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He pecked my face. Violently! I jerked and my nails rose into the realm of stained glass light and I was rejuvenated.

A great blast blew the Realm Demon upward, instead of downward, and he began to cover his face and screech the closer he came to the stained glass light.

I flew after him and circled around him, rising one hundred feet in five seconds.

Without hesitance, I slashed its throat, snatched its eyes from its sockets so it’ll never see again and shoved them down its throat.

The glowing life force attached to its chest was rammed down his throat as well.

Tell me, demon, how does that taste?

Once his huge body entered the stained glass light, he crashed through the stained glass itself, shards of glass embedded themselves in his flesh, and the Pastor’s body fell to the ground, naked, his wings weak and immobile.

They disintegrated into legions of tarantulas and scorpions, and I approached him, making myself invisible to the tarantulas and scorpions.

I couldn’t afford to get those creepy things in my hair, or in my stockings.

I tossed hair from my face and leaned into the Pastor of this congregation.

“Thy Chinese foolery was no match for me. I defeated ye and thy demon ruler, the one that gave ye the means to build what ye have. You lied to people, building a church to slavishly rob using Do-gooders and Christ only as props to build thy wealth, and ye didn’t even believe.

“But I’m not going to kill ye for that, no, no, Mr. Pastor; I am going to kill for the unfair slaughter of the elephants, beings that never forget, and the lions of their manes, because they art the King of Beasts, and my Treaty is called The Law of Beasts, and ye have committed an evil act of sin against beautiful creatures, and ye must perish!”

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