∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER X: The water temple

The vorcom surfaced in a room surrounded by unlit torches. The headlights of the jet shone on ancient hieroglyphs and a giant fresco that seemed to depict a story but it was to dark to tell. Our crew

jumped out of the ship and landed on the cold wet stone of the pyramid.

“The air is stale and smells like death” Kolobar said. “I’ll only light a few torches in case we run out of air.”

“No worries mate we’ve got an elven flash light right here.” Bantam said. He pointed to Sabria and she raised her mace and it lit the whole chamber.

“I don’t think we have to worry about oxygen. That thick layer of moss on the ceiling sees to be providing us enough to breathe. This fresco seems to be depicting the great war and the imprisonment of Lucifer and the repticons. And it finishes with the concealment of the water empyro in this very temple.” Kolobar said.

“It seems like the elves stationed here wrote more.” The repcticons had drilled up through the bottom of the temple but were unable to get to the chamber that held the water empyro. It was sealed by high magic.” Sabria said.

“Also known as a force field which is technology.” Jaypar chimed in.

“Magic is real and very powerful. Lets not get into a debate about magic right now. Apparently the temple was quickly over run because they had no one to host the water empryo. So they all fled to the top tier of the pyramid. They sealed themselves in with a master key to the water empyro chamber. So it looks like we need to fight our way through seven levels of naga and repticons to get to the key. Then Ferrick will be the only one to enter and face his ultimate fear.”

“That sounds pretty feasible now that we have the earth empyro.” Ferrick said.

“According to this map we head left and climb the pyramid in a clockwise fashion.” Sabria said

“Why don’t we just make a hole straight to the top with my empyro?” Bantam asked.

“That could compromise the integrity of the whole temple. IF you start shifting stones the pyramid ocud come down on all of us.” Sabria said.
“Well we wouldn’t want that to happen now would we.”

“It looks like you do need to shift these doors to the next room though.”
“I’m glad I can be of service. It feels good to be needed. Now should I push the stone in or out?”

“This stone says to push forward.”

The stone had a large hieroglyph that symbolized push. Bantam waved his hand in a pushing motion and the stone was surrounded by a soft green light and slowly moved inward. Before Sabria got a chance to light the room it was filled with the light of hundreds of red eyes.

“I think we’ve woken the hive.” Bantam said.

“Well get in there and do your best now. You’re practically invincible for all we know. We’ll take care of the overflow.” Sabria said.

Without hesitation bantam jumped into the dark room with claws drawn. Immediately he was surrounded by writhing and nashing naga. Naga look like the mating of repticons and eels. They have both gills like a fish and lungs like a serpent. Their top half is humanoid and their bottom half is like an eel tail. They have a voracious appetite and are the scourge of the ocean. They’re even cannibalistic eating their own dead. They advanced on bantam and they quickly covered him in a dog pile he finally started to hack and slash his tera claws and he cut through the wall of naga flesh like a hot knife through butter.

Back in the main room the naga crept through the open door by the dozen. Ferrick was there to meet them with his battle axe and frenzy was there with his broad sword as well. They were both cutting through the surge of bodies like pros, chopping off limbs and

decapitating the naga menace. Jaypar and Kolobar took care of any naga that got by Ferrick and Frenzy. Jaypar was dealing death blows left and right with his short swords and Kolobar was burning up naga bodies before they got to the elf maidens. Sabria and Jelena barely had to deliver any heals at all, in fact they were on the offensive. Sabria was bashing heads with her mace. Jelena had shifted to her white tiger form and was pouncing and going for the jugular on any naga that came her way. Our team was working like a well oiled machine. They plowed through the first level with relative ease. The number of naga that came through the doorway slowed to a trickle and finally stopped.

“All clear.” Bantam said. The rest of the team walked into the next room and were surprised to see bantam sanding at the top of a massive mound of dead naga. “Glad you could join me. I think I’m getting the hang of this empyro thing. Nothing can pierce this armor. I think the naga were actually breaking their teeth and claws on me.”

“I think we all held our own pretty well on that one.” Ferrick said.

“The next level will undoubtedly be more difficult than the first. Lets make sure we’re fully rested before we proceed.” Sabria said.

“I feel great. Its like I gain more energy the more I move.” Bantam said

“That makes sense. The empyros thrive off kinetic energy.” Sabria said

“I think we’ve got a good system going here. Bantam takes on the brunt of the onslaught and we take care of the overflow that comes through the door.” Ferrick said.

“That’s a good strategy. Our team has good chemistry.” Jaypar said.

“Everyone take a breather and we’ll reconvene the killing spree in about 10.” Sabria said.

Our heroes caught their breath drank some water. After they were

fully rested they made their way through the corpses to the southern wall where there was a stone staircase leading west. At the top there was a stone marked “lift up”. Bantam climbed to the top of the staircase and pushed the stone up and entered the room and the second tier of the pyramid. Before long you could here the shrieks of naga of resonating through the temple, chilling the syndicates bones. This time Bantam used the giant stone blocking the doorway to smash through the hordes of naga. Sabrias hypothesis was correct. The next level of naga were bigger and stronger, but that didn’t stop the lithe body of the powerful earth empyro. The rest of the team handled the naga that came spilling down the stairway like a well oiled machine. Like the last level Ferrick and Frenzy handled the brunt of the aggravation. Jaypar and Kolobar handled the leftovers and Sabria and Jelena got the scraps. Even Behoba got in on the fun. He shifted into a bigger and stronger form and was tearing through the naga left and right.

Our crew handled the second level very well. It took them about the same time to clear the room as it did the first. They ascended the staircase and found bantam wielding the large stone that blocked the doorway it was covered in dozens of smashed naga.

“It looks like you had a smashing good time.” Jaypar said. Everyone in the room had a good laugh. After our team rested fora bit they pressed on ward and upward. The next three levels went as well as the first two. The rooms got small as well as the number of naga, but the naga were immensely larger and more powerful. By the fifth level it took Ferrick and Frenzy working together to take down one naga. Jaypar and Kolobar were a good pair. Kolobar blasted the naga with fire balls while Jaypar would shadow jump behind his target and sever their spine. Our team was pretty exhausted after level five. They rested a little bit longer before advancing to the sixth level.

When bantam entered the sixth level he encountered the king and queen naga. They were monstrous. He quickly threw the door stone at the queen and it broke over her head crushing her skull killing her instantly. The king sniffed her head and nudged her but she didn’t respond. He roared in outrage of what Bantam had done. Bantam almost felt remorse for what he had done. Would they be responsible

for the extinction of a species? He noticed a clutch of eggs in the corner and he knew that the blood thirsty monsters would survive. Bantam quickly snapped out of his beast lover quandry when the king naga snatched him up and started to squeeze him like a tube of tooth paste. Bantam without any hesitation flexed his might and his elbow blades extended slicing through the kings fingers. The king didn’t loosen his grip though and continued crushing Bantam. His chest began to glow and gather power and when it released it shot a beam that went through the king nagas hands and blasted a hole through his head. The kings body went limp and fell to the floor releasing his grip on Bantam.

“The coast is clear!” Bantam shouted. The team poked their heads in the room and gasped at the sight of the enormous naga Bantam had slain single handedly. “You’re welcome. Now lets get that key and Ferrick down to the room where his ultimate fear awaits him.” Bantam climbed to the top of the stairs where he had trouble moving the last stone.

“Thats funny” he said.
“What is?” Sabria asked.
“This stone won’t budge. Wait a minute there’s more glyphs on it.”

“Let me see.” Sabria said as she brought her bright shining mace up the stairs. “This appears to be a music staff the notes are C, D sharp, D, A flat. I think we’re supposed to sing it. Would you like to give it a try Ferrick? This is your temple and you do have a beautiful voice by the way.”

“Thanks Sabria you’re about to make me blush.” Ferrick said he took a deep breathe and belted out the notes and they reverberated through out the temple. The door began to dissolve away and left a pile of sand. Inside the top of the pyramid lay 12 skeletons of ancient caretakers of the temple. There were three on each side facing north, east, south, and west. In the middle of them stood a pedestal with a marvelous golden key with a large blue gem on the end of it. Ferrick grabbed the key and winced, expecting something to happen. He

closed his eyes and when he opened them the whole diamond syndicate had been transported to the entrance to the temple right in front of the boss door. He put the key in the hole and twisted and the locks began to turn started making a loud lurching noise. The giant door spiraled away revealing a round hole in the floor filled with water. “Well it looks like the rest is up to me.”

“Good luck.” Everyone said.
“Face your fear whatever may manifest.” Sabria said.

Ferrick dove into the hole with his battle axe strapped to his back. The water was pitch black so ferrick used his sonar. He sensed he was in a tunnel that opened up into a big room. He could only sensed he was in a tunnel that opened up into a big room. He could only hold his breathe for about 10 more minutes so he hoped the water empyro would manifest soon. The anticipation was killing him. He had no idea what to expect all of a sudden he saw a small feint blue light off in the distance. He swam towards it and the light got bigger and brighter. When he got close he could make out the alchemical symbol for water. He reached out to grab it and it moved out of his grasp.

“That was weird.” He thought to himself. HE knew it couldn’t be that easy to obtain the empyro. HE reached out again to garab the glowing blue ball and it moved again. “This is annoying now.” Ferrick thought to himself. He shot the ball with his claw shot and it grasped the ball perfectly. When he tried to reel it in it started reeling him in. Before he reached the ball it illuminated two rows of giant pointed teeth. Before Ferrick understood that he was staring at a large set of jaws they flashed quickly and he was swallowed whole by a monstrous shadow lantern fish. Ferrick feared death and now it surely seemed eminent. He was running out of air. He remembered his claw shot had an electrical feature so he tazed the fish full blast. THe fishes skeleton glowed in the darkness like a fluorescent light. The fish wen limp and its jaws relaxed but didn’t open fully Ferrick took his axe and used it to break through the fishes teeth. He reeled his hook shot in and pulled the water empyro in through the hole he cut through the teeth. He grasped the blue orb in his hands and shouted “EMPYRO!” Ferrick experienced an intense warm and euphoric

sensation flow through his body. The blue orb melted in his hands and began covering his whole epidermis. It was like a second skin. When it covered his head he was able to breathe again. Ferrick felt invincible. The fish came to and began thrashing about wildly. Ferrick felt like an ice cube in a martini shaker.

“Enough is enough.” Ferrick said. “Time to end this!” He broke through the calcium prison and grabbed the monstrosity by the lower jaw and used his new found power to rip it off. He then used his axe and plunged it through the fishes skull and went all the way through its brain and out the other side. The monstrous carcass of the shadow lantern fish sank deep into the abyss.

Ferrick had done it. He conquered his fear and now possessed the power of the water empyro. He swam through the water with lightening speed now. He burst up through the hole of the entrance making surprisingly no splash. Everyone was astonished at the magnificent blue armor. “I feel so alive. Its like the suit fills me with boundless energy.” Ferrick said.

“I know the feeling all to well. It’s addictive.” Bantam said.

“You guys will never believe what I’ve been through.” Ferrick recounted the tale of what just happened.

“Well we’re all glad to see you’re still alive and you obtained the hydro empyro. Now Neoen will port us back to the temple of light for further guidance on our next mission.” Sabria said.

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