashells and such so she would not to be mistaken by any other woman, but with devotion unmatched by his eyes. A true monument of years and decades would have passes, but the older his age. The more relentless he would become knowing that his time is coming, but a belief the heavens would not take him, until the work was complete. In the determination, enhance by the perils of the world, the influence of family, and friends in the collapse of the passion in his heart to finish, until the final breath of his existence.

Precious moments, memories, and happy life with her would come back, but his mind would wonder at times. In remembering her grace, the way she would dance, her laughter, and notion she was at ease with content, but her affection, yes, affection would bring tears, joy, and sorrow mixed into one. Simple memories could ease a simple man, but so complex to do the impossible and at peace with no one to converse, but living in isolation. Sounds of his domain would give to being truly alone and tire, but the sounds kept him at bay.

One day, misjudgment took him. In slipping and falling, but crashing onto the ground. He laid there unconscious, but seemingly telepathically see her in the clouds waving him toward her in his mind. This is the moment of all moments to be together again with no more pain just as life remained, before untouched, unbounded, and no distraction, just the two of them. In regaining the moment again, looking down the unfinished work, his body laid beside the final testament. Can this be the awaited aftermath? An ending to the termination.

Sky turns in quickness to darkness. Storm begins and reality awakens his bleeding body. Weakness in him abounds still lying there helplessly, but conscious in being delusional, a depression, and feeling of mercifulness, yet not taken. Hearing her voice, yes, and her voice can bring me back to my feet, but give me a reason to believe a chance once again that I might breathe. In telling me, life has not gone all wrong that looking at you I can still be a whole. Truth, in you, a truth to go on the distance and truth life has given me nothing. Lie governs and keeps me. Storm subdues anger and his eyes closed again to nothingness.

Day becomes bright once more and he continues aging still to lonely time. Stones taking a toll, but his artwork become him. There is no finish line in sight and each detail of her image consumes his lifeline. Vision of perfection would rise to colossal imagery conveying the means with his hands, but glistering for all the worlds to gaze and marvel through the ages, which would take soon of his life. Final etching written and the end is drawing near, but he would inscribe these words:

Let me not know when love ends with each droplet of tears pour gently on this paper. Lover gone by faith, but weakens in my heart left in existence. In my arms lies the beauty of bitters to the sweet of my lady, before the last breath expires from within her last voice, the cherished word love. Shock endures my mind into chaos. Shall we meet again in the heavens, but takes my soul, my lord, also without hesitation? Pleads of conceit by your own creation, but do not hold this against me a sole pain mortally upon my flesh with a thousand or more days of punishment in isolation to a test of my love and manhood? Only then will this spirit has the will to suffer, until death comes knocking at my door and cast death upon this condemned soul as my words are marked in writing so as not to lie. Love may have ends by mortals, but the will goes beyond a mortal body and the immortality of love untouched by my inner-self, but an eternal flame burns forever.

Above the clouds, wherever God may have taken your soul a place no mortal man can penetrate, but the desire within the heart may overcome. Some rages in madness my limbo mind does wish to speak, but rage, rage, and rage fills the very soul that weeps and give me the right to eternal sleep! Thought of loneliness is an immoral act against a creator, but a judgment respectful of a devil! Take my words in vain, but my God forgives my offensive voice in a moment anger will cease existence.

Here on earth is your remembrance and slowly, does my mind flashback to our times, before this moody day. As clear as the light and warmth cast by the sun in the open fields of numerous flowers. We strolled and laughed hand in hand never in the disturbance of others. Tranquility of courtship left to remain with a couple. Nature is left untouched to grow wild in abundance. Time in courtship means nothing! Therefore, this present day never commends memory! A selfish thief takes by want, but reckons no need, therefore young to die my dear. Angel of death comes too early. Leaves come to birth in spring and wilt to nothing in the autumn breeze, but renew the next season. In this by God, my lover gone and her life put to cease as life gives only a chance. A droplet of tears for our love, another for my sorrow, sadness declared in moments and time remembered.

Time as children was decades ago, but only innocence ruled between our friendship to grow into this relationship and life had no problems. Day gone in the past meant nothing, but how would my heart word such a priceless meaning in the present day? Piercing pain comes suddenly, but time is unchanged by me. If given God’s power to change this mourning of my grief another chance would be paradise, but twice deaths are double the anguish and suffering is an event experienced only once. What hides in her flesh and blood of my dear, departs, which lies in an eternal sleep? Flesh shows no trace of illness a waste of her beauty, but a picture of perfection forever through my dreary eyes.

Lock is soon to be sealed and condemned by lost. Concealed, a blind man and relish nothing more precious. Blood turns red, my veins in a pool too dark. Depression departs by many, but deep as an abyss in the depths of any sea will serve a just equal. Third tear turns to ice and rains into pieces upon the earth, but another descend as image of your beauty slowly turning to dust. Distant trail is a dimension from life to death. Dimension so far to the living, but the living alone answers and questions for lost existence, but wills must be done for a given purpose.

These burns too close a fire to comprehend, an attraction too dear, a life experienced too short, and a reality too real. Search into endless space and time will bring no other to spark a gleam of your beauty in this mortal world. Vault be sealed and inscribed, a lover’s name, a last touch of feeling and a kiss farewell. In this by God, keep her now and curse not my words, but forgive the acts against a creator and wash them from my parting thoughts. This place left without disgrace, but hold such sorrow within the heart. Air is moist, a sudden change in weather, a drop of fresh rain, another, another, and another, but a sign she is well.

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