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She arrived to me and departed.

Scifi / Romance
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Suddenly, I heard Fur elise somewhere from my surroundings. It often happened to me sometimes, it was the ring tone of my phone which I kept for years, but for sometimes I keep hearing the sound for unknown reasons. But now, it is real, my phone is actually ringing.

I didn’t answer the phone, it was my friend’s mom. And I keep staring at it to reveal the gist of the surprise call.

What if her daughter is getting married, but why can’t she talk?

Or it could be something like she want me to deliver career advice to someone.

Last time she asked me to guide a rebellious boy and it didn’t end well. Teens now a days are too extreme. You gotta handle ’em with care.

Or is it something urgent, by the time I think of the possible reasons, ringing stopped.

After a minute, followed by series of messages.

Call me back

Neha is at Central Railway station.

She missed the train to home and next train is at 2 am night.

She is alone there, can you accompany her?

Of course I can.

This is great, I am going to meet her. I shut down the particle project accelerator which I’ve been working the whole day and took a shower.

This is my second shower for the day within short interval.

Why I’m so excited, because she is my secret lover, but I never made any attempt to reveal my desire cause I’m scared of the consequences.

And even she took a gist of it, she would kill me for sure.

She needs me as friend and I’m like why can’t we go a step further.

And she never ever really pay an attention on my affairs, even if I got Nobel prize or say that I’ve been to Mars, that would not never change.

She had a confusing patterns of friendship, someday she was too close and graphs went higher and someday it is off the charts. I cannot able to predict her crazy algorithm with me.

I replied back to her mom “Sure, I can, I’m at meeting right now, will meet her within an hour.”

I lied just to get rid of speaking in phone, typical introvert things.

After the shower, I look myself in the mirror and put the glass to keep up the nerdy look.

I took the keys and drove to the central station.

She is at dorm of central station, looking so bewildered.

The moment she saw me, her face seems to glow.
Today I think she is at good mood and may exhibit higher degree of friendship, but I decided to repel her and test my hypothesis about her patterns of the friendship.

“Hey, how are you ?”

“I’m fine, how about you?”

“Are you okay?”

Even the second shower doesn’t work, she sense dullness and stress in face.

“Yeah, it’s just the work, okay, did you eat something?”

“Yeah, i just had a coffee a hour ago. Shall we go somewhere else?”

“Yep, but,,, okay, it’s too late to get hanging around, shall we go to my room”

“Yeah, cool”

We both walked to parking lot, I lead her in the front and I pretend to act like that I’m so busy.

She went to inform her mom in phone, to avoid getting her mom in phone, I checked my phone and apparently landed in a fake call.

I kept talking until she hung up the phone. She talks a lot in serious and she even stopped walking at certain points to talk. Might be some Mom-Daughter quarrel.

And at the car, we didn’t talk much, she went on to search my playlist, i got nothing to suit her taste as it was all 18th century music.

She turn back to her phone and occasionally laughs, might be some memes.

I was hoping that she would start a conversation so that I can involve. But I don’t think she will.

It is me who often open the conversation and if I didn’t talk, the conversation never happens.
She pretend sitting like she is alone. Wonder how she would be reacting if I turn into a headless zombie.

We have reached the room and she is still at phone.

“Hey, here is the bathroom, here is the kitchen, here you can watch TV, I’ll be there in my lab, if you need anything, let me know”

“Yeah, sure” Still in the phone.

Then I went to lab and I started to realize that we both are alone at home, we can do whatever, but i don’t think she would be willing. At least, it’s good feeling.

Thoughts suddenly shift to the experiment I’m working, when I turn on the monitors.

Few moments later, she is trying to open the lab door, she couldn’t it was locked.


“What are you doing?”

“I’m working, can I come in?”

“Yeah, I can let you in, but you must be wearing the radio active suit”

“Okay, fine, I can, where it is?”

“A moment, I will come”

I step outside and a gave a suit to her in the cupboard.

And I was waiting there.

She is still staring at me.


“You have to go out”

“Hey, come on, you’re not going to change the clothes, you’re just wearing it above and if you still don’t want me here, okay fine”

I moved out and she actually close the door, I still don’t understand.

Then she come out and I gave her goggles.

She wear it and asked me ” How do I look?”

“Can’t say as I don’t think you let me to observe you full to comment”

“Stupid, it’s enough”

We went both in to the lab.

She noticed all the apparatus I’ve been using.

“What are you working by the way?”

“I’m trying to find the particles which is dark matter made of”

“Okay, sounds cool, But what is dark matter?”

“Over 95% of the observable universe constitutes of dark energy and dark matter which no one had a clue on what it is made of, scientists all over the world trying to find. I’m focusing on dark matter. Don’t tell anyone. I think I have discovered it and I’m just trying to prepare matter in order to prove”

“Wow, how did you do that?”

“Well, it’s so technical, it would take a day to explain and I’ve to use mathematics”

“Okay, thanks for the heads-up. I don’t want to know, what was this fancy device?”

“It is a mini particle accelerator, It’s just a mere replication of device in CERN. It shoots particles and at the tube, dark matter will get created. But you can’t see that matter as it doesn’t emit light

“What would happen if I go inside the tube”

“Uhh, wanna try?”

“Just curious”

“It is highly lethal, human bodies cannot tolerate, it would tear you apart at sub atomic level. In simple words, you will vanish”

“Sounds cool”

“How did you operate?”

“You can just turn on the accelerator and you will find the flash”

“But won’t it get spilled outside?”

“No, it’s fully protected. It’s very minimal amount, but it is so powerful enough”

“So you can go inside the vault to see the remnants?”

“Actually you can go inside now, because those particles are shortlived, it appears and disappears instantly and also since it doesn’t really emit light, you actually cannot see in eyes, but with certain frequencies we can observe which we can see in monitor”

“You wanna see an object disappears?”


“Let’s put this ball inside the vault and see what happens”

I put a ball inside and I turn on the accelerator. She closely observes my actions.

“Hey don’t take the goggles, whatsoever, flash is harmful for eyes, it may even make you blind.”

With the countdown of 5, suddenly there was a boom sound and sudden flash and the ball disappears instantly as I advised her.

“Wow, this is so cool man, you’re simply awesome”

“Yeah” this is the first time I remember she appreciates me”

“Why haven’t you revealed to anyone yet?”

“Actually I was about to publish last week and even my mentor insist to. But I thought to extend for one more week. I am just preparing myself for the best. When Einstein discovered general relativity, he wouldn't have proposed it one go, he prepared himself for the possible questions world may ask and you never know how people will ask questions, you’ve to make sure of every possibility.”

“I don’t know what to say, all my life my parents used to say, be like you and I knew I never gonna be, you’re a way higher”

“Come on, you’re also great”

“Oh, tit for tat, I don’t think so, the more I hear others great achievements, rather getting inspired from them, I always felt myself low, especially my parents took your name to compare, I don’t know, I hate myself ”

“Okay, okay, don’t degrade yourself. You have no idea how great you are, may be there are people secretly admire you and they never told you about it.”

I said her hoping she can grab the gist of what I’m saying. But she is still staring at the accelerator.

“I will bring some drinks, let’s go upper deck, may be the lab stuff makes you bit nauseous”

“Okay, I will come” she said.

And I left the lab thinking about her. It’s been years I’ve been longing for. I am afraid that I would end up losing her a friend. Let’s take risks and let me gain some courage and express my desire to marry her at least today.With the thoughts I opened the fridge and picked some beers.

I heard boom sound suddenly and I ran towards the lab calling her name.

Seems the accelerator has been started and I can see the suit is there.

I was searching her in the lab and in the house, an impossible quest later I realized.

Her phone is ringing and it was her mom. I didn’t answer and it stopped.

And I started to hear Fur Elise. I tried to convince myself that it was an illusion, but it was her mom calling.

Her daughter vanished without a trace. How can I explain to her?

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