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Chapter 18: MY OTHER LIFE

It was on Independence Day, 1977, I decided to use reincarnation, since the Universe only allowed me to do that once, and once I did, the opportunity was gone forever, so I had to do it wisely, and I had.

Using hypnotism I married a nun and had her pulled from a cathedral she was living in a remote part of Asia.

We made love, giving her the pleasure of sex, something she hath never before experienced, and impregnated her, allowing my soul to reincarnate into the very seeds I implanted in her, and as the body of the slave lost its luster and turned to maggots and ash on her body, screaming, she crossed her hands over her chest, marking an invisible cross, and she gave birth to a healthy 8 pound, 6 ounce boy in an Africa forest.

§he got to kiss him and hold him close, the beautiful human child with rainbow-colored eyes infused into balls of light. And once she held the baby close to her ailing womb, holding me close, as a newborn, I should say, the darkness of the sky swallowed looming clouds, and the stars, what seemed a million of them, spiraled into each other.

To my dismay, huge hands extended from them, taking me from her, and pushing her, terrified and screaming, into the earth, and I slowly transitioned a few months later from a coma, a newborn, 5 months old, and was adopted by a wealthy family in Florida.

Ђat was until they lost it all, and we wound up in poverty. And that’s where my Immortal journey begins!

At one point in my life, when I was reincarnated into a newborn, and grown into a fine 7 year old, when I had wealthy parents, maids at my disposal and the best money could buy, before they hit rock bottom when I was 8 and lost it all, and had to move from the mansion in Beverly Hills to a Chicago projects, I was a firm believer in God.

And therein the problem lies.

I only believed in him when we were rich, but once we became poor I lost all faith.

Have ye really paid attention to the world around ye? How it seems we art at spiritual warfare?

Music and videos have become darkened affairs used to program a misconstrued society, and entertainment itself seems to be conditioning me into a certain thought process that I have unknowingly applied to my daily life and those I love most in the world, when I was a mortal.

Σveryone was choosing a side.

I eventually had to choose one as well, and it came during my 13th birthday.

Ђem: the government and their sick needeth to control the human race, no matter the continent, no matter the country or the state.


Us: the ignorant, the fools, the ones with something they want to possess, but never can, but can certainly influence ye to use it to their advantage, and for their benefit: Free Will.

Free Will is the most sought after initiative government wishes to possess, or hold the titles to at least.

Us: Ђe People seriously needed to open our eyes, well, “our” wasn’t the accurate word to use, since I’m not a mortal anymore, because of what I was now, and what I would never be again changed the word “our” forever when it came to humans, and affiliating myself with them because the only interaction I have with mortals was when I was killing them to quench my thirst for blood.

I think back to those naïve days, when I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on around me, when I was a confused male distracted by the wars in the ghettos, never studying a rainbow or caring to see one, turning my back on a promise God used a rainbow to symbolize, that he wasn’t going to destroy the world by another flood, that man will destroy themselves in their quest to bring every mortal to their knees, and show the world, and the civil wars in courts all over the country, with child support being not only a booming business, but a very profitable business for the courts, not that it pertained to me because both my mother and father were dead, and have been deceased since my 13th birthday, the day I died two different ways, with heart and soul, and never recovered.

My reincarnated self…died when I was 13 years old. Before my 13th birthday I forgot whom I used to be in a past life, and had no knowledge of the 80 year old slave I used to be a part of, but not him 100 percent collectively, he was just a birthday suit I wore, inhabited, when I hypnotized a virgin nun, and married her.

And I loved her, and remembered how tight she felt on my penis, the glorious warmth, the wetness of innocence…

I didn’t remember any of the events leading up to inhabiting the slave, I didn’t remember the Civil war, and the bullets I caught from the blow of the wind, while Abraham Lincoln killed for a Union he obviously couldn’t save, so he tried to free the slaves instead…

Ђe Σmancipation Proclamation, the biggest lie told to the slaves, an unsigned document that misconstrued the truth, misleading.

Ђe bodies I tasted, for every heart I ate, I left a bullet shell, on a fallen warriors’ forehead, and it was all locked in my subconscious, and I grew up having a normal life and a good childhood, filled with maids cooking at my disposal, plagued with nightmares of a civil war, and of a president I hardly knew anything about, but certainly didn’t abolish slavery, only modified it, and never knowing I was once an Immortal, and as a human being born through the act of sin, sex, despite being married to the nun, up until she died, her only purpose was to carry my reincarnated self to term, and that is all.

If it was not for the power of hypnotism, I would have been born a bastard.

And if I was born a bastard, not only would I have never known I was once an Immortal creature, but the way to the knowledge locked inside of me would have been lost forever.

And I would have never known I once jumped 15,000 feet above the president and his troops and foes, and rising gun smoke, and the boom of powerful rifles, and ripped a bald American eagle’s head off, and poured its DNA into my genetic make-up.

And even with mankind, and their ability to get along, and to hurt and kill each other, at the time, when I was 12 years old, poverty-stricken (when my rich, adoptive parents lost it all, and moved to Chicago) rich Anglo folk, on TV, danced, acted and sang for my last dollar, and I barely had that.

At 12 years old, leading to my life-changing 13th birthday, in Chicago, I knew we were “broken down” into three categories in the Pyramid of Life:

Ђe Rich.

Ђe Middle Class.

Ђe Poor and Dirt Poor.

Ђe Pyramid of Life, there ye go, mortal.

Medicare sucks and Republicans, Rethuglicans (Dixiecrats), art scheming, doing deceitful things in their quest for total world domination.

And being a member of the military, having joined when I was 18 years old, and enjoyed an amazing career, I knew this as fact, which was why my rich friends have turned on me, granted me immunity against the rules other soldiers had to follow.

I was axed from the Circle of the Chain of Command because I broke down and told my wife, the woman I married after I graduated high school, of my extracurricular activities, and I answered every question she asked, and told her every law I broke for the Chain of Command, things that can land us in the electric chair.

§he was grief-stricken, but stayed by my side. My graduation day still haunts me, because my parents were dead and couldn’t share in my achievement, getting a diploma, the truth about why I’m sometimes gone for weeks at a time opened my wife’s eyes.

I was a murderer…

It was because of my other life, the life of an assassin, killing off generals and lieutenants and men in positions of power that was beneficial to the policies of the Chain of Command, men they had secret orgies with, and lustful beasts they were obedient to.

I never lived a double life with a man, I never cheated on her (in the physical sense, but in my heart, ceaselessly with men) but I had another job, and that job was more important than my military career, both fortunately, and unfortunately.

It was about the Chain of Command, my rich friends. And I defiled them by talking about their secrets with my wife.

Now they cut me off.

How was I supposed to know my home was bugged?

§uddenly, the most popular one in ”Ђe Bunch” hath become a disgrace, and takes his place at the bottom of the totem pole.

I just pray they don’t toucheth my insignia and ribbons.

I earned every one of them, including Ђe Purple Heart (I was wounded in the Gulf War saving 100 kids from blowing up on a bus), and I’ll be damned if I sit by and let them take my hard work, all because I confided in my wife.

I’ve been playing with religious fire for years, toying with God and §atan like it was the thing to do because of things inside me lying dormant, which refused to let me remember the slave I inhabited, and the previous life I lead, and the forgotten vampire I used to be.

A dangerous sport I engaged in, calling on God during times of trouble and calling on §atan once I became successful, thanking myself for my achievements, telling myself I was successful because of my own labor, my own sweat of my brows...

For as long as I could remember, I was a sinner.

And not just a sinner.

An evil sinner.

I was to myself a lot, and didn’t have many friends...but once I got in the ninth grade that would soon change...

I grew up lonely, despite having two loving parents. Ђey may not have been my folks biologically, but I loved them no less.

I hated a crowd because my beautiful, adoptive mother loved a crowd.

I loved privacy because my humble adoptive father hated privacy.

Bob, my dad, was a garbage collector after he lost his wealth (drug bust by the Feds and the ATF’s), and moved to Chi-Town.

Σveryone loves Mr. Popular, and so did I.

He was a hands-on man that helped me daily with my school work, and was a stern disciplinarian.

And my mother, Ginger, 45 years old, was the most beautiful woman in the world, in my opinion.

And spent more time in church than at home, with her family, or with me, her only son, her only child, and her adoptive child.

I put nothing above my mother.

Not even God. I worshiped Mama.

§he was my pride and joy.

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