∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER IV: Melee with Mayjena

In the Kitchen Ferrick and Kolobar were cooking up some fine delicacies. They were preparing for their final feast because in the morning they would land in Japan. There was Asian food, sushi and snow crab legs with garlic butter. Our crew plus their new friend Frenzy were all sitting at a round table with Mayjena.

“I’d like to make a toast.” Frenzy said as he stood up and raised his glass. “To new friends and the adventure of a lifetime.”

“Here here.” They all said in unison then clanged their glasses together.

“It’s been real nice having you all on board. I’m happy for you Jaypar and Jelena you’re so smitten with each other. True love is so hard to find these days. I hear you want to leave us when we port in Japan. You know what you must do if you all want to leave right?”

“Yes we know miss Mayjena. Jaypar has agreed to dual you for our freedom.” Sabria said.

“Are you not happy here aboard my vessel?”

“Of course we are. You have been a gracious hostess. And you have our utmost gratitude for rescuing us, but alas we must complete our mission. Time is of the essence.”

“And what is this important mission of yours?”

“I’m not a liberty to divulge the details, but lets just say we’re trying to save our world from immanent disaster.”

“Hmm... well that does sound important. Rules are rules though I still have to dual Jaypar. I run a tight ship. I can’t have the whole crew running a muck thinking they can come and go as they please.”

“Lets wait till our food settles before we clash blades. I don’t like fighting on a full stomach.” Jaypar said.

“Agreed, and don’t drink too much I want you to have a sober mind when i defeat you.” Mayjena said.

“Can we drop talking about fighting and just enjoy this moment please?” Princess Jelena said.

“Aye aye.” Ferrick said. “Lets enjoy this feast me and Kolobar slaved over. There’s plenty of time for you two to duke it out with daggers later.”

“If you defeat our captain I would love to join you on your quest.” Frenzy said.

“I would love to come with you as well, but I feel my place is here.” Jelena said.

“I wish you would change your mind. It took me long enough to find your sister, now i don’t want to lose you.” Jaypar said.

“You know where to find me. I’ll wait for you. This mission you’re going on seems way too dangerous for me.” Jelena said.

“We could use your druid healing skills.” Sabria said. “We’ll protect you.” Jaypar said.
“I’m a lover not a fighter.” Jelena said.
“We fight for love.”

“You’re talking like you’ve already won. There’s only one person that has beaten me before and that was captain Tiger hawk.” Mayjena said.

“What!? Tiger hawk was my fathers codename.” Jaypar exclaimed. “That was about 10 years ago.”
“My father disappeared about 90 years ago. I wonder if it was him.”

“Come to think of it you do resemble him. We found him off the coast of Fiji floating in a dingy. He had no recollection how he got there. He stayed on board for about 10 years and we became close. We dropped him off in Northern California. He said he had to do a solo mission to shutdown a base beneath Mt. Shasta. We never heard from him again.

“Mt. Shasta is a huge Repticon base that’s where they held my father until Jays father rescued him.” Bantam whispered to the team.

“Too bad Bosco didn’t return the favor.” Jaypar said with a pinch of malice.

“Not all of us are gifted with ninja stealth abilities.” Bantam said. “We would need an army to storm that dungeon.”

“Say a legion of highly skilled pirate princesses.” Jaypar said as he

winked at Mayjena.

“We stick to ourselves. we don’t get involved with the affairs of the world. We’re our own floating city.” Mayjena said.

“Won day war will come to you. You better be ready for it.” Ferrick said. “This paradise cruise won’t last forever.”

“Okay Mr. cup is half empty. don’t mess with our delirium. We follow no ones law. We govern ourselves.” Mayjena said.

“No one is allowed to leave unless they defeat you in a duel. That doesn’t sound like free will to me.” Kolobar said.

“The only person that ever wanted to leave our floating city was your father Jaypar. The rest of the crew is perfectly content with the pirates life.” Mayjena said.

“This is a dream boat I wouldn’t mind retiring here.” Bantam said.

Everyone had a good laugh. They were all full off the fine feast. Three hours later everyone gathered topside on the stern of the ship. The pirate princesses formed a circle around Mayjena. Our golden syndicate surrounded Jaypar and gave him a pep talk. “Now I don’t want you to feel any pressure but it’s only our freedom at stake hear. I know you are susceptible to feminine hypnotic eyes so here is an enchant that will protect you against that.” Sabria said as she drew the eye of horus on Jaypars left eye.

“Thank you lady of the light. I appreciate this. You know hypnotic eyes disarm me.” Jaypar said with a smile. “Mayjena is easy on the eyes.”

“You can do this brother. I have faith in you. Make sure you go easy on her. You don’t want to embarrass her too bad in front of her crew.” Bantam said.

As soon as bantam finished his sentence two daggers landed at Jaypars feet and stuck in the deck. He pulled them up and inspected

their craftsmanship and weight.
“That was a warning Jay. I didn’t have to miss.” Mayjena said. “Yes mam.”

“Now lets set a few ground rules. This isn’t a duel to the death so don’t get carried away. The first one to get disarmed and forfeit loses. Other than that anything goes.” Mayjena said.

“Please no kicks to the groin and no cuts to my face. I need my money maker and my baby maker.”

“Awe maidens dig scars though.”

Princess Jelena announced, “Now we want a good clean fight. No shots below the belt. Now lets get ready to rumble 3... 2... 1... FIGHT!”

There was a large circle of people around Mayjena and Jaypar. They slowly approached each other and circled counter clockwise. Jaypar was cautious as a serpent and innocent as a dove. He motioned for Mayjena to attack and without hesitation she lunged forward and slashed fiercely with precision. Jaypar defended her attack with ease.

“I hope that’s not the best you’ve got.” Jaypar said with a cheeky grin.

“Oh no worries. I’m just warming up.” She motioned for Jaypar to attack. He lunged at her this time his moves were erratic and unpredictable . Mayjena had trouble blocking his attack. They battled for quite sometime. They seemed pretty evenly matched. The fight came down to the one with most endurance.

“Getting tired yet?” Mayjena asked as their blades clanged together and rang out through the night.

“Nope I’ve got energy to spare after that meal and it gave me a stamina and agility buff.” Jaypar said.

“Well then I’ll have to up my game then.” After Jaypar lunged at Mayjena she hit Jaypar on his left hand with the butt of her blade disarming him. “Looks like I have the upper hand now.”

“I wouldn’t speak so soon.” Jaypar advanced and quickly put Mayjena in a wrist lock disarming her left hand breaking it at the wrist and he kicked her blade away. “Now I’ve evened the playing field.” Mayjena swept Jaypars leg and he fell to the floor. He quickly kipped up off the ground before Mayjena had a chance to strike.

“Close but not fast enough.” Jaypar said. “Time to end this.” Mayjena said.
“Come at me then.” Jaypar said.

Mayjena came at Jaypar with a barrage of attacks. Jaypar put his blade between his teeth . Mayjena lunged Jaypar dodged to the side then he grabbed her arm as she pushed he pulled then he got her in a flying arm bar. When they landed Jaypar said.” Yield or I’ll break your arm.”

Reluctantly after a long sigh Mayjena let go of her dagger and said. “I yield.” The pirate princesses were silent but our golden syndicate plus Jazzmin and Frenzy started cheering for Jaypar. “I should have known you’d use that move. That was the same move your father used on me.”

“I’d put the moves on her.” Bantam whispered to Ferrick. They both had a good chuckle.
“You beat me fare and square. You’ve earned your freedom. Now lets celebrate. Lets pop some bottles.” The entire crew agreed with a giant roar of cheering and applause. Even though Mayjena was defeated she was a good sport about it.

“Good duel Captain my captain.” Jaypar said. “You really gave me a run for my money.” They shook hands and then hugged.

“Thank you mate, you and your crew are welcome on Revenge anytime. My ship is your ship.”

“Thank you so much. This is a little slice of paradise.” Jaypar said.

“Before you go i have some parting gifts for you. Your father entrusted these items to me to impart to you.” mayjena produced a folded scroll from a small satchel by her side. She unfolded it and laid it on the table. “This is the enchanted map. You can use it to locate the lost alkayan artifacts, and Kolobar can use it for tarot readings. It has a holographic interface with each node. There are seven nodes for the seven major elements and chakras. If you throw a trinket on the map it will organize itself to what elemental node it belongs to.

“This is impressive but im not quite sure how to read it just yet.” Jaypar said.

“That brings me to my second gift.” Mayjena produced a small brown leather bound journal with a bronze clasp. “This is your fathers journal. He said there are clues how to read the map woven throughout. But the trick to reading it is you have to solve the mystery of the first page to reveal the next page. I believe if you solve them all it will reveal his location to you.”

“Thank you captain i appreciate your hospitality and these treasures more than you know. I’m one step closer to finding my father.”

“Keep your faith alive he’s out there somewhere and I’m sure he’s looking for you too. Theres also something you should know. Your father was a sailor and was severely promiscuous. You may have a lot of half brothers and sisters in this world maybe even a few on this boat. Be careful who you trust moon prince.”

Jelena ran up and through her arms around Jaypar and squeezed him tightly.

“You were amazing. I’m thoroughly impressed. You had me worried there for a second.” Jelena said to Jaypar.

“Thanks love. I told you I’m a professional. Are you sure you wouldn’t change your mind about coming with us.”

“You’re the first elf I’ve ever had such strong feelings for... but.” “There’s always a but.”

“Let me finish. But my place is here. Like I said before, I will wait for you.”

“Ugh... Patience is my least favorite virtue. I want you with me now.”

“Well then lets enjoy this moment while it lasts.”

As the crew celebrated Jaypar and Jelena sneaked off to a secluded part of the ship and got to know each other more intimately. They say lightening doesn’t strike twice. You can never find true love twice in your life, but Jaypar was falling in love again. He never thought this would happen.

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