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Chapter 39: TREATY

Her speed took my breath away, her demonic face as beautiful as mine, and I gasped from the fine details of her face, even though now wasn’t the time to entertain her beauty, when she was attacking me.

I swung at her womb, and snatched my hand back at the sight of her pregnant belly, the one that carries the human, vampire, wolf and lion child, all in one, of One seed, and one accord, and knew I must destroy it before the Ancients found out, and reveal themselves, which they should do, then maybe I’ll believe they exist…

§he tilted her head back, laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe, the creature that dares to attack me, no one hath ever been that bold, but this one I couldn’t take my eyes off of, and didn’t know if I wanted to.

“Ye will die if ye don’t remember, remember something ye have always thought about, something ye used to dream about!”

“Am I supposed to know what you’re talking about?”

“Yes, ye must know what I am talking about, ye art the one that was hunting me, stalking me if ye will.”

“I didn’t stalk ye, I merely wanted to find ye, and tell ye that having thy baby will be the death of us all.”

“Ђe death of us, Alicia? Assuming we art cut from the same cloth and we art not. We art from two different worlds, as long as I carry this child, my child, the treaty between ye and the animals art in jeopardy. Part of that alliance was simple, nothing and no one mates with animals, for the sake of human procreation, and I take great pleasure in watching thy treaty go up in smoke. Ђe Wolves aren’t restricted to their realm alone, and the Lions art extinct, except for those that remain, of which they contain no knowledge.”

“If I kill the child the treaty goes back into effect.”

“Too bad ye can’t figure out my presence or my existence…when ye figure it out it will be too late.”


§he was gone, without a trace.

Her and the unborn child…

I was determined to find her, to defy the Devil before he finds her, or before he claims the life of Ђe Deacon Light, and I remember that he already had claimed his life, and was about to recall Ķlěőpĥǻ Achieng before I could destroy her baby, had he tricked me?

Had I been distracted this entire time?

I didn’t care how long it took I was going to find her, and as I ran, with the speed of dark, through a 12 mile long and wide rain forest, sprinting around trees like water in curvaceous pipes, natural agility to die for, stamina out of this world, I jumped over a large row of brush, landing like a bird on my feet, flying towards the mountains…

Looking for Ķlěőpĥǻ Achieng…

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