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∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

By Konrad Alden McKane All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi

CH∆PTER I: ∆drift

The Rising Tide theme song

The tide will rise to lift your spirits high
with this power i promise you will never die Are you ready and willing to take on this task? Then come on my friends and fill up your flask

This is a whale of a tale to tell
He stole the fire from the pits of hell Hes a mighty beast who can eat a feast Hes Ferrick Vatten the man whale

He has a shell harder than a crab Your blade will break if you take a stab There is no telling with his black eyes The biggest man he’s twice his size

Hes from a land down under the sea Bold and strong and handsome is he He has no hair and he does not care He will kill you brutally

The happy ending to this story may be sick and a bit gory
but have no fear my little dear we did it for the glory

Ferrick Vatten piloted the Golden Syndicate’s mission plane; the Vorcom Jet over the Pacific Ocean. He looked below him through the hyproglass windows. He could see the rolling clouds, every moment catching glimpses of the ocean below. They had been traveling for 5 hours, their destination; the Mariana Trench, Japan, seeking the Hydro Empyro.

Ferrick thought back to his meeting with Master Neoen. “The Hydro Empyro has chosen you to pilot it. You have been picked from billions of people to be the warrior of the Golden Syndicate. But the Empyro is not just a weapon or an artifact of power, it is a living biological android, with it’s own consciousness.”

“Once you don the spirit armor, it will syncopate to your biological rhythms, you will become symbiotic champions of the light.” Master Neoen put his slender finger tips to his lips. Neoen was high elf by birth, the stories claimed that he was an immortal messiah. Ferrick had not even believed in Neoen before he had seen him with his own eyes before the rest of the group. Even now as Neoen spoke he had an otherworldly and mystical nature to his words and manners.

“However, even the shadow forces assemble to thwart our efforts to restore balance. Make no mistake, now that we have acquired the Earth Empyro, Harkane and his legion of darkness will make every move to kill the Golden Syndicate and capture the Empyros.”

Ferrick thought of all that had happened to him, remembering his escape from Alcatraz, Jaypar coming to his rescue. Until that moment, Ferrick had been a prisoner with a life sentence, afterwards he discovered his destiny to be an elite warrior in the war against the repticons. “Why am I the chosen one, what makes me so special?” Ferrick asked cautiously.

Neoen answered with his reassuring grace and non- attachment. “You were chosen to fulfill this task before you were birthed into this world. Every moment of your life has prepared you and shaped you for this task.”

Ferrick’s mind returned to the present moment. Sabria Masue entered the cockpit from behind him. She flicked a few overhead switches and studied some readouts, taking a seat in the co-pilot chair. “Not much longer until we cross the Pacific Ocean.”

Ferrick was at the helm of the ship and Sabria was riding shot gun. Jaypar and bantam we’re goofing off in the back seat and Kolobar was in deep meditation.

“Bantam watch this.” Jaypar said with a giggle. He took a feather from his hair and turned invisible then slowly edged the feather towards kolobars nose. Kolobars eyes were closed and before the feather reached his snout it caught fire. Jaypar quickly stomped out the flame. “Whoa you’re good mate, there’s no shaking you.”

“Just because i don’t see you doesn’t mean i can’t sense you. Don’t ever interrupt my trance or you will suffer dire consequences. I could have caught your whole body on fire as a defense mechanism.”

“Well thank Neoen you didn’t. I don’t think I’d have much success with the ladies if i had third degree burns all over my body. Maidens can be so shallow. I’m one to talk though, I’m pretty shallow myself. A prize catch like me can’t be seen with a frumpy frump.”

Kolobar cut him off. “Has anyone ever told you you talk too much?”

“I can’t help it if I’m so interesting and I have a lot of global bohemian wisdom to share with the world. Am i right or am i right Bantam?” He nudged bantam and they both giggled together.

“Oh i love when we practice laughter yoga brother. It keeps us youthful and fit.” Bantam chuckled.

Sabria looked back and said sternly, “You’re both over 100 now you should have reached mental maturity. You should leave childish games behind.”

“Not if you wanna be forever young babe like the Rodinator.” Jaypar said.

“I believe it was the late great William Hicks that said kids are the smartest people on the planet. I don’t know one kid that has a job and kids.” Bantam said.

“Spoken like a true globo. Prime creator rest William Hicks’ zombie bones. The repticons took him out for speaking infinite wisdom and truth to Alkayans. We were the ones who avenged his death.”

All of a sudden a red dot flashed on the vorcom screen. “We’ve got five bogies on our tail!” Ferrick shouted. “Bantam hop in the turret.”

“You got it big blue.” Bantam went to the back of the vorcom jet and hopped in the turret. It rose up and locked him into place. “They’re coming in fast.” he shouted. There were five of Americas top fighter drones closing in on their vorcom. They were flying in a V formation then the outside jets flew closer and surrounded the vorcom and began firing a volley of bullets. Ferrick took evasive action and rose straight up dodging the attack.

“Hold on everyone.” Ferrick bellowed. He pulled hard back on the controls and did a loop with the vorcom jet landing the crew right behind one of their assailants. Bantam immediately gunned it down with his razor sharp aim. It spiraled down and disappeared beneath the clouds.

“ONE DOWN FOUR TO GO!” Bantam shouted.

Ferrick flew in a serpentine pattern but it was impossible to shake the four remaining drones. They focused their fire on the vorcom and it was impossible to dodge. The left wing of the vorcom was clipped by the machine gun fire and they spiraled out of control. Ferrick tried to remain level but there was nothing he could do. “We’re going down guys hold on!” He bellowed. The water came rushing up to meet them. “Brace for impact!”

The vorcom hit the surface of the water like a ton of bricks. Thankfully they were all strapped in so no one was seriously injured. “Everyone we have to get out now before they loop around and hit us again!” Ferrick shouted. The crew scrambled out into the open water and began swimming away from the crumpled vorcom jet. Just as Ferrick predicted the drones looped around and launched a missile at their dilapidated vessel. “Everybody dive down!”

The missile struck the vorcom and exploded sending a fire ball into the sky. Shrapnel and debris launched outward, thankfully no one was struck because Sabria had formed a holy bubble around them. They remained safely underwater in the bubble till it ran out of oxygen

then they had to resurface. When they breached the surface there was no sign of the enemy drones.

“Who were those guys?” Bantam asked puzzlingly.

“No doubt they were unmanned drones being operated by an air craft carrier somewhere close to our proximity.” Ferrick replied. “Lets try and piece some debris together for the lady to float on.” As he gestured at sabria.

“Thank you Ferrick. Plate armor is not easy to swim in.”

They grabbed what was left of the chairs and strung them together with some wiring. Sabria was able to sit on top of the make shift raft while the four Empyro hosts held onto the edge as they tread water.

“How long do you think it will be before we’re rescued?” Kolobar asked.

“I already sent out a distress signal to Kinetica so who knows how long before they respond.” Jaypar answered.

“Hopefully not too long... I don’t want my fingers getting all pruney.” Bantam said.

“Well good thing we have Ferrick to protect us from any sea monsters that may try to trifle with us.” Sabria said.

“Oh god there’s a shark fin!” Bantam exclaimed.

Ferrick swam down and let out a fierce piercing bellow. The shark quickly retreated. “Sharks are nothing, it’s Shark men you have to be afraid of. They’re always looking to pick a fight.” Ferrick said.

Hours passed as our team was baking in the hot sun. Neoen was unable to teleport them because they had to be touching solid ground. There was nothing but blue water as far as the eye could see.

“I’m sorry I let the team down. I should have been able to out maneuver those drones.” Ferrick said solemnly

“Don’t beat yourself up about it Blue. We were merely overwhelmed and out gunned. They need to design the vorcom with better defenses.”

“Do you see that bantam?” Jaypar asked. He pointed off to a dot on the horizon. Bantam looked through the scope of his rifle then started to laugh in excitement.

“We’re saved! It seems to be an all female cruise ship! Kolobar send off a flare.” Bantam said. Kolobar pointed his staff in the sky and shot a fire ball straight up about a half a mile high. It trailed down and landed in the water 50 yards away from them. Minutes later they heard a cruise ship horn ring out across the water. “Yes they’ve spotted us and are heading our direction.”

“Oh my i can’t wait to hit the buffet.” Ferrick said.

“I can’t wait to make the ladies swoon when we sing karaoke Bantam.” Jaypar said.

“Yes that will be delightful. I can’t wait for room service if you know what i mean.” Bantam said with a wink.

“I can’t wait for a hot shower I’m sick of being salty.” Sabria said. “I can’t wait to be dry again.” Kolobar said.

About 20 minutes later the cruise ship was right on top of their make shift raft. They lowered a life raft into the water and our team all crawled inside. When they rose to the top of the deck instead of being greeted with flowers they had guns pointed in their faces.

“Oh no... ” Ferrick sighed. “These are the infamous Pirate Princesses.”

Before them stood princess Auachiosagata, a beauty to rival all

others. Despite her missing left eye the Princess was still breathtaking, she wore an elaborate flower patterned kimono with a black bathing suit underneath. Jaypar and Bantam stood silently entranced by her beauty, and that of the other princesses, each was a shining gem, as pretty as the most gorgeous actresses, models and dancers. Princess Auachiosagata stood menacingly over them with her assault rifle.

“Quite a motley crew we have here, ladies?” She shouted in a powerful voice to the heroes in the water, from her high vantage point on the massive gleaming white cruise ship. Her silk blue robe fluttered in the breeze. “Don’t move unless you want to be sharkmeat...” her remark now directed to the heroes as her voice sharpened.

“Please may we have safe passage aboard your vessel?” Sabria asked with no hesitation in her voice.

“We only grant sanctuary to those that join our crew and work for us. You must swear allegiance to Mayjena if you want to come aboard.”

“We better do what they ask right fellas?” Sabria whispered to the rest of our golden syndicate. At first Ferrick was hesitant but he soon realized their predicament and solemnly nodded his head in agreement. The rest of them gave a nod as well.

“Alright we swear allegiance to Mayjena!” Sabria shouted back to Auachiosagata.

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