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Chapter 16: RAINBOWS

God was right on time, an in that his presence was limited, and that was understandable. When you’re the Almighty, ye didn’t needeth to make a spectacle out of thy power; ye exercised it at the right moments, and only after mortals used their free will to ask for it, with no ill intentions.

A Chief that sits back and observes his tribe from his throne, so powerful goes his staff…when they mess up words from the authorities’ lips never manifest, only a scolding look they comprehend, feeble-minded they remain, accepting things as they art, ye art on thy own, that’s the mind and soul of a corporation.

Ђe Devil was banned from Heaven, and out of anger, and limited power, but prestigious power overall, he does the finest job he can do, convince the world that he doesn’t exist, to justify axing “God” from public schools and the pledge of allegiance, separation of church and state…

§o I think I know who everyone pledges allegiance to, and what god they trust, as printed on the back of paper currency.

Angry the Devil was. He sought revenge, vengeance. He was forbidden from ever entering Heaven again. Through a blinding rage he began laying the blueprint and shaping kingdoms and granting prestigious power to overachievers and free thinkers.

An entire new tax bracket was developed for scientists that were both notable and infamous; a few of the same scientists that created earth’s greatest formulas were also paid to replicate that success through the eye of its opposite, polarization, the side effects of it all spreading like wild fire throughout the world today, with Project Computers taking over in Y2K, the real end of the world, as we knew it.

Ђe end of 100% human thought; let’s test the human mind after interaction with machines and computers via the Internet, the whole nine. Release it all to them. Lab rats they art, scape goats they become, of all kinds and all races. Let’s keep them in debt. Release Trojan Horses (viruses) on their computers they used their hard-earned money to purchase—identity theft, the whole nine.

Σveryone involved must cash in on their eagerness to buy things that kept them distracted, so we can continue to work together and plan public ruin, when the time is right, to govern and run the world, One World, One Government, no bibles, ban those, too.

Introduce machines into the workplace, integrate them into regular society, I should say, to make it all plausible, and justifiable, and make humans become dependent on them. Bicentennial state of mind they exhibit, spend the next ten years using them, the year 2000 through 2011, and observe closely, put everything online, allow them to shop from home and make their own videos too, even let them publish their own books via computers, the digital pulse of mankind.

Paying bills on computers becomes the norm and the great ole American way. If ye don’t run a virus scan on thy computer hackers get away with thy information, mixing ye up in activity of all kind, the negative side, and the opposite side of the Internet, the dark side...

Presently, mortals fill out job applications on them, and make movies with them, and music, number one hits, and those lesser unknown songs with 4 views on with them, and now that computer integration into regular society hath been a success, hospitals even dependent on them, and the postal service, and NA§A, and all those levels of intelligence there within, taking computers public was an investors’ greatest achievement, with banks profiting handsomely; beforehand they were only restricted to the wealthy, the rich and the filthy rich, and corporations.

Cell phones, too. Take those public as well, with carriers already set up, telemarketers on standby, build the business by any means necessary, and build the brand, follow policy…P.O.§., Point of §ale, dress mortals in company uniforms, half ass train them, and cash in on the results. As corporations get richer, mortals art getting poorer, no matter thy status, having to pull double on the clock just to make ends meet, and for some even that isn’t enough...

Mortals rob and kill for it, the root of all evil, the power of money…Jesus died for this? For the world to evolve around everything he set forth, everything he was, and is, and will return to be, and we live like this? If I believed in him, I must remind ye…

When Christ took his last breath, a tear (or rain) drop fell from the Heavens, and shook the earth like Godzilla shaking a floor mat in the process, showing the world a sign that they killed the §on of God. But very few remained stubborn in their belief, that they were gods, and Christ wasn’t the son of God, and because of the Devil’s rage his demons took over empires worldwide, endless power entering the hearts of man, and corrupting them, turning a blind eye to human suffering, and sought after power and money, wealth, prosperity…Ђe slaves was earth’s greatest Woe, and the darkened Ones’ greatest burden, many still suffer today from the ashes of slavery.

I remember how they felt, the slaves, on cargo ships, while moneyed whites danced the night away, under the moon light…

Help us! Ђey cried out, in a sing song voice, a chorus of pain and misery…

Why art we going through this?

Where art our families?

What will become of them?

Will we ever see them again?

The smell on the lower deck of the ship was horrible and unsanitary. The strong, blood-curdling stench of urine and feces pushed their questions to the core of their ignorant minds, where they faltered and died.

Captured, beaten and famished slaves crapped and urinated all over themselves, and amongst each other; the distant and echoed filled sounds of random slaves passing gas unnerved most; they were shackled in place and couldn’t move no more than two inches.

Rats gnawed at hundreds of ankles while in transport. The smell of a few dead bodies wreaked havoc on hundreds of pairs of nostrils and caused many to die from traumatic shock alone.

A young slave taken from his village choked in his own vomit; the smell of puke added to the tableaux of horror…

As rats eat away at failed limbs, the tossing of deteriorated bodies, overboard, by moneyed men chewing tobacco, left to the sharks at sea a full course meal.

Thousands of blood thirsty sharks had a field day from the generous, but sadistic offering of uncolored men, bound by an aquarium of investments and monopoly.

Dominance was the name of the game, join or die the only conclusive point…

But not of flesh I might add. Those with money were their own human race, from the looks of it, and from the way it seemed…but of the curse against my chocolate skin, because we were God’s chosen people, I never understood.

Anglo §axon descent, rich blood of the earth, spent hundreds of years molding slaves into property, yet slaves were freed in the end, and out of their control…

Many couldn’t even care for themselves when the slaves were freed, and many still kept a few slaves and beat them, defying the government, defying the Law…

And I killed them all, eventually…

§o the white man, even a few of those in law and government, spent hundreds of years helping the chocolate skinned people destroy themselves, and sell themselves to record deals, I meant to slavery, and use the root of all evil to reinforce stereotypes blasting from thy stereos, iPods and car radios, and flashing from thy plasmas.

Ђe seeds for the fall of man were planted when deceived by woman over a piece of fruit that wasn’t in season to devour.

Yet the submissive one, woman, Σve if ye will, Ђe Mother of the Living, the Widow of the Deceased, plagued with demons, enticed man to eat.

I wonder, truly, what kind of passion fruit that was; what type of charm did the woman possess that caused a man, Adam if ye will, the Father of the Living, and the Widow of the Deceased, to deceive God’s commandment.

And lean towards the fruit of her hips; the delicate, symmetrical opening amongst her curly bush, and the way it curved to his flaming scimitar.

I have to wonder, truly, was Σve also possessed with demons when she charmed Adam, her husband, a man that didn’t know he was naked before his own wife?

Σven though they weren’t born into sin, and never said I Do in Holy Matrimony, and never, ever took vows, not one word of it, saw each other together and assumed martial duties, without knowledge of what they were, or of their marriage.

Why do ye think the forbidden fruit was banned from human consumption by the Almighty God, but the Devil had other plans? Ђe Fall of Man was the greatest disappointment earth hath suffered, and the Devil’s greatest achievement. Σvil rulers have come and gone, with money and promises of positions of power handed down to their descendants, given authority over dynasties, and brainwashed and kept in a feeble-minded state.

Caucasians steal the coloreds’ inventions through their ignorance, not knowing even how to read, so how did they truly sign their inventions over to Caucasians? Doesn’t ignorance makes the case null and void, and should be reversed, or overturned and thrown out, giving the darkened ones their inventions back? Life was simple mathematics, really, aren’t ye slapped with social security numbers when you’re born? §imple mathematics, basic arithmetic: life and death art in direct competition with each other for supremacy, and the only thing it does not own was our Free Will and having the Free Will to decide, or make a choice.

§o death deceives and detaches itself from that deceit for thy choice and dresses itself in everything ye fancy. Sometimes the very things that scare ye ail ye. To influence thy decisions the world has grown into.

Business men do that all the time. Sharks ate small businesses and slapped higher taxes on them while the filthy rich, corporations, brands, no longer human, but supernatural, in a sense, continue to deceive the world through company logos, policies, secret meetings, company take overs and untelevised pirating.

Ye think pirates rob tankers on the sea, but I bet you never thought of billion dollar corporations they took over as well. Such as I.

Once I came into my power and authority—holding the head of the second biggest telemarketing and cellular and security company in the world; it was founded by an ex-C.I.A. member from the 30s and passed down through three generations of me; wealthy business tycoons and cut throat devils with black souls and no emotion—I was unstoppable!

Ђe owner, George Franks, was of a different breed of men; he’s a heavily decorated general, a shot caller, one in a position of authority to get things done in a timely manner, a man that used to work side by side with the President of the United §tates, given and granted immunity for stealing foreign secrets, and implementing them in government to oversee and shape an unmolded America, at the time. To watch America come together through secret investments, the boom of the slave trade (worldwide), and the creation of diseases, their cures manufactured as well, millions upon millions were invested in pharmaceutical companies, long before the rise of HIV, and other §TD’s, cash cows aren’t invented, they art designed, from blueprint and scientific research, to banks and insurance companies dabbing between the spades of a damaged hand in poker, tossing cards, trapped in a game of chess and spades, a few minds on checkers and backgammon.

Many have lost their lives for the love of money, or the love of the root of all evil, if ye will.

Corporations have one motto, “take mankind’s last dollar, no matter what, and keep them in debt, even roll over debt, in time of death thy living family gets slapped with the bill!” mentality, I was here to make a choice on whom to serve.

Ђere art thousands of idols and gods, but only one opposing side in the game of life, good versus evil, Ђe King of Kings, Lord of Lords versus the king of darkness, and how many souls one or the other claimed, through prayers, repentance and atheists cloaked in Pastor robes playing their role, tipping the balance between good and evil with thoughts of collection plates and purses, and the cash and debit cards and check books there within.

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