∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER II: Jelena Joy Pembrook

The order of Arcturus is an order of druids that maintain ecological homeostasis for the planet Alkaya. Alisheran Pembrook and his wife Shaelin were high elders of Arcturus. One day they had a set of twin girls and named them Juniper Jin and Jelena Joy Pembrook. Alisheran and Shaelin were behind on their loans for sky rise greenhouses. They were forced to sell one of their daughters to a corporation that ruled the entertainment industry. So they chose the

younger daughter Jelena. The corporation sent Jelena to the manimal continent of Australia to work on a children’s variety show. Jelena was forced to work grueling 12 hour days of singing, dancing and acting lessons.

The day finally came where Jelena got her first feature length film about a young man that discovers a magical lamp with a genie inside. Her family was excited for her. They all flew out to Sydney for the premiere. This was the height of Jelena’s career. The movie did well at the box office and was even nominated for some academy awards. Jelena was nominated for best female actor. After losing the award Jelena was crushed. She became disillusioned with the entertainment industry. After awhile her star power lost its luster. She was forced to work the corporations cruise line.

Back on board our own golden syndicate was now captive to the pirate princesses. They were forced to do slave labor including swabbing the deck, cleaning the rooms, cooking in the kitchen, performing in the shows, doing stand up comedy and improv, singing karaoke, and DJing in the night clubs. Sounds like a pretty rough life right?

One night while Jaypar was DJing for the ships night club he saw the most beautiful glowing indigo aura that rivaled his own Junipers. Who could it be then none other than princess Jelena. She came up to him and requested a song.

″Excuse me. Do you have Virelays ″Frozen Moment″?

Jaypar was caught of guard. This was the first love song he had written about him and Junipers first encounter.

The chorus goes:
Over and over that’s how we do
caught in the current you pulled me through lost in the moment I’m falling for you
More than you’ll ever know a whoa a whoa

″Yes I think I’ve got that one,″ Jaypar said casually.

″Thank you so much its one of my favorites.″ Jelena said smiling. ″You know i wrote that song.″
″No way.″
″Yes my name is Jaypar Prakkari, I’m in Virelay.″

″Shut your mouth.″ Jelena exclaimed. ″I thought you looked familiar. I’m such a huge fan.″

″What’s your name?″ ″Jelena... Princess Jelena.″

″No way I loved you in that movie with the magic lamp. You really got robbed at the Oscars.″ Jaypar burst into song, ″I can show you the world... shining shimmering splendid.″

″Oh my.″ Jelena blushed.

″Do you know I’ve only seen one other indigo aura as radiant as yours?″ Jaypar gushed.

″Oh really who was that?″ Jelena asked curiously.

″Her name was Juniper Jin Pembrook.″

″Shut up! That’s my twin sister!″

″Get out of town! We dated for three years till she broke my heart and left me for the lead singer of Dressed for Genocide.″

“She told me she dated a celebrity, I had no clue it was you.″
″Do you wanna go top side and catch some fresh air?″ Jaypar asked. ″Sure thing.″

″Bantam ole boy take over for me on the ones and twos.″ ″You got it brother.″ Bantam said cheerfully.

Jaypar and Jelena left the crowded dance hall and made their way to the front of the ship. Jaypar felt the familiar feelings of butterflies in his stomach. It had been a long time since he had felt them. He kept his composure and carefully asked. ″Are you happy here?″

″Yes I’m completely free from the corporate cash machine and I can do whatever I want, go wherever I want and love whoever I want.″

″Your parents must be proud of you.″

″They are. I see them every time we port in London.″

″Do you know when we port in Japan?″

″Yeah we should be there in a couple weeks.″

″Good because that’s when we need to jump ship.″

″I’m not sure if Mayjena would allow that.″

″Why not?″

″Once you’re apart of the crew you have to dual her if you wanna leave. Shes deadly with a blade.″

“Yes but so am I.″
″You seem confident in your abilities.″
″Lets just say I’ve been trained by the best.″

″You mean to tell me you’re some sort of secret agent or something like that?″

″Well I’m not really at liberty to divulge the nature of my business but my intuition tells me I can trust you. And my intuition is never wrong. To answer your question, more or less yes. I’m a trained assassin for Kinetica. Virelay is just a front so I can do my dirty work.″

″And what is your dirty work?″ ″Slaying Repticons.″
″And what is a Repticon?″

″Repticons are shape shifting soul stealing demons that keep our world in a constant state of fear. They feed off the negative fear vibration.″

“They sound dreadful.” Jelena said with a gasp.

“Believe me they are. They’re not from our world. They come from the shadow realm. Alkaya used to be a utopia before they came here. They are the offspring of the great shadow dragon. They started the great war that almost destroyed our planet. They have the general population enslaved without them realizing it.”

“How do they do that?”

“The Repticons true form are giant red scaly demons. They consume the heart of their victim and assume it’s shape, gaining all of their memories and mannerisms. Repticons have infiltrated all aspects of our society. They invented government, religion and the monetary system and all systems of control. They poison our food, our air with chem trails and our arable land with pesticides and the blood of the shadow dragon you know as oil.

“How do you know they exist if you can’t see them walking among us?”

“All agents of Kinetica have special eye surgery that lets us see beyond their illusion and reveals their true form.”

“Are there any aboard our ship?!”

“No thankfully. My brother and I have already secured your vessel. You do have to be careful though the Repticon eyes and ears are everywhere. They’re probably monitoring this ship with their satellites.”

“We’ve never been messed with in all the years we’ve been afloat. We mainly stick to international waters.”

“Don’t ever be lulled into a false sense of security. That’s when they’re most likely to strike. All these different nationalities, countries and currencies is a farce to create competition and artificial boundaries between Alkayans. There is only one world government that rules it all.”

“I don’t understand how it got this way.”

“So many people are oblivious to this and they think the way they live is normal and accept things the way they are. No one questions authority. The wage slaves continue running on their hamster wheels.”

“This all sounds rather bleak. What can we do to change things?”

“Long ago, when all of Alkaya was almost overthrown by the Great dragon and its Repticon horde, the ancient Alkayans created four suits of power infused with the elements called Empyros. They’re symbiotic armor that conforms to the host. With the force of the Empyros the ancient Alkayans wiped the Repticons from the surface of the planet, or so they thought. A few escaped and buried deep beneath the crust. The Empyros were unable to fully vanquish the shadow dragon so they sealed it away in a diamond tomb deep within a volcano. The Repticons have been chipping away at it ever since. Harkane their leader masquerades as the president of the U.S. it doesn’t matter who is elected because he always steals the soul of the victor.”

“What happened to the Empyros?”

“The ancient Alkayans retired them to their elemental temples in the four corners of our world in case their power was ever needed again and to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.”

“Forgive me, but this all sounds like a legend to me.”

“I found it hard to believe at first as well. We’ve already obtained the Earth Empyro. My brother Bantam was selected as the host. I’ve witnessed it’s power and it’s unfathomable. He has yet to unlock it’s true potential.”

“I’m a bit of a skeptic. I guess I’ll have to see it to believe it.” “Well maybe he’ll show it to you if you play your cards right.” “I hope so. I’m intrigued by your story.”
“Do you have druid abilities like your sister does?”

“Yes I do but I focused more in the healing faculties rather than the shape shifting abilities like she did. I don’t really make my powers public knowledge though.”

“You’ve got a gift why hide it? I was gifted with the ability to see auras. That’s how I saw you through the crowd and you caught my eye. I can also shadow jump and turn invisible with technology. That’s neither here no there though. I can’t go giving all my secrets away.”

“What!? You can’t tell me you have these powers and not prove it. Show me!”

“Alright but don’t go telling your shipmates. Let’s keep this between you and me, okay?”

“Okay I promise.”

Jaypar walked backwards and disappeared into the shadows that were cast close to them. Jelena waited a moment then went into the

shadow after him. He was nowhere to be found. Puzzled she walked back into the light and looked around. Jaypar had vanished without a trace.

“Okay you can come out now I believe you.” Jelena said as she looked about frantically. She stared intently at the shadow Jaypar had disappeared into. She started to get worried. Then all of a sudden two hands grabbed her shoulders from behind.

“BOO!” Jaypar shouted. Jelena shrieked with fear.

“Oh my word you scared me half to death.” Jelena said as she playfully hit Jaypar in the shoulder. “How on Alkaya did you do that?”

“It’s really quite simple. I was trained to convert deactivated photons into a dark portal. I can jump from one shadow to the next in a 20 yard radius. I used your own shadow and popped up right behind you silently without you noticing. It comes in quite handy when sneaking up on enemies.”

“I could imagine. The shadow realm must be frightening.”

“Not really, my eyes are adapted to seeing in the dark being part lunar elf and all.”

“What’s the other part?”

“My mother was an Avariel. My younger brother and I were unfortunate in the genetics department we were born without wings.”

“That is unfortunate. The ability to fly is unparalleled in it’s feeling of freedom.”

Jaypar nodded in agreement then turned and leaned on the railing looking out over the endless dark waters that surrounded them. He breathed in deeply and then let out a slow sigh. Those old familiar feelings were coming up for him, he never knew if he would feel them again. Does lightening really strike twice? He felt conflicted about developing feelings for Junipers sister. He wondered what the ethical

thing to do was. For now he didn’t care.
“Let me ask you something. Do you believe in fate?”

“I’m not sure. I’d like to believe we make our own fate and create our own destiny.”

“I would as well. I think the universe always gives us options and the more correctly we choose the right path the more rewarded our lives become.”

“That could be true. Then the whole right and wrong moral compass comes in to play. What is truly right or good and what is truly wrong or evil? It can be subjective to the individual. For example killing a repticon could be justified from your perspective but maybe they’re doing the right thing in their eyes for their own survival.”

“The Repticons are an invasive species. They’ve thrown our whole world out of balance. They are a cancer to this system. We would still live in a utopia if the shadow dragon had never came here and spawned his diabolical creation. You’ve never seen their true form, you don’t know what they’re capable of.”

“Hopefully I never have to.”

“Working for a major entertainment corporation you’ve probably encountered many of them without even being aware of their presence. Back to what I was talking about fate. There were so many synchronistic events leading up to our meeting that it’s kind of impossible to ignore. Our jet was shot down right in the path of your vessel. Out of all the boats in the big blue sea I happened to run across the one carrying Junipers twin sister, that she failed to mention existed. Coincidence? I think not.”

“The universe works in mysterious ways. June and I kind of had a falling out that’s probably why she never mentioned me. She hated being compared to me and living in my shadow. If any guy she liked found out that we were sisters they would use her to try and get to me.”

“I could see how that could become a nuisance. My brother and I never really had a sibling rivalry when it comes to the maidens. They either like him or me... we’ve never had to share either. We’re not eskimo brothers.”

“That sounds quite impossible knowing your reputation. My sister and i have never dated the same guy either, we just have different taste i suppose.”

“Yeah its been kind of an unwritten law with my brother and me. I hope i dont seem to forward but i would love to court you the proper way.”

“Haha court me!? That sounds too old fashioned. How about we just hangout and see what develops. No need to put undo pressure or labels on anything.”

“Wow you’re a maiden after my own heart.”

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