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Airick Burgoos hath a black soul. Sometimes when he’s out and about it was like he was in a trance…He doesn’t care about his own life, yet he adores his mother, loves his sister, loves his brother, but doesn’t love or care about himself, and that’s me, never giving a damn about myself, and being born to die sealed inside of me the death of life, right after I was born I began to die…

§o why am I here, my brain aligned with the epitome of misery? I think part of the reason I was so hurt in life, going through it all, and presently, remembering it all in a concrete realm of retrospection, was because I was talented at a lot of things, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe it, or believe in it, or believe in my ability, and that was three strikes that turned me for the worse, and I became a psycho even before I became a vampire.

My nails, they dig hieroglyphics in the stone of heart with traces of skulls and bones lining my fingernails, the skull and bones of those that sold their souls for fame and notoriety, the skulls and bones and skeletons that once inhabited mortal bodies of flesh and blood rooted by the beating of human hearts.

§kulls and bones and skeletons with flesh of my flesh, and blood of my blood, skulls and skeletons and bones…some of which dated back to dungeons and dragons, back during times of the Romans and the very long-lost empires that fumigates the air with wasted blood as a part of their history, even till this day, the smell lingers in the hearts and the memory of the §lains’ descendants.

Inside my bloodstream was a prism and a prison of souls, swimming amongst the sulfuric fire of my blood, my veins torturing them for an eternity, my T4 cells selfishly ate through their bodies like parasites, but the power of my Immortality prevents them from dying, and they art Immune from death. Ђey will suffer torture until every ear heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I killed those with millions and millions of false idol worshippers that put the rich and their flesh of my flesh and their skulls and bones and skeletons there within the flesh before the needs of themselves, and the weakness of the flesh was the Kryptonite to mortal thought, fantasy and desire.

One loses the ability to think clearly when you’re hot and bothered with the one that loves ye, or that doesn’t love ye.

Born of social security and, eventually grow to driver’s license numbers, the very famous ones that lived like Kings and Queens, from pop stars to movie stars to fashion icons to the greatest to ever do it in real estate, when a certain bracket of money is involved it changes the rules, make them deadlier and more dangerous.

Ђe most horrific things ye can imagine befell some of the world’s most famous people, and those smaller successful folks of the neighborhoods and community leaders, small time politicians and cosmetic companies.

Why was I enslaved by the government and turned into property, waste in an aquarium that others must clean up, forced to become something outside yourself, supernatural were the slaves, swim around elegant, colorful and free and food flakes towards ye like snow because ye believed it would, and ye dash and dive and flap thy tails, famished, hungry, needing: feasting…laying, spent, tiresome, resting, and waking up in hell, a nightmare…

Taken from thy families so suddenly, beaten, chained, branded, and shackled with hundreds of others, depressed, miserable, in a state of traumatic shock…

Hundreds of slaves were placed on the lowest of the lowest of the lowest levels of gigantic, gargantuan cargo §hips. Those §hips had huge, flapping sails that struck fear in the hearts of scattered, but controlled, races.

Expensive material and large sums of money was the foundation of those gleaming, but rugged-looking cargo ships, of monstrous size, my God! Moneyed men with black souls and black hearts draped in the best fabric money could buy had initiative, and an agenda, and their own agendas outside of the requirement and the request of their superiors.

Intact goes the slaves, transported with hundreds of others, symmetrically and strategically aligned together. They were trapped in the worst nightmare of their lives, but for some it would be the last nightmare they ever have; the stench-clad breath some of the traumatic shocked slaves took were their last.

To die in misery says a lot about how ye lived thy lives, or forced to live therein.

Slaves were innocent bystanders caught in a web of expansion, sheep prepped for the slaughter, expanding unseen kingdoms using the root of all evil as the basis, the foundation, and the overall achievement in investing in human trafficking, that’s the slave trade in a whole—controlling mankind.

Getting man and society to do what the laws of empires and kingdoms require; through excessive force society’s free will is disabled; taking the choice away, or rather, influencing mankind to use their own minds to submit to authority and rules of engagement by crooked government that dangled bloodied and tortured humans before all in the land for a solid, concrete commitment.

Politics in a whole scares the living hell out of me.

Ђere was only one way to take the root of all evil, money all over the world, public, and no longer restrict it to the higher ups, those in power and the trained staff at large, sworn to secrecy, talking to anyone, even about revealing they worked for tyrannous government, resulted in death and the death of their entire families as well.

§o no one talked about the slave trade activating global currency, causing many nations to become wealthy and powerful in the process…

Know thy history.

In the darkness of foul smelling cargo ships, produce above them, and a few ballrooms and galas on the upper levels, with moneyed persons wining and dining under the moonlight, as those ships cruised the friendly seas.

The stars shine down on them, playing on the cuts and angles of their diamonds…

Below, the slaves cry out with everything in them, everything they were as people, as a people enslaved, as a kidnapped people, to God, Aten for most…to help them, to free them, to provide a Moses of the New Σra, free them from bondage, appear goes a burning bush, but it was a figment of their imagination, an oasis in the desert heat, breaking it open, stung like bees from the image of nothing but sand going down thy parched throat…

Ђat’s the worst type of reality check, and many can’t take that kind of truth, especially ignorant slaves that didn’t even know how to read, let alone spell their own names, so how were they expected to survive in a new environment, culture shock went without saying, and forced to read a bible when they were ignorant to education, and forbidden from participating in it?

Property they became…

§ince the new covenant came into effect, and was activated when Jesus was crucified, and drew his last breath, the Devil hath been building his paradise here on earth at an alarming, breathtaking rate, and the evolution of it all, from where we came, to what we see now was nothing short of extraordinary, not that I’m praising the Devil because I am not, and never will, let’s clear the air right this second, and I don’t believe in God or the Devil, personally that’s what I believe, and even though I am attracted to rainbows doesn’t mean I have to believe in one to enjoy the effects of seeing one.

But if I had to make a choice, which, in the end, I know it might come down to this, because everything hath an opposite, everything ye put in the universe always comes back to the source, I will probably and most likely lean towards the life of Christ.

It was better to choose the obvious winning side, over the side that uses music videos and musical deceit to program a nation, the world, really, except from places, in the lowest corners of the earth, without technology or outside communication, kept in the feeble-minded state.

Yes, I just might believe in Christ, since the darkness tries too hard to deprogram society from their own wit, and confuse them enough to influence how and when they use Free Will…

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