The alphas kings 3 mates

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When I alpha king is born they are given three mates to find if they wish. Each mate is a part of the king. He may want all three or not maybe just one. Malikai is the alpha king and he is in search for all his mates he finds two of them but what if the third one is human? Will this end the war of the humans and werewolves? Or will this start a new war?

Scifi / Romance
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Information on this book

This is information on the story and werewolves in general so please read before you procced. Disclaimer not all these facts apply to every book you may read.

If you did not know already werewolves are born with a mate. They will know when they meet their mate when my smell a certain smell that they really enjoy or they touch someone and feel sparks. Once they meet their mate usually they move in with the male ( or if the two mates are the same gender they decide together).

Heat season is when females go through. un mated females will go through heat. They will feel like there body if on fire and they will get strong sexual urges. The heat ends when they are fully mated.

THIS PART IS PART OF MY BOOK SO IF YOU NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE THATS WHY.(sorry for all caps I need this to stand out).

if a human gets pregnant with a wolf baby its very hard to survive the pregnancy. The reason is that creating a wolf baby takes a lot of energy and humans don't have that much energy therefore they can get very sick or die.

when a werewolf king is born he is born with 3 mates. 1 boy and 2 girls, or 3 girls, or 3 boys, i think you get the point. The reason is because the moon goddess ( the goddess that the werewolves worship kind like Jesus) wanted the king not to die of a heart break. When a mate looses there mate its like losing there other half. A werewolf king has a bunch of duties like protect all werewolves. if he dies and he dose not have kids to take over for him the werewolf species will fall apart.


this book contains
Sexual scenes, smut, male and female pleasures, self harm, anxiety, depression
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