∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER III: Frenzy enters KINETIC∆

During the holocaust when Harkane was posing as Hitler he created a horde of undead and the concept of Dressed For Genocide. One of his first zombie resurrections was a hybrid between a werewolf and a vampire named Frenzy. Frenzy was gifted with a powerful voice whose scream would strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. When the new world alliance defeated Hitler, Harkane took the form of the united states of Alkayas president. Frenzy finally became enlightened and quickly rebelled against harkanes rule. They wanted Frenzy to be the lead singer of Dressed For Genocide. He refused and broke his allegiance to Harkanes horde and created his own soulcore band called above all odds.

Back on the pirate princess ship Revenge our Golden Syndicate was thoroughly enjoying themselves on their cruise to Japan. Bantam had acquired bevy of female fans. Sabria was converting sisters to the

legion of light and love. Ferrick was became a culinary wizard in the kitchen. Kolobar put on a fire juggling performance in the theater. Jaypar and Jelena were completely infatuated with each other. They were falling deeper in love, changing with the seasons, the stars above.

Jaypar and Bantam played Virelai songs in the show. The headlining act just so happened to be above all odds. Mayjena was a fan of their music and picked them up when they ported in Los Angeles. Jay and Bantam approached Frenzy after their set. Jaypar said, “Genius set mate, you sing like and angel and scream like a devil.”

“You are too kind sir.” Frenzy said grinning. “I’ve always been a fan of Virelay. I’m privileged to play with you gents.”

“How would you feel about signing to our label Kinetica?” Bantam asked.

“Are you serious? Where do I sign?” Frenzy asked excitedly

“We’ll have to talk to our manager Kannon but you’re a shoe in.” Jaypar said. “We’ll record a full length for you and get your band radio play and shoot music videos for you.”

“Do I still get to be a pirate? Because I really love my current lifestyle.”

“Of course matey.” Bantam said, “Feel free to loot and pillage all you want as long as its from the corporatocracy and not innocent people. There’s a code of conduct you’ll have to follow but we’ll show the ropes. Have you had any fight training?

“Well I did serve for Hitler in the world wars. The only way I can die is if they separate my head from my body and incinerate me.” Frenzy said.

“You would make a tenacious tank.” Jaypar said. “You would draw all the aggro with your warrior shout.”

“So i take it you guys have seen action before.”

“This doesn’t leave this room but, since we can trust you, I was the one who got Hitler and made it look like a suicide. Our agency and label is just a front for us. Kinetica is a secret assassins association. We take out the repticon trash.”

“Whats a Repticon?” Frenzy asked curiously.

“You don’t know? Well they’re shape shifting, soul stealing demons that are responsible for everything that is wrong with our world today. They created sin, death and fear. That’s how they control the masses with a negative fear vibration. They created the the monetary system to make us wage slaves. People are forced to work jobs they hate in order to survive. In reality we can have most jobs operated by robo sapiens. The Repticons keep technology hidden from the public.” Bantam said.

“Wow you’re blowing my mind.” Frenzy said.
“How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?” Bantam asked. “I wanna go all the way down till I come out the other side.”

“Good answer mate.” Jaypar said. “Here we’ll teach you the secret handshake.” Jaypar and Frenzy locked eyes “Now act like you’re pulling out an imaginary samurai sword from your spine then meet our hands and touch knuckles then twist and spin thumbs till we’re shaking traditionally then snap. next you check each others pulse like this. Then you touch thumbs like this. Then pull off and snap then pound it and explode and now you’re in the matrix.”

“Nice that’s a good one.”

“Now if you’re found out that you’re a secret agent we’ll have to terminate you before the Repticons catch you. If they catch you they’ll enter your dreams and extract information. I believe they’re doing that to my father right now. He is such a powerful lucid dreamer i don’t think they’ll get anything from him. The repticons and Kinetica were

after me when my identity was found out. Me and my true love were on the run for a year before they caught us. It turns out it was all a test of my character. Now I have a new love and I’m happier than ever.” Jaypar said.

“That’s quite a story. Who’s your new flame?” Frenzy asked. “Princess Jelena.”

“Aww no way. I’ve been pining after her for a year. Too bad I’m undead.”

“You know kinetica has the technology to reanimate you and turn you back into a vamp wolf.”

“That would be amazing. Maybe I could find my true love then.”

“Everyone deserves true love. We’ll aid you on your quest. We’ll scratch your back and you scratch ours.” Jaypar said.

“We’re jumping ship when we get to Japan. We need a new vorcom jet. They’re also submersible. We’ll make it to Shin Juku we’ve got a Kinetica base there.” Bantam said.

“We would of teleported there but apparently we have to be on solid ground for the summoning to work.” Jaypar said.

“There is teleporting technology?” Frenzy asked.

“Our master Neon can teleport us. He is a master of every element. He’s the one who sent us on this quest for the Empyros. We’ve already obtained the earth empyro now we have to find the water empyro. It sleeps deep within the Mariana trench. Lets get to a secluded room and I’ll show you my bio mechanical armor.” Bantam said.

Alright lets step into my dressing room.” Frenzy said they left the stage and went down the corridor into the dressing room marked with star and Frenzy’s name. There was a couple of pirate princesses

waiting for Frenzy. ″Sorry ladies not tonight.” Frenzy said. The maidens were disappointed and left the room in a huff. “alright now lets see this legendary super suit.” Bantam walked to the center of the room and turned to face Jaypar and Frenzy.

“Now hold on to your hats.” Bantam held his hands out to the sides with his fists clenched tight. Then he screamed “EMPYRO!“. His eyes flashed green and then a green triangle emanated from his chest and he was surrounded by a green force field. Then the armor manifested and he was covered in light weight alloys.

“Whoa that’s impressive.” Frenzy exclaimed.

“You mustn’t tell a soul about what you’ve seen here.” Bantam said.

“I feel like I’ve waited my whole life for this moment and my rebirth as well. And you know what? I hope I can assist you guys on your quest. Above all odds pledges their allegiance to Kinetica.

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