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Kleőpĥǻ had pain on her face, and it shewed in the way she stood, and in her demeanor. §he looked deeply into the eyes of Resha, and ran past her towards the door. §he was feeling things she never felt before and she didn’t quite know how to deal with it all, especially for a girl that has known nothing but pain all of her life, starting with her mother’s death when she was born.

“And don’t come back!”

Ķleőpĥǻ stopped at the door, and held the wall, of sun-dried, hardened clay, beside her. §he lowered her head to the floor, her hair hanging just as low, nearly brushing the floor itself, immaculately swept, everything in order, nothing out of place.

“Ye know what? I already lost my mother, and my father. Italians art raising me, and teaching me their customs. Things they were banned from ever teaching they often times show me, swearing me to secrecy; but they instilled in me. I know I am not of Italian descent, but they make me feel special and welcome.”

Ķleőpĥǻ faced Resha and Chanteuse.

Chanteuse pouted like a spoiled child; her arms were across her bosom. Her long, thick hair hung to her amazing plump buttocks. Huge breasts rose like mountains, and rooted themselves in her chest, the color of melted silk and lavender gliding down her voluptuous body, hidden by an amazing dress of lace, elegant yet of peasant proportions, trash beautified to confuse those men with wedding bands on their fingers.

“Mama Resha. Ye were stripped of thy power, and thy death was plotted, and was a hoax. We art all sinners! We art all angels and demons locked deep within our souls. The ability to do what’s right, and the opposite way of doing what’s right is a conflict of interest ye found yourself in.

“Mama Resha…when ye killed thy father in his sleep, slit his throat because he found out ye were pregnant with his father’s baby, thy powerful grandfather, a man that ruled for only two short years before thy father killed him, and succeeded him, you thought you got away with it.”

“§hut up little girl!” Mama Resha spat icily. “Ye don’t know a thing about it!”

§he turned on Chanteuse, and sharply slapped her.

Mama Resha scowled. “Ye told her our family secrets! Ye told her why I now wear elongated spikes along my neck, spikes with mild poison embedded in my skin, causing me to walk like my neck will break at any instant, nearly pigeon toed.

“Caucasians raided our kingdom with artillery and gun power, things we didn’t have, mere sparrows and bow and arrows, and muscular men clad in the richest of fabrics, and shoes of gold, golden headrests, the eye of Horus to guide us.

“We were an evil people, without an ounce of good, and the goodness of Aten ultimately destroyed us by working through the cold hearts of troops thirsty for inheritance by force, but I bounced back superbly.

“But before we were destroyed, we built our wealth by enslaving our own people, all two million of them. Their only job and purpose in this life, when they were alive, was to construct and build, with their bare hands, the Σdifices of Pharaohs.

“Our slaves, the disrespect I had for human life, when I didn’t care about peasants or slaves, only my own life and those of my family, were captured and hauled into groups of five hundred, and died like those of the holocaust, but set on fire as well.

“Our kingdom was destroyed by cannons when we were erased. White men, the ones of high rank in the earliest form of dictation and politics, funded the attack, paid for with gold beyond our wildest dreams, but never richer than what mother Africa donated from the womb of her soil, and still rose to rule over Σgypt with me in power; but my sin, birthing Chanteuse, my father’s father’s child, an abomination..

“All the men that destroyed my bloodline’s kingdom I had eradicated in a horrendous way. I paid homage to the king of darkness, the one I sold my soul to for power, and for the fame of it all, shedding the blood of tyrannous men, the ones from over the waters and from over the hills over the waters over the hills, like the king asked of me. He granted me an even stronger empire for my allegiance…

“After five short years, after we became as powerful as any nations thereof, the king took it all away, had me and my bastard child taken into custody, beaten, and sent us to the very village ye stand. Ye see money feels good, wealth feels even better when ye have it in abundance. When ye have it all ye art possessed by the root of all evil, the pulse of wealth itself. In my case when my father’s kingdom was destroyed by those trying to conquer, and briefly won, I sold my soul then when the king approached me, as the brick structure was collapsing on me, while I was giving birth to Chanteuse…

“A brick broke open my right leg, and I can still feel the pain today,” Resha continued, leaning forward, bending at the hip, and rubbing her knee cap, the pain of yesterday swashed her gorgeous, but badly beaten face. And Ķleőpĥǻ felt her pain. §he shed tears of loss. Chanteuse rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth, and then closing her eyes, her hands reaching out for her mother’s.

“Ye don’t have to tell her more, it hurts ye too much. I don’t hate ye, ye did what ye thought was right. Ђy father’s father wanted his bloodline to continue. It was going to die with thy father. He refused to have more children after he had ye, Mama Resha. Ђy father’s father wanted a boy in the family, and not a girl, not Resha. He never accepted ye, yet propositioned ye one night, when he drugged thy father, and drugged ye, and made love to ye in a drunken state, ye both, and created me, Chanteuse.

“And when I was born, and I was of a girl, with a vagina, a slit in my body and not that of a pole’s gesture, aligned with the family jewel pouch directly under it, to create more nations and possible kings over Σgypt, thy father’s father ordered the kingdom destroyed, and thy father slit his throat in his sleep, after he was deflowered, willingly, by a few of the male guards, the highest of rank within his organization, those granted special favors and immunity against flashes of evil bestowed on the slaves, that slept in concentration camps with poisonous gases ailing them when the sun rise, and give them heart burn while carrying monstrous sized bricks, building false prophets of stone, and of thirty three feet in height, to the king of darkness. Ђe entire dynasty was built on thy father’s father’s father selling his soul the instant he discovered he was born into wealth and power.

“Ђy father took over in power, and he ruled with a cold heart. He randomly picked slaves to make love to, urinating on them instead of wasting his seed during intercourse. But thy father’s father had already ordered the destruction of what his father built, because he knew in his heart thy father did not deserve wealth and power.

“When thy father’s father took his last breath, and long thereafter, after the funeral nine months later, torturing even his corpse for his act of betrayal for the duration of thy pregnancy, to the point it started to deteriorate, and vultures circled above the kingdom, the kingdom was attacked by evil forces.

“Ђy grandfather, mother, made another deal with the devil when his throat was slit, and he agreed to the terms therein in exchange for life, reincarnate, exchanging his soul for the other soul, so he can inhabit his son’s body, while he ruled over Σgypt after his father’s death.

“Ђy father didn’t actually rule Σgypt when thy father’s father died, thy father’s father lived in thy father’s warrior-trained body, and thy father’s soul inhabited thy grandfather’s body, and was truly the one, in deed, that died from gurgling blood from a slit neck, and with a slit neck.

“While thy father slowly died in his father’s body, holding his neck, coated with blood, the gushing of Life through the piercing of the neck was truly a magnum opus, that scene memorable, don’t ye agree, Mama Resha?

“While he held his neck dying, thy father pondered thoughts of loss; he was devastated because he felt like he couldn’t protect ye, his daughter, from his perverted father, and also grieving the death of father and son, and hurt over the savage way it was done, without mercy, without emotion or feeling, forever.

“Ђey were too damaged for it even to be repaired in the next life, if they end up in the same place.

“How could thy father’s father do such an unforgivable sin? How did he sleep at night, thy father thought as he was dying, life slipping through his eyes faster than earth can rotate on its axis.

“How could ye impregnate thy own granddaughter, to keep power within the family? §urely there was another way outside of conditioning his daughter to do that.

“§uffer the wrath! thy father thought. Mama Resha… remember going into labor the instant our kingdom was attacked, ye father’s lynch men raised thy father’s father’s body high for thousands to see, and hundreds of thousands of slaves outside of the thousands of elite officials, witnessed the burning of thy father’s father’s body. The end of the old order and the start of the new order, with the son ruling over the land, but the son’s father was in the body of the son, and the son’s soul was in his father’s burning body. The smell of flesh colored the air, and the breeze special delivered it to the threshold of their nostrils, both hairy and most certainly not, with thy father’s soul in it, the air, of course, sigh, and all the pain was his own, and was associated with it, excruciating pain that killed him from traumatic shock alone.

“His body was burned with sulfur over the ocean, before the fifty six, thirty and 3 feet in height concrete structures of gods with animal heads, thy father suffered a tragic death, and I had a tragic birth, a breach birth with the cord around my neck. Life was trying to gut me the instant ye tried to bring me into another realm, called earth.

“And Mama Resha, ye wanted revenge for it all, vengeance for thy father’s father’s order to destroy the only home she’s ever known, because something inside of ye wouldn’t accept that thy father’s father was really dead, so ye sold thy soul to find out, a twisted tale, a confusing one as well the way ye came out on top, only to lose it all shortly thereafter.”

Mama Resha held out her hands…

And called to Ķleőpĥǻ.

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