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Ķleőpĥǻ was saddened. §he felt negative energy surging from Chanteuse. And in her own heart this created a road block, and then, ultimately, an obstacle.

Why was Chanteuse such a rebel, with a rebellious spirit to match?

§he was always creating resistance towards everything she did…

Oh, My! Ђat had to be it? Ђe reason why Chanteuse goes out of her way to put her in miserable situations, to her benefit and for her entertainment was because she hated her!

But what if she was wrong? What if she was off base?

Just as quickly as she thought it, she forgot about it, and dismissed it as nervousness, because she kissed her best-friend, and her best-friend kissed her back.

And she liked it, and Chanteuse liked it. More than they ever anticipated.

Now that the rain hath disintegrated to the coolest air they’ve ever felt in their entire lives, Chanteuse, seductively, lays about the ground, propped up by her arms, and her hands flat on the wet turf, the turf feeling like warm, watered clay against her skin.

Most of the dry dirt was now wet soil, mud actually, and blades of wet grass stuck to certain parts of their wet bodies, but they were oblivious to it all.

Chanteuse thought to herself, reaching out her arms for Ķleőpĥǻ. Ķleőpĥǻ, gushing, and quickly straightening her smile into a thin line across her beautiful face, looked to the Heavens, and then the stars for guidance, hoping something in the constellation will give her the blueprint documenting her next move with arithmetic and dimensions, but of course that was all fantasy.

I love her, Ķleőpĥǻ thought, tears forming in her eyes. But we can never be, and will never be. It’s forbidden for a girl to like a girl in that manner, a woman of the village must remain a virgin until marriage, and marriage was banned in Chad, Africa amongst the outcasts and rejects, such as everyone of the village.

Ђey have no civil rights, or if there ever was such a thing. Technology wasn’t a reality, wasn’t even a thought amongst the human race during that Σra, B.C., Before Christ.

“Art ye coming down here with me, Ķleőpĥǻ? I feel rather lonely when ye art 5 feet or more away from me. At times I shiver through the night when I slumber because I long for thy body to be besides mine, in total submission, and next to my very own.”

Kleopha wanted to run, situation has gotten too serious, too soon. §he was young, why was she trying to rush love, or abandon the wrong type of love, knowing that’s what she truly wanted.

Kleopha decided to be honest with her, and reject the idea of love between the two. “Chanteuse. Listen closely.”

Her eyes bounced around wildly, and Chanteuse caught wind of it. A woman that moved her eyes roundabout that wildly during an explanation spells lies all across her stained lips.

Kleopha continued, “We can’t…”

§he curtly interrupted. “Can’t what?”

§he’ll spell it out for her. “Be lovers. Art ye really considering death by stone’s throw? I don’t want to be stoned to death.”

“But no one hath to know, Ķleőpĥǻ. Don’t be a prude. Ye don’t think the women of the village of Opus don’t squirm at night, imagining a man within them, and deep inside them? Forget the laws of the land, the laws that doesn’t protect us, or save us. Let’s talk about the weakness of the flesh destroying the village from the inside out.”

“How can we forget the law when the law placed us here, secret alliances with different regions allowed this, even those of the village whom can’t read or write? And nearly every villager is ignorant.”

“But ye can read and write!” said Chanteuse with sarcasm. “And so can I. Ye learned through the villagers giving ye books because they could not read them, no matter how long they stared at the text within. I think the text itself read them! Ђey offered ye books that were banned from their consumption. Contraband! Ђe knowledge enlightened ye.

“And the way they obtained those books, stealing from the Masters, sneaking them from the property by hiding them under their clothes. Sacks weren’t allowed in the Master’s home, estate, plantation or bungalows. §o they stuffed books in their garments, and when employment was completed select villagers took the stolen books from their garments, and put them in their sacks for safe keeping.

“Once they returned to the village they hid those stolen books inside secret holes in the earth scattered about, strategically, so the authorities couldn’t find them. Ye were coached by the Σlders, Leaders of our village that pretend to be illiterate amongst their own villagers, and amongst the village itself, but were as sharp as knives.

“Do ye know how I felt when I let one of the Σlders make love to me, doing things with his mouth that should have his sinful tongue slashed from his big black lips, and to see ye enter the hut and receive an education behind every one of the village’s backs, shocking me in the process.”

“§o ye gained knowledge by giving up thy body? Do ye know of, or remember the chastity belt the government put on our genitals via the law, not the actual chastity belt itself, but an invisible one written into law, by the law, as crooked as the law was, and a law, undocumented, but verbally created with a handshake, that mandated the Σlders maintain order in the village, and monitor them so virgins remain virgins, and the married folk remain celibate to their spouses, but abstinent even while they slept next to each other under the moon.

Ķleőpĥǻ continued, a rush of passion choking her, but she kept her composure. “Do ye remember we were restricted to sex only within the realms of the village? And when you’re under the threshold of thy seventeenth year of life, ye art to remain a virgin until marriage. And with the exception of those married in Holy Matrimony, or whatever marriage rules govern their geographic areas, before they were banned from regular society, even if ye wait until thy eighteenth year under the sunrise and want to marry ye couldn’t, because it was banned. A stimulus was placed on the village, active indefinitely.

“Ђey must not procreate, if they do, or any single woman, or any woman, married legally before the ban, or not, the government will send in an army of soldiers, and they will use knives to cut from the woman her womb itself, and the fallopian tubes accompanying it, and from the male comes the stiffened rod, and their family jewels.

“Ķleőpĥǻ, I know all this…”

Ķleőpĥǻ rolled her eyes, ignoring her. Chanteuse’s words barely reached the cliff of her ears, so her eardrums weren’t in danger of Chanteuse’s cleverly hidden lies.

Ķleőpĥǻ said, “§o the Σlders made an agreement, and a pact with the government, that the Σlders of the Village will monitor and observe and rule the people of the village, the outcasts of the village, every villager was from some sort of rich, wealthy dynasty worldwide. Brothers of the rich, sons, father’s, sisters, nephews, and nieces and grandparents written out of the bloodline of their respective family dynasties, and forced to live in a concentration camp, nicknamed the Village of Opus, but wasn’t of the world, and cut from the world.

“Ђey will live the rest of their lives being monitored and programmed and controlled, the rebels of their respective family dynasties, those that refused to worship the king of darkness in exchange for wealth, immunity from the law, and of the law, will die inside the village, and that’s a greater death in itself knowing we art to never escape incarceration.

“I don’t want to be in love with ye, and loving ye, and doing all the things lovers do, when we art going to die in this place, a pebble to the size of the real world. Ђe only ones to leave art those working for the Masters.

“And they art hauled by the poorest of horses and carriages, chained to the railings, into town, or the marketplace, banned from the public, and was in a remote part of Chad, unknown to the public, the public hath no knowledge such a place exist, and they never will, feeble-minded humans the government thinks of society. Incarcerated inside the explicit bowels of the village.

“Written off forever.”

Chanteuse pretended to be asleep, and Ķleőpĥǻ was offended, but remained mum.

Just as she was about to turn away, Chanteuse burst out laughing, startling Ķleőpĥǻ, and, pointing at her, laughing hysterically, more than ever before.

Ķleőpĥǻ felt foolish. Had she wasted her breath? §aid all that she said in vain? Does she not care about anyone else’s feelings besides her own? Ђe old thought of Chanteuse taking joy in Ķleőpĥǻ’s failure, and during her painful moments, arose, again, in her thoughts.

Again, she dismissed it. Ђe sight of Chanteuse’s smile made her melt, even though she fought herself to get upset and angry. §he just couldn’t pull herself to do it.

And Chanteuse found it all fascinating!

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