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Chapter 37: THE FALLEN ONE

Once Ђe Aggressor contained himself, his heart pounding, their fathers appeared on the horizon, screaming their names.

“I’m not going back to them,” Ђe Aggressor said, “If ye don’t come with me ye won’t take another breath. I own ye!”

“Ye don’t own me! Ye have watched thy father abuse my father for so long the wrong seeds art planted.”

Ђe Aggressor’s eyes deadened, similar to the §ubmissive One’s eyes in his school photo.


“Baby,” said the §ubmissive One, the §ubmissive father, the father suffering hands of abuse, of all kinds, from his jealous, controlling boyfriend.

Both the men saw the boy, seventy feet before them, just after the towering trees with gargantuan branches extending in all directions, the leaves danced from the breeze sweeping their bodies, both exhausted and spent, both men with red eyes, having cried when they awakened and discovered their boys, gone, thinking someone abducted them.

“Come away from cliff!”

Ђe §ubmissive §on turned his back on his friend, still his ex-friend, despite almost losing him to the ravenous waters and boulders below, and started to run to his father.

Ђe Aggressive §on grabbed his arm, just above the elbow.

“If I can’t have ye, thy father can’t either, and my father can’t have me, but they can have each other, for they love each other so much we don’t exist to them, only as trophies, only to dictate their rules and laws on us, forcing us to be what they want us to be, and what they want us to see!”

A grave fear rose in the §ubmissive One, and he couldn’t breathe.

“I’m going to my dad!”

When he tried to snatch his arm away, the two men jumped at the boys, just as Ђe Aggressive one said, “§tay with thy man, dad, ye want him more than us, and I want my friend more than a relationship with ye! I denounce ye as my father!”

And he hugged Ђe §ubmissive §on, screaming, bile rising in his throat, and he fell backward, the two men landing in a heap of dirt, a dust cloud all about, scattering about the land in front of, and in back of them.


“My son!”

Ђey both crawled, unable to breathe, to the edge of the cliff, forty feet up. Both the boys’ bodies plummeted towards the waters below, closing in, closer…

Once their bodies hit the water they were knocked unconscious by the force of the fall, by the gravity and energy associated with it, and they were swept away, towards a huge bend. Both of the men, without thinking, dived forty feet down, into the water, just missing an underwater boulder, the force of the water without pain.

Coming up for air, ensuring his lover was okay; they let the current take them to where their boys would end up.

About a quarter of a mile down, Ђe Aggressive Top saw his unconscious son, his legs stuck between two logs, and the other son, laying, lifeless, on the shore of the river, frogs hopping here and there, algae all over the boys, their clothing, soaked. Ђe Aggressive Top freed his son’s leg, and it was cut and bruised, a bone protruding from it, and the smell of blood got to me, and I closed my eyes, licking blood from my lips, two types of blood, and I left the men to bury their dead sons, crying and cursing a God that didn’t commit their sin, a God that didn’t take the lives of their sons, but had to live with the product of their decision making, and the emotions that persuaded them to make the choices that they had, vowing to keep it secret.

Burying the boys before a great boulder, at the entrance to the Chapel, the chapel itself up a winding road nearly hidden from low hanging branches, making it impossible for cars to commute, and called the authorities and reported them missing.

And the courtroom spectacle, after the burial of the innocent boys, confused boys they were about their sexuality, the men, the two inseparable men, one, the abuser, the other, the abused, too afraid to leave, were now separated, shackled individually, after their disapproval of the verdict read, and were facing more charges for disorderly conduct and disrespect, and attempted assault on a judge.

More charges were going to be brought up against them for the disappearance of their boys, but by the time Ђe §ubmissive One was alone, a few weeks later, with authorities, he told the authorities everything, in exchange for a lesser sentence, and the Aggressor was tried after the bodies were recovered, only skeletal remains, something of the earth must have eaten them, they figured, or maybe the men used acid to rid of them, so they could keep up a love affair that made its way to the light, in light of two dead bodies being found at the entrance of a Chapel the government and the rest of the world didn’t know about, a place crawling with authorities of all kinds, from four different countries.

A bigger cover-up, uncovered, and unfolded…

During Mass, on a Friday night, three Fridays after the men were found guilty; I walked through the doors of Rhee Chapel, while the authorities were in route with warrants of all kinds, and unmarked vehicles alongside vehicles with flashing lights, occupied with moneyed politicians, and men with nonnegotiable hearts, faces that hasn’t seen a smile in months.

I allowed the air to wrap itself around me, and against me as I slowly came into view, as if I was faded into the Lobby, and a chubby woman with a nice black dress and red silk gloves rose to her feet, just as the songs of praise to something other than Jesus filled my ears, the evil battle cry, the evil worshipping of the Fallen One, the Devil himself, and I was bothered by this, and how it all came back to the Chapel, the church.

“Art ye supposed to be in here?” she asked, reaching for a radio, and I swung my arm out in front of me, and curled my hand like a bird in flight until huge boils covered her face, and popped when she screamed, destroying her face, her body bursting into bats once it hit the floor, and the bats to flames when they reached the threshold of the Σntrance door.

“We Love he, we Love he, he is all that darkness knows!”

Ђey sing with happy hearts, those folk, folk making up the Body, the Body of the Dark One, the Devil, his pictures, rich in form, and false idols surround the outer parameter of the Assembly.

Ђe Decon Light took one look at me and stopped the entire sermon, and the song of praise with it.

“Who art ye?”

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