The Parable of Quantum Leaping

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Story of the macro-strangeness of quantum mechanics in every day life.

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Chapter 1

In the year 2301, a man named Dennis was home one evening watching virtual reality television (VRT) alone. This type of future entertainment allowed putting on a special helmet, which caused temporary amnesia in the wearer, and full immersion of living the life of a character in the program. Upon removal of the helmet, amnesia lifted and the wearer retained memory of the adventure, no permanent harm done, no matter the traumas of the hero in the story. Dennis finished his favorite virtual reality remake of some classics from the distant past, playing the hero Neo in the movie, “The Matrix”, and then lived an episode of the life of an old favorite TV show, “Quantum Leap”, from the same historic period about a guy who leaps into different bodies in the past and lives a little adventure, before leaping into another body. He then played the part of a narrator, explaining some things in the lives of his favorite ancient Biblical characters to an audience from that time period.

A new feature on the latest upgraded VRT capabilities allowed spontaneous merging of characters, based on the artificial intelligence assessment of the thinking and mood of the wearer at the time. Dennis tried it out for the first time, and quite enjoyed an episode blending the three programs, The Matix, Quantum Leap, and Biblical history. He lived a creative mixture of lives, leaping into different Biblical characters’ lives, living alternate matrix-like possibilities, dying by beheading as history records happened for the apostle Paul, but also another ending where Paul witnessed the return of Christ. Similarly, Dennis lived the life of Abraham as recorded, but also an alternate ending to witness the return of Christ as well, and Moses died within sight of the Promised Land on Mount Nebo in one reality, but Moses also experienced the return of the Christ in another reality that history didn’t record. After all, Moses knew all about Christ, having written about Him in symbolic form in the first 5 books of the Old Testament.

Dennis took the helmet off, became his usual self and reflected. In his time period, magic technology and beliefs about evolution and deep time dominated so much that none really took the Bible literally or seriously. There still had been no literal return of Christ outwardly for the world as a whole, although credible source U.S. government pentagon insiders had released supernatural UFO videos in the year 2020, and history recorded an open contact with alien-gods shortly thereafter. According to the history records, the open contact with initially friendly ancient alien-gods turned negative in a few short years after open contact, when the apparent ancient alien-gods turned out to be demons deceiving the world. “God’s” human elect had defeated the “aliens” by showing mankind the truth, that humans had collectively evolved enough subconsciously to be able to project their fears into 5 sense reality, and that thoughts create reality. When mankind came to understand this, they were able to defeat the “aliens” and make them go away, back into the dimension of imagination. That is when mankind started to be able to scientifically explain and understand consciousness itself and create a better world, and such entertainment technology as he had just enjoyed. But it was interesting to contemplate why the AI brain had raised possibilities of alternate realities where each of God’s elect had experienced the return of Christ personally, while the world as a whole was oblivious. He was no expert at the intricacies of the entertainment machine that had just altered his consciousness, but he trusted there were expert humans who did understand, since they created the machine and it worked. Might there be some God at work in his apparent real “reality”, which only seems real to him, like fantasy seems real while in the VRT? Perhaps there was some sort of God active in the real world in VRT reality bending ways he had never considered before. Might recorded history itself be a little off? He never quite looked at his reality the same ever again.


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