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Her speed took my breath away, her demonic face as beautiful as mine. I gasped from the fine details of her face, even though now wasn’t the time to entertain her beauty, when she was attacking me.. The Law of Beasts. Four thousand year old, multi-billionaire Alicia Chay, sadistic queen of torture, detests mortals, but loves animals. She protects them through the Treaty of the Animals. When a mystery vampire winds up pregnant with the child of all nations, the treaty is compromised. The Lion and Wolf Tribes promises to start the Imposing War if the child of all nations is born.

Scifi / Fantasy
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My opinions and views expressed in vampire form throughout this story was done to enlighten myself, and question all that hath been told to me, and taught to me in the iron grasp of church, and the philosophies and theories surrounding it, both by force, and by my own Free Will. To serve God is an individual’s free will choice, or their rejection of it all. Remember, The Law of Beasts series represent my opinions and my opinions only. I’m not pushing or forcing my views on you, nor am I attempting to make you believe what I’ve come to understand. I don’t believe in censorship and I grasp the 5th Amendment when I wrote this from just the thought of never really ever seeing a black vampire in my life. I believe in God, I believe in Christ and I have been saved since the age of 14, when I was baptized with my mother and the rest of my siblings. But I still have questions about the very things taught to me, and the deception there within.


Where do I begin?

Oh, okay!

I know where to start.

As a matter of fact, that’s the perfect place to start…!

Welcome to:

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