∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER VI: The vengeance of Arnvatta

Awhile ago, when Kinetica revealed itself as a music label, the repticons reated the nemisis to virelay. They found the most brutal doom metal band alive and asssimilated them. They called the project Dressed for Genocide. The lead singer Arnvatta sold their souls so they could become famous. Little did he know that they literally had to sell their souls. Six of Harkanes best agents ripped out arnvatta and his band mates hearts and greedily wolfed them down to gain their soul and steal their form.

Secretly Arnvatta always envied Jaypar. He was jealous of Jaypars relationship with dazzle ad the love songs they created. Arvnvatta was tired of ruling with the negative fear vibration and wanted to know what love felt like. When Jaypars secret identity was found out Arnvatta knew the way to hurt Jaypar the most was to steal his love away from him. It just so happened Jaypar had found his twin flame

in Juniper. Arnvatta made it his special mission for him to turn Juniper to the repticon horde as Jaypar watched helplessly. Arnvatta had what he wanted but in his mind he knew it wasn’t real. No amount of chemical brain washing could manufacture real love. The only satisfaction Arnvatta got was from watching jaypar suffer from seeing him with Juniper. Arnvatta loved sending Juniper on missions to kill Jaypar and asking him have to choose between killing her to save his own life or letting her kill him.

The thing that arnvatta never understood was how love conquered fear every time. Whenever juniper had the chance to deal the death blow to Jaypar she would hesitate allowing him to escape her clutches.

The more Jaypar shadow jumped the darker his soul became. Practicing the dark arts of umbrakinesis was a daunting task. When you enter the shadow realm you can see all the lost souls, sometimes they begin to creep in. Posession is never a pretty sight. Thankfully our heroes had kolobar on their team in case any shadow spirits crept into their friend Jaypar. Kolobar understands the shadow realm and can easily cast demons out.

The first time jaypar felt arvattas vengaence was the worst time. Shadow jumping is useless against arnvatta because he is a master of the shadow realm. Jaypar shadow jumped to try to ambush arnvatta only to be met with arnvattas alll powerful repticon form on the other side. When Jaypar appeared behind Arnvatta, Arnvatta spun around swiftly and grabbed Jaypar by the throat.

“Such a pretty voice, maybe i should steal it and add it to my collection. I already have your step fathers voice.” Arnvatta laughed maniacally.

“Even if you steal my voice you will never silence me.” Jaypar gurgled. Arnvatta kicked Jaypar in the mouth like he was punting a football. Jaypars lip was split like a lion manimals and he started bleeding profusely.

“Did that shut you up?”

Jaypar spit his purple blood into Arnvattas face.

“Oh you shouldn’t have done that! I’m going to enjoy torturing you for kineticas secrets. Just like I still enjoy torturing your real father Jayden Prakkari.” Jaypar tried to muster up a scream through the fist clenching his adams apple but only a muffled gurgled emerged.

“You think you have me right where you want me but you always forget one factor.” Jaypar sneered.

“Oh yes and what is that?”
“True love will always prevail over evil.”

“Hahaha.” Arnvatta laughed “And where is your true love, your goddess to save you now huh?

“Behind you.” Jaypar whispered. Just as arnvatas eyes turned to look there was a loud roar and white siberian tiger claws sunk into his spine. Arnvatta unleashed a scream in agony at the ambush attack. BLack repticon blood spilled to the floor. It was Juniper in her cat form. Jaypar hopped on her bak and they exited through the next shadow closest to them. Juniper dashed away till they were a mile from arnvattas grasp. She shifted back to her lunar elf form. She healed Jaypars mouth but there was a small scar left behind.

“You know you don’t have to keep doing this. Jaypar said in a frustrated voice. “You belong to him who we shall not speak his name now.”

“You know my heart beats for only you. I won’t be free from the venom very long so lets not ruin this moment.” Juniper said in a soft voice.

“IF my mouth wasn’t so sore I’d kiss you now.” “I just want you to hold me.”

“Fair enough as you wish.”

Jaypar held juniper in a frozen moment he wished he could hold on to forever. Before he knew it was snapped back to reality as he felt junipers body tense up and her embrace became more of a vice like grip. Arnvattas venom was kicking in. “Goodbye my love.” Jaypar whispered sweetly then he turned on his photokinesis cloaking device and slipped away into the shadows. When Juniper came to she was holding two wild forget me nots in her hand. That was jaypars signature love note.

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