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Chapter 11: THE VEIL

The Veil of Religion, not religion itself, a safe haven for the Devil, if ye asked me, Humph!, was a well-designed hoax, and how it affects different classes of people and cultures was breathtaking.

Ђe media sways public opinion with false reports, or reports given with omitted and edited information that changes the story all together, into another story a stone’s throw from the “truth,” and away from the truth all together, and uses the church to push the agenda of the higher ups that control the media in a whole, those that own the entire umbrella of news and broadcasting networks roundabout, and all about, and there within.

Programming and deprogramming.

Why do ye think an anchor reads from a Teleprompter?

In my entire existence, I’ve never given earthly news a second thought, stone’s throw or not. Why waste my time with hearsay, when I can mind my own business and satisfy my thirst with human life itself?

Mortals allow systems of control to dictate how one live their lives, or turns them away completely from the policies and hidden agendas of the church itself, there to socially control ye, and set thy on idle, while they rob us blind via the collection plate circulating the church for the zillionth time in a one hour period.

Ђe acts of worship, self-worship, and worship on an international level sneezed into our eyes with futile indignation via high speed chases, dope dealers sucking the life out of neighborhoods abroad, porn being a billion dollar business.

In a land where God is banned from the Pledge of Allegiance, the melting pot of gold, bronze, silver, platinum, titanium and earthly minerals has affected people from all walks of the Human Periodic Chart, The U. §. of A has become cluttered with various nationalities, creeds and cultures.

§o tell me, in what God do they trust when they earn the American Dollar, with America’s first president gracing the front, an ex-plantation owner, but one helluva Commander in Chief.

Pushing those thoughts aside, I gather myself because I tend to get passionate about who I am, and what I’m into.

My precise etymology was unknown. Coated with fresh blood, I look to the moon to find the darkness and find more than I bargained for, something that wasn’t in existence before the escape of air and life through exhalation, now exists in some form, I can’t quite see it, I narrow my eyes trying with everything in me, but I wound up getting a head ache from thinking too hard.

Ђe stars, they shine down on a random dead body as it slumps in his rose garden, and I applaud the efforts of his lifeless limbs! Ah! Ђey gave one helluva performance. Ђey deserve the Oscar! Best Actor!

I met him when I flew into town, a place unknown, a place I couldn’t register because I was too within myself, wondering what was going to become of the rest of my life, even though I am dead, and a creature of the night.

After I snapped his neck, rejecting his blood because it was too dirty, nasty and filthy, his exhausted body fell to the ground with a thud, blood pouring into the earth.

Drink, Mother Nature, Drink!

Beautiful flowers were on display, seemed to melt into the moon high above it, like a lantern in a dark tunnel filled with gold, wealth, and the Root of all Σvil so many murder themselves for daily.

Listen closely, thy last dollar corporations art after, even if it takes away from thy rent or thy light bill.

Ye can be without power, and evicted because of the money ye used to buy a video game console, instead of paying bills, and corporations wouldn’t give a damn or wish ye well.


It’s simple!


Ђey got what they came for: Ђy Money, Ђy Hard Σarned Dollar.

Ђey could care less if ye or thy children eat, or if ye starve to death.

You’re not getting thy money back.

§o it behooves me why so many mortals lust after material possessions that possessed them, possessions created by those with devious hearts, possessions sold for profit, and, depending on the product, systems used to program and deprogram a society ignorant to the puppet masters behind the puppets of sports and entertainment.

§ome of those stars were paid millions to condition thy tail, and to steer ye and thy generation of people and thy easily impressionable children down the wrong path of distorted thinking, and the laws created to keep ye in line, and obedient, and the powers behind them, and the powers and Big Wigs that bound them to each and every one of us, to fill a quota, or turn the deficit into a surplus.

Fill up every prison, even if ye have to plant evidence on the innocent and throw their behinds in the slammer with those that were of guilt and infested with deadly and dark sin. Keep those prisons and jails and juvenile detention centers filled to capacity, or as close to it as ye can, via county and city ordinances. Line the U.§. Highways with state troopers around every major holiday, unfairly write tickets in the name of the ignorant motorists for a profit for the courts and the DMV, and for commission for the individual trooper that write them…

Rule number one, folks. Ђe Constitution of the United §tates wasn’t created with the African-American, or the blacks, or the coloreds, or the slaves in mind.

Our nation’s first president was an ex-plantation owner, go figure, and he wore wigs and ruffled shirts and pointy toed shoes and graces the front of a dollar bill because he was the first to lead this country towards the Industrial Revolution, when America, unshaped like earth once upon a time, before God said Let there be light, was the Promise Land, the Land of Many Hills, a land with unkempt landscapes, a land other nations of power secured investments in, any wonder why the §tatue of Liberty was a gift from Paris…?

Any wonder why the clueless harlot of liberty holds the Holy Bible upside down.

Powerful families in powerful countries, Great Britain for example, all had their hands in the American pot. Ђey had their fantasies, dreams and hopes set on “America,” back when there wasn’t an American flag, or the Pledge of Allegiance, or the §tar §pangled Banner, coined by Francis §cott Key in 1814, or the Declaration of Independence or the Σmancipation Proclamation or Four §cores and §even Years ago…

…Back when there was no such thing, or no such thought as We the People, or From Wence we Came; back when Native Americans inhabited a country without governments or social control, a land savagely taken from them by those with artillery, hundreds of men and powerful rifles, a heavily funded onslaught that resulted in world dominance by the introduction of government, and the splitting of governments from themselves via the United Nations.


Private investors, people with secured clout and guaranteed returns on their monetary investments, cashed in on the Investment of the Century before even a single slave was abducted from “Ђe Mother Land,” starting the §lave Trade.

I remember the House of Dakar, where some five million slaves passed through before being transported to Ђe United §tates of AmeriKKKa, filled with Dixiecrats…and other countries as well, and the hell and terrifying horror that ensued until it was supposedly abolished by Abraham Lincoln via the biggest lie told to us all, the Σmancipation Proclamation. And colored folk were still beaten like heathens and sprayed down with powerful water hoses, the pressure of water so great it was enough to tear the flesh from coloreds’ skeletal figures in certain places…

But what’s a dream, what’s the goal to build a country without a work force?



Force people to work.

Africa comes to mind, filled with coloreds.


Abduct those of a feeble-minded nature, the very ones that never saw a fork or a spoon or knew what it was or what it was used for, the very ones that never saw Ђe Holy Bible a day in their lives, and still didn’t know what it was, or how to read the title on the book’s cover when religion and the principles and policies there within were shoved down their throats by their Masters and Captors.

Abductthose of dark complexions from “the Mother Land,” and pay those of their own kind peanuts to help make the job easier for the Captors.

Did ye know what that meant? It meant the Masters and the Captors had those of a feeble-minded, Bicentennial state do all the “dirty work.” Blacks sold themselves to slavery. And presently they murder each other, making the job of the Caucasian and Anglo §axon painfully easy…

Abduct those feeble-minded individuals of their own race for those with deep pockets, those that shared the Mother Land as a collective whole, separated from their race through tribes, the discrimination against each respective tribe, or as individual groups, were already their way of life. §o it was easy to betray their own kind when ye abduct those of another tribe, and not thy own, for a few “coins.”

Was it all worth it?

Let the blacks do all the work, while the Masters and Captors sat back, drinking beer and chomping on tobacco, laughing and dreaming of the Construction of Ђe U.§. of A.

“Coloreds art certainly absent-minded, in every sense,” one of Captors said under his breath, at the sight of a “colored of another tribe,” handing over another “colored of another tribe.”

His hands were tightly bound. White garments covered his haggard face. He was trapped in the darkness of the unknown (innocent people, human trafficking).

He never knew his fate until it’s too late, or what was to come of his life when the “Veil” was lifted from over his face; uncovering his eyes was troublesome; his heart pounded from the start of slavery, well into the present day. Yes slavery still exists, wake up!

Ђe families of a slave, and the slaves: gone forever.

Put them to work by force.

Ђe beginning of the Work Force, get it, mortal?

Ye tame a wild animal by separating them from their land, their environment, their religion, their beliefs and their families, people they will never see again in life, spur of the moment it came about (an African humming in the fields and another member of another tribe throws a white garment over his face and abduct him, sell him for profit into slavery, his own kind), and ye use this torn, devastated, broken “slave” then, and only then, when ye have taken everything from him, even his manhood, and his Free Will choice to be free, and reshape and restructure American landscapes, and while you’re at it get them to lay the iron for railroads and to build the White House, and call it that to mock them when construction was completed.

Remember George Washington was our nation’s first president, did ye think the White House was going to be any other color but that of a Caucasian’s complexion?

If they [institutions, mental wards, psyche wards, prisons, juvenile facilities, orphanages, child support cases, people stuck with bills (burying them in an abyss of debt, there even after thy death, with bills gone into Collection’s, forwarded to thy families)] art not filled to capacity, making a lot of deceptive, demonic folks a lot of money, including private investors, the number of jobs will be cut, sliced and diced.

Unemployment percentages globally goes up, welfare cases goes up as well. Polarized.

Ђe strings art pulled by those powerful self-proclaimed, but far from immortal “gods.” Mortals in Halloween costumes of theatrical, and authoritative and religious and political customs, with Wealth and Clout and Power and the Fire Power to protect it…

Ђey run the environment of the Universe, with an angry, embattled Ruler of the Hellish Realm seeking vengeance for his Maker and Creator through the souls of mortals, and they art selling like hotcakes, just turn on thy plasmas, and thy radios, and YouTube for reference.

He owns the land and the kingdoms and the dynasties and the estates and the middle class and the poor and the filthy rich and the angels and the demons and the demigods having secret orgies on private islands, as far as the eye could see, and as far as the medulla passes natural gases of the cerebrum of thought to ascertain, and the birth and understanding of perception, and the taxes and levies imposed on them, the land within the world, of the world, but not the world itself the wicked one and his minions own.

Or so they think

The industry there within, and all the social media associated with it, and the Media and the Internet’s laced matrix superimposed on all our lives via the click of a mouse.

Supernatural beings art correlated carbon copies of the Real King of Kings, Lord of Lords and his Angels, with wealth unimaginable, living parallel along us, those that didn’t care anything about ye, some own corporations, others own things we cannot live without, and they put up job listings, and will cut them off at the knees when it comes to social control, and social obedience.

And people will be laid off…

It happens so suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, just as things were going well for ye, when ye achieved everything and survived the brutal awnings of adversity, and the angels and demons associated with it…

§uddenly it all turns for the worse!

After all who needs God or Jesus when ye had it all, and everything was going unnaturally well for ye?

Pain was love, it made sin weak. During a depressing moment, many call out to God then, and they still denounce Him and think of gods, and die still trying to convince themselves they art Immortal.

§o the wicked one takes it all from ye, thy status, thy health, thy jobs (peasants), thy careers (the Middle Class), thy wealth (corporate execs, fallen musical icons), and you’re forced to survive in the Jungles of Hell. Yes we’re living in it on earth right this instant, and many didn’t make it through tough times. An unfortunate thing. If I was a mortal I’d feel that way, but since I could care less about mortals, and I am a vampire, I will say “Fortunately, many don’t make it through tough times.”

For a lot of folks, they don’t make it through the night.

More blood for me to feed on.

Ђe world today and the state it’s in was the beginning of the end of an individual’s right to choose, powerful systems challenge this, and threatens our livelihood in the coming years.

Americans forced into a recession, forced to reduce the size of their homes by moving to less fortunate areas of geography, because they can no longer afford them (making bank execs and a certain Queen smile, kaching, kaching, kaching!).

Ђey were forced to live in unwarranted environments and downgrade their luxury automobiles to those of a peasant’s level, forced to deal with the culture shock of it all, a complete 360 degree turn from their comfort zones, the only comfort money can buy, and forced to face bullying, and the violence that ensues as a direct result of those without jobs being unable to feed their families and small children, especially around Ђanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s. Ђat special time of the year, the tail end of it, violence reaches its peak, before the fall of morality and ethics after the sun rise during the first day of §pring.

§o they rob, steal and kill for it: greed.

Ђe great ole American way, that’s how the country was built, wasn’t it, through slavery.

Material possessions heavily surveyed and tried and tested by any government, and owns an original copy of, everything, all inventions, and the documents accompanying it, authenticating it, before they art released to the public and any changes they suggest had to be honored or the “invention” dies, and the patent dies along with it, and it was all for nothing, if that was the case.

Material possessions that possess some of us, especially those who hath never had a dollar or had anything in their lives, some of them were created with the intent of leaving ye broke and hung out to dry, possesses the void in our hearts.

While the wealthy plot and find ways to get thy last dollar, the CΣO’s and the Owner’s and the Investors’ and Ђe Private Investors’ build infrastructures with thy hard earned dollar, thy last dollar, even thy last twenty five cents, highlighting, commemorating, and paying hommage to themselves, thanking themselves, worshipping themselves, the poor suffers in agony. And their plights and negative hymns of turmoil barely graced the bottom right hand corner of a daily newspaper..

Ђe filthy rich, on a corporate level, art of gods via the root of all evil, and what It entrusted them, and all they acquired from the belly within.

Ђey build hidden shrines inside remote areas of their dynasties, and from their estates and their castles and their mansions filled with million dollar diamonds, expensive toys and secret same sex orgies and from their private islands and their yachts and their $20 million dollar private jets.

Ђey toast the moon with cold hearts and thoughts of world dominance and total social control, clank their flute glasses (drinks) together in celebration of the coming system of One World, One Government, if it all goes according to plan, it’s all a big ole rumor presently, one mortal begging to differ from the other earthling’s point of view: Opposition.

But George Bush said it in stone. You Tube it.

A Bloody Mary cocktail tainting the inside of an immaculate flute glass made of Ivory-colored cloth goes their mark on human emotion and psychology, under the ghost light of selfishness and self-worship they art bound forever, even after they draw their last breath, for leading God’s people astray, no matter what form, and applies to all forms of publicity, publication, and music and broadcast networks.

For unforgivable acts of blasphemy there was no redemption. If ye teach His people wrong, He will punish ye times ten during Judgment Day. Only vengeance, which was the Lord’s, again, if ye believed this, drives me…

And millions of people around the world deny the fact, or dismiss it as fiction, nursery rhymes some have called it.

Ђe sulfuric Lake of fire waits for its candidates, already chosen and determined from the moment of a mortal’s conception in thy mother’s womb.

§o enjoy thy Heaven, I meant thy wealth while ye can.

Ђe poor only suffers for so long.

Bills were indirect systems of payment designed by the governments of the world to keep them wealthy, and ye at rock bottom, and they’ll charge ye for that, too.

Ђey were charging ye for using their resources, that doesn’t belongeth to them mind ye, and charging ye for having the “privilege” of life on earth—not life itself, for that came from God, if ye believed in him or not, I didn’t, at least I didn’t think I did, I’m not sure. I never thought about it.

God created Us in His Image, but the Devil charged our parents rent, lights and water when we were born, and a string of doctor bills that stretches a mile wide because of the newborn’s entrance into the darkened realm, the Devil’s corner: Σarth.

Hell starts on Σarth; you’re born into it.

Fortunately, he’s limited in power, and he wasn’t in control of things, inevitably, undeniably, God still hath control of a place He created, but the creation of the powerful being there within wanted power as prestigious as the one that created him, the student wants to dethrone the teacher, and become the teacher, and become the Master of the very one that created and trained him, to give Him the opposite view of things, to let Him see how it feels to be governed and told what to do.

What an insult, and an unforgivable act of betrayal. And if anyone or anything betrayed me in that manner, and in that manner of deception, and of that magnitude, in this lifetime, I wouldn’t forgive them either.

Wouldn’t think of it, and that’s my Jordan River, and one I must learn to cross, even though I can leap over it, but that’s too convenient and easy, and I loved a challenged.

If only I believed there ever were a Jordan River, and the metaphors surrounding its history I just can’t grasp, or come to terms with, because of internal issues.

If the devil is behind the kingdoms of the earth, as he once tried to tempt Jesus with, when he took him up into the mountains (refer to thy Bibles for thy own understanding, this is my point of view), and promised him every kingdom glittering like sapphires before thy eyes, and authority over them, if Jesus worshipped him, and Jesus turned him down flat, what makes ye think he’s not the soul behind every government on earth, and the agenda behind ninety-eight percent of a politician’s heart?

Mortals in entertainment weren’t so strong…

I have my doubts and suspicions as of late (living on this earth).

LLC’s lust after those that pass by on foot, bike, scooter, motorcycle, and boat or car, wanting even the change in thy pockets, but didn’t want to give back to the community, or give to the needy, nor give ye gainful employment…

Corporations with company logos were designed to lure ye by using puppets via million dollar commercials to make the job easier, or place an entertainer as the official spokesperson for said corporation, and watch how many brain dead humans follow.

Ђe world was filled with followers; that much I do know.

And when “Ђe World” stops running at great distances like Forest Gump, “followers” art left confused.

Ђe World goes on. And you’re standing still, stuck without direction, searching for someone else to “follow.” §ome vampires art followers as well; the individual vampire didn’t have a life with meaning as a human being. Ђey were whatever society programmed him/her to be…

And as a vampire, most of their lives were still without meaning in the darkness, from newborns to full-fledged vampires they become with no sense of direction, scavengers refused to pave the way, be their own vampire, if ye will; find their own mark, but most would rather let others do the job for them. Programs and conditions run the world.

Ask the media.

Commercials were used as pawns, showcasing silly people doing degrading things to bring ye through their checkered floored establishments, for thy last dollar, and the change in thy pocket, and the pennies too, the Lincoln’s too I should say, the most worthless coin of them all, from the importance of an American currency standpoint. It cost more to make a penny than it does to produce a dollar; but a dollar is worth more?

My life was a dark tunnel, and I was, metaphorically speaking, holding the lantern of uncertainty a little higher to see the way past well organized evil, the light refusing to reach the ground. Was it soil or dirt I travel, who knows what direction I’m heading in, because I am a woman with unlimited power, and a lot of things I was hiding from, my own evil heart being at the top of the list, my emotions being my other stalker, a Peeping Tom enjoying petty appetizers at my expense when I experience dreams.

Ђey felt like out of body experiences, and they seemed too real.

And then I wake up.

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