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I clapped sonic booms from my hands and he turned over on his back and flipped a force field around him as powerful spasms climbed the wall of the church, and held the walls together, and the stained glass, except for the one shattered when he left a dark realm, and his power left behind as well, and fell as a mortal on his knees before a church he desecrated with evil, and he throws me with a force field.

He flipped to his feet and ran at me, catching a few of my sonic booms and throwing them at me like gigantic Frisbees, and I hopped over them all.

He leapt high in the air, just under the gigantic dome, that wasn’t originally there when I destroyed the evil church the first time, and now it’s grander than ever!

I leapt up to him, snatching a white Jesus from the hooks of the wall, and slapped him with it, and shoved the picture and the wood down his throat, and said, “Christ has hair of wool and feet of bronze, not blue eyes of demons and skin of Ivory.

“The old covenant is over! It has ended, ye demon! And the new covenant has taken affect!”

I punched into his chest and pulled out his heart, kicking him back through the stained glass, and into the darkened abyss, and I ripped his heart in half, ate one portion of it and dropped the other portion on the ground and stomped it with my heel, and it turned to black dust, and then dirt remained on the ground.

The sun fell all over me, but redirected its heat to my stained glass eyes as the stained glass broken rebuilt itself with an amazing light, and the clouds shaded the sky just as my stained glass eyes fell into my hands, and levitated towards the stained glass that rebuilt itself.

My own eyes I see with again, but the thirst for blood returned with a vengeance as well.

My first thought was to run towards the exit doors, and leave this place before there art any more surprises.

But I found myself approaching a life sized oil painting of Christ, with hair of wool, feet of bronze, and love all over his face, and in his body language, “The §ermon on the Mount is the way,” was inscribed below his feet, just under the log he stood on, a flaming sword at his side, a rainbow behind him.

Truly magnificent…

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