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Chapter 20: FATHER

I never forgot for one instant who his father was.

Σverybody knew who Brian was.

Felix said, “I get it. Ye want to be my bitch, don’t ye? Ye were indirectly retreating, weren’t ye, §lim Bradley? Allow me to properly introduce myself.”

“Get thy dirty ass off me! When I get out of this I’ma pop yo’ dumb ass, tryin’ me!”

I pushed him off me, taken aback by the acid of his tongue, taken aback by his selection of words, and taken aback that someone his age spake with such vigor, albeit filled with vulgarities and obscenities; yet the poignancy of his awareness influenced me, and opened up something deep inside me, something I didn’t know was there…

He was aware of things beyond his years, things that trickled down to the negative seeds planted in my head, things that began to sprout…

Must one resort to such language to be seen and heard? In comparison to me, he spake like a drunken sailor.

Nonetheless, I pointed at him, on the defensive. “I am going to walk out of this gym. And we art going to pretend this didn’t happen.”

Anger flashed in my eyes, matching the resistance in his very own.

But my body responded in a way I didn’t understand, our minds two repelling magnets, our bodies, as of One magnet, being drawn to each other...

As much as I tried to stand there and hate him, even pretending to hate him, I wanted him to bend me over the bench and plunge deep inside me like I was one of his female counterparts, certainly anything they can do I can do better. I wanted him so far and so deep inside me that I wanted to skeet, skeet, skeet all over his navel, and then have his luscious tongue embedded in my anus, or as they call it these days, “Toss my salad.”

Unfortunately, I rose to the occasion, hard under my sweats, and I didn’t wear drawers, so that was easy access, granted if I so chose...

My T-shirt was wet from gym class, I shared with him, and I worried about the other students coming inside and catching us fighting.

He rubbed himself, convinced he wanted me, only I wasn’t sold on the idea of giving a bully my body, let alone my hard earned money. “Come here, bitch!”

I didn’t like being called a “bitch,” considering I never called another woman this, because I was raised to have respect from others, and to demand respect from others. Hell did I look like one? A bitch?

I didn’t remember looking like imitation crab meat, I was the real deal, and in the flesh.

Devastated by his insults, I felt I had to do something, I mean he was tap dancing all over my manhood, as if I wasn’t a man at all, and in that I began to swell with anger, things I couldn’t control beckoned for every part of his body, and the murderous things I wanted to do to it, and after pumping myself up, my heart instigator to the soul, I rushed him, slamming my body into his, knocking him on the concrete floor.

I had to show him that I was a man like he was, and that I never backed down from a fight, or a challenge.

Retaliating, and grunting, scowling, he reached over and snatched me from my feet, and, stunned by his attack, I fell on top of him, my anger and rage revealing their true identities, lust and passion, and the needeth to execute, and we began to kiss; I didn’t know who made the first move, but I was glad movement was enabled, getting us to the point of no return, a place I found solace, and a safe haven of sorts.

His lips were eager and aggressive, yet sweet and kind, patient and understanding, protectors and security personnel to my person, my spokesperson, my lover, possibly, quite possibly so…

Nonetheless, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Victory sparkled in his eyes. “I knew ye wanted Daddy! Can I have ye?” he asked, wanting to possess me, the way his eyes started to flicker, then sparkle, then roll into each other, made me fall even deeper for him. The bully that had a heart of gold, and was a softy inside, a contradiction of hypocrisy, if ye asked me.

Why was Felix a bully if that wasn’t in his heart? Ђe needeth to feel special clouds one’s judgment at times and to tear someone else down to build yourself up hath never been my cup of tea.

And in that I found myself wanting to know the answer.

Felix, sweet Felix was someone I knew I couldn’t have, and he was someone that Time and History limited, an LTO if this was a restaurant menu, Limited Time Only.

Once it was gone it was gone, so I was going to enjoy it for as long as the moment allows me to.

I didn’t like the way he spake at times, and all the cursing I could do without, but I wanted him, and was about to open myself to him, whole-heartedly. “Hell yea.”

“Ye ever had sex before?” He asked, digging in my sweats and fumbled his fingers like footballs all over my chocolate opening, wet and moist, thumping against his index finger, as if I was a female, a woman, or a bitch, as he called it.

I tingled all over in ways I’ve never known, sensation rocking me senseless. Was it plausible, and possible for one person to make a human being feel like the most beautiful person in the world?

My nipples were hard against the wet shirt. He looked deep into my eyes, licking his lips. We stole a few more kisses, then his tongue, slick and tender, loving and curious, probed around the inner confines of my mouth, and I felt totally relaxed.

“Can I get deep inside ye?” Felix asked with a longing I’ve never known, or known before this moment, hadn’t even known that kind and type of longing existed in the world. All I knew was that I didn’t want the moment to end, and I wanted to be with him forever, but even I knew that was impossible, because I was still young (in the essence of it all, despite my past life, and what I used to be, the hideous murderer, unemotional and uncaring).

If I wound up the way I used to be, then what was the point of reincarnation?

Ђis was my chance to be mortal (in a sense), and give myself the life I never had, on my terms.

“Yes...” It was a whisper, barely audible. I didn’t cringe, and I wasn’t afraid of Felix. “Do it to me, Felix. I’ve never have been loved before, I’ve never been penetrated, so do it to me good. Make me experience orgasm without touching myself, make my toes curl…”

“Put thy face down and thy buttocks up!”

I dropped my bag, and got on my knees. Before his hard on.

I was bold! My parents controlled my every move; let’s see them try to control this. I put him inside my mouth, and my salivary glands were in overdrive. He stared down at me with his mouth agape, grabbing my head and long stroking my hot mouth, fast as hell.

“Damn! §uck me dry, high school football star. Let me get deep in thy mouth. Selling drugs in my school, boy…I run this! Σverything ye put in the...universe always comes back to the source. Don’t ye understand that?”

He started stroking my mouth faster, spreading his legs. I played with his family jewels, loving the way they looked on my fingers, and against them, and cupped in my hands…

Reaching up and sticking my fingers in his mouth, he sucked on each one, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. I looked down and saw his toes in a ruckus in his white Nikes.

He pounded my face for an eternity, and then he pumped one final time and bumped me backwards with his endowment.

“Put thy face down on the floor. I wanna be inside ye! Right now!”

He got on his knees; he demanded that he take off my sweat pants with his teeth. Ye want me, shit...I want ye. §pread me wide open and do what it do, do what ye do, do ye, homie.

§lap my buttocks till my cheeks jump for joy. Ђat tongue feels good! Bury it deeper than thy penis could ever go. §how me who’s boss, show me how it’s done! I’m infatuated with ye, and ye art in both love and lust with me!

Toss my salad, baby, taste me…

Taste the sweat off my body…

Felix was mesmerized. “Damn! Ye have a magnificent body. I’m total ecstasy, as well as ye art. Damn, boy. I am going to make ye mine!”

He mounted me and slid himself deep inside my awaiting flesh.

I gasped from the pain, my body locking up from the security breach.

Fortunately, Felix put it down, after about five minutes the pain was replaced with the greatest pleasure I’ve ever known.

I threw my pulsating, flaming opening back on his incredible girth, and the length of it, and the shaft, bouncing my buttocks, and the shape of it, an incredible bubble, off his hips.

Pop. Pop. Pop.

Wild I was.

Off the chain my flesh, my thoughts, and my addiction became.

Felix was my addiction...

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