∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER VII: The valiant VIREL∆I boys

Our crew arose to the scent of eggs and french toast wafting through the air. There was also fresh coffee brewing in the french press.

“Ah thats the best part of waking up.” Jaypar said.

“Non corporate coffee in your cup?” Ferrick asked.

“You’re on the trolley big blue.” Jaypar said. then he nuzzled next to Jazzmin who was still feigning sleep. “Good morning jazzy awake when the moon leaves the sky.” Being lunar elves they received their energy from the moon like sun elves receive their energy from the sun like master Ish.

Master Ish rose with the sun and our other elven friends had been asleep for at least a solid three hours. Ferrick needed eight hours and he had passed out early. Kolobar had been asleep for six hours. In the wild lions lounge around for 16 hours a day and then they hunt at night. Everyone had timed it right so they were up at the same time. Ferrick woke earlier so he could help master Ish with breakfast. Frenzy doesn’t require sleep so he was on guard duty.

“If no one minds I’m going to hop in the shower.” Sabria said.

“I mind.” Bantam said with a straight face. “Just don’t hog all teh hot water sweet cheeks. In fact I’ll be your shower buddy and help scrub your back.”

“I’m old enough to be your mother. Don’t call me sweet cheeks or I’ll mace you.”

“You no shower, you have breakfast now!”

“Yes master Ish. You kids should learn a lesson and listen to your elders.”

They all sat down at the table to enjoy their meal.

“I have a surprise sensai for all of you today. Her name is Gitana the Scorpion Warrior. She will train Ferrick and Frenzy on how to be better tanks and unleash their fury. They will gain strength and power from being damaged, it will fuel their rage.”

“When will she be here!?” Ferrick asked in a stoked manner.

“She’s already arrived.”

“Where is she?”

“Right beneath your bottle nose.”

“Down here whale man!” Gitana shouted in a small voice. Ferrick looked down and beneath him sat a petite pixie riding a giant black scorpion wearing a helmet with a psychic valentine on its forehead. She was wearing light weight pink plate armor and carried a big claymore and had a a shield strapped to her back. “Don’t let my size deceive you Blue I’m Kineticas top fury warrior.”

“She also an excellent musician you should see her live.” Bantam said.

“Its good to see you again master Gitana. How is your house?”

“Oh its delightful the pups are getting so big now i can put a saddle on them and ride them.”

“Aww That is so adorable.” Jelena said.

“Enough small talk now its time to train.” Master Ish interjected.

“Now I don’t want you two to go easy on me just because I’m a girl.” Gitana said.

“No offense lady but i’m pretty sure i might accidentally crush you with my feet.” Frenzy said.

“I’m way faster than you pirate. And besides if you tried to step on me you’d get my widow maker through your foot! Being a good warrior isn’t about strength or power it’s about precision. Making sure your blow counts. When you take long big swings you better hope it hits the mark. Power strikes leave you open for attacks.”

“You’re fiesty, I like that about you.” Ferrick said

“Thanks fish breathe. By the way you have a piece of seaweed in your teeth. Now who wants to go first?”

Ferrick embarrassingly removed the seaweed from his chompers and said. “I’ll heart, palm, peace you frenzy.” Heart, palm, peace is just like rock, paper, scissor. They shook hands then said in unison. “Heart, palm, peace.” Ferrick chose heart and frenzy chose palm.

“Oh palm covers heart looks like i’m up first.” Frenzy said.

“Okay sabria you heal me and Jelena you heal frenzy. Now I want you to give me everything you got don’t hold back.”

“You’re so tiny how will i hit you?”

“Don’t aim where I am but anticipate my moves to wear I will be. This will teach you precision.”

“LESS PRATTLING MORE BATTLING!” Master ish shouted. The scorpion warrior dismounted her arachnid and floated over to the sparring mats. Frenzy faced her brandishing his claymore. “Now touch tips and FIGHT!” They touched the tips of their blades then proceeded to exchange a series of blows. The sound of Gitanas tiny sword against Frenzys giant claymore sounded like a splash cymbal. For the most part frenzy was just swooshing at air like a batter striking out.

“Focus your attack. Predict my moves.”

“You move too fast it’s strenuous to strike you. It’s like trying to swat a fly.”

“Try that blood curdling banshee scream you have.” Jaypar interjected.

Frenzy let out his scream and it froze gitana in her place allowing him to land a solid blow that sent her flying like a home run headed for the bleachers.

“Nice one!” Ferrick said in excitement.

After about 10 minutes of sparring it was Ferricks turn. “Nicely done frenzy. Now i hope you learned a lot by watching us Ferrick.”

“I did. You have great technique and speed which is something I lack.”

“Thank you I can help you with your speed. When you wield a battle axe its all about keeping your swing in constant motion like a figure 8. And spiraling inward and outward. Hurricane spins are your best technique. And i don’t think i have to remind you of this but flow like water. I’m going to spar you in my full size form.” The scorpion warrior emitted a bright pink and golden light and before their eyes she was a full sized sprite.

“Thanks for the tips! I love flowing like hydro. I’m a lot faster in the water when i fight because I’m weightless.”

They faced each other on the sparring mat then touched tips then started swinging. All of ferricks swings were landing every time.

“Wow I didn’t expect you to be so strong.” Ferrick said astonished.

“Looks can be deceiving. We Fae are deceptively strong.”

They continued sparring the rest of the day. The scorpion warrior trained our warriors how to unleash their fury with their commanding shouts. After the day was done they sat down to a meal and regained their strength.

“Master Ish how is your daughter Coco?” Jaypar said with a sheepish grin.

“You know she still hates you after breaking her heart.”

“She needs to understand she’s not my forever girl.” Just as he finished his sentence a scream rang out through the entire warehouse and a short sword with an ice enchant hit the table right in front of Jaypar. Jaypars plate froze.

“I forgot to tell you she was coming over to say goodbye.”

Jaypar jumped up and drew his blades. He pulled out Cocos sword and threw it at her. She grabbed it out of the air like catching a fly with chopsticks.

“You need to watch your temper little sister from another mister.”

“Little sister! You told me you loved me!”

“I just said that so you’d dance the feather bed jig with me.” Jaypar said and slyly winked at her.

“Ugh I’m not just another Virelayer!” She screamed as they battled swords.

Master Ish started shouting at her in Japanese and they finally stopped and coco sheathed her ice swords.

“There’s a good girl, listen to your father.”

Coco took Jaypar in loving embrace then kissed him deeply then slapped him hard. “I know i deserved that one.”

“You broke my heart! I thought we were getting married.”

“You know I’m already married to my music love. We’re definitely Kindred spirits but you’re not my twin flame. I’m sorry sweetheart.” She drew her swords and started swinging again. “Please stop this! I don’t want to have to hurt you.” She slashed the floor and a line of ice shot towards Jaypar. He quickly back flipped out of the way of the frost blast. They clanged swords for a little while until master Ish intervened.

“Thats enough, thats enough. Don’t make me have to put you on restriction and take your toys away Coco.”

“Thats not fair he started it!”

“You should listen to your father Coco, he’s a smart elf.” Jaypar said.

“Coco let out an aggravated scream and finally sheathed her swords.”

“So you are the womanizer I thought you were.” Jazzmin said.

“Hardly she’s just a psycho female with a case of puppy love. We may have dated at one time but she turned into a level 10 clinger.”

“Don’t talk about my daughter that way or I’ll collect your head.” Master Ish Said.

" Sorry master Ish. Forgive me of my trespasses.”

“No worries Jaypar san. My daughter takes after her mother. She can be a real bitch sometimes.”

“Daddy you’re supposed to be on my side!” Coco exclaimed.

“I am Coco, I just want you to...” Before he had a chance to finish his sentence six pairs of dark hands reached out from the depths of the shadows and pulled master Ish in.

“NO!” Coco screamed. Six dark figured emerged from the shadows garbed in all black with silver accents.

“Oh no... Dressed for Genocide!” Jaypar and Bantam said in unison.

“Well well... if it isn’t the Valiant Virelay boys.” Arnvatta seethed. Bantam fired off a single round and it stopoped inches before Arnvattas face. “Oh come on Bantam ole boy. Is that any way to treat a friend?”

“Just trying to catch you off guard. And you’re no friend of mine.” Bantam said.

“You know what they say B. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Jaypar quickly drew his blades and lunged at Arnvattas throat with a devastating scissor attack. A single sword swiftly appeared and blocked the attack. Two more swords floated off of Arnvattas back and pointed themselves at Jaypars face. Arnvatta was a master of Telekinesis, the most powerful kinesis there is.

“With friends like these who needs enemies am I right fellas?” Arnvatta said and the rest of the D.F.G. goons chuckled.

“Ugh this guy is so corny.” Ferrick said.

“We’re clearly outmatched we should evacuate immediately.” Kolobar said.

“What about my father? Are we just gonna abandon him?” Coco asked.

“He’s in the shadow realm the only one of us that can go there is Jaypar and he’ll be outnumbered.” Sabria said.

“And who might you be blondie? I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.” Arnvatta said.

“You will never have the pleasure.” Sabria said defiantly.

“Oh you’re a sassy one I like that. I can’t wait to sink my fangs into you.”

“Lets get out of here guys. Those who fight and run away live to fight another day.” Jazzmin said.

“I’m with you Jazz lets jet.” Jaypar said.

“We have them outnumbered we can beat them.” Frenzy said.

“You’re all forgetting our secret weapon.” Bantam said.

“Your secret weapon isn’t so secret boy, we know you’ve obtained the earth empyro.” Arnvatta said. “We’d like a demonstration of the full extent of its powers. We were the ones who shot down your jet with our remote controlled fighter pilots. We’ve been trailing your progress since the formation of your little golden syndicate.”

“How could that be possible?” Kolobar asked.

“Oh we have our eyes and ears everywhere little lion man. Truth be told we’ve been tracking all of you since birth. But that’s neither here nor there. We don’t want to give all our secrets away just yet.”

“Well if its a demo of my powers you want then here you go.” Bantam jumped directly between our diamond syndicate and the six members of dressed for genocide. “EMPYRO!” He shouted and emerald light beamed from his chest surrounding him in a force field. When the force field dissipated bantam was covered in the impenetrable armor of the empyro. “Everyone board the vorcom. I’ve got this one.” Bantam said confidently “Alright you goons do your worst.”

All of the D.F.G. surrounded Bantam. Arnvatta waved his hands and all three of his swords flew at Bantam. The rest of DFG brandsiehd their weapons and started to swing on bantam. The force of the blows knocked him to the ground but most of the weapons either bounced off, bent or shattered. DFG backed off in shock of the impervious armor. Bantam kipped up off his back then said. “Is that all you got? Now it’s my turn.” He jumped high in the air and bounced off the ceiling then slammed his fist hard into the ground creating a shockwave that knocked all of DFG on their backs. He then raised his hands and the stoned lifted all around him lifting all of his assailants into a pile. He then shifted the stones into a tight cocoon imprisoning the repticons.

“That should hold them awhile.” Bantam said as he hopped in the vorcom.

“Just crush them already and be done with it.” Jaypar said.

“What about my father?” Coco asked.

“I have bad news love. I crossed over to the shadow realm while bantam was doing his display and i found your father...” Jaypar paused.

“AND!?” Coco irately asked.

“And he had been bitten by Arnvatta, he’s a turnie now. There was nothing I could do.” Tears welled up in Cocos eyes. Jaypar cradled her in his arms as she sat on his lap. Ferrick pushed a button and the cieling opened up. He raised the jet up through the opening.

“Lets take her to her mothers.” Jaypar said to Ferrick.

“No I want to come with you guys. I have to save my father.”

“Sorry love we’ve got a full party. We don’t need a ronin right now.” Jaypar said solemnly.

“Don’t lie to me Jay. I know you just don’t want me blocking you from your new love interest. Honestly you could do better than this spoiled brat of a Dizznee Princess.”

“Excuse me! I am not some spoiled princess they portray me in the movies. I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve recieved. Dizznee is not some cake walk. I was basically a slave to the system.” Jazzmin said.

“Not everyone is a valkyrie warrior woman like you Coco.” Jaypar chimed in.

“I’m a lover not a fighter but I will fight for love.”

“Trust me betch you don’t want to fight me. I will destroy you.”

“Now ladies we’re all on the same team.” Ferrick said. “Now where does your mother live so we can drop you home?”

“Ugh... she’s in Tokyo.” Coco said in a huff. She then gave ferrick the address and tehy jetted off to drop her home.

“Does Jaypar always have women fighting over him.” Sabria asked Bantam in a whisper.

“Oh yes I’m surprised I get any leftovers. He’s not that greedy though. We believe in free love. I never thought He’d be monogamous till he met Juniper. He was crazy in love with that girl. His heart was shattered after arnvatta stole her from him. Jaypars just been giving pieces of his heart away ever since. This new girl Jazzmin has really turned him around.”

“I really just don’t see what his appeal is honestly.” Sabria said.

“Oh come on now, he’s handsome as the dickens, he’s charismatic and super talented to boot. Plus he got the genius gene from his father.

“Who was his father?”

“His name was Jayden. He was a classical composer and he was a master of every instrument. He was also practiced dancing dragon kung fu. He was the deadliest member of Kinetica with melee combat.”

“I wonder where he is now?”

“I don’t know, no one knows. He could be anywhere now if he is alive like Mayjena says he is. I wonder why he didn’t return to Kinetica if he was free.”

“Maybe he was afraid they’d execute him for divulging secrets. Now I see why he collects father figures.”

“I hate to interject but we can hear your whole hushed conversation back here. I use these big ears of mine for listening.” Jaypar said. “I’m glad you think so highly of me brother. Yes I have abandonment issues and daddy issues. So i’ve adopted father figures. Its helped me be the adult I am today.”

“You still express signs of neotony.” Sabria said.

“Just because I’m connected to my inner child that stuffy elders like you have lost doesn’t mean its a bad thing. It just makes me a free spirit. My force is love because I love every woman I meet doesn’t make me juvenile either. All women are goddesses to me and their temples deserve to be worshiped. I now believe there is a trine flame. One love is for god, free love is for everyone. Trine flame is for the prime creator, his holy spirit and you. Everyone gets a goddess of the moon and a goddess of the sun. Light and shadow, good and evil, representing balance.”

“What happened to three’s a crowd?” Sabria asked.

“Threes company in my book. ” Bantam said.

“Exactly... Tri-forces are better than duos. There’s always one to hold the camera.” Jaypar said.

“Ohh... emm..gee..” Jazzmin and Coco said in unison.

“What? Don’t act like you don’t like it. You have a lot of experience being in front of the camera Jazz. I didn’t mean it in a sexual way. You girls have got to get your minds out of the gutter.”

“As if... Jazzmin said. ” I think you just like pushing my buttons to see how much teasing you can get away with.”

“You’re absolutely right. You can read me like a book. That’s another reason why I’m so enamored with you.”

“That’s a whole lot of booshi.” Bantam said. “We’ve been programmed since birth to save all the princesses and damsels in distress. All those video games we played on the mackendo entertainment system fried his brain. All the songs on the radio and romantic movies didn’t help either. Now he has a savior complex. He has his own personal code of conduct that is ridiculous and he broke it with Juniper and now Jazzmin. That must count for something. He seems to be putting Jazzmin through the hoops early though. It might be the whole looming end of the world thing. That seems to typically bring people closer together faster.”

“Oh brother you surely know me the best.”

“I ought to. I have spent the most time with you.”

“I’ve always been searching for my fairy tale ending happily ever after. I thought it was a pipe dream until i met Juniper. Then the universe through me a curve ball when it delivered Jazzmin to me.”

“You know me and my sister are completely different entities. I’m not some prize to be won either. I don’t need a savior. I can save myself.” Jazzmin said.

“I know that’s all part of your appeal. Your sister was more of a recluse and a homebody. She would rather shut in more than she liked to go out. She did teach me the beauty of monogamy. It was a rough transition giving up my socialite life style and devoting all my energy to one girl. I need a love that i can share the lime light with. A showstopper if you will, and I believe Jazzmin fulfills all my fantasies.”

“You were obsessed with with Aladen. He thought I was the Genie and behoba was Apu.” Bantam said.

“I always did consider myself a prince of persia.”

“Have you guys ever considered getting into acting because you’re quite the dynamic comedic duo.” Jazzmin said.

“Yes thats always been the next logical step for us.” Bantam said.

“I’ve been working on this sci-fi fantasy rock opera called “Hueman”. Its about an alien race of beings that are basically rainbow people. Their chakras are all perfectly aligned. They save their mundane realm from evil with their positive peace and love vibration. My brother and I are the central protags. There will be a lot of singing and dancing involved. Its basically my social commentary on our world today.” Jaypar said.

“Nice, I’d love to give it a read.” Jazzmin said.

“Most definitely once I’m finished with it. Writing, music, and acting are on the back burner now that I have my own realm to save. Honestly my own story is more epic than anything I could ever write.”

“Truth is stranger than fiction.”

“We’re here now.” Ferrick said.

“Goodbye Coco it was pleasure making your acquaintance. If you ever feel like unleashing the beast with a real lion manimal don’t hesitate to find me.” Kolobar said.

“Thank god I couldn’t help listening to all that drivel. Have fun on your Journey.”

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