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Chapter 27: MOONS

Alicia Chay

Many moons ago this romantic love affair took place, the first mortal man I actually slept with, and I had to look past the body odor, all humans smelled badly to me, maybe it’s because my sense of smell was too strong, I smelled with the power of 5,000 people in the same room sniffing and inhaling potpourri. I should say many decades ago, adding up the sum of centuries, I had to sometimes sit and talk with a mortal that knew in his heart he couldn’t have me, even though I wore his ring. I told him a collection of men were needed to proposition exactly what it was that led to my heart, and sealed doors were around my heart, and I seldom let anything or anyone in it.

I remember how he died, and the method, well, methods I used. Before I killed him I made sure enough time went by, after I married him, so the authorities would never suspect his loving wife of anything. At every outing, and every event, I gushed over him every chance I could get.

There were people jealous and envious of our love, and rich Greek men trying to find their “American Cinderella,” but to no avail, and they failed miserably, and I laughed in the shadows at how many followers there were in the world.

Where art the folk that pave their own way, be their own Leader? Or was that asking a lot of mortals? Leaders were servants, bottom line.

I ponder, and then I wonder…and I was worth more than him, only he figured I was worth peanuts, so he felt like he was sweeping me off my feet, a forever kind of Cinderella he promised I would become, and would be, and had become before I broke him in two places, and planted his body in two parts of Greece, and set up his siblings and his parents, framing them for the murder, and they were punished at the highest extent of the law.

How flabbergasted they were to see video of them all killing my husband.

For the life in them they couldn’t understand why they hadn’t remembered. I jumped in and out of their bodies with the speed of light after making love to him, my DNA soaking into his sheets and vaporizing itself into mist once air hit it, and used their brains to control the limbs, the power behind their arms, of all kinds, and use their fingers and hands and the way they curl around the handle of knives, of all kinds, and it appeared to look like all of them cut his body in two, bagged him and disposed of him.

Ah, I’m such the master of trickery! And there was I, his wife!

On the stand, before the Judge, witnessing Greek government with a faint smile, by way of legalities, I gave an amazing performance.

I was crying and sobbing, showing videos of us on trips, loving each other, going to scheduled engagements, places ye had to pay $65,000 a plate for charities and we attended them all. Quite often.

Newspapers and magazines quoted us. I was protected by the skin of the mortal, so my vampiric body inside hers didn’t burst into flames. If only I could walk in the sunlight as myself, wouldn’t that truly be a treasure?

I look at ye now, dear reader, yes, ye and apologize for being an arrogant beast. I get rather sidetracked, my thoughts often times jumbled and all over the place. Oh dear, I’ve done it again! I do get sidetracked.

Ok (clears throat), here goes…

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