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I felt my body jerk and the men, screaming in fear, jumped backward, startled. Ђey thought I was coming to, and maybe I was, even though I was still sleeping, but very much aware of what was going on around me. My eyes still sporadically moved, scaring me because this hath never happened before, dreaming about rainbows while I was being robbed, molested and fondled by foreign men with hairy backs, chests and legs, being this deep inside myself via sleep and the depths there in, another entity all its own, respectively.

Manic, Fat Man forced himself on me, as if he’s never been touched, not even for the first time like a virgin, pulling my lace panties to the side and ramming his pathetic organ deep inside, and I didn’t move.

“Hurry up! Fuck the bitch and get a nut and let me have my turn!”

Ђe instant he spake it into existence, Fat man locked up and pulled out, and came on my pubic hairs, pulling my legs back even with my ears, exposing my passion.

His friend grinned.

“§he is a one hot number, isn’t she?” He got on his knees, and pulled out his erection. “I’m sorry lil mama, but ye know how it is.”

Once he was done defiling me, my body began to rise a bit, a few inches from the ground, and the men were in shock.

“Ђe bitch levitates!”

“No, no, no man this can’t be happening! Maybe we had too much to drink?”

“§oda pop dumb ass?”

I opened my eyes and flew at Fat Man, and he turned, pushing his friend towards me, and tripping over clumsy footing, trying to escape what was to come, and what was to happen.

I flew through his friends body as if I was a sharp blade, his upper body exploded, his head rolling behind a dumpster, and I grabbed Fat Man by his long, matted hair, turned him to me and kissed his lips.

“Bone Appetite!”

Once I was done draining him of blood, and crushing his skull in 19 artful places, the authorizes found him clad in everything I bought, and the jewelry with it, on his wrists and fingers, and around his neck hangs the chains I bought, his penis, dismembered and left on his mother’s front porch in Brussels.

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