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Chapter 13: AND THEN I WAKE UP

Bills were indirect systems of payment designed by the governments of the world to keep them wealthy, and ye at rock bottom, and they’ll charge ye for that, too.

Ђey were charging ye for using their resources, that doesn’t belongeth to them mind ye, and charging ye for having the “privilege” of life on earth—not life itself, for that came from God, if ye believed in him or not, I didn’t, at least I didn’t think I did, I’m not sure. I never thought about it.

God created Us in His Image, but the Devil charged our parents rent, lights and water when we were born, and a string of doctor bills that stretches a mile wide because of the newborn’s entrance into the darkened realm, the Devil’s corner: Σarth.

Hell starts on Σarth; you’re born into it.

Fortunately, he’s limited in power, and he wasn’t in control of things, inevitably, undeniably, God still hath control of a place He created, but the creation of the powerful being there within wanted power as prestigious as the one that created him, the student wants to dethrone the teacher, and become the teacher, and become the Master of the very one that created and trained him, to give Him the opposite view of things, to let Him see how it feels to be governed and told what to do.

What an insult, and an unforgivable act of betrayal. And if anyone or anything betrayed me in that manner, and in that manner of deception, and of that magnitude, in this lifetime, I wouldn’t forgive them either.

Wouldn’t think of it, and that’s my Jordan River, and one I must learn to cross, even though I can leap over it, but that’s too convenient and easy, and I loved a challenged.

If only I believed there ever were a Jordan River, and the metaphors surrounding its history I just can’t grasp, or come to terms with, because of internal issues.

If the devil is behind the kingdoms of the earth, as he once tried to tempt Jesus with, when he took him up into the mountains (refer to thy Bibles for thy own understanding, this is my point of view), and promised him every kingdom glittering like sapphires before thy eyes, and authority over them, if Jesus worshipped him, and Jesus turned him down flat, what makes ye think he’s not the soul behind every government on earth, and the agenda behind ninety-eight percent of a politician’s heart?

Mortals in entertainment weren’t so strong…

I have my doubts and suspicions as of late (living on this earth).

LLC’s lust after those that pass by on foot, bike, scooter, motorcycle, and boat or car, wanting even the change in thy pockets, but didn’t want to give back to the community, or give to the needy, nor give ye gainful employment…

Corporations with company logos were designed to lure ye by using puppets via million dollar commercials to make the job easier, or place an entertainer as the official spokesperson for said corporation, and watch how many brain dead humans follow.

Ђe world was filled with followers; that much I do know.

And when “Ђe World” stops running at great distances like Forest Gump, “followers” art left confused.

Ђe World goes on. And you’re standing still, stuck without direction, searching for someone else to “follow.” §ome vampires art followers as well; the individual vampire didn’t have a life with meaning as a human being. Ђey were whatever society programmed him/her to be…

And as a vampire, most of their lives were still without meaning in the darkness, from newborns to full-fledged vampires they become with no sense of direction, scavengers refused to pave the way, be their own vampire, if ye will; find their own mark, but most would rather let others do the job for them. Programs and conditions run the world.

Ask the media.

Commercials were used as pawns, showcasing silly people doing degrading things to bring ye through their checkered floored establishments, for thy last dollar, and the change in thy pocket, and the pennies too, the Lincoln’s too I should say, the most worthless coin of them all, from the importance of an American currency standpoint. It cost more to make a penny than it does to produce a dollar; but a dollar is worth more?

My life was a dark tunnel, and I was, metaphorically speaking, holding the lantern of uncertainty a little higher to see the way past well organized evil, the light refusing to reach the ground. Was it soil or dirt I travel, who knows what direction I’m heading in, because I am a woman with unlimited power, and a lot of things I was hiding from, my own evil heart being at the top of the list, my emotions being my other stalker, a Peeping Tom enjoying petty appetizers at my expense when I experience dreams.

Ђey felt like out of body experiences, and they seemed too real.

And then I wake up.

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