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Just as I was about to stand up from the throne the Pastor deemed The Pastor’s chair, as a camouflage to his congregation members, that were totally under his control, mind control, I felt an eerie presence, but dismissed it as last minute jitters about my sin.

His congregation members worshiped Christ, but were unknowingly worshiping the Pastor, and that was blasphemy to the tenth power, there was no redemption from that.

Once ye have come into the knowledge of Christ and understood He was love, the better off ye’ll be.

Aggravated, I grabbed my head in stunned silence. Where had those thoughts come from?

A drop of water from the AC vent fell in a puddle over by the soda machine, by the Exit of the church.

From a tiny tremor a great rumbling rippled throughout the demolished church, and dust turned like tornadoes.

Chandeliers began to rise and latch back unto the ceiling; the ceiling itself swooped into place before the chandeliers could latch themselves, and the ashen pews got an extreme make over…

Gone was the grime of my destruction and as the rumbling increased into an earth quake, inside the church, rebuilding itself as if it was breathing and alive.

I was astonished!

What was this wonder I experience?

The ground opened up before me. The pews and the expensive carpeting and all the accessories began to levitate. Purple/grayish smoke snaked from the gigantic hole. The rays of the sun beamed through the stained glass.

A cross was in the middle of my forehead.

The church, as if in rewind, finished its reconstruction and beamed with immaculacy once more.

Truly I have never seen anything quite like it!

I shuddered with fear as the rays from the stained glass turned my black eyes into that of stained glass.

My stained glass eyes saw through kaleidoscopes and spectrums of light, and before I could record and store in my brain what I was witnessing, the beauty exploded into a fiery orange and black affair!

And a demon reached out and snatched me into his realm!

Great balls of fire fell towards me and I began to fly, dodging one, fifty foot ball of fire, filled with death and sulfur, and another great ball of fire, even bigger, spat towards me, as if the universe itself dipped snuff and spat at me for having a nasty aftertaste.

§uccessfully dodging great balls of fire, I levitated above a bubbling lake of fire, all around me, stretching for miles, and milesss, and miles.

Over 100 miles of souls were bitterly tormented…

They feverishly stretched out their arms, begging me to help or save them (it was out of my control and out of control) as the walls of souls began to close in on me.

Startling me, a gigantic hand stretched from the lake of fire, and great yellow and red balls of malice peeped from the sulfuric lava, the heat and lava rejuvenating It, the lava creature, every time it exhaled.

He didn’t have to have his nostrils outside of the sulfuric lake of fire to breathe.

A long, one hundred foot slithering tongue stretched itself from the inner portions of its mouth. Horridly, he grabbed his tongue and whipped it past me. It slammed on the lava as it hardened, instantly, like glistening diamonds. A great flash and an incredibly loud boom rendered me speechless. The high pitched squeak of sound continuously made my lips curl.

“Please stoppp!” I pleaded.

Another flash of light popped in my eyes, temporarily blinding me. An incredible wind blew past me, pushing me forward one hundred feet, to its gigantic eyes. They clapped on me, his eye lids trapping me against his eyeball, the left one…

As if my life depended on it, I punched and I kicked, but he didn’t feel a thing.

The more I kicked his eyeball—with the little room spared, it wasn’t much, and the humidity and the atrocious heat nearly crippled me—the more powerful it seemed to become.

I switched my body heat to that opposite of the creature’s temperature to cool myself down.

I was surprised that it actually worked.

Once he opened his eyes, I was faced with thirteen demons running towards me across a 40 acre checkered floor, gaining in speed every time they inhaled,.

I was in fear of my life!

I’ve hunted so many mortals for blood over 4,000 years, never did I dream of a scene like this.

The biggest demon, with immaculate skin of black granite and white etchings of sophisticated slopes in ripple effect, challenged me.

The slopes ended in its black eyes, landed in front of me and hissed.

I was disturbed, but not frightened.

Arg! Twelve more demons branched off into four rows of threes, forming with their arms, fingers and bodies a gateway to the one that summoned me here, unknowingly, of course.

As the dust settled, I had ashes all over my face, giving it a more appealing look. My hair was over and tired, hanging here and there, a legion of strands out of place.

I breathed in the humid, stale air, not a breeze or a Zephyr floated through, and my hair restyled itself, nothing flashy of course, now wasn’t the time to dress up like I was ballroom dancing across this checkered floor spread out before me.

“Come,” says the voice, and I was reluctant, not knowing what to expect. I walked past the first two demons, they stood twenty-feet and five inches, with 5 foot eyes, of red emeralds, and they sparkled brighter than the sun, but beamed at a translucent pace inside this lair of sorts, whatever this place was.

I passed the second row of demons without incident. They were twenty feet apart, and twenty feet was strategically spaced between them, leading to an elongated rack of sterling silver gates.

My reflection began to grow in the glossy sterling silver as I approached them, clapping my eyes together and smoke rose before them.

Tracing my hands around the immaculacy of it, the gigantic emeralds and the sapphires and, gasp, flecks of gold, dust scattered about, trickling past me, nesting in my hair.

The gates opened and from the peak of one thousands stairs, extending in the Heavens, or I should say extending from a dark corner of the earth, were bouts of ignorance and misery.

I could feel it just as sure as I was breathing and it dampened the mood.

I turned and looked behind me and saw the rebuilt church through the opposite side of the stained glass, and it was then I realized I was inside the grime of the stained glass itself, and I gasped with shock.

I thought the stained glass was dirty from not being wiped thoroughly, or the janitors simply skipped cleaning it all together.

The dirt stain itself was darkness growing all over Jesus’s life in the form of stained glass; the stained glass themselves false idols.

Ye art not to worship nothing and no one and no other god, but Jehovah himself.

A great screech filled my ears when I thought it and I grabbed them, leaning forward, and backward, my body going into convulsions.

Catching me by surprise, a seven foot, crooked-back ghoul descended nine thousand stairs in an instant, and grabbed me by the neck, lifting me off the ground like a rag doll smelling of urine.

I couldn’t breathe. I was choking.

“How dare ye come inside this congregation and destroy it over thy treaty with the animals! §o what the phony Pastor invested in a secret Chinese cult, that consisted of the destruction of elephants and lions. We clone and replicate them anyway for profit, they will never become extinct, not with images and replicas of themselves to occupy human fantasy, and what they think they see.

“This happens to be my realm, Alicia Chay, vagabond, sadistic queen of torture. Yes I know of ye, and thy title. But ye tried to destroy a cash cow, and it’s not as simple as coming into a church filled with ignorant fools and kill them and their leader to get thy way, or some sort of poetic justice, Alicia.

Ҥurely ye have cut into my invisible pockets, and they runneth deeper than the $39 billion dollars ye gained through inheritance, and deceit and blackmail, murder and death of innocent people ye fed from of their precious blood. You art in the elite circle of power, but there art two more levels.

Those that acquired their wealth through hard work and struggle, versus those whom were born into it, and those that won the lottery, or those that were given all that they have from the sweat of someone else’s brow.”

I tried to speak, but the light from my larynx jolted. A sinister beast, he squeezed tighter and repressed the breath and the light trying to act on impulse of the brain and give me the resistance of self to allow air to flow into my body, though it is humid, and stink, and stale.

“You can’t speak?” he asked, releasing me and I fell on my knees. Instantly, like a seventh sense, I turned into mist, and vaporized myself back into vampire form, standing as erect as I could.

I coughed once, and wiped my hands over my neck, wiping off his essence, and the feel of him; the memory of his touch burst into glittering particles that entered my nose like twinkling light.

I held my hand up to my luscious lips, stuck out my succulent hip.

My right leg remained erect, and bent at the knees.

I kissed his essence, and blew a tender kiss while I inhaled his aura, and his smell drove me insane!

Everything about him and his touch set me ablaze with passion. His words funneled into my ears, and then retracted themselves, creating a blanket of blackness over the breach of security in my brain.

My ears failed to stand guard against b.s.; they forgot the lyrics to the drums of my conscious. Introducing his ridiculous percussion and dialogue into my mental capacity was a bit much. But now I can breathe again because his smell, and his aura, and his essence, and the memory of his touch through my stained glass eyes—and the way he felt— grabbed me by the throat.

I was in direct opposition of his obscene, vulgar and murderous action. It has come back to haunt him and I rode the curves of Karma like a bucking bull.

I milked the bitch into spurts of threes, and kicked him in the face, in the groin and in the upper chin, and he flew backwards, crashing through the middle of the nine thousand stairs of marble in this amazing infrastructure, and he plummeted one hundred feet into a dark abyss.

Impulsively, I flew inside it, scared out of my mind, after him.

He looked up at me as he fell, not at all intimidated. His teeth were blackened and hideous, and his skin reeked of spoiled pickles.

His eyes housed souls of torturous pain.

“Do ye know the toes ye art stepping on destroying our cash cow?” he scowled at me without remorse, and rhetorically. “We generate $30 million dollars a year, and ye art interfering with something that isn’t of importance to ye, because ye have a treaty with the animals! Why do ye sell out on us to save creatures, creatures men have dominion over?”

Deeper into the abyss of blackness we fall. The glow of our eyes was the only light. The atmosphere was changing, the temperature began to drop; the heat from our bodies was seeping out at an alarming rate, threatening our lives as it searched for oxygen at the surface of the gigantic hole in the middle of the staircase.

The further we fell the more likely we were going o perish.

“You may have dominion over them,” I said, swooping up to him and punched him again. His throat snapped back and another face attached to a swan-like neck popped from the open wound. The opposite head fell to its death, rolling towards the finality of the dark abyss. If there was a season finale, of course.

I continued, “But that doesn’t give ye the right to kill innocent elephants, and lions just for their manes, sacrificing their bodies to gods that aren’t of relevance, or worthiness. There is only one King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!”

I covered my mouth and was thrown into a state of confusion, and melodic instruments began to play, filling the abyss and the entire parameter of it, even though it hadn’t one.

Incredibly huge wings exploded from his back, and he grew in size, the translucence of the moonlight reaching as far as one hundred feet we fell, but became more distant as we continued to fall into the abyss, the moonlight growing smaller and smaller.

He redirected himself, and flew at me with huge balls of fire, that slammed into my body with the force of wrecking balls against a Pepsi bottle.

It shatters monstrously, but I didn’t break, though the blast and the impact hurt like a bitch, but I didn’t come down here to die.

I simply avenged those dead elephants and lions, and cry for the desecration of their bodies.

He grabbed me and kicked me in the face and as I plummet, his arms stretched sixty feet and his fingers extracted themselves into thirty inch, poisonous claws.

One of them pierced my shoulder blade and the nails of his thumbs latched on to my hair.

His arms inflated themselves and with the speed of light his hair extended, wool made of hell, and entangled my legs and arms, and curled me into myself.

Like something wrapped of silk in a spider’s web, before the ignorant spider tore through thy flesh with venom that paralyzed ye, and teeth that chopped ye up bit by bit until ye were devoured, and a vicious, acid tongue that gulped ye down its throat, however many throats it had.

I was brought to the Realm Demon’s face and he began to eat the flesh of my face. He pecked, squawked, pecked and squawked. Desperately, I fought him. I punched him so fast it often times connected with the middle of his forehead. A glowing circle of life was attached to his chest. Every time it brightened it temporarily blinded me, and that’s when he pecked my face, at ten second intervals.

He was trying to cut out my stained eyes and rip my heart out because I saw his realm for what it was through them. My heart was becoming more and more curious about Christ, and I was leaning towards reading about Him. I’ll start there and see what happens. But right now an evil demon was about to eradicate me, and he was offended that a creature of the night, who has murdered, and schemed, would turn on them.

The darkness has given me so much, and my $39 billion dollar Empire the devil can have back with a big red bow and an apology letter. I wanted to eventually side with Christ, and he was going to erase her, permanently.

But who was going to ask me if I wanted to die, or if I was ready?

I certainly was not, I controlled and mastered my thoughts, let me use that as Exhibit A of my plan of attack, and survival.

The rays of the stained glass above slowly lowering itself towards me, and I reached up with all I could muster, trying to touch the light, just a little bit closer now, I almost got it!

Oh, No!

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