∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER XI: Frenzy restored

Our crew opened their eyes after the flash of brilliant golden white light to find themselves in the courtyard of Neoens Himalayan hide out.

“Welcome back all of you. And for you Mr. zombie/were wolf/vampire this is your first time in my sanctuary. Feel free to make yourself at home. Sabria has told me you want to join the legion of light and love in return for her restoring you to your former glory.” Neoen said in his pleasing baritone.

“Yes Grand Wizard. I was born of darkness now I wish to serve the light. I was created to be a killing machine when all I want to do is become a love machine.” Frenzy said with a smile.

“Well then we could use the help we need more warrior healers, they’re a rare commodity.”

Sabria stood in front of Neoen and Frenzy and asked. “Are you ready Frenzy?”

“Yes my lady.”

“Then kneel before me.” Frenzy slowly bent his knee before lady Sabria. “Who is your lord and savior?” Sabria asked.

Without hesitation Frenzy responded. “I am.”

“Good response. Then by the power invested in me by Neoen himself I grant you your mortality back. Use it wisely.” She held her mace to Frenzies head and he was bathed in golden light. All of a sudden his sores and rotted flesh began to sparkle and regrow. He felt a tingling sensation across his entire body. Sabria had stripped

the sickness from his flesh.

“I can feel again!” Frenzy exclaimed. “I’m so happy i could kiss you Miss Masue!”

“Please restrain yourself Mr Frenzy. A hug would be more appropriate.” Frenzy quickly stood up and with his full force gave sabria a bear hug lifting her feet off the ground. He could finally feel her soft skin and smell the sweet scent of her hair.

“It feels so good to be alive!”
“Alright Frenzy you can release me now.” Sabria said.

“How about a group hug?” Our crew all came together and surrounded frenzy and hugged it out.

“Aww its so adorable seeing all of you getting along so swimmingly.” Neoen said. “Speaking of swimming I’m proud of you Ferrick for obtaining the Hydro Empyro. You did what no one has done in over 2200 years.”

“Thank you grand wizard. Let me tell you it was no easy feat. I had to summon all the power within me to overcome that ferocious shadow lantern fish. I thought I was going straight to the next realm before i summoned the hydro EMPYRO.”

“Let me see both you and bantam summon your Empyros. Its been along time since of seen them both together.”

“Lets do it big blue.” Bantam said with a fervor. Ferrick stood next to him and they looked at each other in the eye and nodded their heads in agreement.

“EMPYRO!” They both shouted and brilliant blue light emanated from Ferricks chest and shining emerald light shined forth from bantams chest. Instantaneously they were surrounded by a forcefield and the impressive armor covered their bodies.

“Never ceases to amaze me.” Neoen said. “Now lets see the two of you spar in these forms and try not to wreck the place too much.”

“If the Grand Golden Wizard Neoen himself wants to see a show then lets give him one Ferrick old friend.” Bantam said.

“Im so down.” Ferrick said. They squared off near a glorious fountain where Ferrick began syphoning water from. He motioned with his hands and like a serpent the water began slithering through the air towards him he spiraled it around himself for a few seconds then blasted the stream at Bantam. Bantam swiftly raised a block up from the ground and created a shield from the blast. Ferrick focused the water into a drill till it bore a hole right through the earth Bantam had lifted. It knocked bantam on his butt and he slid back 10 yards.

“Excellent Ferrick.” Neoen said. “Water is more powerful than stone when you focus your attack.”

“That was a great move ole blue!” Bantam said. “Now its my turn to attack!” Bantam started lifting rocks from around him with his green energy and hurled them at Ferrick. Ferrick used his superior strength to punch right through the blocks of stone. Shards of earth shattered and sprayed around him. “You’re a powerhouse mate theres no stopping you.”

“You know Bantam with the power of the geo empyro you also have the ability to control plants as well. You can control the roots beneath

our feet.” Neoen said.

Bantam focused his intent then lifted his hands in the air. Thick roots sprouted from the ground and ensnared themselves around Ferricks ankles.

“Woah that’s a neat trick. I can’t move!” Ferrick said in astonishment. He grabbed his battle axe and chopped clean through the roots and set himself free.

“Well done both of you. That’s enough for now” Neoen said as he clapped his hands together in applause. “Its been many moons since i’ve witnessed the unfathomable power of the empyros. You know eventually when you master your suits you will be able to fuse abilities with each other to create liquid metal. The hydro empyro is also the morph empyro so you will be able to assume any shape out of metal. You will become the ultimate black smith being able to forge weapons from metal at will.”

“Wow that sounds legendary. I can’t wait till I can do that. It feels so good to be in this form I don’t ever want to take it off.” Ferrick said.

“I know how you feel mate.” Bantam said. “Its like i can feel every cell in my body on fire with kinetic energy.”

“Yes kinetic energy and your heart, the core of your soul, is what empowers the empyros. The stronger your core is the stronger your empyro will be. Thats why only the pure of heart can operate them.” Neoen said.

“Do you think I’ll be able to contact my family and tell them about what i’ve become. I know they’d be so proud of me.” Ferrick said.

“No if you divulge the details of your mission it will only put your families lives in danger again. It is better for all of you if they were kept in the dark and presume that you are dead till your mission is complete and you restore all of ALKAYA to its former utopia. Now feel free to rest up for the next stage of your journey. The vorcom jet will be here at first light to pick you up.”

Our crew relaxed and unwound safely behind the golden palace gates. Ferrick Vatten had successfully completed his mission. He was excited for the rest of journey ahead. He couldn’t wait till the day he would be reunited with his pod and restore his honor to his family.

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