∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER V: Master Ish the samurai

It was about 6am when our crew ported in Japan. The sun had not yet risen. You could hear the gulls cry from the dock. Our golden syndicate was all packed and ready for the next stage of their adventure. They had picked up another party member, Frenzy would join them on their quest for the water empyro making them a platinum syndicate with six members. They all loaded into a van driven by a fire samurai named Ish. They were about to pull away when they heard a voice. “Wait!” Jelena came running down the loading dock with a travel pack strapped to her back.

“Hold on Ish.” Jaypar yelled. Jelena hopped in the back seat with Jaypar. “Why the change of heart?” he asked.

“I kept thinking about my sister being enslaved by the Repticons and I want to do everything I can to save her. Plus I have never in my life felt the same way I do about someone as I feel about you.”

“You make me the happiest elf alive. I was afraid I’d never see you again. Thank you for coming with us.” Jaypar said.

“Master Ish its good to see you again. How’s the Family?” Bantam asked.

“They are very good Mr. Bumeril, thank you for asking.” Master ish said

“Master ish trained me in Samurai sword play after my father disappeared.” Jaypar said.

“I’ve got new flaming sword techniques to teach you young one.” Ish said

“I’m not that young anymore. I’ll be 112 This year.” “When you make it to our 300′s then we’ll talk.”

We now had a party of seven plus an old samurai. He took them through the beautiful landscape of Japan.

“It’s good to see majestic mountains and trees after being at sea for so long.” Kolobar said.

“I understand your pain as one pyromancer to another.” Master Ish said.

Later that evening they arrived in Shin Juku. The city lights and high rises were in their horizon line. They drove into what looked like an abandoned warehouse. There were Kinetica K’s marked on crates everywhere.

“What is this place?” Ferrick asked

“Its a storage facility for Kinetica products. Thanks for reminding me Ferrick. I’ve got a device that will aid you on your journey. Its an underwater grappling hook that emits an electrical charge. It straps to your arm like a bracer.”

“Wow I can’t wait to try it out.” Ferrick said. “We’ll have a training session after dinner.”

“That sounds fun. What’s for dinner?” Bantam asked.

“Whole grain rice, octupus salad and grilled salmon.”

“My favorite. How did you know?” Ferrick asked excitedly.

“I read your file. I take interest in all new Kinetica agents.”

“Well then enjoy our latest recruit frenzy.” Bantam said. “he can scream like a banshee. It’ll make your blood freeze in your veins.”

“Hmm we’ll have to test his might and initiate him.” Ish said. “But for now lets eat.”

They followed master Ish into a kitchen and helped him prepare the meal. The rice didn’t take long to cook and the octopus salad was already made. There was an opening to a little back patio where Ish manned the grill. Sabria made a batch of lightly steamed mixed vegetables. Proper nutrition is always on her mind. Master Ish also made some garlic edamame.

“How about some sake?” master Ish asked everyone.

“Yes please.” Our crew said unanimously. Master Ish went down stairs into a cellar and came up with a couple bottles of fine sake. He poured six glasses of sake shots.

“You have no appetite or thirst do you Frenzy.”

“Only for brains. No no I’m joking. You’re right though. I have no need to eat or sleep and I never age. Its a curse though. My touch is cold and I can never love a female.”

“We’ll restore you to your former glory soon. After you help us at the water temple.” Bantam said.

“I am at your service. I’ll need some tanking gear perhaps a broadsword and plate armor.”

“We’ve got everything you need to gear up.” Master Ish said.

Our team enjoyed their sake and their meal and sat around talking for hours while their food digested. Their conversation drifted from music, art, fashion, to sports, religion and politics.

“Alright now time to train.” Master Ish said. “Lets all focus fire on the warriors because they will be drawing the most aggravation. Sabria you can provide heals for Ferrick and Frenzy. Jelena you can provide heals for the rest of our party. Lets get geared up. I have armor upgrades for all of you.” They put their new gear on and assembled in the main area of the warehouse that had a huge opening.

Master Ish drew his swords and they immediately burst into flames. “Do you like my fire enchant?”

“Thats a neat trick.” Jaypar said. He unsheathed his swords and they glowed green. “I’ve got an agility and attack power enchant on mine.”

“Very nice. Now everyone go. “Kolobar and Jaypar focused their attack on Ferrick and Bantam and Master Ish attacked Frenzy. It was a sight to be seen. Frenzy was mainly defending master Ish’s fiery blows and blocking bantams shots with his claymore. Ferrick was on the offense swinging his battle axe wildly yet proficiently. Jaypar was barely blocking his attacks. With each blow he was knocked back a few yards. Kolobar was blasting fireballs at ferrick as well but Ferrick blocked them with ease. Ferrick took a sip from his water pack and then blasted water at Kolobar snuffing out his fire. After a good 10 minutes of training master Ish said.“Alright take a break.” They rested for about 15 minutes and rehydrated.

“Great job out there guys. Ferrick I like your aggression. Frenzy you need to be on the offensive a little more. Show me that warrior shout. Alright now lets switch opponents. Kolobar you and Jaypar take Frenzy and me and Bantam will take Ferrick.”

“Don’t be shy Frenzy give us all you got.” Jaypar said.

“You got it guy.” Frenzy said.

“Begin!” Master Ish shouted.

After a lot of back and forth Jaypar cloaked and went invisible then disappeared into the shadows. Kolobar attacked frenzy head on and jabbed at him with his staff. Moments later Jaypar reappeared behind frenzy and jumped out of his shadow He swung both his swords in a devastating ambush attack. Frenzys reflex’s were sharp and he narrowly blocked Jaypars blades.

“Nice try buddy but I heard you coming.” Frenzy said.

Frenzy swung his giant two handed claymore in a circle sending Kolobar and Jaypar back. Jaypar jumped high and flipped over frenzy then landed on the tip of the bland and sent it to be stuck in the floor. He ran up the blade then held his swords to frenzys throat in a scissor like fashion. “I yield. I don’t feel like sewing my head back on.” Frenzy said.

Master Ish swung his flaming swords at ferrick fast and efficiently. Ferrick did his best to block the barrage. They were prety evenly matched. Blocking bantams well aimed bullets proved to be an extra challenge. After awhile master ish called the training session to a close. Sabria and Jelena healed everyone up. Luckily there were only a few minor cuts and burn wounds.

“Great job everyone. You should have no problem gettting past the naga at the water temple.” Maser Ish said. “I wish i could come with you but the Vorcom jet only holds seven comfortably.”

“By the way where is the jet?” Ferrick asked.

Master Ish pressed a button on a control panel and the area they were trainig at opened up and the jet rose up from the floor till it was at ground level. “Impressive.” Ferrick said.

“Theres some upgrades to the Vorcom, we’ve made it virtually impenetrable now. We haven’t tested it out yet but it can withstand the pressure of the deepest point of the ocean. You will have a safe ride down the Mariana trench. When you get to the giant stone gates of the water temple you will need the power of the earth empyro to move the doors.” Master ish said.

“Thank you master you’ve been more than helpful.” Ferrick said.

“With you behind the helm we should be safe.”

“Ferrick is an excellent driver.” Sabria said.

“Yes he drives the ladies wild with a a wink and a smile.” Jaypar said and everyone had a good laugh.

Alright now lets settle down for the night and get some good rest you’ve got a long day ahead of you.” Master Ish said. There were bunk beds in on corner of the warehouse everyone bunked down for the night.

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