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Damn ye, §elf, for making my siblings what they were today in a self-made business I turned into a family business, at their suggestion and they ousted me and took it over.

Do ye know how it feels to walk through the very doors he designed and paid for with his hard earned money, as a regular employee, no longer being the CΣO, the Big Man everyone feared, and no longer having the image (but still, the history) of being the man that started it all and made it famous?

He hath lost the respect of all his employees, famous friends deleted his number, wealthy friends took his name off every restaurant and prestigious establishment’s VIP list, contributors sent back his humble donations, anything $20,000 and below was sent back; anything $21,000 and beyond greedy organizations kept the checks, and bashed his good name as a way of saying Ђank Ye for being so foolish.

Now he was one of them, equal to a damn janitor, and he answered to the Board of Directors, all his siblings that had malice towards him for cutting them while he built the company, and all the ass kissing they did to get on his Board of Directors hath paid off, because they have taken it all from him without apology, and without remorse.

Including his wife.

Ђree of his brothers shared her body without apology, as a group. The individual affairs she was already having with them no longer remained the best kept secret.

His brothers shared her in his bed, smelling of his scent while he was emptying his office.

Before he could turn off the lights he saw me, a 6 foot marble statue…

His eyes were wide with surprise…

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