∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER VIII: Ferricks Flashback

After our diamond syndicate dropped off Coco they headed east toward the mariana trench. The GEPS was flashing blue and gave them an eastbound heading. Ferrick was at the helm. He let the autopilot take over and started to relax. He became hypnotized by the clouds below them his eyelids became heavy and slowly closed. He began having rapid eye movements and started having an intense flashback.

“Woah buddy where did you go there buddy?” Frenzy asked.

“I was having an intense vision of the accident three and a half years ago.” Ferrick said.

“What did you see?”

“Well I was surrounded by water then consumed by fire. After that I was enveloped in shadow. I think it had something to do with accident at my underwater apartment complex.”

“I have a feeling that it was no accident.” Kolobar said. “Just like the vision I had in Australia there must have been foul play involved. In your entire welding career how many times have you been electrocuted?

“Its never happened to me before but it’s happened to a few welding friends of mine. Perhaps someone accidentally closed my garage door which created the surge when it pinched my cord.” Ferrick said.

“So your cord was conveniently pinched and your entire complex was filled up with flammable gas, then your doors were all sealed like there was a flood, sounds fishy to me.”

“It sounds like the way dressed for genocide operates. They make it look like an accident. They probably found out that you were the potential hydro Empyro host and made you the fall guy to destroy you psychologically and imprison you physically and mentally.” Jaypar said.

“I believe you’re right Jay. I kept playing the whole scenario over and over again everyday for three years straight. It never made any sense. Now that I know what dressed for genocide is capable of I’m sure it was them. I’m so happy you guys recruited me and gave me a sense of purpose. Saving our world is a daunting task. I can’t wait to clear my name and get my family back.” Ferrick said.

“Awe don’t get all sappy on us big blue. We’re your surrogate family now. When we touch down you’re getting a big group hug.” Bantam said.

“Thanks B, I really appreciate it. I wish I could tell my mom what we’re doing. She would be so proud. She must know that I’ve escaped prison by now.”

“We should get intel on that from Kinetica. We’ll see how the repticons covered our tracks.” Jaypar spoke into his wrist communicator. "Oi commander Kannon, How did the reps cover Ferricks escape from Alcatraz?”

“Its about time you check in with me you little scally wag. To answer you question the reps said Ferrick was shanked to death in prison. Typical right? How’s the quest for the Empyro units going?” Commander Kannon asked.

“Swimmingly sir. You’d be so proud of me, I’m mastering the earth empyro and we’re almost to the hydro empyro.” Bantam said.

“Genius B-boy you make me proud. Your father is here with me.” “Put the old elf on the horn.”

“Bantam my son how is the hero’s journey treating you?”

“Brilliantly dad. You should have seen what I did to DFG. I sealed them up like a proper can of sardines.”

“Well done son, you make your mother and me so proud. She sends her love by the way. How are you doing Jaypar?”

“I’m great Bosco thanks for asking.” Jaypar said. “He’s got a new love interest too dad.” Bantam said.

“What else is new? You can’t keep that guy from falling in love. Wise men say only fools rush in.” Bosco said.

“This ones different Bosco its princess Jelena.” Jaypar said.

“Oooh a movie star, that sounds like one of your fantasies come true. Were you getting tired of super models with lack of substance that are elven close hangers?”

“Get this Dad. It’s Junipers paternal twin sister!” Bantam said.

“Get out of here! That’s some soap opera booshi.”

“I know we really need a reality show about our lives.” Bantam said. “Oh yeah and Jayden might still be alive. He was last seen on the pirate ship Revenge about 10 years ago.”

“I don’t know son i hate to disappoint but it’s probably a repticon that stole his soul.”

“My father is crafty I’m sure he found a way out of the Shasta dungeon.” Jaypar said.

“You have to look at the stats Jay. Everyone of our agents that have been caught are tortured, overtaken or turned. The odds that he’s alive are slim to none. But feel free to keep your dream alive. You’ve proven that dreams do come true.” Bosco said.

“Thanks Bosco I appreciate that more than you know.” Jaypar said.

“Well dad it was good catching up with you we’ll talk soon.” Bantam said.

“Peace be the journey boys.” Bosco said. The holograph screen on Jaypars wrist communicator turned off.

“It seems like most of us have daddy issues.” Ferrick said.

“That seems to be a common theme between us all. You’re lucky your father is still alive Bantam.” Kolobar said.

“Well the vade mecum states that all of our loved ones will be resurrected once the ancient Alkayans return.” Sabria said.

“They must have the technology to clone people and restore their memories.” Ferrick said.
“We have the technology to clone people now but not restore memories. That’s a tricky science.” Jaypar said.

“Can they transfer memories to a cloned body before they die?” Ferrick asked

“Probably. The repticons have necromancy abilities but we’re just walking corpses that are slaves to our master. I was the one exception to the rule. I got my memories back.” Frenzy said.

“Yeah you really are a freak of nature Frenzy. And i mean that in the best way.” Ferrick said.
“No offense taken.”

“There’s a philosophy that states we’re all just actors in each others plays. We are all the centers of our own universe, because the universe expands infinitely outward and infinitely inward, the microcosm and the macrocosm.” Kolobar said.

“You are a source of infinite wisdom.” Jaypar said half sarcastically.

“I’ve been told my force is wisdom.”

“Well my force is love and love conquers all. Even fear, fear is just another word for ignorance. People are afraid of the unknown. That’s why my quest in life is to make known the unknown. Shine the light in the shadows if you will.”

“I feel that’s all of our quest.” Sabria said.

“I agree we’re all warriors of light and love in our own ways. I believe my force is power. I come from the ocean and nothing can contend with its power.” Ferrick said.

“It also helps being the biggest and the strongest buddy.” Bantam said and everyone chuckled. “Well my force is definitely courage. It took some beg eggs in my Easter basket to obtain the earth Empyro.”

“Too true. I c an’t wait till I get my suit wherever it may be.” Jaypar said.

“The prophecy says it lies in a floating city guarded by gargoyles. It is always in perpetual night so the city never sleeps.” Sabria said.

“Sounds like NYC and one big party. I’m going to enjoy that stage of our journey.” Jaypar said.
“Don’t forget we need the fire empyro first to light all the torches along the way.” Kolobar said.

“Lets focus at the task at hand. This is all riding on me and if I achieve the water empyro. And that’s a pretty big if.”

“Don’t doubt yourself you’re on of the chosen few. Have faith in your abilities. We believe in you big blue buddy.” Bantam said.

“Thanks guys. I appreciate all the support. We’re about to be over the Mariana trench now. Brace for impact with the surface of the water.” The vorcom jet hit the water like a bullet. Their speed slowed down dramatically. Their jet power was replaced with spinning turbine blades. “It’s about to get really dark.” Ferrick said. He flipped the lights on to illuminate the murky depths around them.

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