∆LK∆Y∆: The rising tide

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CH∆PTER IX: Into the ∆byss

Welcome to my world.” Ferrick said proudly. The murky depths we’re like flying through outer space at light speed. The abyss loomed before them. Schools of small fish passed them by like someone throwing a handful of glitter.

“This is it folks, the edge of the abyss. The point of no return. Few have ventured into the chasm and lived to tell about it.”

“How deep does it go?” Jelena asked.

“Its about seven miles at its deepest point. The there’s about 15,750 psi that’s enough to give you a serious case of the bends. The vorcom will hold up alright. Master Ish said the new vorcom has intergalactic capabilities. He said it can even make the jump to hyper space.”

“That’s incredible. I had no idea we were capable of inter stellar travel.” Frenzy said.

“We’ve been capable of interstellar travel long before our world was created.” Sabria said. “The ancient Alkayans took the technology with them when they went to search for a cure for the repticon disease and the threat of the shadow dragon. Neoen believes they ascended and became pure light and are now a neutral force in this war. They will return at the precise moment they are needed. When the scales of justice need to be tipped in our favor.”

“Your sentiments are lovely but I believe that if there is a prime creator and these angelic Alkayans then they’re definitely having a laugh at our expense.” Jaypar said. “If everyone was allowed passage into heaven or even paradise for that matter, what would be the point of trying? Everyone would just commit suicide.”

“That’s why suicide is a sinful selfish act. Taking the gift of life for granted.”

“But the pains of this world can be too much to handle not to mention people can have chemical imbalances that lead them to self destruction. And plus the repticons can be whispering in their ears from the shadow realm and that what about the people that die in accidents before their time?”

“The prime creator knows everyone’s heart condition and he will separate the proverbial sheep’s from the goats in the final hour.”

“And we’re all just sheep without a shepherd.” Bantam said.

“I’m no sheep I’m a shepherd. I lead by example. You can follow my lead or fall by the wayside.” Jaypar said sternly.

“All praise the high and mighty Jaypar.” Bantam said sarcastically.

“No worries little lamb of a brother. I’ll never lead you astray. I believe I’ve been reincarnating on this planet since birth in one form or another. Now this is my final form since my trine flame has manifested. I also believe Armageddon and hell are all in the mind and once you go through them your life will be a paradise or heaven even. Neoen said we’re his descendants but what if I am just him in the future. Lets say I make it to paradise and I become immortal. I would definitely invent a time machine and travel back to help myself.”

“That sounds plausible but you would only create parallel universes for yourself.” Kolobar said.

“I think I’m on to something here. I just might be Neoen guiding myself to save our world. I couldn’t reveal the truth to myself so I would just say I’m my own ancestor. It’s not so much the destination but the journey. If I revealed the truth to myself it might change everything. This spiral of time is a lot of fun I must say. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m loving this journey so far. I couldn’t ask for any better companions.”

“Thanks Jaypar.” Everyone said.

“I’ve never felt so much confidence and postive energy from a group like this before.” Sabria said. “We cannot fail.”

“That’s an awful lot of pressure.” Ferrick said. “I can’t wait till we get back to the point to where we make war no more. I’m tired of all of the senseless killing. I can’t wait till I can lay down my battle axe for good.”

“Don’t get too soft on us just yet mate. We still need you to deal some death before the day is done.” Bantam said.

“Well if its for a just cause I’m alright with it. Then again I thought all my missions for the navy seals were for a just cause.”

“Blind faith is a terrible thing. That’s the thing I hate about religion. It makes us feel guilty for our natural inclinations. The prime creator is gonna give me a tool for procreation and then tell me not to use it until I enter into a governmental contract aka marriage with a female so we can get tax breaks as a reward seems silly to me. I’ll be forever a terminal bachelor. Count me out of that contrived trap.” Bantam said.

“Most girls want that fairy tale dream wedding.” Jazzmin said.

“I’m all for having a commitment ceremony but I don’t know about signing a legal binding document.” Jaypar said. “I don’t know why you need a marriage license. Is it like how you need a license to drive a car?”

“I think elves mating for life is an old fashioned custom. There are few creatures in our world that mate for life. Nature is all about fitness indicators. The biggest and the strongest survive. The repticons have programmed us into believing that the one with the most money wins. People think that a showy display of ones means will attract them a mate, so they seek a life of fame and fortune. SO this keeps the wage slave in line. The cog in the cash machine. In nature social status and wealth aren’t a factor. It’s all physicality in attracting a mate. It’s also a matter of convenience as well. Animals will settle for the closest mate in the vicinity.” Bantam said.

“That’s what a lot of porpecians do in my pod, marry whoever is close by. I want someone new. Someone i didn’t grow up with. Someone that swims on my same wavelength if you catch my drift.” Ferrick said.

“I get you big blue. You’ll be beating the ladies off with a broom handle once you’re the operator of the water empyro. Power is attractive.” Bantam said.
“I’m not sure if I’m ready for that kind of responsibility.”

“We’ve been over this before. There must be no more doubt in your mind if you are able to pass through the gate to the boss room of the temple. Only you can enter we cannot follow. What is your worst fear?” Sabria asked.

“I suppose it would have to be death or fear itself.”

“That’s typical. So you’re going to have no idea what you’ll face.” Sabria said.

“Make known the unkown mate. We believe in you.” Bantam said.

“Thanks little guy, I appreciate that. We’re almost to the bottom now. What does the GEPS say?” Ferrick asked.

“It says we’re about three miles away. We should be at the stone gates to the water temple in about five minutes.” Sabria said. “Bantam you better be ready to lift those giant stone gates.”

“I’m ready as I’ll ever be.” Bantam said. “I think I’m gettin the hang of the earth empyro.”

“Yeah you handled dressed for genocide like a pro.” Frenzy said.

“I did didn’t I? I’m growing fond of our group. We’re so optimistic and full of compliments. It’s very encouraging.” Bantam said.

“We all need postive reassurance, acceptance and achievement.”

Sabria said.

“Don’t forget affection. I need lots of that.” Jaypar said and he gave Jelena hand a little squeeze as he winked at her.

“Oh please.” She said then rolled her eyes at him.
“I can’t help it if my love language is touch. I hunger for your touch. I get my power, my purpose from the force of love. Love conquers all. I’m in love with love.” Jaypar said.

“Well there’s no shortage of love on this boat.” Ferrick said. “It looks like we’re coming up on the gates now.”

Our crew pulled up on a giant stone pyramid almost identical to the earth temple. There were too massive stones blocking the entrance. “Bantam its your time to shine.”

Bantam stood at the back of the vorcom. He shouted “EMPYRO!” and the glistening green armor covered him completely. “Wow that feels amazing.” He said. He raised his hands dramatically and a green light surrounded the stone gate. He put his hands together and with great intensity he slowly pulled his hands apart. As his hands seperated the giant stones began to shift.

“He’s doing it... He’s really doing it.” Ferrick said. “I can’t believe how much those stones must weigh, plus the crushing weight of the water presssure.” Bantam was starting to struggle. “You can do it, we believe in you.” Bantam yelled out in frustration. “That’s right get mad at those rocks.” The gates were slowly sliding apart. He finally got them far enough apart for the vorcom to fit through. “Wow, now I think I know how they built these pyramids.”

The jet slipped through the opening and went down a dark tunnel. Our crew was unaware of what lay before them.

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