Unrealistic : But A Dream

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Dreams And Desires Mixed With UnRealistic Stuff, Tends To Be More Sensual And Erotic.

Scifi / Erotica
Pleasure With Pen
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Awaken From The Dream?

"Dreams, somewhere near to real or realistic, sometimes kind of artistic about the unrealistic world, this may lead to a world, where its just about you, your need, your want, your desires." - Kaira.

She posted this on her twitter and bid good night to all the followers. It was about around 1:30 AM in the night and yet no sign of sleep or something.

This what she was having issues, insomnia.... Maybe she is over thinking all the time, that keeps her mind awake and not ready to sleep.

She called her bestfriend, Maria,.. {bell ringing}

Maria: You allright, calling at night 2'o'clock.

Kaira: All fine babe, just couldn't sleep again, thought of calling you and disturbing you. (A slow Laugh)

Maria: Comeon, dont be silly, shall i comeover?

Kaira: No No, it is alright, babe, your voice is enough to calm me down and let me stop thinking and sleep.

Maria: Awww! You Bitch! {Laugh both sides}.

After continuous bitchy talks of around 1 hour, she slept by 3 AM, on the call and Maria could hear her snoring, so she cut the call and went for her sleep and bid her good night in her sleep.

Within half an hour, she woke up again with call from her. She felt irritated but woke up and answered her bff call.

M : Yea babe, whats now?

K : Listen, i couldn't sleep, it was just a nap, i thought not to disturb you, but couldn't resist. Am just coming over, let's watch something.

M : Okey, come soon, am preparing pop-corn for us to eat. See you here!

(After 30 minutes of drive, she was there around 4 AM in the morning.)

Greeted each other with hugs and kisses.

She already started some movie.

While watching she told her that it is horror, erotic and sci-fi movie which had some people from earth trying to explore space and planets for life and found a place where they found some aliens resembling human physical bodies but with special structure.

It was kind of human figure with 4 legs, one body, 4 hands, 2 heads, a twin structure with single abdomen.

It was kind of something normal, till they capture the human from earth.

They were sitting on the sofa with blanket over them, after finish of food, they were hugging each other and lying on the sofa like big and small spoon.

There in the movie, it was aliens captured the people, 2 men and 2 women, and took them to their underground city of look a like earth with sky in the deep earth and walking on the surface of their planet inside.

It was totally wicked and kind of living inside the earth shell.

They took them to their head of the foreign matters minister, as they walked, all the human shaped aliens were trying to touch them and see what they got.

Their hands were tied, both females were trying to keep their hands to safeguard them, thinking about what they gonna do to us, "Ohh God!" They sighed.

Both men keeping their genitals hidden with hand as they could feel urge of hormones making them think and talk about the two vaginas between that four aliens legs and double moans from two mouths, "Ahh Shit, How it gonna be!" Within their minds.

As this all was going on in the movie, Maria was asleep and Kaira was watching, aroused with the thought of two faces, four hands, two dicks in action. She switched off the TV and hugged Maria back and slept.

As soon as she felt asleep, she was in her dream with those aliens around and she being tied and taking as female astronaut.

After their discussion, all four humans were kept in different cells to be interrogated and to check.

First it was her number, she was being checked by one female alien, who was trying to check over the clothes, then alien removed her clothes and squeezed her boobs and tried to strech and pulled in a way to remove that from body, a painfull act, which led her moan first and then shout in anger.

Further then, she headed her two faces to suck the nipples of both boobs, that gave moans to her and gave her the senses of loosing the sight, alien's four hands were exploring her kind of two squeezing and one squeezing her ass and one trying to reach the hidden treasure inside vulva.

Its felt like two people having her together. She was moaning and moaning and could feel the urge of orgasm bulding at her peak. She was so excited that even forgot about the alien and started kissing her and holding her squeezing four asses one by one.

She suddenly felt ignorance and repulsion from that alien, initially which was trying to arouse her, now treating her like making her go away and all of sudden she woke up with the Maria, trying to wake her up and save herself from her.

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__to be continued
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